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  Sticky: Thread Locked Welcome to Off Topic Altaira 26710 0 Dec 28 2006, 3:40am Jump to last post in thread (by Altaira)

  Collapse Sticky: Official Introduction & Welcome Thread Altaira 76182 538 Feb 17 2007, 8:45pm Jump to last post in thread (by swordwhale)

  Sticky: Guys, PLEASE follow TORn's picture posting guidelines with regard to picture size Altaira 22142 0 Jun 28 2008, 7:31pm Jump to last post in thread (by Altaira)

  Sticky: How Best to Contact an Admin for Help Kyriel 23861 0 Mar 31 2009, 10:53pm Jump to last post in thread (by Kyriel)

  Collapse Fantastic trailer for Mr. Holmes w/ Sir Ian as Sherlock MatthewJer18 48 2 Wed, 8:39pm Jump to last post in thread (by Greenwood Hobbit)
       I've seen this... swordwhale 26 0 3:16am
       It seems that Sir Ian cannot escape Greenwood Hobbit 16 0 8:49am

  Collapse A Viking exhibit in Chicago Elarie 84 2 Wed, 12:01am Jump to last post in thread (by swordwhale)
       Oooh! smtfhw 56 0 Wed, 8:03am
       oh my my! swordwhale 27 0 3:17am

  Collapse It's the first of March reading thread! Lily Fairbairn 153 12 Tue, 3:35pm Jump to last post in thread (by Riven Delve)
       FInished with Thieves' World again Otaku-sempai 104 0 Tue, 3:41pm
       found myself....... swordwhale 101 0 Tue, 5:10pm
       Collapse I've started reading "The Princess and the Goblin." RosieLass 102 4 Tue, 6:11pm
           When I first met the man who would be my husband.... Magpie 99 0 Tue, 6:21pm
           Some copies of that Aunt Dora Baggins 39 0 Wed, 3:39pm
           I love that book... dormouse 38 0 Wed, 3:50pm
           that is the book that set me up for a lifelong love of fantasy Annael 34 0 Wed, 4:20pm
       Collapse io9 has "An Exclusive Glimpse Of Jim Butcher's Next Book, Aeronaut's Windlass!" Magpie 95 1 Tue, 6:24pm
           oh! oh! oh! oh! Annael 73 0 Tue, 9:52pm
       Collapse The Blood of Olympus Kim 71 1 Tue, 10:49pm
           So be it, Kymopoleia! Old Toby 44 0 Wed, 3:08pm
       The maps of Tolkien's Middle-earth Riven Delve 29 0 Wed, 5:47pm

  Collapse the value of disagreeing Annael 260 14 Tue, 3:19pm Jump to last post in thread (by Morthoron)
       I hear the TED talks on NPR sometimes... swordwhale 168 0 Tue, 4:47pm
       I disagree NottaSackville 171 0 Tue, 5:07pm
       Collapse I've learned a lot by listening to other points of view. RosieLass 179 8 Tue, 6:08pm
           Collapse on this, we completely agree! :-) Magpie 160 1 Tue, 6:13pm
               The most important part... sauget.diblosio 146 0 Tue, 7:16pm
           I think there's an element entmaiden 135 0 Tue, 9:18pm
           Collapse what I find the most frustrating Annael 137 2 Tue, 9:49pm
               Arguing by extremes really annoys me. Ataahua 111 0 Tue, 11:46pm
               Sometimes sarcasm... Aragorn the Elfstone 106 0 Wed, 12:49am
           Collapse I read in an article that these kinds of "discussions" are unhealthy... AshNazg 110 1 Wed, 12:52am
               and it's sad Annael 83 0 Wed, 5:50am
       Collapse Thank you, that was a very interesting talk. Aunt Dora Baggins 46 2 12:23am
           Collapse yes Annael 40 1 1:35am
               I think you are all wrong... Morthoron 33 0 2:22am

