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  Sticky: Thread Locked Welcome to Main Altaira 56431 0 Dec 28 2006, 3:02am Jump to last post in thread (by Altaira)

Collapse Sticky: How Best to Contact an Admin for Help Kyriel 35284 3 Mar 31 2009, 10:49pm Jump to last post in thread (by deena900)

Collapse TIME - January 17 grammaboodawg 54 2 Tue, 1:52pm Jump to last post in thread (by grammaboodawg)
     Collapse It's time for some BS! grammaboodawg 30 1 Wed, 12:36pm
         It's time for some BS! grammaboodawg 5 0 12:21pm

  Collapse RHYME TIME (Game) Bracegirdle 159 15 Mon, 9:46pm Jump to last post in thread (by Bracegirdle)
       After he was hit smack-dab on the nose with an apple he was carried away in a . . . hanne 135 0 Mon, 10:04pm
       Number 4 Cuwen Maegmacil 130 0 Mon, 11:18pm
       Collapse A challenge, fersher!! grammaboodawg 133 1 Mon, 11:28pm
         Gramma, you make me chuckle Bracegirdle 125 0 Tue, 2:21am
       Collapse Hmmmm... my try sevilodorf 119 1 Tue, 4:14am
           WOW! You are good at these Sevilodorf Bracegirdle 83 0 Tue, 5:18pm
       Collapse Er.... *scratches ear and ponders.... dormouse 107 4 Tue, 9:14am
           Collapse Thanks for the tea kind Ms. Mouse Bracegirdle 82 3 Tue, 5:34pm
               Collapse You're welcome - have another cup..... dormouse 67 2 Tue, 11:18pm
                   Collapse OK. How about Bracegirdle 61 1 Wed, 1:48am
                       Deal! Have more tea & some scones to seal it... dormouse 42 0 Wed, 9:15am
       Collapse welp... Ruxendil_Thoorg 56 2 Wed, 3:58am
           Collapse Hiya Rux Bracegirdle 37 1 Wed, 2:08pm
               Kewl beans! Ruxendil_Thoorg 24 0 Wed, 5:44pm
       I think all the answers have been given (some as good as mine fersure) . . . but Bracegirdle 0 0 11 mins ago

  Collapse Beren & Lúthien illustrations Ardamírë 232 10 Sun, 11:02pm Jump to last post in thread (by OldestDaughter)
       Collapse trees, tower and beyond the sea... hanne 169 3 Mon, 8:20pm
           Collapse Doriath Ardamírë 134 2 Tue, 1:09pm
               Collapse thanks hanne 53 1 Wed, 7:33pm
                   You wouldn't be disappointed OldestDaughter 15 0 1:14pm
       Collapse Finrod...... dormouse 161 1 Mon, 10:51pm
           I've never not known a time that Alan Lee illustrated Tolkien Ardamírë 123 0 Tue, 2:01pm
       Collapse Lúthien as a Vampire-woman Otaku-sempai 158 3 Mon, 11:49pm
           Collapse Thuringwethil Ardamírë 125 2 Tue, 1:55pm
               Collapse Tolkien's Vampires Otaku-sempai 105 1 Tue, 3:26pm
                   There certainly is a lot of wiggle room Ardamírë 95 0 Tue, 4:01pm

  Collapse Tolkien's word 'mathom' is one many of us can relate to NewsfromBree 106 5 Sun, 8:27pm Jump to last post in thread (by hanne)
       Collapse Mathom geordie 85 3 Mon, 11:26am
           Yep Elthir 78 0 Mon, 12:42pm
           Collapse 'Mathom' is a Tolkien modernization, but there are some surprising words in English from the same ancient root word squire 65 1 Mon, 2:49pm
               Oh my! That's me sorted for the next few hours. Cool link! hanne 40 0 Mon, 8:41pm
       Someone peeked into my home! grammaboodawg 73 0 Mon, 12:45pm

  Collapse The bridge movie Hamfast Gamgee 162 2 Jan 13, 8:54pm Jump to last post in thread (by squire)
       Treatment? Outline? Otaku-sempai 142 0 Jan 13, 10:29pm
       Plot? Main character? Dialogue and situation? squire 136 0 Jan 13, 11:16pm

