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  Sticky: Thread Locked Welcome to Off Topic Altaira 26352 0 Dec 28 2006, 3:40am Jump to last post in thread (by Altaira)

  Collapse Sticky: Official Introduction & Welcome Thread Altaira 74843 514 Feb 17 2007, 8:45pm Jump to last post in thread (by Rineth)

  Sticky: Guys, PLEASE follow TORn's picture posting guidelines with regard to picture size Altaira 21775 0 Jun 28 2008, 7:31pm Jump to last post in thread (by Altaira)

  Sticky: How Best to Contact an Admin for Help Kyriel 23504 0 Mar 31 2009, 10:53pm Jump to last post in thread (by Kyriel)

  Collapse Tips on writing? Hobbity Hobbit 24 4 55 mins ago Jump to last post in thread (by Hobbity Hobbit)
       Ursula Le Guin has several good books on writing fantasy Annael 17 0 49 mins ago
       Stephen King's book "On Writing" is very good too. Aunt Dora Baggins 8 0 21 mins ago
       Oh, and Lin Carter's book "Imaginary Worlds" Aunt Dora Baggins 8 0 18 mins ago
       Thanks Hobbity Hobbit 3 0 3 mins ago

  What's On Stage Awards smtfhw 27 0 2:35pm Jump to last post in thread (by smtfhw)

  Collapse What movies, tv shows, or other visual media have you watched recently? Magpie 217 23 Sun, 10:34pm Jump to last post in thread (by Patty)
       Collapse Watched Some New Films and Re-watched Some Classics tsmith675 126 1 Sun, 11:06pm
           Charming SirDennisC 92 0 3:14am
       Collapse Apocalypse Now Aragorn the Elfstone 122 1 Sun, 11:17pm
           This is the End SirDennisC 95 0 3:06am
       A little bit of this, a little bit of that Dame Ioreth 117 0 12:13am
       mission impossible? MistyMountain 108 0 12:37am
       Lillyhammer Ham_Sammy 101 0 2:07am
       paging Altaira a.s. 103 0 2:13am
       Collapse Munich (2005) SirDennisC 96 1 3:00am
           I really liked Munich // Starling 57 0 8:20am
       I'm now completely hooked on Name 99 0 3:02am
       The Kiyosu Conference Old Toby 81 0 4:12am
       Collapse The Manchurian Candidate Meneldor 75 1 5:59am
           And Angela Lansbury. dernwyn 50 0 11:20am
       The Selfish Giant, What we do in the Shadows Starling 63 0 8:13am
       Collapse Hamlet - Branagh's four-hour version. Kimi 60 1 9:07am
           I adore Branagh's Hamlet Aragorn the Elfstone 61 0 9:22am
       Collapse Peter Pan 2003. Christmas Story (not that one) Aunt Dora Baggins 42 1 3:58pm
           Jason Isaacs is kind of a sleeper actor Magpie 40 0 4:24pm
       Collapse last episode of Galavant; Grantchester; etc. Annael 30 1 5:09pm
           I'm enjoying Grantchester very much...(spoilers) Patty 23 0 6:05pm
       Collapse The new BBC adaptation of 'Wolf Hall'..... dormouse 29 1 5:21pm
           This is coming to MPT and I'm looking forward to it! / Patty 25 0 6:01pm