  Collapse Downton Abbey: Shall We Go Through to the Ante-Library? The Grey Elf 229 15 Tue, 3:28am Jump to last post in thread (by Annael)
       Collapse Here goes.... dormouse 176 1 Tue, 8:47am
           Ditto on 'shipping the bond that's formed between Violet and Isobel :-) The Grey Elf 168 0 Tue, 11:21am
       Collapse About Bertie Pelham .... The Grey Elf 167 1 Tue, 11:29am
           Yes.... the trouble with poor Edith and her loves.... dormouse 139 0 Tue, 3:40pm
       Collapse The Jail Bates CuriousG 159 2 Tue, 1:21pm
           Collapse well, since the admins seem to be allowing this double thread Annael 136 1 Tue, 4:15pm
               Remembering Sybil The Grey Elf 127 0 Tue, 4:38pm
       I've shared my thoughts in the thread lower on the page. // Annael 140 0 Tue, 3:20pm
       I accidentally tuned in one night swordwhale 122 0 Tue, 5:15pm
       Collapse Agree and disagree :) zarabia 101 3 Wed, 1:19am
           Collapse Wow. A Mary/Tom/Edith triangle! The Grey Elf 82 2 Wed, 3:02am
               Ickier things have happened :D zarabia 70 0 Wed, 5:46am
               noooooooooooo Annael 31 0 Wed, 4:17pm
       Collapse No, we'll have tea in the Library, thank you Kim 91 1 Wed, 2:13am
           Ante-library? No idea, but it kind of tickles me that such an obscure place The Grey Elf 78 0 Wed, 3:12am

  Collapse Aww - Maggie Smith to leave Downton Abby Ataahua 136 4 Tue, 1:32am Jump to last post in thread (by Ciars)
       although Annael 109 0 Tue, 2:05am
       Oh no...... dormouse 89 0 Tue, 8:28am
       Here's an article Riven Delve 87 0 Tue, 9:34am
       Plans Ciars 40 0 Tue, 8:50pm

  Collapse Might of Thor rises again in Iceland. Moahunter 120 7 Mon, 8:55pm Jump to last post in thread (by swordwhale)
       Collapse It does seem "what's the point" if the head guy is just doing it for Eruonen 80 4 Tue, 12:01am
           Collapse well Annael 71 3 Tue, 12:47am
               Collapse True, but to me, that seems to be more of personal approach than Eruonen 64 2 Tue, 1:31am
                   Collapse more like a re-enactment? Annael 59 1 Tue, 1:54am
                       Well, going to the article Eruonen 55 0 Tue, 2:05am
       Collapse I don't doubt his sincerity Elarie 57 1 Tue, 2:43am
           that's my take on it too swordwhale 31 0 Tue, 4:29pm

