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  Sticky: Thread Locked Welcome to Off Topic Altaira 24737 0 Dec 28 2006, 3:40am Jump to last post in thread (by Altaira)

  Collapse Sticky: Official Introduction & Welcome Thread Altaira 70041 480 Feb 17 2007, 8:45pm Jump to last post in thread (by SirDennisC)

  Sticky: Guys, PLEASE follow TORn's picture posting guidelines with regard to picture size Altaira 19234 0 Jun 28 2008, 7:31pm Jump to last post in thread (by Altaira)

  Sticky: How Best to Contact an Admin for Help Kyriel 20859 0 Mar 31 2009, 10:53pm Jump to last post in thread (by Kyriel)

  Del Toro praises Jackson's Fellowship: "rarely been as transported in a movie theater" News from Bree 4 0 Sat, 8:31pm Jump to last post in thread (by News from Bree)

  Film 'REALITi' with Graham McTavish to screen at Auckland and Wellington film festivals News from Bree 8 0 Sat, 1:34pm Jump to last post in thread (by News from Bree)

  Collapse Feeling bored... so... Kelvarhin 115 8 Sat, 9:44am Jump to last post in thread (by dernwyn)
     The REAL reason why Thranduil left BlackFox 55 0 Sat, 2:04pm
       Thank you! Elarie 54 0 Sat, 2:09pm
     Hmmmm...you and Starling are both bored at the same time... Brethil 49 0 Sat, 2:56pm
       Collapse Forgot to say, there's also a quick video moment of RA taking his bows Elarie 48 1 Sat, 3:10pm
           Here's a link to that video: dernwyn 29 0 Sat, 5:43pm
       Collapse *sigh* Okay, I'll put this here, also... dernwyn 37 2 Sat, 4:57pm
           I bet there's a hidden message or something... Magpie 33 0 Sat, 5:13pm
           Oh my Old Toby 37 0 Sat, 5:18pm

  Collapse Persbrandt sentenced to community service. Moahunter 335 2 Sat, 2:08am Jump to last post in thread (by sauget.diblosio)
       Funny J Pierpont Flathead 212 0 Sat, 3:17am
       Cocaine is a hell of a drug. // sauget.diblosio 34 0 Sat, 6:03pm

  Collapse Google is a dragon...... Moahunter 270 3 Fri, 10:16pm Jump to last post in thread (by Bombadil)
     Collapse MH ! Facebook has surpassed Google in the last 3 months Bombadil 96 2 Sat, 1:19am
           Collapse Facebook isn't the same kind of search engine. Moahunter 55 1 Sat, 8:04am
             Bomby Has NOT Owned a TV for 7 years... Bombadil 48 0 Sat, 11:07am

  Werewolf Fenrir Greyback found dead in Death Valley Donry 54 0 Fri, 8:51pm Jump to last post in thread (by Donry)

  Collapse Just saw my first movie with Dolby Atmos sound Elarie 61 2 Fri, 8:00pm Jump to last post in thread (by Elarie)
       Collapse How was the movie?// sherlock 17 1 Sat, 12:02pm
           Well, Elarie 20 0 Sat, 1:54pm

