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  Sticky: Thread Locked Welcome to Off Topic Altaira 24937 0 Dec 28 2006, 3:40am Jump to last post in thread (by Altaira)

  Collapse Sticky: Official Introduction & Welcome Thread Altaira 70374 490 Feb 17 2007, 8:45pm Jump to last post in thread (by Lothiriel)

  Sticky: Guys, PLEASE follow TORn's picture posting guidelines with regard to picture size Altaira 19412 0 Jun 28 2008, 7:31pm Jump to last post in thread (by Altaira)

  Sticky: How Best to Contact an Admin for Help Kyriel 21042 0 Mar 31 2009, 10:53pm Jump to last post in thread (by Kyriel)

  Collapse Warner Bros. Options 'Dragonriders of Pern' Otaku-sempai 36 5 Wed, 9:54pm Jump to last post in thread (by Ataahua)
       Collapse just fyi: I did put this in the special edition movie thread - see below Magpie 24 3 Wed, 10:01pm
           Collapse Ah! So you did. Otaku-sempai 23 2 Wed, 10:06pm
               Collapse news was just getting thick from all sorts of sources - thus the 'etc' Magpie 23 1 Wed, 10:22pm
                   Understood. Otaku-sempai 23 0 Wed, 10:26pm
       My big concern Ataahua 19 0 Wed, 11:53pm

  Collapse The Adventures of Tintin: Prisoners/Temple of the Sun painjoiker 24 1 Wed, 8:57pm Jump to last post in thread (by Owain)
       I haven't heard or seen any new publicity for the sequel... Owain 3 0 6:05am

  Collapse New Trailer for Christopher Nolan's Interstellar looks phenomenal tsmith675 85 11 Wed, 6:09pm Jump to last post in thread (by cats16)
       Was just about to post this BilboBagshot187 52 0 Wed, 7:10pm
       Collapse If the script is good... Arannir 48 4 Wed, 7:21pm
           Collapse The homepage is actually really interesting... tsmith675 40 3 Wed, 7:30pm
               Collapse I rather meant getting the trailer to run ;) Arannir 39 2 Wed, 7:31pm
                   Oh yeah, it was. tsmith675 34 0 Wed, 7:39pm
                   Empire online have a direct link to the trailer video BilboBagshot187 37 0 Wed, 7:39pm
       Collapse I think it looks boring Ardamírë 35 1 Wed, 7:48pm
           Curious... tsmith675 30 0 Wed, 8:06pm
       Yes. This is at the top of my list for this year... Owain 25 0 Wed, 8:41pm
       now this... phij2 17 0 Wed, 9:31pm
       Really eager to see this. cats16 5 0 4:09am

  Collapse A "Valinor" Mathom Sunflower 60 4 Wed, 4:40am Jump to last post in thread (by SirDennisC)
       congratulations!!! Maciliel 31 0 Wed, 4:57am
       Happy Valinoration! DanielLB 23 0 Wed, 9:17am
       *gets out bubbly miruvor* dernwyn 14 0 Wed, 3:55pm
       Wow you made it! Way to go! SirDennisC 8 0 1:59am

  Collapse Any other tradespeople here? Salmacis81 115 9 Tue, 11:33pm Jump to last post in thread (by Cirashala)
       Collapse DIY? squire 91 1 Tue, 11:47pm
           I added the DIY concession... Salmacis81 79 0 Wed, 1:03am
       Collapse During my 20 years enlisted in the US Air Force Meneldor 80 1 Wed, 12:58am
           Maybe it's a bit more common among older blue-collar guys (no offense)... Salmacis81 79 0 Wed, 1:06am
       my brother was an electrician in the Navy Annael 67 0 Wed, 1:45am
       Collapse Do agricultural trades count? Cirashala 62 3 Wed, 2:36am
           Girls aren't raised to be helpless women in my part of rural America, either*. Eowyn of Penns Woods 34 0 Wed, 4:37pm
           Collapse Well I was more referring to construction or mechanical trades... Salmacis81 22 1 Wed, 6:08pm
               Well, to be fair I use nearly all hand tools- I don't like power tools Cirashala 18 0 Wed, 6:32pm