  Collapse What have you likely done for the last time... or alternately... what skill do you possess that is now obsolete? Magpie 484 165 Sun, 5:02am Jump to last post in thread (by swordwhale)
       Collapse wellllllllllllllll swordwhale 275 5 Sun, 5:43am
           Collapse lots of people still scuba dive.... what I was going for was... Magpie 273 4 Sun, 6:05am
               Collapse ah yaaaaaaaaaaaaaasssss swordwhale 268 3 Sun, 6:33am
                   Collapse we just plastered over the spot where our wall phone had been Magpie 91 1 Sun, 7:23pm
                       we have a local camera shop that processes and sells film swordwhale 78 0 Mon, 5:22pm
                   My kitchen wall phone jack has been covered over by the backsplash. TintallŽ 53 0 Tue, 3:39am
       Collapse We learned the hard way here, Starling 278 22 Sun, 6:32am
           Collapse Ironing & cursive writing Elizabeth 270 17 Sun, 7:17am
               Collapse I have a lot of old letters as well Starling 233 2 Sun, 9:18am
                   Collapse Pen pals Ciars 217 1 Sun, 11:34am
                       It was a pen pal who started me on Tolkien. Aunt Dora Baggins 85 0 Mon, 8:59pm
               Collapse I so very much agree about Ethel Duath 97 1 Sun, 7:19pm
                   Not impossible, but it will take some work. Aunt Dora Baggins 87 0 Mon, 9:01pm
               Collapse I don't know if it's really faster. Aunt Dora Baggins 90 11 Mon, 8:52pm
                   Collapse It is for me. RosieLass 81 3 Mon, 9:42pm
                       Collapse Cursive has always felt that way to me. Aunt Dora Baggins 125 2 Tue, 12:48pm
                           Collapse I fear I never learnt to do joined-up writing properly.... dormouse 109 1 Tue, 2:46pm
                               I had a similar experience. arithmancer 80 0 Tue, 11:37pm
                   Collapse It's faster... arithmancer 122 6 Tue, 1:30pm
                       Collapse I'm an old-timer glad to see cursive go CuriousG 121 3 Tue, 1:37pm
                           Collapse I always got a "C" in handwriting Annael 108 2 Tue, 3:22pm
                             As "excuses" go (not that you need one), that's a great one. // CuriousG 98 0 Tue, 3:42pm
                               been there done that swordwhale 94 0 Tue, 3:45pm
                       I print by hand all day long in my teaching. Aunt Dora Baggins 50 0 Tue, 9:30pm
                       cake decorating MistyMountain 97 0 Tue, 10:02pm
           Collapse There's an app for that zarabia 260 1 Sun, 7:35am
               Lol Starling 241 0 Sun, 8:06am
           You would have to have an active landline account to use it though... correct? Magpie 92 0 Sun, 7:26pm
           I always iron my scrubs. . . TintallŽ 51 0 Tue, 3:42am
       Collapse I used to know how to... Elizabeth 271 14 Sun, 7:24am
           Collapse what...is...iron??????????? swordwhale 125 11 Sun, 5:11pm
               Collapse There was a time when a keypunch operator was the up and coming career Magpie 100 10 Sun, 7:34pm
                   Collapse Oh, what a thing of beauty! dernwyn 86 5 Sun, 8:08pm
                       Collapse Ah, Fortran. Lissuin 154 3 Sun, 9:32pm
                           Excellent! dernwyn 123 0 Sun, 11:36pm
                           What you did there, I see :D zarabia 115 0 Mon, 12:52am
                           I failed Fortran. Does that count? TintallŽ 142 0 Tue, 3:46am
                       Yep, I learned FORTRAN on punch cards too. Aunt Dora Baggins 83 0 Mon, 8:54pm
                   Collapse and typesetting and type specking and paste-up swordwhale 67 2 Mon, 6:40pm
                       Collapse Ooh and paste up and bluelining! Dame Ioreth 56 1 Mon, 8:05pm
                           I was the editor of a a small medical journal in the 80s Annael 83 0 Tue, 4:01pm
                   I still have a bunch of those cards lying around my basement Aunt Dora Baggins 85 0 Mon, 8:51pm
           Collapse mimeograph machines! Magpie 94 1 Sun, 7:27pm
               Oh, gosh, yes! Aunt Dora Baggins 86 0 Mon, 8:56pm
       Collapse Stick shifts aren't obsolete just yet zarabia 261 8 Sun, 7:52am
           They're not dieing out in the UK any time soon. DanielLB 226 0 Sun, 9:55am
           ALso... arithmancer 201 0 Sun, 2:29pm
           They're not obsolete here... smtfhw 190 0 Sun, 2:56pm
           My brothers & I cling to the stick shift Annael 186 0 Sun, 3:00pm
           Collapse I agree stick shift isn't obsolete Magpie 95 1 Sun, 7:37pm