  Collapse New York weather tomorrow.... EomundDaughter 198 23 Sun, 9:13pm Jump to last post in thread (by Kim)
       WNY Otaku-sempai 121 0 Sun, 9:50pm
       Collapse Thanks! Brethil 124 11 Sun, 9:57pm
           Collapse where are you hearing this? MistyMountain 95 5 12:41am
               Collapse LI is getting the worst of this one, I'm afraid Brethil 91 3 12:49am
                   Collapse Ugh! MistyMountain 85 2 1:04am
                       Collapse I feel ya! Brethil 77 1 1:11am
                           doctor's appt tomorrow MistyMountain 70 0 1:30am
               Last we're hearing Kelly of Water's Edge 70 0 2:18am
           Collapse I'm in the 15"-25" range. dernwyn 67 2 2:33am
               Collapse Yes, better off to plan just in case! Brethil 58 1 2:46am
                   You're well-prepared! dernwyn 47 0 4:34am
           Collapse meanwhile, we're having spring here Annael 23 1 5:13pm
               on the flip side Kim 4 0 32 mins ago
       Yikes. cats16 107 0 Sun, 10:09pm
       Tomorrow morning will be okay... Kelly of Water's Edge 111 0 Sun, 10:11pm
       Yes, goodness, take care! Patty 100 0 Sun, 10:33pm
       Good excuse to spend the day, evening EomundDaughter 100 0 Sun, 10:43pm
       Yikes, be safe everyone! Kim 55 0 3:13am
       Collapse weeeeeeeelp swordwhale 51 1 4:41am
           Send us your rain Starling 43 0 6:19am
       Stay safe, everyone! zarabia 38 0 8:01am
       They cancelled my flight to NYC 36 hours in advance NottaSackville 35 0 1:13pm
       We are getting a little snow now. Otaku-sempai 34 0 3:09pm

  Collapse BC in new Sherlock pic Old Toby 162 10 Sun, 5:02am Jump to last post in thread (by dernwyn)
     Great pic Toby! Brethil 90 0 Sun, 12:42pm
       *geeky hand clapping* :D grammaboodawg 88 0 Sun, 1:05pm
       Collapse Shades of William Gillette! dernwyn 75 3 Sun, 1:59pm
         Collapse Its like the Strand magazine look, like this 'Blue Carbuncle' illustration Brethil 74 1 Sun, 2:07pm
               ooooooooohhhhhhh Sidney Paget swordwhale 28 0 4:30am
           His shoes are the old fashioned button up type! Old Toby 56 0 Sun, 5:24pm
       Collapse All of them Ham_Sammy 49 1 Sun, 9:09pm
           I bet swordwhale 26 0 4:31am
       Collapse And, A Sleuth of Holmses Ethel Duath 26 1 4:37am
           Lovely article! dernwyn 22 0 4:55am

  Collapse RA's New Role: The Tooth Fairy in Hannibal ShireHorse 132 9 Sat, 5:18pm Jump to last post in thread (by Eowyn of Penns Woods)
       Collapse Thank you! Avandel 89 4 Sat, 5:52pm
           Collapse It has always been said about RA ShireHorse 84 3 Sat, 6:45pm
             Collapse ...finally! Iris70 78 1 Sat, 6:56pm
                   I think he's taken a big leap forward ShireHorse 62 0 Sat, 7:38pm
               I think you have a point but glor 72 0 Sat, 7:00pm
       Viewing figures glor 79 0 Sat, 6:51pm
       Collapse Thanks for the post ShireHorse Kim 59 2 Sat, 8:30pm
           Collapse I think it does become, ShireHorse 56 1 Sat, 9:05pm
               Yes! Eowyn of Penns Woods 48 0 Sat, 10:06pm

  Collapse Drum corps anyone? Name 101 11 Sat, 4:44pm Jump to last post in thread (by entmaiden)
       Collapse It's been a while squire 73 1 Sat, 4:58pm
           I was just thinking of NE Magpie 72 0 Sat, 5:04pm
       When my sister's kids were in high school marching band zarabia 54 0 Sun, 5:55am
       Collapse I've been a DCI nut for several years as well as Bands of America! elf_wannabee 37 1 4:28am
           Haha! Broken Arrow is one of the bands my sister's kids had to compete against! zarabia 29 0 7:36am
       Collapse Although they're not really "professional". N.E. Brigand 44 4 6:42am
           Collapse Isn't Ohio State zarabia 28 1 7:46am
               Yes. entmaiden 8 0 5:59pm
           My high school Name 21 0 10:53am
           Well HI--and you have probably seen my cousin's son a.s. 18 0 12:22pm
       Band Nation had something to say to this guy Dame Ioreth 15 0 1:41pm