  Collapse It's the new trailer reading thread! Lily Fairbairn 174 18 Tue, 1:49pm Jump to last post in thread (by Na Vedui)
       Collapse Still dragging on with A dance with dragons.... phij2 108 5 Tue, 2:28pm
           Collapse Well, the consensus is macfalk 76 4 Tue, 10:45pm
               Collapse I don't know that it's a consensus... Aragorn the Elfstone 72 3 Wed, 12:18am
                   Collapse Have you read or listened to... Sunflower 51 2 Wed, 8:01am
                       I hope it will be... Arannir 51 0 Wed, 8:17am
                       I've read a couple... Aragorn the Elfstone 28 0 Wed, 2:56pm
       Aristotle's Poetics Annael 97 0 Tue, 2:59pm
       Collapse "Vanished Kingdoms", Norman Davies acheron 98 1 Tue, 3:56pm
           That sounds really interesting!// Elberbeth 93 0 Tue, 4:03pm
       Collapse Great summer reading weather! Elberbeth 98 1 Tue, 4:02pm
           Oh, I forgot "Pirate Latitudes" Elberbeth 56 0 Wed, 2:07am
       Ready Player One, by Ernest Cline. Ataahua 91 0 Tue, 7:13pm
       Reading My Way Through... smtfhw 80 0 Tue, 8:45pm
       Pirate Freedom Meneldor 61 0 Wed, 12:55am
       Collapse I've been reading IdrilLalaith 60 1 Wed, 4:20am
           I had to read it more than once. . . Alcarcalime 45 0 Wed, 9:23am
       Waverley cats16 53 0 Wed, 5:16am
       Lud-in-the-Mist Na Vedui 11 0 Wed, 10:21pm

  Collapse Anyone going to see Guardians of the Galaxy? Owain 127 18 Tue, 6:57am Jump to last post in thread (by Owain)
       Collapse Going to first show on Thursday!!!!.... EomundDaughter 81 1 Tue, 2:16pm
           Yeah it looks really great! Owain 64 0 Tue, 9:18pm
       Collapse ohhh yessss phij2 78 1 Tue, 2:25pm
           Yeah Thursday can't get here soon enough. Owain 60 0 Tue, 9:20pm
       Collapse 97% on the Tomatometer! Annael 78 3 Tue, 3:05pm
           Collapse Yeah... it's looking good so far. Owain 61 2 Tue, 9:18pm
               Collapse can't go until next week Annael 15 1 Wed, 3:59pm
                   Nice! Well have fun with that.// Owain 13 0 Wed, 4:00pm
       Collapse After you all see it... be sure to let us know what you think in the weekly Sunday night movie thread // Magpie 57 2 Tue, 9:30pm
           Collapse Oh right on... I don't think I've ever participated in that. Owain 63 1 Tue, 9:30pm
               I get lots of guidance and suggestions for stuff to watch there Magpie 58 0 Tue, 9:46pm
       Collapse They had me at "Ooga chocka ooga chocka." // Meneldor 43 2 Wed, 12:59am
           Haha!!! Indeed.// Owain 42 0 Wed, 1:07am
           ... never liked that song. However I'm hoping to catch this flick // SirDennisC 41 0 Wed, 1:40am
       Collapse Absolutely but probably next week after the opening weekend passes. Glassary 33 1 Wed, 4:09am
           I do that sometimes too. Owain 31 0 Wed, 4:11am
       Collapse Yes Kim 34 1 Wed, 4:14am
           Agreed. I'm a fan of a good portion of the cast... Owain 33 0 Wed, 4:16am

  Collapse Game of Thrones casting news Kelly of Water's Edge 91 2 Mon, 4:46pm Jump to last post in thread (by Kelly of Water's Edge)
       Collapse Interesting (possible spoilers) Sunflower 30 1 Wed, 5:24am
           Nope, haven't read yet. Kelly of Water's Edge 12 0 Wed, 6:41pm