               Two of our three cars are sticks. Aunt Dora Baggins 83 0 Mon, 9:04pm
           So happy to know that manual transmissions are alive and well in Europe. :) // zarabia 100 0 Mon, 1:18am
           Yes, I love my stick! TintallŽ 52 0 Tue, 3:36am
       Collapse What an interesting topic! It does make you think... Greenwood Hobbit 249 14 Sun, 8:50am
           Collapse VCRs Ciars 214 3 Sun, 11:37am
               Collapse I still have a VCR Aragorn's Sexy Scar 79 2 Sun, 8:16pm
                   We have ours Aunt Dora Baggins 83 0 Mon, 9:05pm
                   So do I. Unfortunately TintallŽ 140 0 Tue, 3:49am
           Collapse road fund tax discs??????????????? swordwhale 120 9 Sun, 5:17pm
               Collapse Yes, very British - Greenwood Hobbit 87 8 Mon, 4:58pm
                   Collapse *sigh* swordwhale 77 7 Mon, 6:50pm
                       Collapse I suspect a vocal demographic in the US wouldn't consider it wisdom Magpie 73 3 Mon, 6:57pm
                           Collapse ah yaaaas swordwhale 101 2 Tue, 3:43pm
                               Collapse that wasn't a caution to you Magpie 95 1 Tue, 3:48pm
                                 heeee heeee heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee swordwhale 77 0 Tue, 4:51pm
                       Collapse Alas! I am officially too old to emigrate to New Zealand TintallŽ 147 2 Tue, 3:52am
                         hah hah hah swordwhale 94 0 Tue, 3:47pm
                           too old?!! MistyMountain 47 0 Tue, 9:59pm
       Collapse Memories Ciars 239 4 Sun, 9:04am
           Collapse Good old mix tapes Starling 228 2 Sun, 9:15am
               Collapse And could be romantic too! Ciars 214 1 Sun, 11:28am
                   I still play cassette tapes. dernwyn 195 0 Sun, 2:49pm
           my first job in 1970 was as a cashier at Kresge's Five and Dime. Magpie 88 0 Sun, 7:46pm
       Collapse Spent a penny. DanielLB 224 2 Sun, 10:16am
           Or half penny! Ciars 215 0 Sun, 11:31am
           For awhile, my family was into combat robot competitions Magpie 85 0 Sun, 7:51pm
       I sincerely hope... Elarie 196 0 Sun, 2:53pm
       Collapse Cash register Annael 143 2 Sun, 3:17pm
           I prefer analog clocks, as well Magpie 81 0 Sun, 7:56pm
           Making change Riven Delve 75 0 Sun, 8:15pm
       Collapse Reel-to-reel tape recorders! Greenwood Hobbit 128 2 Sun, 4:31pm
           Collapse slide projectors never worked right anyhow Magpie 80 1 Sun, 8:00pm
               I've been slowly converting old slides to digital Annael 76 0 Sun, 8:14pm
       Writing.... Donry 125 0 Sun, 4:42pm
       Collapse shuffling cards? Annael 115 1 Sun, 5:30pm
           There's something so satisfying about real playing cards zarabia 105 0 Mon, 1:14am
       Collapse vinyl and cursive and stuff oh my swordwhale 113 2 Sun, 5:33pm
           Collapse I still take notes in pencil on paper when working with archive material..... dormouse 81 1 Mon, 5:08pm
               I take notes on paper when reading or listening to a lecture Annael 78 0 Mon, 5:27pm
       Collapse I beg to differ that shorthand is obsolete. Ataahua 113 19 Sun, 6:26pm
           Collapse Runes work well too Ilmatar 92 16 Sun, 7:30pm
               Collapse Reminds me of when I saw The Hobbit stage show with TORN friends in 2005. Ataahua 69 15 Sun, 9:10pm
                   Collapse :D Ilmatar 137 14 Sun, 10:19pm
                       Collapse What? dernwyn 123 13 Sun, 11:39pm
                           Collapse Not quite but Ilmatar 117 12 Sun, 11:51pm
                               Collapse "Ancient Dwarvish" dernwyn 86 11 Mon, 4:43am
                                   Ooooh, that reminds me Kim 72 0 Mon, 6:57am
                                   Collapse That depends... Ilmatar 70 9 Mon, 7:06am
                                       Collapse correction/clarification Ilmatar 59 2 Mon, 8:41am
                                           Collapse Hah! dernwyn 108 1 Mon, 12:56pm
                                               Oh I see Ilmatar 79 0 Mon, 9:26pm
                                       Collapse indeed! swordwhale 91 5 Tue, 3:53pm
                                           Collapse And the award for the most unlikely sentence imaginable goes to...swordwhale! Lissuin 67 2 Tue, 5:53pm
                                               I have been hounding my buddy swordwhale 33 0 Wed, 6:08pm
                                               but then there's this swordwhale 30 0 Wed, 6:16pm
                                           Collapse OK Ilmatar 89 1 Tue, 10:22pm