  Collapse Come on in, it's time for Fiesta! Altaira 103 33 Fri, 4:04pm Jump to last post in thread (by sherlock)
       Collapse Just running in and out today... Eventides 42 2 Fri, 4:08pm
           Hi Evy! Altaira 39 0 Fri, 4:12pm
           Nice! Have lots of fun, Evey! // dernwyn 30 0 Fri, 4:35pm
       Collapse Friday! Elberbeth 39 3 Fri, 4:18pm
           Mojito, coming up! Altaira 35 0 Fri, 4:29pm
           Collapse What a change of scenery for her! dernwyn 30 1 Fri, 4:36pm
               No, and yes! Elberbeth 26 0 Fri, 6:12pm
       Collapse no plans ... it's July Magpie 45 3 Fri, 4:24pm
           Awwww, you can see their down peeking out Altaira 32 0 Fri, 4:37pm
           That sounds like a picnic! dernwyn 29 0 Fri, 4:40pm
           I have a lot of respect for barn swallows. Meneldor 39 0 Fri, 6:44pm
       Collapse Hmm...a tall iced mocha coffee would go nicely today! dernwyn 36 2 Fri, 4:35pm
           Collapse Mmmm, yes, it would Altaira 30 1 Fri, 4:42pm
               LOL! dernwyn 28 0 Fri, 4:49pm
       Collapse Whew, what a summer! Arandiel 32 4 Fri, 4:37pm
           Love that area of S. Dakota Altaira 30 0 Fri, 4:46pm
           Collapse Was that your fist trip dernwyn 29 2 Fri, 4:46pm
               Collapse First trip for Beamer and me Arandiel 28 1 Fri, 5:01pm
                   Devils Tower is always impressive dernwyn 27 0 Fri, 5:08pm
       Collapse Greetings All! grammaboodawg 35 3 Fri, 4:54pm
           But...but...someday you'll want to wear those clothes! dernwyn 29 0 Fri, 4:59pm
           Congrats to your sister Arandiel 29 0 Fri, 5:04pm
           Lol, gramma! Altaira 31 0 Fri, 5:22pm
       *Sets out "Self Serve" sign - have a wonderful weekend, everyone!!! // Altaira 26 0 Fri, 5:22pm
       Collapse Summer! Kim 28 1 Fri, 5:49pm
         Fun! Eruvandi 33 0 Fri, 7:05pm
       TGI Friday! Eruvandi 37 0 Fri, 6:58pm
       Collapse *Paddles kayak in* Kimi 33 2 Fri, 8:40pm
           Collapse A friend in Silverdale brought her chooks inside. Ataahua 29 1 Fri, 10:13pm
               We moved the sheep Kimi 26 0 Fri, 10:31pm
       Girl Scout Day Camp for me too! Dame Ioreth 31 0 Fri, 8:44pm
       Happy weekend! cats16 23 0 Sat, 1:06am
       Hi all sherlock 16 0 Sat, 12:05pm

  Laketown Luau Gets Some Sponsorship - Prices Lowered! News from Bree 6 0 Fri, 12:43pm Jump to last post in thread (by News from Bree)

  Collapse Dean O'Gorman in The Almighty Johnsons - starts in the US TONIGHT News from Bree 56 9 Fri, 11:48am Jump to last post in thread (by Ataahua)
       Collapse Also, Hama (John Leigh) turns up in series two and three. :) / Ataahua 36 4 Fri, 10:10pm
           Collapse Oh really? kiwifan 41 3 Fri, 11:18pm
               Collapse He's Gaia's father. Ataahua 33 2 Sat, 1:53am
                   Collapse Of course he is --- Bryn! ****Spoilers!!!**** kiwifan 21 1 Sat, 8:51am
                       You may well be right. Ataahua 11 0 Sat, 8:35pm
       Cool Kim 28 0 Sat, 6:12am
       Collapse I'm in this show! silvereyed 36 1 Sat, 6:14am
           How cool! Ataahua 13 0 Sat, 8:35pm
       I love this show namarie 18 0 Sat, 8:14pm

  Collapse Emmy Nominations - Who are you rooting for? Arannir 144 11 Fri, 9:38am Jump to last post in thread (by Ham_Sammy)
       Collapse Really? Seriously? smtfhw 99 2 Fri, 10:18am
           Collapse Have you actually watched it!?!? DaughterofLaketown 63 1 Fri, 6:37pm
               If you mean Downton... smtfhw 54 0 Fri, 9:20pm
       My favs Ham_Sammy 86 0 Fri, 2:23pm
       It's a crime that Tatiana Maslany was not nominated for Lead Actress in a Drama Series Annael 76 0 Fri, 2:57pm
       Collapse As a fantasy fan Kelly of Water's Edge 69 2 Fri, 4:44pm
           I heard about GOT last night! DaughterofLaketown 62 0 Fri, 6:38pm
           I'm glad Peter Dinklage got nomianted dubulous 32 0 Sat, 4:31am
       I'm rooting for Sherlock - His Last Vow Old Toby 34 0 Sat, 4:26am
       Collapse Mixed feelings... Aragorn the Elfstone 37 1 Sat, 5:23am
           I pretty much feel the same way Ham_Sammy 18 0 Sat, 3:28pm

  Collapse Adult Language: G.R.R. Martin reacts to offensive questions Arannir 153 6 Fri, 9:27am Jump to last post in thread (by kiwifan)
       Heh J Pierpont Flathead 86 0 Fri, 2:04pm
       Collapse Good for him Loresilme 81 1 Fri, 3:20pm
           With "fans" like that... Eruvandi 66 0 Fri, 7:07pm
     *Laughs* - thank you for posting that Avandel 60 0 Fri, 7:42pm
       Collapse Unfortunate... Aragorn the Elfstone 35 1 Sat, 5:47am
           Hear, hear! Wise words, Aragorn the Elfstone! // kiwifan 13 0 Sat, 9:03am