  Collapse Special Edition: What have you been watching AND what buzz are you hearing about entertainment shows from Comic-Con (etc) Magpie 282 33 Sun, 11:45pm Jump to last post in thread (by Kim)
       Collapse Comic-Con Buzz: Outlander : Ronald D Moore + Bear McCreary... Magpie 152 1 Sun, 11:54pm
           I wish I could watch Outlander Kim 128 0 Mon, 4:41am
       Premiering this week: The Quest - Thursday, 8/7c - ABC (US) Magpie 144 0 Mon, 12:04am
       Comic-Con: Game of Thrones and Agents of SHIELD blooper reels Magpie 151 0 Mon, 12:19am
       Collapse Saw 'Lucy' this weekend Elarie 157 4 Mon, 12:27am
           Collapse well that's a disappointment Magpie 147 3 Mon, 1:08am
               Collapse I do have one very good thing to say about this movie Elarie 62 2 Tue, 1:52pm
                   Collapse also, "Lucy" beat "Hercules" at the box office Annael 55 1 Tue, 3:02pm
                       Lucy Meneldor 40 0 Wed, 1:05am
       Somewhat intrigued... cats16 138 0 Mon, 2:21am
       Outlander, ITS, Jack Ryan & Rise of the Fellowship Kilidoescartwheels 110 0 Mon, 2:14pm
       Sherlock: The Sign of Three Magpie 101 0 Mon, 5:01pm
       Ski Hidden Valley Aunt Dora Baggins 84 0 Mon, 9:06pm
       12 Years a Slave. (Finally.) The Grey Elf 86 0 Mon, 10:50pm
       The Brothers Gibb silneldor 77 0 Tue, 1:57am
       Collapse Upcoming movie (This week in fact)... Gaurdians of the Galaxy. Owain 64 1 Tue, 6:56am
           the preview looked like fun Elarie 58 0 Tue, 1:59pm
       I watched "Third Star" with Benedict Cumberbatch last night Elarie 59 0 Tue, 2:05pm
       Red River Delrond 50 0 Tue, 4:24pm
       Collapse Buzz: Warner Bros. has optioned Dragonriders Of Pern. Magpie 40 8 Wed, 2:17am
           Collapse Fingers-crossed this comes off well. / Ataahua 33 1 Wed, 2:42am
               There's so much possibility... Magpie 37 0 Wed, 2:43am
           Collapse hmmm Annael 37 2 Wed, 3:47am
               Collapse gosh, please +no+ Maciliel 48 1 Wed, 4:33am
                   I thought she stole the show in the latest Hunger Games Annael 14 0 1:04am
           Collapse I know nothing of this series. Owain 51 2 Wed, 4:20am
               Collapse both Maciliel 46 1 Wed, 4:36am
                   Ok. Good to know. Owain 42 0 Wed, 4:37am
       Collapse Time Scanners: Petra Brethil 33 3 Wed, 3:38am
           Collapse That was a cool show Elarie 32 2 Wed, 2:08pm
               Collapse Yes! 2,000 years old and still working! Brethil 30 1 Wed, 3:22pm
                   You might really enjoy that book Elarie 20 0 Wed, 5:29pm
       Sharknado 2: The Second One Kim 6 0 4:46am

  Collapse Universal and Legendary announces "King Kong" prequel Amigo 121 6 Sat, 11:09pm Jump to last post in thread (by Amigo)
       Collapse Maybe Serkis will direct. SirDennisC 63 3 Sun, 4:59pm
           That would be so great! grammaboodawg 43 0 Sun, 11:28pm
           Actually... cats16 42 0 Mon, 2:25am
           Looks like Joe Cornish has been offered... Owain 32 0 Tue, 5:02am
       Hmmm... Otaku-sempai 42 0 Sun, 11:41pm
       Does anyone else find it funny... Amigo 24 0 Tue, 3:45pm