                                               still hitting up buddy for screencaps from the video he shot swordwhale 26 0 Wed, 6:39pm
           Collapse I use it every day too Eledhwen 65 1 Mon, 7:57am
               I second that! Ataahua 76 0 Mon, 5:37pm
       Collapse pill rolling Dame Ioreth 88 6 Sun, 8:52pm
           Collapse Frankly, my dear... dernwyn 135 4 Sun, 11:40pm
             Collapse It's exactly what you would think it is... Dame Ioreth 111 3 Mon, 3:20am
                   Collapse I'd be very uneasy about dernwyn 96 2 Mon, 4:48am
                     Collapse That's why no one does it anymore Dame Ioreth 89 1 Mon, 5:42am
                           As Spock would say... dernwyn 113 0 Mon, 1:04pm
           Excellent one! Kimi 84 0 Mon, 9:05pm
       Collapse I'm finding I use the word "dinosaur" a lot lately - in re: to me. :-( Lissuin 157 4 Sun, 9:13pm
           subthread away to your heart's content // Magpie 142 0 Sun, 9:43pm
           Really, in some places. arithmancer 133 0 Sun, 11:03pm
           You have a burgundy plug in phone? Starling 79 0 Mon, 6:57am
           I'm very conscious of checking how I start sentences - Greenwood Hobbit 86 0 Mon, 5:05pm
       Stick shift? Yes, please! Misto 135 0 Sun, 10:45pm
       What's strange is that even ipods are almost obsolete zarabia 107 0 Mon, 1:26am
       Collapse Will never again have to... Otaku-sempai 106 14 Mon, 3:49am
           Collapse And those cassettes dernwyn 87 2 Mon, 4:53am
               Collapse Actually Otaku-sempai 97 1 Mon, 3:07pm
                   Commodore 64s! Those will forever be the "classics"! // dernwyn 78 0 Mon, 9:00pm
           Collapse Floppy disks (if you'll pardon the expression).... dormouse 125 10 Mon, 10:36am
               Collapse All Very True... smtfhw 107 3 Mon, 12:32pm
                   Collapse A friend of mine teaches Latin dernwyn 107 2 Mon, 1:11pm
                       That's Really Good to Know smtfhw 101 0 Mon, 1:21pm
                       Brilliant - Greenwood Hobbit 81 0 Mon, 5:03pm
               Collapse >C: /DOS dernwyn 108 2 Mon, 1:15pm
                   I liked using DOS Elarie 106 0 Mon, 1:47pm
                   Eek! // dormouse 98 0 Mon, 1:58pm
               Collapse I still darn socks! Annael 96 2 Mon, 3:30pm
                   Me too! Aunt Dora Baggins 84 0 Mon, 9:08pm
                   Sadly... arithmancer 138 0 Tue, 5:36am
       Collapse Adjust the vertical and horizontal hold or change a vacuum tube zarabia 123 2 Mon, 10:34am
           oooooooooooooooooooooooooo swordwhale 78 0 Mon, 5:24pm
           I remember buying tubes Magpie 61 0 Mon, 6:54pm
       Collapse I still play with my slide rule sometimes, and add up numbers with an abacus Aunt Dora Baggins 87 1 Mon, 8:49pm
           I don't think I could use Chisanbop Magpie 73 0 Mon, 9:50pm
       Collapse My film projectionist certificate Kimi 81 2 Mon, 8:59pm
           Collapse iron on the range swordwhale 80 1 Tue, 4:06pm
               :) // Kimi 58 0 Tue, 6:06pm
       Collapse I don't understand why cursive is becoming obsolete. RosieLass 85 3 Mon, 9:39pm
           I don't get it either. Magpie 78 0 Mon, 9:54pm
           Collapse I ask my students to ignore cursive and work on producing clear printed writing squire 81 1 Mon, 10:16pm
               interesting insights! swordwhale 79 0 Tue, 4:18pm
       Still have (and use) a CB radio Ettelewen 74 0 Mon, 10:03pm
       Collapse Things I'll never stop doing Sunflower 73 5 Tue, 12:59am
           Same list for me! Aunt Dora Baggins 54 0 Tue, 8:31pm
           Collapse Map reading SirDennisC 83 3 Wed, 12:38am
               Collapse I still like to use a paper map Dame Ioreth 79 1 Wed, 12:48am
                   my friends and I proudly call ourselves "map nerds" Annael 58 0 Wed, 5:37am
               The Mister and I traveled thousands and thousands of miles with paper maps on our laps Magpie 76 0 Wed, 12:58am
       Soon (I hope) grammaboodawg 72 0 Tue, 1:19am
       I just want to compliment you on a great topic. Aunt Dora Baggins 55 0 Tue, 9:32pm
       Collapse Darkroom and SirDennisC 83 4 Wed, 12:28am
           Collapse by doohickey do you mean the 45 rpm adapter? Magpie 82 3 Wed, 12:36am
               Collapse Yes! SirDennisC 82 2 Wed, 12:41am
                   we have one but we don't have enough input/output connections to hook it up. Magpie 77 0 Wed, 1:01am
                   Sadly True smtfhw 51 0 Wed, 7:59am
       Maps MistyMountain 69 0 Wed, 3:21am