  Collapse sad news to share Magpie 391 43 Sat, 2:46am Jump to last post in thread (by Nuradar)
       Oh no! Asclepias 174 0 Sat, 2:49am
       Collapse NO! Oh Magpie grammaboodawg 184 3 Sat, 2:54am
           Collapse Hobbitlove grammaboodawg 195 2 Sat, 3:06am
               Collapse gramma, you're making me cry Magpie 171 1 Sat, 3:15am
                   --- grammaboodawg 160 0 Sat, 3:33am
       I'm so sorry to hear this Starling 163 0 Sat, 2:54am
       I do believe I remember Hobbitlove, Magpie Brethil 156 0 Sat, 3:08am
       Collapse correction Magpie 162 1 Sat, 3:22am
           No worries, Magpie grammaboodawg 112 0 Sat, 11:29am
       Oh, so sad. NottaSackville 143 0 Sat, 4:05am
       Collapse I am so saddened by this news silneldor 150 1 Sat, 4:30am
           There was ComicCon as well silneldor 140 0 Sat, 4:56am
       Very sad news. Silverlode 132 0 Sat, 6:44am
       Oh no! Alcarcalime 114 0 Sat, 10:44am
       I'm so sorry, Magpie.... dormouse 110 0 Sat, 11:28am
       Our thoughts are with her family and friends. Otaku-sempai 107 0 Sat, 12:50pm
       so sorry to hear this, Magpie a.s. 115 0 Sat, 1:41pm
       My condolences to her family and friends. AlassŽa Eruvande 101 0 Sat, 3:18pm
       Collapse Her posts were always such a joy... weaver 109 3 Sat, 3:40pm
           Collapse Two thread series that she led with ordinaryhobbit Magpie 105 2 Sat, 3:55pm
               Collapse thanks for posting those links... weaver 93 1 Sat, 4:08pm
                   I didn't share them at the time....... dormouse 95 0 Sat, 4:55pm
       Collapse She was a joul among Hobbits. Kangi Ska 113 1 Sat, 3:57pm
           I remember that day Magpie 96 0 Sat, 4:41pm
       Collapse Sending sympathy to her husband and family - Greenwood Hobbit 123 1 Sat, 5:15pm
           Sad news indeed Ham_Sammy 31 0 3:10am
       This is sad news! dernwyn 124 0 Sat, 5:50pm
       So sorry. I wish Ethel Duath 120 0 Sat, 6:21pm
       Such sad news... Patty 110 0 Sat, 7:59pm
       So sorry Eledhwen 102 0 Sat, 9:44pm
       So sorry to hear this. Kimi 97 0 Sat, 9:59pm
       Thank you for lettng us know, Magpie. Ataahua 102 0 Sat, 10:15pm
       I first met hobbitlve and ordinaryhobbit entmaiden 96 0 Sat, 11:23pm
       I am so sorry Loresilme 89 0 Sun, 12:45am
       Very sad news, indeed :-( Altaira 84 0 Sun, 6:31am
       Sorry to hear Donry 69 0 Sun, 3:30pm
       My friend Zmulady 60 0 Sun, 9:09pm
       Oh, I'm so sorry. Aunt Dora Baggins 47 0 1:37am
       Sad news indeed Radhruin 38 0 3:30am
       it seems swordwhale 31 0 4:46am
       So sorry to hear this :( Kelvarhin 31 0 6:35am
       Sending my condolences DanielLB 22 0 8:28am
       my condolences Nuradar 13 0 3:14pm

  Collapse Thread Locked I want this MIddle Earth Coffee Cup!! Ham_Sammy 70 2 Sat, 12:29am Jump to last post in thread (by Ham_Sammy)
       Collapse Thread Locked There's a thread about this on Main Starling 41 1 Sat, 12:34am
           Thread Locked got it thanks!! Ham_Sammy 40 0 Sat, 12:35am