  Moved: How can i add photos to my message? erdildeniz - - Fri, 12:10am Jump to last post in thread (by erdildeniz)

  Collapse Is anyone out there "semi-retired?" Kilidoescartwheels 221 20 Wed, 5:29pm Jump to last post in thread (by Lissuin)
       Collapse First of all Kelly of Water's Edge 141 1 Wed, 6:40pm
           Your Mom sounds cool! Kilidoescartwheels 91 0 Thu, 3:28am
       Not yet Ham_Sammy 133 0 Wed, 7:21pm
       gramma's rock! :D & I'm semi-retired... in my head :( grammaboodawg 135 0 Wed, 7:42pm
       PM...? Bomby..."KidsDO- WHAT?Wheels" Bomby knows/// Bombadil 120 0 Wed, 8:18pm
       Collapse does underemployed count as semi-retired Magpie 121 1 Wed, 9:03pm
           Sorry to hear this Kilidoescartwheels 90 0 Thu, 3:33am
       Collapse I think I flunked retirement. Elizabeth 112 1 Wed, 11:13pm
           Sounds like a terrific gig, Kilidoescartwheels 89 0 Thu, 3:35am
       Do things to engage your heart, mind and gut. Lissuin 82 0 Thu, 7:46am
       *Hand shoots up* sherlock 69 0 Thu, 4:16pm
       Collapse I went back to school at your age Annael 73 4 Thu, 4:32pm
         Bomby is 64, & two years into Social Security Bombadil 63 0 Thu, 6:44pm
           Collapse Back to school Kilidoescartwheels 66 2 Thu, 6:45pm
               Collapse well Annael 41 1 Sat, 2:11am
                   That is inspiring! Loresilme 34 0 Sat, 3:54am
       Collapse I changed careers Kimi 33 3 Sat, 4:29am
           Collapse I believe with all my heart Annael 27 2 Sat, 4:15pm
               That's a lovely thought. // Kimi 17 0 Sat, 7:50pm
             I'll second that! // Lissuin 10 0 Sat, 8:31pm