  Collapse Shipping charges US to NZ. Moahunter 140 9 Sat, 9:26pm Jump to last post in thread (by Magpie)
       Collapse IMO possibly Avandel 112 1 Sat, 9:37pm
           Here is an example....... Moahunter 100 0 Sat, 10:26pm
       It could depend on how many books you're ordering and how they're packaging them Magpie 103 0 Sat, 10:20pm
       Nothing the least bit rational about shipping charges. Elizabeth 92 0 Sat, 11:15pm
       Well Annael 60 0 Sun, 3:48pm
       Collapse maybe it's using "flat rate boxes"?? from the U.S. Avandel 56 2 Sun, 5:23pm
           flat rate usually turns out cheaper Annael 52 0 Sun, 5:24pm
           I'm not sure book rate for USPS is available for shipments outside the US Magpie 39 0 Sun, 8:18pm
       I highly recommend The Book Depository in the UK. Ataahua 47 0 Sun, 6:33pm

  Collapse Thread Locked Any ideas on who the mysterious "Wanderer" is EomundDaughter 112 1 Sat, 5:23pm Jump to last post in thread (by Eledhwen)
       Thread Locked I suggest ... Eledhwen 68 0 Sat, 9:15pm

  Collapse Thread Locked Bilbo........Bilbo Baggins...... shadowdog 166 1 Feb 28, 1:24am Jump to last post in thread (by Altaira)
       Thread Locked ---> Please re-post in your existing thread below. Thanks! // Altaira 141 0 Feb 28, 1:34am

  Collapse What movies, tv shows, or other visual media have you watched recently? Magpie 518 50 Feb 27, 8:04pm Jump to last post in thread (by CuriousG)
       Collapse Mystery Science Theater 3000 pippinmaniac 314 4 Feb 27, 8:40pm
           Collapse One of my favorites, too. entmaiden 280 3 Feb 28, 1:26am
             Collapse MST3K: 'Pod People'. So funny it hurts. // Brethil 272 2 Feb 28, 1:50am
                   Collapse My first MST was Santa Conquers the Martians. Meneldor 266 1 Feb 28, 3:54am
                     *snert* All this fuss about a fat man in a red suit? Truman Capote? // Brethil 187 0 Sun, 12:33am
       Collapse The Duchess of Duke Street, The Story of the Jews Starling 296 18 Feb 28, 12:39am
           Collapse I really liked the Duchess of Duke Street // Magpie 261 1 Feb 28, 4:35am
               So do I. Patty 257 0 Feb 28, 6:07am
           Collapse And Broadchurch, what a letdown Starling 170 15 Sun, 9:21am
               Collapse We really enjoyed the Broadchurch story of ... well Broadchurch ... DanielLB 160 1 Sun, 10:01am
                   Given the reception of this series, I am hopeful Starling 138 0 Sun, 5:13pm
               Collapse Ack! Spoiler warning please Kim 118 12 Sun, 7:03pm
                   Collapse Sorry, Kim (no spoilers in this post) Starling 140 7 Mon, 5:12am
                       Collapse Thanks Starling Kim 131 1 Mon, 7:03am
                           The most annoying thing happened to me Starling 126 0 Mon, 7:17am
                       Collapse You will be proud. DanielLB 132 4 Mon, 7:11am
                           Collapse Oh goody! Starling 121 2 Mon, 7:21am
                               Collapse I loved LOST. DanielLB 119 1 Mon, 7:26am
                                   Don't let her lose interest Starling 115 0 Mon, 7:28am
                           Wait, what? Kim 122 0 Mon, 7:21am
                   Collapse I will add my sorry too. DanielLB 137 3 Mon, 7:04am
                       Lol! Starling 129 0 Mon, 7:09am
                       No worries Daniel Kim 121 0 Mon, 7:17am
                     Ridiculous and highly disturbing NZ TV trivia Starling 119 0 Mon, 7:25am
       Silk, the second season Kimi 287 0 Feb 28, 1:02am
       Battle of Five Armies just got to the second run theater sevilodorf 282 0 Feb 28, 1:47am
       The Fault in Our Stars Aunt Dora Baggins 240 0 Sat, 1:04pm
       A side note about Riverdance the show 1995 on YouTubeÖ Patty 222 0 Sat, 5:09pm
       Star Trek - how could we not? Arandiel 200 0 Sun, 12:02am
       Kingsman Kim 177 0 Sun, 6:25am
       Collapse Finally watch Noah Kirly 160 3 Sun, 2:15pm
         Collapse LOL Noah Avandel 143 2 Sun, 5:32pm
               Ray Harryhausen... Aragorn the Elfstone 143 0 Sun, 5:38pm
               Ents? Kirly 109 0 Mon, 9:48am
       Rented "Dracula Untold" Avandel 135 0 Sun, 5:55pm
       Grease 2 Kim 116 0 Sun, 7:08pm
       Boxtrolls, John Wick Magpie 116 0 Sun, 8:16pm
       Collapse I just returned from "What We Do in the Shadows" entmaiden 164 2 Sun, 10:25pm
           Collapse Did you know they had to raise the money for a US release? Moahunter 119 1 Mon, 7:30am
               I was one of the contributors entmaiden 100 0 Mon, 2:45pm
       Collapse How I Live Now with Saoirse Ronan Magpie 154 1 Mon, 12:30am
           "How I Live Now" CuriousG 29 0 Tue, 1:47pm
       Sidney Chambers and Sidney Crosby Riven Delve 151 0 Mon, 12:53am
       Collapse Once Upon a Time, Downton Abbey season finale *spoilers* :-) Kim 119 6 Mon, 7:35am
           I enjoyed DA as well :) zarabia 113 0 Mon, 8:07am
           Collapse Yes - it did make a change to see them going to Thomas... dormouse 96 2 Mon, 3:06pm
               Collapse I seem to remember Kim 70 1 Mon, 10:41pm
                   Time to Time.... dormouse 63 0 Mon, 11:39pm
           Collapse Downton (spoilers) Annael 97 1 Mon, 3:40pm
               Soap opera writing and Maggie Smith news Kim 81 0 Mon, 10:31pm