  Collapse *Throws Open Door* It's Fiesta Friday!!!! grammaboodawg 169 59 Fri, 5:03pm Jump to last post in thread (by Dame Ioreth)
       Collapse Hey! BlackFox 69 6 Fri, 5:09pm
           Collapse No! That's not fair!! grammaboodawg 56 1 Fri, 5:17pm
               I know, right? BlackFox 53 0 Fri, 5:23pm
           Collapse Colds are no fun. dernwyn 49 1 Fri, 6:21pm
               Thanks, dernwyn! // BlackFox 35 0 Fri, 8:10pm
           Collapse *sympathetic sniffles* Eruvandi 47 1 Fri, 7:13pm
               Aww! BlackFox 37 0 Fri, 8:13pm
       Collapse Hey, gramma! :) Eventides 56 4 Fri, 5:54pm
           Collapse Hey Evey!!! grammaboodawg 50 1 Fri, 5:56pm
               Aw. Eventides 46 0 Fri, 6:52pm
           Collapse Aw, Evie... dernwyn 47 1 Fri, 6:19pm
               Haha, yep! :) Eventides 46 0 Fri, 6:53pm
       Collapse *HANGS OUT SELF-SERVE SIGN* grammaboodawg 52 1 Fri, 5:58pm
           *snatches a brownie* Eruvandi 47 0 Fri, 7:15pm
       Collapse Good morning, Gramma! RosieLass 55 1 Fri, 5:58pm
           Fersher! grammaboodawg 60 0 Fri, 9:34pm
       Collapse This household has gone 7 days without a calamity! Magpie 60 3 Fri, 6:03pm
           Actually, that was a flock of starlings you saw Starling 47 0 Fri, 7:31pm
           Ouch, shingles... Greenwood Hobbit 63 0 Fri, 9:09pm
           Big Text Stagger! grammaboodawg 62 0 Fri, 9:39pm
       Collapse Four times here! dernwyn 54 2 Fri, 6:17pm
           I saw the storm moving in. grammaboodawg 60 0 Fri, 9:41pm
           You guys are getting more snow than we are, I think Brethil 49 0 Fri, 10:52pm
       Collapse It was my first week back at work after a fortnight's leave Ataahua 54 1 Fri, 6:52pm
           Feel like a Blaster? grammaboodawg 41 0 Sat, 1:20am
       Collapse *cough, hack* May I have some ginger tea with honey and lemon please? Eruvandi 49 2 Fri, 7:05pm
           Collapse Darn Colds and Flus! grammaboodawg 44 1 Sat, 1:31am
               Thanks, gramma! Eruvandi 40 0 Sat, 1:38am
       Collapse saw it with my daughter a.s. 54 1 Fri, 7:14pm
           Here's to Hobbits :) grammaboodawg 43 0 Sat, 1:37am
       Collapse I've been down for the count Dame Ioreth 51 2 Fri, 7:25pm
           Collapse Oh, Ow! grammaboodawg 39 1 Sat, 1:52am
               The PT is really helping Dame Ioreth 14 0 Sat, 9:53pm
       Collapse A sunny Saturday Kimi 47 1 Fri, 7:36pm
           I'll be right over! grammaboodawg 34 0 Sat, 2:33am
       Collapse Finally took the Christmas tree down ElanorTX 45 1 Fri, 8:04pm
           And Sweet Dreams for you, m'dear :) grammaboodawg 32 0 Sat, 2:36am
       Collapse Raising a glass of Belhaven Greenwood Hobbit 66 2 Fri, 9:24pm
           The 2007 date is when the new boards were set up Magpie 63 0 Fri, 9:28pm
           Only the Best for you ;) grammaboodawg 31 0 Sat, 2:46am
       Collapse Hiya Kim 65 1 Fri, 9:32pm
           Haldir? *snigger* grammaboodawg 40 0 Sat, 3:20am
       Collapse Of course! cats16 56 2 Fri, 10:42pm
           Collapse I loved it the more I saw it grammaboodawg 37 1 Sat, 3:26am
               *gulp* Thanks, you too, gramma! // cats16 16 0 Sat, 6:51pm
       Collapse Did some writing this week. Meneldor 58 6 Fri, 10:59pm
           Collapse I would really love to read that. Aunt Dora Baggins 61 4 Fri, 11:03pm
               Collapse The name Dorothy Sayers rings a bell, Meneldor 56 2 Fri, 11:09pm
                   Sayers is most known for Lord Peter Wimsey, Brethil 46 0 Sat, 2:05am
                   In some ways she was unofficially one of the Inklings. Aunt Dora Baggins 25 0 Sat, 5:21pm
               I read that play last year Riven Delve 53 0 Sat, 12:25am
           That sound fantastic :) grammaboodawg 28 0 Sat, 11:15am
       Collapse Going for the fifth time on Sunday... Queen of Erebor 55 1 Fri, 11:21pm
           I'll bet if you do grammaboodawg 31 0 Sat, 11:22am
       Collapse 'Twas a family affair! Eowyn of Penns Woods 41 2 Sat, 2:29am
           Nice! Starling 43 0 Sat, 2:57am
           Awesome!!! :D grammaboodawg 30 0 Sat, 11:25am
       Collapse I'm only at 2 views Gramma. A sad underachiever! Brethil 41 1 Sat, 2:36am
           Hey! That's great! grammaboodawg 30 0 Sat, 11:28am