  Collapse A film museum in Wellington - an update, sort of. Moahunter 99 5 Jul 26, 5:42am Jump to last post in thread (by Owain)
       Collapse From the comingsoon.net live blog SDCC Moahunter 57 3 Sun, 7:13am
           Collapse If it's anything like the tour grammaboodawg 36 1 Sun, 11:45pm
               ." especially if they lengthen the airstrip" Moahunter 32 0 Sun, 11:58pm
           That would be great. I would love to visit a LOTR/Hobbit Museum.// Owain 17 0 Tue, 7:04am
       This would be lovely Earl 42 0 Sun, 10:01pm

  Collapse Animaniacs (any other lotr fans out there who are also Animaniacs fans?) RachellovesLOTR 104 9 Jul 25, 4:12pm Jump to last post in thread (by Aunt Dora Baggins)
       Collapse "What are we doing tonight, Brain?" Otaku-sempai 65 2 Jul 25, 4:34pm
           Collapse Love Pinky & The Brain IdrilLalaith 29 1 Sat, 7:44pm
               From memory: Otaku-sempai 25 0 Sat, 11:57pm
       Arright, DAT'S it! // Meneldor 56 0 Jul 25, 9:08pm
       *Raises hand* zarabia 48 0 Sat, 8:15am
       Collapse Oh, yes. Kelly of Water's Edge 47 1 Sat, 11:41am
           I am reminded of the Goodfeathers' version of Ruxendil_Thoorg 24 0 Sun, 2:12am
       I remember an episode... Magpie 25 0 Sun, 2:23am
       My (now grown) kids loved that show. Aunt Dora Baggins 12 0 Mon, 9:11pm

Collapse *gets keys, unlocks doors* Welcome to Friday Fiesta! :D Eventides 135 38 Jul 25, 4:02pm Jump to last post in thread (by Meneldor)
       Collapse I made it on a sherlock 54 2 Jul 25, 4:11pm
           Nice to see you, sherlock! :) Eventides 48 0 Jul 25, 4:25pm
           Outdoor concert! dernwyn 46 0 Jul 25, 4:44pm
       Collapse Hey there, Evey! dernwyn 52 2 Jul 25, 4:15pm
           Collapse Hey, dernwyn! Eventides 48 1 Jul 25, 4:38pm
               Thanks, Evey! // dernwyn 45 0 Jul 25, 4:44pm
       Collapse It's Friday and I'm here - wow! Arandiel 51 3 Jul 25, 4:41pm
           Collapse Family reunion! dernwyn 45 1 Jul 25, 4:51pm
               A 2-1/2 day car trip, Arandiel 45 0 Jul 25, 5:09pm
           Wow, indeed! Eventides 43 0 Jul 25, 5:05pm
       Collapse Happy and nervous Friday Eruvandi 62 10 Jul 25, 4:43pm
           Well... dernwyn 55 0 Jul 25, 4:48pm
           Collapse Hi Eruvandi! Eventides 52 1 Jul 25, 5:08pm
               Thanks, Evey! Eruvandi 48 0 Jul 25, 5:10pm
           I've done Red Cross, Medic International, and AHA certifications Arandiel 52 0 Jul 25, 5:18pm
           I had military first aid training many times. Meneldor 37 0 Jul 25, 9:03pm
           I've taken this course for Girl Scouts Dame Ioreth 63 0 Jul 25, 10:32pm
           Good for you! grammaboodawg 28 0 Sun, 11:57pm
           I did it as a kid in Camp Fire Girls, and later as an adult. Aunt Dora Baggins 19 0 Mon, 9:24pm
           Collapse Somewhat belated update Eruvandi 7 1 12:04am
               Glad to hear it, Eruvandi! // Meneldor 5 0 12:26am
       Collapse I'd appreciate some best wishes if anyone's got some acheron 72 8 Jul 25, 5:37pm
           Oh dear! Eventides 46 0 Jul 25, 5:44pm
           you have mine Magpie 45 0 Jul 25, 5:49pm
           Best Wishes and Prayers! Alassëa Eruvande 48 0 Jul 25, 6:28pm
           Three year olds are amazing! Dame Ioreth 63 0 Jul 25, 10:39pm
           prayers for the best possible experience & outcome for you all // Annael 51 0 Sat, 2:08pm
           Oh acheron... I'm sorry... grammaboodawg 31 0 Mon, 12:03am
           Oh, dear. My thoughts will be with you. Aunt Dora Baggins 24 0 Mon, 9:26pm
           Oh, that's so hard Ethel Duath 25 0 Tue, 12:19am
       Collapse I've discovered my new favorite summer drink Magpie 60 1 Jul 25, 6:02pm
           Hey, Magpie! :) Eventides 46 0 Jul 25, 6:18pm
       *Sets out Self-Serve sign* Thanks for having me as a sub today, everyone, and I hope you all have great weekends! :) // Eventides 39 0 Jul 25, 7:03pm
       Happy Friday! Kim 43 0 Jul 25, 7:37pm
       Collapse We're off to the Great White North Dame Ioreth 64 1 Jul 25, 10:42pm
           Have fun! Kim 63 0 Jul 25, 11:07pm
       *swoops in* cats16 43 0 Sat, 4:16pm
       Be ready to Party on Tuesday! grammaboodawg 32 0 Sun, 11:48pm