  Collapse Game: Middle-earth Aphorisms Otaku-sempai 432 96 Jan 13, 3:43am Jump to last post in thread (by Otaku-sempai)
       When all you've got is Grond, everything looks like the Nail of the Underworld.// L. Ron Halfelven 311 0 Jan 13, 4:10am
       "Never play cards with a guy nicknamed 'The Grey', never stay at a place with the word 'Prancing' in its name, and always remember a fool and The One Ring were lucky to ever get together in the first place." // Darkstone 285 0 Jan 13, 6:18pm
       "Give a person a fish and he eats for one day. Teach a person to fish and he finds The One Ring, burrows under the Misty Mountains, and eats for the rest of his life." /// Darkstone 284 0 Jan 13, 6:21pm
       "There is no 'I' in 'Fellowship'! (Er, wait....)" /// Darkstone 283 0 Jan 13, 6:46pm
       Where there's a whip, there's a way! // NottaSackville 284 0 Jan 13, 7:10pm
       Never put off till tomorrow what you can throw into the Crack of Doom today. // dormouse 279 0 Jan 13, 7:34pm
       Collapse A ring in the hand is worth ALL THE POWER OVER MIDDLE-EARTH! Belegdir 278 1 Jan 13, 8:02pm
           Don't feed the hand holding a Silmaril to the mouth that bites it.// Ruxendil_Thoorg 66 0 Sun, 2:18pm
       Collapse If you don't control your mind, Sauron will. weathertop 279 1 Jan 13, 8:05pm
           A Wraith is a terrible thing to mind.// Ruxendil_Thoorg 57 0 Sun, 2:44pm
       A ring worth destroying is worth destroying well. / Ataahua 264 0 Jan 13, 9:42pm
       A shutting-spell in time, saves nine. // squire 260 0 Jan 13, 10:01pm
       It's not the size of the hobbit in the fight, it's the size of the fight in the hobbit // grammaboodawg 254 0 Jan 13, 10:30pm
       Collapse There are some great entries here! Otaku-sempai 260 2 Jan 13, 10:36pm
           You can lead Shadowfax to water but you can’t make him drink. // Bracegirdle 242 0 Jan 13, 11:38pm
           Two’s company, three’s a set of Elven Rings. // Bracegirdle 241 0 Jan 13, 11:40pm
       The pen is mightier than the sword. Meneldor 255 0 Jan 13, 11:09pm
       A woman's place is on a horse. // Meneldor 240 0 Jan 13, 11:44pm
       You can take the hobbit out of the Shire, but you can't take the Shire out of the hobbit. Simon L. de Paiva 236 0 Jan 14, 1:13am
       Collapse It's all fun and games until someone loses an Eye. // Alassëa Eruvande 233 1 Jan 14, 1:18am
           *snort* / Ataahua 219 0 Jan 14, 3:43am
       Collapse You need to take a Balrog by the horns, and a man by his word. Simon L. de Paiva 237 1 Jan 14, 1:23am
           Mess with the woods, you get the Huorns.// Ruxendil_Thoorg 64 0 Sun, 2:32pm
       Collapse Minas Tirith wasn't built in a day. Simon L. de Paiva 235 2 Jan 14, 1:40am
           Collapse In Minas Tirith, when it rains it pours soldier-heads.// Ruxendil_Thoorg 66 1 Sun, 2:23pm
               Outside the walls of Minas Tirith, when it rains it pours giant rocks. Simon L. de Paiva 98 0 Sun, 8:21pm
       Collapse A bad day riding to ruin and the world's ending is better than a good day working.// L. Ron Halfelven 227 2 Jan 14, 2:21am
           Hell hath no fury like a tossed Dwarf. // Bracegirdle 221 0 Jan 14, 3:18am
           I wonder if I can get that on a bumper sticker... / Ataahua 219 0 Jan 14, 3:44am
       Collapse East is East, and West is West, and never the twain shall meet Ruxendil_Thoorg 150 1 Jan 14, 5:40am
           Once you pay the Dáingeld, you never get rid of the Dáin.// L. Ron Halfelven 113 0 Sat, 3:57pm
       Give him enough rope and he might stop asking for one of those shiny daggers.// Ruxendil_Thoorg 143 0 Jan 14, 5:42am
       Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat readings of the Sil and H.O.M.E.// Ruxendil_Thoorg 143 0 Jan 14, 5:44am
       You can fool some of the people all of the time, but Gandalf knows you found something other than your "courage".// Ruxendil_Thoorg 142 0 Jan 14, 5:49am
       Possession is nine-tenths of lordship over the ring.// Ruxendil_Thoorg 142 0 Jan 14, 6:06am
       Collapse When passing through Drúedain you need to stop to smell the Woses.// Ruxendil_Thoorg 142 2 Jan 14, 6:15am
           Collapse * groan * Otaku-sempai 147 1 Jan 14, 7:17am
             :-D Ruxendil_Thoorg 126 0 Jan 14, 2:31pm
       Collapse It is a truth universally acknowledged Lissuin 144 2 Jan 14, 7:28am
         Collapse “I declare after all there is no enjoyment like reading [your posts, Lissuin]!" Ruxendil_Thoorg 125 1 Sat, 2:35pm
               "The person, be it gentleman or lady, Lissuin 107 0 Sat, 6:46pm
       If you want to change the world, Meneldor 112 0 Sat, 6:26pm
       What goes up must come down. Meneldor 109 0 Sat, 6:33pm
       Haradrim by birth, Southron by the grace of Eru.// L. Ron Halfelven 99 0 Sat, 6:52pm