  Collapse A Mathematical Proof is Like Frodo's Journey In Lord Of The Rings Magpie 135 9 Thu, 10:10pm Jump to last post in thread (by Arandiel)
       Calling Aunt Dora. :) // Ethel Duath 65 0 Fri, 3:19am
       Collapse erp swordwhale 71 6 Fri, 4:06am
           Collapse I truly admire those to whom it comes easily. Eruonen 52 5 Fri, 4:25pm
               Collapse I am now wholly amused by swordwhale 44 4 Fri, 5:26pm
                   Collapse Funny! Star Fleets top math teacher....flunked James T. KIrk gaining his immortal hatred. Eruonen 41 3 Fri, 5:45pm
                       Collapse "You've managed to solve just about every thing else, Khan, Meneldor 35 2 Fri, 11:02pm
                           Collapse because... swordwhale 22 1 Sun, 5:58pm
                               He wandered off to fight a dragon...// Arandiel 4 0 5:23pm
       Agree DwellerInDale 32 0 Sat, 6:34am

  Collapse Tolkien, Lewis and the lone genius myth swordwhale 105 2 Thu, 7:24pm Jump to last post in thread (by swordwhale)
       Collapse Good points, but! Ethel Duath 48 1 Fri, 3:17am
           fascinating! swordwhale 41 0 Fri, 4:04am

  Collapse Cure for cabin fever.... EomundDaughter 80 1 Thu, 2:25pm Jump to last post in thread (by swordwhale)
       the SAD is pretty bad... swordwhale 29 0 Fri, 4:09am

  News about PJ's WWI exhibition. Moahunter 55 0 Thu, 12:16am Jump to last post in thread (by Moahunter)

  Collapse For anyone who can't get enough of Benedict Cumberbatch Roheryn 156 6 Jan 21, 7:50pm Jump to last post in thread (by swordwhale)
       sigh Old Toby 96 0 Jan 21, 8:54pm
       Collapse I don't know if this has been posted here: Aunt Dora Baggins 112 3 Jan 21, 9:22pm
           Collapse I love the Princess Bride reference! // dormouse 51 1 Thu, 3:48pm
               Yeah, that was fun too :-) // Aunt Dora Baggins 42 0 Thu, 6:14pm
           I laughed over that one Ethel Duath 41 0 Fri, 2:52am
       bwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa haaa haaaaaaaaaaaaaa swordwhale 41 0 Fri, 4:19am
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