  Collapse Longsword competitions Eruonen 86 6 Feb 27, 7:14pm Jump to last post in thread (by swordwhale)
       Very nice. Otaku-sempai 69 0 Feb 27, 7:59pm
       OMG, what fun!! Kilidoescartwheels 66 0 Feb 27, 8:40pm
       Collapse Been there, done that. Meneldor 48 2 Feb 28, 4:03am
           Collapse Any bruises or broken fingers? Eruonen 47 1 Feb 28, 4:06am
               Sure, lots of bruises. Meneldor 45 0 Feb 28, 4:14am
       cool swordwhale 22 0 Sun, 5:50am

  Collapse Star Trek's Leonard Nimoy Passes at 83 priell3 483 48 Feb 27, 5:30pm Jump to last post in thread (by Kirly)
       Collapse I just want to hit back on my browser Magpie 342 1 Feb 27, 5:36pm
           Yes. This doesn't seem possible. Brethil 309 0 Feb 27, 6:19pm
       :-( I will always treasure this precious moment of silliness: Aunt Dora Baggins 335 0 Feb 27, 5:43pm
       I just saw this on Facebook, too. RosieLass 332 0 Feb 27, 5:43pm
       very sad Annael 327 0 Feb 27, 5:49pm
       NO! oh no. grammaboodawg 325 0 Feb 27, 5:53pm
       Sad news Ciars 329 0 Feb 27, 5:54pm
       Heartfelt Condolances Otaku-sempai 318 0 Feb 27, 5:54pm
       So sad to see that! Kelly of Water's Edge 313 0 Feb 27, 6:06pm
       Collapse Very sad to hear this Kim 305 2 Feb 27, 6:27pm
           What a prophetic and true thought he shared there. // Brethil 243 0 Feb 27, 8:28pm
           Thanks for that, Kim Riven Delve 227 0 Feb 27, 9:02pm
       Collapse How sad Lily Fairbairn 306 5 Feb 27, 6:42pm
           This was wonderful to read Lily. Thanks. // Brethil 246 0 Feb 27, 8:26pm
           I always thought it was a little ironic... RosieLass 177 0 Feb 27, 10:16pm
           Collapse Beautiful, Lily. Thank you. // Kimi 148 1 Feb 27, 11:43pm
               Sad! Adrianna 150 0 Feb 28, 12:35am
           What a wonderful memory of that time. dernwyn 141 0 Feb 28, 2:14am
       Thoughts with his family and friends... cats16 269 0 Feb 27, 7:27pm
     I still can't grasp his passing The Grey Elf 268 0 Feb 27, 7:32pm
       On the day of Mr. Nimoy's funeral let all of us TORnsibs flash . . . elf_wannabee 273 0 Feb 27, 7:48pm
       Spock pippinmaniac 257 0 Feb 27, 8:08pm
       The world is now, and forever, a little bit emptier. Aragorn the Elfstone 245 0 Feb 27, 8:40pm
       Leonard Nimoy, you were many things. Thanks so much for giving this part to us forever. Lissuin 240 0 Feb 27, 8:42pm
       Very sad news BlackFox 232 0 Feb 27, 8:58pm
       Hobbit Hole priell3 231 0 Feb 27, 9:02pm
       Highly illogical. N.E. Brigand 230 0 Feb 27, 9:18pm
       This is one of those Donry 208 0 Feb 27, 9:41pm
       Collapse Of all the souls... Dame Ioreth 177 3 Feb 27, 10:10pm
           Collapse Do you know what my answer to 'what do you want to be' when I was little was? Brethil 175 1 Feb 27, 10:13pm
             My brother wanted to be a Vulcan too! // Dame Ioreth 161 0 Feb 27, 10:42pm
           Indeed Ham_Sammy 141 0 Feb 28, 2:21am
       Doesn't seem possible. Ethel Duath 160 0 Feb 27, 11:23pm
       Very sad. Kimi 153 0 Feb 27, 11:43pm
       Oh no Sunflower 112 0 Sat, 4:56pm
       Collapse The backstory of the "Live Long and Prosper" gesture Annael 116 4 Sat, 5:07pm
           This is great footage. Brethil 104 0 Sat, 5:24pm
           Thanks for the link. Otaku-sempai 98 0 Sat, 8:06pm
           That's very interesting Kim 82 0 Sat, 9:35pm
           Wonderful story! /// Kirly 38 0 Sun, 2:59pm
       Sad and a little hard to grasp Elarie 93 0 Sat, 8:25pm
       Collapse Leonard Nimoy: "Go, Bilbo!" GloryBox 86 1 Sat, 9:30pm
           Lthat was great! Kirly 40 0 Sun, 3:08pm
       You are already sorely missed Mr. Nimoy. . . "Behold! Bracegirdle 79 0 Sat, 10:57pm
       He lived long - and so we have all prospered. Arandiel 70 0 Sat, 11:59pm
       *sigh* zarabia 72 0 Sun, 1:34am
       LLAP swordwhale 57 0 Sun, 5:35am
       What a loss Old Toby 56 0 Sun, 6:27am