       Collapse The Road to Isengard is paved by good Ent-sons.// Ruxendil_Thoorg 98 5 Sat, 8:02pm
           Collapse The Ent justifies the means. Finding Frodo 88 4 Sun, 5:37am
               Collapse Nothing certain in life but death, Ent axes.// Ruxendil_Thoorg 83 3 Sun, 6:08am
                   Collapse Ent Axes? Otaku-sempai 61 2 Sun, 2:40pm
                     Collapse Orc better yet, no new axes.// Ruxendil_Thoorg 54 1 Sun, 2:52pm
                           Ouch! Otaku-sempai 56 0 Sun, 2:58pm
       The Valar help those who help them Elves.// Ruxendil_Thoorg 93 0 Sat, 8:19pm
       An apple a day keeps Bill Ferny away. // Meneldor 89 0 Sat, 9:01pm
       A fool and his money...... dormouse 87 0 Sat, 10:34pm
       I before E except after C, or when sounding like A as in Ruxendil_Thoorg 82 0 Sat, 11:03pm
       If you can't stand the heat, keep out of Sammath Naur.// Ruxendil_Thoorg 73 0 Sat, 11:06pm
       You can lead an orc to slaughter, but you can't make him stop. // Meneldor 69 0 Sun, 12:11am
       Don't count your Dragons before they're slain. // Otaku-sempai 59 0 Sun, 2:35am
       Collapse No man is an Éowyn.// Ruxendil_Thoorg 56 1 Sun, 2:59am
           Ok. I nominate this for the win. Ethel Duath 102 0 Sun, 4:07am
       Collapse Neither a Barrow-wight nor a Dunlending be, Ruxendil_Thoorg 64 12 Sun, 3:08am
           Collapse Neither a Boromir nor Elendil be.// L. Ron Halfelven 89 6 Sun, 4:27am
             Collapse To thine own Elf be true.// Ruxendil_Thoorg 86 5 Sun, 4:44am
                   Collapse Alas, poor Orc!// L. Ron Halfelven 53 4 Sun, 3:34pm
                       Something is rotten in the state of the Mark.// Ruxendil_Thoorg 50 0 Sun, 3:42pm
                       Collapse Also alas, poor Ioreth.// L. Ron Halfelven 106 2 Sun, 5:01pm
                           Collapse Something's even more wrotten in the state of Angmar.// Ruxendil_Thoorg 98 1 Sun, 7:25pm
                               *rotten (just noticed the error, whoops)// Ruxendil_Thoorg 79 0 Sun, 11:01pm
           Collapse To Bree or not to Bree?// L. Ron Halfelven 89 4 Sun, 4:29am
               Collapse That is the quest, Sam.// Ruxendil_Thoorg 84 3 Sun, 5:52am
                   Collapse Whether 'tis nobler in the Wild to suffer The knives and terror of outrageous Nazgul, // dernwyn 67 2 Sun, 2:25pm
                       Or take arms against a siege, toss rubble, and by opposing end, or at least stall them.// Ruxendil_Thoorg 58 0 Sun, 2:40pm
                       (Choice b:) Or to take along a Ranger with stubble, and we suppose, befriend him.// Ruxendil_Thoorg 52 0 Sun, 3:11pm
       If at first you don't succeed, fly, fly you fools!// Ruxendil_Thoorg 91 0 Sun, 3:32am
       Collapse When you sup with Morgoth forget the long spoon.... dormouse 86 1 Sun, 9:47am
           His absence made her heart grow fonder of his spoon collection.// Ruxendil_Thoorg 67 0 Sun, 2:05pm
       Collapse It takes a great deal of bravery to stand up to Sauron, but just as much to stand up to Lobelia // grammaboodawg 69 1 Sun, 1:45pm
           No Tuor words could be uttered.// Ruxendil_Thoorg 67 0 Sun, 2:12pm
       A new burarúm always sweeps clean.// L. Ron Halfelven 51 0 Sun, 3:39pm
       Two wights don't make a wong . . . // Bracegirdle 109 0 Sun, 4:48pm
       All good things must come to an Ent... // Bracegirdle 106 0 Sun, 4:51pm
       Old heroes never die, they just take the Straight Road. // Bracegirdle 105 0 Sun, 5:09pm
       "Marry in haste, regret at leisure" Treebeard whispered softly to himself..... dormouse 103 0 Sun, 7:06pm
       Like the snows of yesteryear ( covering the pass of Caradhras), Sauron is gone from this Middle-earth. Simon L. de Paiva 98 0 Sun, 8:26pm
       Red sky at morning, Meneldor 97 0 Sun, 9:15pm
     It is a far, far better thing that I do( leading the charge of the Rohirrim), than I have ever done;... Simon L. de Paiva 95 0 Sun, 9:16pm
       A Firefox ad I just saw Otaku-sempai 88 0 Sun, 10:48pm
       Miruvor before beer. never fear. Beer before miruvor, game ov-or.// Ruxendil_Thoorg 80 0 Sun, 11:00pm
       Not a leaf of Lorien falls by happenstance. // sador 67 0 Mon, 12:50pm
       Collapse In Gorgoroth, it never rains, but it pores. // sador 68 2 Mon, 12:51pm
           Collapse Pores? Otaku-sempai 71 1 Mon, 2:54pm
               Discretion is the better part of the Valar. Bracegirdle 62 0 Mon, 3:41pm
       Fools rush in where Istari fear tro tread. // sador 67 0 Mon, 1:01pm
       Wormtongue: "A friend in need... sador 58 0 Mon, 4:22pm
       A watched gollum never foils // grammaboodawg 36 0 Mon, 11:35pm
       Collapse "Cry 'Havoc!' and let slip the dogs...er...wargs." // Lissuin 27 1 Tue, 6:29am
           The Wargs of War! [evil] Otaku-sempai 22 0 Tue, 3:02pm