  Collapse RA's new film: Into the Storm ShireHorse 237 21 Jul 25, 2:05pm Jump to last post in thread (by Kim)
       At least it's going to be in major theaters here Old Toby 126 0 Jul 25, 3:02pm
       Been waiting for this for ages Elarie 117 0 Jul 25, 4:34pm
       Collapse Yup, been waiting for this for 2 years! Kim 120 12 Jul 25, 5:56pm
           Collapse I get the feeling ShireHorse 124 11 Jul 25, 6:26pm
               Collapse Oh, I'm sure you're right Kim 115 6 Jul 25, 7:47pm
                   Collapse Here are a couple of decent photos at last! ShireHorse 119 5 Jul 25, 9:07pm
                       Yes, I just saw those! Kim 102 0 Jul 25, 9:10pm
                       Collapse Oh my gosh Elarie 103 2 Jul 25, 10:11pm
                           Collapse I finally get to use my free ticket... Queen of Erebor 105 1 Jul 25, 10:29pm
                               Well, I don't think he's exactly ShireHorse 101 0 Jul 25, 11:00pm
                       Awww, he's so cute! Old Toby 105 0 Jul 25, 10:46pm
               Collapse that Nerd HQ psyched me for opening day! Avandel 78 3 Sat, 9:14pm
                   Collapse It will be August 10th for me... Queen of Erebor 65 2 Sat, 10:03pm
                       Collapse suggest stash some cash for a BR!! Avandel 67 1 Sat, 10:29pm
                           Comment from The Mail on Sunday ShireHorse 41 0 Mon, 11:25am
       Collapse Featurette and B-rolls for Into the Storm Elarie 22 3 12:05am
           Collapse I can't find them Annael 18 2 1:13am
               Collapse I'm seeing them on the NEWS tab, under July 29, right at the top Elarie 14 1 2:16am
                   tip for linking to stories like this Magpie 9 0 3:54am
       Ugh silvereyed 19 0 1:32am
       First comments after LA screening Kim 4 0 5:37am

  Collapse Though in all lands love is now mingled with grief, it grows perhaps the greater. Arannir 146 4 Jul 25, 1:06pm Jump to last post in thread (by Ethel Duath)
       Tragedy and Srife Ham_Sammy 71 0 Jul 25, 6:43pm
       Thank you, Arannir. Meneldor 58 0 Jul 25, 9:05pm
       Thanks Arannir Glassary 48 0 Jul 26, 1:55am
       Thank you. Ethel Duath 49 0 Jul 26, 3:25am
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