  Collapse *Throws Open Door* It's Fiesta Friday!!! grammaboodawg 154 39 Feb 27, 5:00pm Jump to last post in thread (by grammaboodawg)
       Collapse *brings in big bag of marshmallows* dernwyn 100 2 Feb 27, 5:18pm
           Ya think? Lily Fairbairn 91 0 Feb 27, 5:29pm
           Fersher! grammaboodawg 84 0 Feb 27, 5:59pm
       Collapse *gets Winter Usual* :P :) Eventides 91 2 Feb 27, 5:34pm
           Collapse Hey Evey! grammaboodawg 82 1 Feb 27, 6:00pm
               LOL, that's awesome! :) Eventides 65 0 Feb 27, 7:18pm
       Collapse I think Colorado is trying to make up this week... RosieLass 94 1 Feb 27, 5:41pm
           I'm so glad you made it to the Party! grammaboodawg 83 0 Feb 27, 6:02pm
       Collapse hot cocoa sounds lovely Annael 90 1 Feb 27, 5:52pm
           Coming right up! grammaboodawg 81 0 Feb 27, 6:04pm
       Collapse Celebrating! Ciars 97 6 Feb 27, 5:58pm
           Collapse *flying tackle hug* Great News! :) grammaboodawg 83 1 Feb 27, 6:07pm
               Thanks! Ciars 83 0 Feb 27, 6:10pm
           That's great, Ciars Starling 78 0 Feb 27, 6:20pm
           *applause* Glad you're feeling and doing better1 // ElanorTX 49 0 Feb 27, 9:16pm
           Congrats - very pleased for you! Greenwood Hobbit 41 0 Feb 27, 10:51pm
           Most excellent news! Kimi 37 0 Feb 27, 11:56pm
       Collapse Fiestaaaa! Greenwood Hobbit 92 2 Feb 27, 6:04pm
           Collapse You found a GEEK!? :D grammaboodawg 86 1 Feb 27, 6:09pm
               He was kind of cute... Greenwood Hobbit 48 0 Feb 27, 10:55pm
       **HANGS OUT SELF-SERVE SIGN** Have a wonderful weekend, everyone :) // grammaboodawg 79 0 Feb 27, 6:10pm
       Collapse But I don't want spring! Draupne 79 1 Feb 27, 6:33pm
           Hey Draupne! grammaboodawg 12 0 Tue, 1:25am
       Collapse Hurry up autumn Starling 77 1 Feb 27, 6:41pm
           *snigger* Wear the gold one! grammaboodawg 12 0 Tue, 1:28am
       Collapse Girl Scout Cookies are here! Kim 71 2 Feb 27, 6:54pm
           Thin Mints are the best // ElanorTX 51 0 Feb 27, 9:14pm
           THIN MINTS! grammaboodawg 12 0 Tue, 1:32am
       Collapse Going on retreat ElanorTX 52 1 Feb 27, 9:19pm
           I hope the retreat is great! grammaboodawg 12 0 Tue, 1:35am
       Collapse *timidly requests hot chocolate* cats16 53 3 Feb 27, 9:21pm
           Collapse OW!! ow-ow-ow! grammaboodawg 13 2 Tue, 1:37am
               Collapse Gramma, you have the best treats Kim 13 1 Tue, 1:42am
                   No "cat" fights here!! ;) grammaboodawg 12 0 Tue, 1:45am
       Collapse Another "last" today Dame Ioreth 51 1 Feb 27, 10:32pm
           That so cool! grammaboodawg 12 0 Tue, 1:43am
       Collapse Riding with my eyes closed Kimi 43 2 Feb 28, 12:02am
           I love early autumn entmaiden 34 0 Feb 28, 1:30am
           That sounds wonderful! grammaboodawg 15 0 Tue, 1:48am
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