  Moved: Blu-Ray Screen Caps of Hobbit Credits? Barrel Rider - - Jan 11, 11:40pm Jump to last post in thread (by Barrel Rider)

  Collapse How to say "Friend" in Dwarvish? Barrel Rider 281 16 Jan 11, 5:08pm Jump to last post in thread (by Otaku-sempai)
       Collapse sticking my 'nak' out... Elthir 245 1 Jan 11, 7:07pm
           Mellon Ostadan 231 0 Jan 11, 7:23pm
       Collapse Umrai? Otaku-sempai 232 7 Jan 11, 7:43pm
           Collapse If Tolkien didn't write it down somewhere, it's probably wrong to call it 'Khuzdul' at all, Neo-, Schmeo-, or otherwise. squire 213 2 Jan 11, 8:36pm
               Collapse Hence my caveat... Otaku-sempai 210 1 Jan 11, 8:56pm
                   Great thoughts and suggestions. Barrel Rider 191 0 Jan 11, 11:04pm
           Collapse I think you misspelled the singular... Elthir 142 3 Jan 12, 3:37pm
               Collapse Typo? Otaku-sempai 101 2 Jan 12, 8:10pm
                   Collapse the Naklace of the Dwarves Elthir 92 1 Jan 12, 8:41pm
                       Aren't all words invented? Otaku-sempai 82 0 Jan 13, 12:24am
       Collapse Why not the reverse? NottaSackville 162 5 Jan 12, 1:08pm
           A link for runes NottaSackville 158 0 Jan 12, 1:11pm
           Collapse Good suggestion! Barrel Rider 160 1 Jan 12, 1:44pm
               Neo-stuff Elthir 128 0 Jan 12, 5:24pm
           Collapse Say 'friend' and enter. Otaku-sempai 151 1 Jan 12, 3:06pm
               Great help! Barrel Rider 133 0 Jan 12, 4:28pm

  Collapse DragonCon to Dissolve Tolkien's Middle-earth Track NewsfromBree 201 2 Jan 9, 7:01pm Jump to last post in thread (by wizzardly)
       What are they thinking!?! grammaboodawg 169 0 Jan 10, 3:02pm
       Very sad to see... wizzardly 133 0 Jan 10, 11:52pm