  Collapse It's dullsville around here, Starling 433 76 Wed, 6:17am Jump to last post in thread (by Brethil)
     Collapse You go, girl! // Lissuin 248 15 Wed, 7:57am
           Collapse It's so hard to decide Starling 275 14 Wed, 8:10am
               Collapse I suggest you maintain a bunch of stuff that no one has ever witnessed as fact... Magpie 223 5 Wed, 1:28pm
                   Collapse indeedy Annael 204 4 Wed, 3:56pm
                       Collapse You people are not real fans. Meneldor 203 3 Wed, 4:04pm
                           Collapse I have to admit Eruvandi 138 2 Thu, 5:31pm
                               Collapse you must be good at avoiding Magpie 132 1 Thu, 7:06pm
                                 It's my special talent! // Eruvandi 120 0 Thu, 7:48pm
               Collapse Don't you people get it!? The real outrage was presented by the op: zarabia 137 2 Thu, 12:37am
                   Collapse I am outraged by this response Starling 134 1 Thu, 1:11am
                       Even sadder than the sad kitty pictures zarabia 128 0 Thu, 1:51am
             How did you find that picture of me?! // cats16 114 0 Thu, 2:23am
               Collapse I like cat pictures Brethil 122 3 Thu, 2:35am
                   Collapse Caption J Pierpont Flathead 122 1 Thu, 2:41am
                     *chuckle* Brethil 26 0 Sat, 3:23am
                   It's the eagle Ethel Duath 94 0 Thu, 11:50pm
       Collapse My top 10 topics I'd like to see discussed on TORn ... DanielLB 267 32 Wed, 9:21am
           Collapse I prefer something even more controversial Starling 258 12 Wed, 9:44am
               Collapse Always over! DanielLB 243 1 Wed, 9:50am
                   Yes. Yes. Yes. // Ethel Duath 156 0 Wed, 7:05pm
               Collapse OK, it's your thread, so... Lissuin 233 1 Wed, 10:10am
                   Crumpled of course Starling 226 0 Wed, 10:14am
               Collapse Over the top, unless Aunt Dora Baggins 186 2 Wed, 6:08pm
                   Collapse Leave it to a cat to prove infinity. Ethel Duath 164 1 Wed, 7:09pm
                       *mods up* :D / Ataahua 169 0 Wed, 7:20pm
               The one on the left shows the correct angle of Balrog Wings and one Ethel Duath 168 0 Wed, 6:58pm
               Collapse I've fixed the problem. DanielLB 178 1 Wed, 7:23pm
                   It's upside-down. // dernwyn 146 0 Wed, 9:02pm
               Something more eco-friendly. Darkstone 151 0 Wed, 9:11pm
               OVER! over over over.. grammaboodawg 44 0 Fri, 4:58pm
           Why you lit'l devil, DanielLB! Lissuin 249 0 Wed, 9:54am
           Collapse Well Darkstone 238 6 Wed, 1:36pm
               Collapse Whenever I see a post by Darkstone entitled "well" Aunt Dora Baggins 190 1 Wed, 6:11pm
                   nom nom nom! / Darkstone 152 0 Wed, 8:22pm
               Collapse Fair warning: Ataahua 170 3 Wed, 7:16pm
                   Collapse Sure! Darkstone 158 2 Wed, 8:24pm
                       Collapse As the inimitable Walt Kelly once said, Aunt Dora Baggins 136 1 Thu, 12:23am
                           Ha! Yep Ethel Duath 126 0 Thu, 1:08am
           Okay J Pierpont Flathead 192 0 Wed, 4:23pm
           Top 10 controversial topics Kilidoescartwheels 190 0 Wed, 5:15pm
           Collapse Well, in the interest of making this a bit more Tolkien related... Rembrethil 185 6 Wed, 6:31pm
               Forget about Tolkien! We're on off-topic! DanielLB 175 0 Wed, 7:18pm
               An Elf's Counsel J Pierpont Flathead 147 0 Wed, 9:10pm
             I'll take a whack at this...Mwahaha! Eruvandi 129 0 Thu, 6:37pm
               Collapse I have way too much time on my hands... Darkstone 135 2 Thu, 8:48pm
                   Please write this version of the story. Ataahua 98 0 Thu, 10:50pm
                   Where do I begin? Lissuin 67 0 Fri, 7:47am
           Answers glor 137 0 Wed, 11:05pm
           Okay Daniel - Annael 142 0 Thu, 4:26pm
     Collapse Which is the proper way to hang the toilet paper roll? // Arwen's daughter 194 1 Wed, 4:09pm
           TP Hanging J Pierpont Flathead 199 0 Wed, 4:34pm
       You people! Such nasty clever hobbitses. Lissuin 162 0 Wed, 7:15pm
       You people hijacked my thread! // Starling 156 0 Wed, 8:09pm
     Collapse I bored too. Can I join in? DaughterofLaketown 133 1 Thu, 12:30am
           Yes. Just bring a cat and you're in! Ethel Duath 127 0 Thu, 1:09am
       Collapse I can't believe you people haven't noticed the obvious insult here Kim 121 11 Thu, 3:50am
           Collapse There's only one thing for it! DanielLB 102 10 Thu, 6:35am
               Collapse You people can't handle the truth Starling 99 9 Thu, 7:21am
                   Collapse You can't touch TORn! DanielLB 95 8 Thu, 7:34am
                       Collapse Whatever Starling 87 7 Thu, 8:15am
                           Collapse This won't end well ... DanielLB 191 6 Thu, 8:25am
                               Collapse Build me an army... Starling 179 4 Thu, 8:50am
                                   Collapse I've got the perfect disguise ... DanielLB 176 3 Thu, 9:28am
                                       Collapse You cannot hide... Starling 123 2 Thu, 7:51pm
                                           Collapse Let's put aside our differences ... DanielLB 118 1 Thu, 8:34pm
                                               *snort* / Ataahua 92 0 Thu, 10:44pm
                               Shameful! Arannir 62 0 Fri, 7:44am
       Tolkien, like Shakespeare and Homer, was not real CuriousG 121 0 Thu, 8:16pm
       Collapse I love you people Lily Fairbairn 107 2 Thu, 9:45pm
           Collapse Amon Hen Darkstone 111 1 Thu, 9:58pm
               Poetry in e-motion! // Lily Fairbairn 46 0 Fri, 1:56pm
       Collapse I want to "Mod Up" this entire thread Ethel Duath 89 2 Fri, 2:50am
           Collapse A couple of lizards should sort that out Ethel Duath ... DanielLB 76 1 Fri, 7:08am
               Why thank you! I am fine now, plus our cricket problem Ethel Duath 40 0 Fri, 3:44pm
       Collapse Ah birdie... I do love you Kelvarhin 58 1 Fri, 1:03pm
           Lurkwood! Is that where you've been? Ethel Duath 42 0 Fri, 3:25pm
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