  Collapse Has anyone seen this *new* boxset? LittleHobbit 226 1 Jan 7, 12:33pm Jump to last post in thread (by grammaboodawg)
       I hadn't seen this grammaboodawg 115 0 Jan 10, 2:32pm

  Collapse Happy 125th to the Professor! Aunt Dora Baggins 160 4 Jan 3, 5:42pm Jump to last post in thread (by grammaboodawg)
       Collapse Fireworks! Aunt Dora Baggins 158 2 Jan 3, 5:59pm
           Collapse Pic link doesn't seem to work NottaSackville 140 1 Jan 3, 8:03pm
               I can't ever get that inline thing to work, so here's an alternative Aunt Dora Baggins 119 0 Jan 4, 2:35am
     Happy 125th Birthday Professor! grammaboodawg 111 0 Jan 4, 5:26am

  Collapse Rank the movies? Jacob0407 617 21 Jan 3, 9:26am Jump to last post in thread (by Silmaril)
       Collapse My view. Silmaril 543 1 Jan 3, 3:19pm
           Agreed... StingingFly 230 0 Jan 7, 1:05am
       My opinion: Gianna 537 0 Jan 3, 4:02pm
       What I think. OldestDaughter 530 0 Jan 3, 5:11pm
       Collapse Ohhhh... I always have trouble with this question ;) grammaboodawg 537 11 Jan 3, 5:25pm
           Collapse I don't post in the message boards for a long time... Simon L. de Paiva 522 10 Jan 3, 9:34pm
               Collapse Mine: TheOnlyOneAroundWithAnySense 505 1 Jan 3, 10:18pm
                   And thanks also to TheOnlyOneAroundWithAnySense Simon L. de Paiva 440 0 Jan 4, 3:24pm
               Collapse *mods up in tears* Wonderful :) // grammaboodawg 464 2 Jan 4, 5:12am
                   Collapse Thanks, Grammaboodawg... Simon L. de Paiva 441 1 Jan 4, 3:15pm
                       *bows deeply* grammaboodawg 403 0 Jan 4, 10:16pm
               Collapse Lovely post! dormouse 424 4 Jan 4, 8:34pm
                   *eyebrows shoot up!* grammaboodawg 410 0 Jan 4, 10:18pm
                   Collapse I didn't mean to be harsh on DOS Simon L. de Paiva 391 2 Jan 5, 1:59am
                       It's OK, I didn't think you were being harsh on it.... dormouse 315 0 Jan 5, 9:32am
                       No Harshness... no worries :D // grammaboodawg 293 0 Jan 5, 1:22pm
       My ranking NecromancerRising 341 0 Jan 5, 3:58am
       Collapse Ratings imin 273 1 Jan 5, 9:26pm
           I would have rated The Hobbit movies higher when they came out... Silmaril 123 0 Jan 9, 9:29am
       Collapse Rankings jschomburg 183 1 Jan 7, 6:56pm
           bridge film Silmaril 123 0 Jan 9, 9:19am

Collapse 'I am Smaug' (game) noWizardme 515 32 Dec 27 2016, 6:28pm Jump to last post in thread (by Otaku-sempai)
       Collapse "I am Fire! I am Death! I am a four pound attack Yorkie!” // Bracegirdle 433 1 Dec 27 2016, 6:54pm
         Yikes! Run, Bilbo!! // noWizardme 424 0 Dec 27 2016, 7:37pm
       Collapse "I am Fire! I am Death! I am a Dot Matrix Printer!" / Darkstone 418 1 Dec 27 2016, 8:28pm
           "! am Fire! I am Death!..... dormouse 128 0 Dec 29 2016, 3:05pm
     "I am fire! I am death! I am a polar fleece blanket!" // Gianna 419 0 Dec 27 2016, 8:37pm
       Collapse "I am Fire! I am Death! I am Smaug the iron!" Smaug the iron 417 1 Dec 27 2016, 9:08pm
           Smaug the iron, Ruxendil_Thoorg 360 0 Dec 28 2016, 2:00pm
       'I am...a lumberjack! And I'm okay.' Otaku-sempai 417 0 Dec 27 2016, 9:09pm
       "I am fire! I am death! I am... Lissuin 406 0 Dec 27 2016, 11:46pm
       I am Fire! I am Death! Na Vedui 394 0 Dec 28 2016, 12:32am
       I am Fire! I am Death! I am a snoring orange cat! // cats16 373 0 Dec 28 2016, 4:02am
       ... my lunch, in a blue lunch bag (fried rice in a tupperware)!!! *roar*// Ruxendil_Thoorg 350 0 Dec 28 2016, 2:04pm
       'I yam what I yam and that's all that I yam!' Otaku-sempai 352 0 Dec 28 2016, 2:08pm
       "I am Fire! I am Death! I am a Spongebob Squarepants lunchbox!" / Darkstone 332 0 Dec 28 2016, 6:33pm
       "I am Fire! I am Death! I am a date stamp!" / Darkstone 330 0 Dec 28 2016, 6:34pm
       "I am Fire! I am Death! I am a pair of reading glasses!" / Darkstone 330 0 Dec 28 2016, 6:35pm
       "I am Fire! I am Death! I am a Ham on Rye I am!" (Yum yum) // Bracegirdle 312 0 Dec 28 2016, 8:01pm
       "I am Fire! I am Death! I am a Hopalong Cassidy Cookie Jar." // Bracegirdle 309 0 Dec 28 2016, 8:07pm
       "I am Fire! I am Death! I am the Starship Enterprise!" Bracegirdle 306 0 Dec 28 2016, 8:22pm
       ".......I am a Star Wars The Force Awakens Limited Edition Aloe Vera Lissuin 296 0 Dec 28 2016, 9:20pm
       I am (rolls a d6 several tmes)... Otaku-sempai 294 0 Dec 28 2016, 10:06pm
       "I am Fire! I am Death! I am Pickle!" grammaboodawg 265 0 Dec 29 2016, 1:06am
       "I am Fire! I am Death! I am the habanero salsa your prankster brother sent you for Christmas!" dernwyn 258 0 Dec 29 2016, 1:52am
       "I am Fire! I am Death! I am: Starling 255 0 Dec 29 2016, 4:05am
       "I am Fire! I am Death! I am a can of foot powder!" / Darkstone 242 0 Dec 29 2016, 4:20am
       "I am Fire! I am Death! I am a wooden back scratcher!" / Darkstone 130 0 Dec 29 2016, 4:22am
       "I am Fire! I am Death! I am a dangerously overloaded power strip!" / Darkstone 129 0 Dec 29 2016, 4:23am
       "I am Fire! I am Death! I am a very tiny bear with an elven leaf brooch!" dormouse 123 0 Dec 29 2016, 3:04pm
       I am fire, I am death! swordwhale 86 0 Jan 1, 3:38am
       I am Fire! I am Death! I am a Galaxy Smart Phone! Cuwen Maegmacil 21 0 Mon, 11:24pm
       I am Fire! I am Death! I am 'The Boy in Striped Pajamas'! Cuwen Maegmacil 21 0 Mon, 11:29pm
       I am Fire! I am Death! I am...the Boy Who Lived! // Otaku-sempai 17 0 Mon, 11:51pm

  Collapse Tolkien-in-Chinese project, update Alveric 365 9 Dec 25 2016, 11:05pm Jump to last post in thread (by squire)
       Wow - what a cool project entmaiden 316 0 Dec 27 2016, 1:00am
       Nomenclature Ostadan 250 0 Dec 29 2016, 7:03pm
       Collapse By Chinese... Otaku-sempai 243 2 Dec 29 2016, 7:42pm
           Collapse Nomenclature & Cantonese etc Alveric 236 1 Dec 29 2016, 8:44pm
               Word Search Otaku-sempai 227 0 Dec 29 2016, 8:58pm
       Collapse Translating the untranslatable parts - not language, but geographical and mythical concepts squire 215 1 Dec 29 2016, 11:30pm
           South, North, West, East Alveric 165 0 Dec 30 2016, 2:25pm
       Collapse Doom Alveric 49 1 Jan 13, 12:08am
           “Doom, doom” came the drum-beat and the walls shook. squire 42 0 Jan 13, 1:46am

  Collapse Tourism New Zealand celebrates fifteen years of Middle-earth NewsfromBree 179 3 Dec 21 2016, 1:39pm Jump to last post in thread (by grammaboodawg)
       I'm a wizard, would you believe? Lissuin 158 0 Dec 22 2016, 3:15am
       well duh.... swordwhale 82 0 Jan 1, 3:48am
       Surprise! I'm a Hobbit! :D grammaboodawg 16 0 Wed, 6:14pm
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