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  Sticky: Thread Locked Welcome to Off Topic Altaira 24807 0 Dec 28 2006, 3:40am Jump to last post in thread (by Altaira)

  Collapse Sticky: Official Introduction & Welcome Thread Altaira 70193 490 Feb 17 2007, 8:45pm Jump to last post in thread (by Lothiriel)

  Sticky: Guys, PLEASE follow TORn's picture posting guidelines with regard to picture size Altaira 19300 0 Jun 28 2008, 7:31pm Jump to last post in thread (by Altaira)

  Sticky: How Best to Contact an Admin for Help Kyriel 20916 0 Mar 31 2009, 10:53pm Jump to last post in thread (by Kyriel)

  Dracula Untold - Luke Evans Eruonen 22 0 Tue, 11:03pm Jump to last post in thread (by Eruonen)

  Collapse It's the heat-of summer reading thread! Lily Fairbairn 109 14 Tue, 2:47pm Jump to last post in thread (by Eruonen)
       Collapse I'm catching up on William Monk Dame Ioreth 54 1 Tue, 3:14pm
           I read the first two or three Monk books zarabia 19 0 12:03am
       Collapse I seem to be in the middle of too many books Elarie 52 1 Tue, 4:23pm
           We are at polar opposites. Ataahua 47 0 Tue, 7:34pm
       Collapse Finally finished Tolkien's translation of Beowulf Riven Delve 55 1 Tue, 4:25pm
           Clues to Tolkien's sources Elarie 13 0 12:29am
       The Risen Empire Meneldor 43 0 Tue, 6:58pm
       I'm in the middle of Victorian biographies Elanor of Rohan 33 0 Tue, 8:46pm
       The Book of Life by Deborah Harkness Kim 31 0 Tue, 10:10pm
     Collapse I finished Storm of Swords! DaughterofLaketown 30 1 Tue, 10:43pm
           I'm in the middle of a Storm of Swords reread... *Light ASOS spoiler* Aragorn the Elfstone 9 0 2:38am
       Started The Long Earth by Terry Pratchett and Stephen Baxter zarabia 17 0 12:27am
       The Admiral's Daughter Meneldor 11 0 1:30am
       Master of the Jinn - a Sufi inspired short tale Eruonen 7 0 3:12am

  Collapse What movies, tv shows, or other visual media have you watched recently? Magpie 283 33 Mon, 3:06am Jump to last post in thread (by Kerewyn)
       Collapse Just watched The Million Dollar Arm yesterday Elarie 131 3 Mon, 12:44pm
           Collapse I'm hoping to catch this at my local second run theater this week Magpie 124 2 Mon, 2:08pm
               Collapse Also there was some Indian music in it that I just loved. Elarie 110 1 Mon, 4:15pm
                   wikipedia says: Magpie 113 0 Mon, 5:01pm
       Collapse The Road acheron 145 3 Mon, 1:45pm
           There are some movies... Magpie 132 0 Mon, 2:09pm
           I have vivid memories Starling 64 0 Tue, 8:03am
           The Road CuriousG 34 0 Tue, 5:02pm
       Collapse Endeavour: Neverland (spoilers as far as the eye can see) Lily Fairbairn 125 1 Mon, 2:20pm
           Endeavor Ardamírë 39 0 Tue, 3:05pm
       Pacific Rim, Thor 2, Rush, Identity Thief, and SirDennisC 135 0 Mon, 2:47pm
       Collapse Desolation of Smaug - first time Arwen's daughter 132 2 Mon, 4:37pm
           Collapse if you care Magpie 133 1 Mon, 5:05pm
               We do indeed share some kinship here Arwen's daughter 115 0 Mon, 7:08pm
       Collapse Now You See Me Kim 106 2 Mon, 7:19pm
           Collapse I heard that was good IdrilLalaith 71 1 Tue, 3:34am
               I'm kind of watching Attack on Titan Magpie 76 0 Tue, 3:40am
       Collapse Breaking Bad...Clone Wars Donry 96 5 Mon, 9:21pm
           Collapse Another cable killer CuriousG 46 4 Tue, 5:07pm
               Collapse We haven't had cable since the mid 80s Magpie 41 2 Tue, 6:23pm
                   Streaming all the way CuriousG 29 0 Tue, 7:15pm
                   Spoilers... Donry 21 0 Tue, 8:30pm
               The only thing I miss Donry 23 0 Tue, 8:25pm
       Collapse Just watching The Book Thief..... dormouse 101 1 Mon, 9:52pm
           I didn't read the book wonderinglinguist 22 0 Tue, 8:52pm
       The Rise of the Planet of the Apes Old Toby 76 0 Tue, 3:31am
       I took Captain America and DOS with me on my work trip Dame Ioreth 51 0 Tue, 1:53pm
       Collapse After coming to the party about 9 years late wonderinglinguist 46 2 Tue, 4:13pm
           Collapse Did you enjoy all seasons equally? CuriousG 33 1 Tue, 5:03pm
               For the most part wonderinglinguist 21 0 Tue, 8:45pm
       Downton season 4 premiere Ardamírë 35 0 Tue, 4:54pm
       Planes 2: Fire & Rescue Meneldor 36 0 Tue, 6:49pm
       Jersey Boys, Snow Piercer Kerewyn 1 0 1 min ago

  Collapse Sad news - actor James Garner has passed away Ataahua 108 7 Sun, 11:31pm Jump to last post in thread (by Old Toby)
       I grew up with him Magpie 71 0 Mon, 12:12am
       I've watched him all my life grammaboodawg 57 0 Mon, 1:57am
       One of my favorite roles Dame Ioreth 56 0 Mon, 2:04am
       My favorite Garner character Meneldor 55 0 Mon, 3:27am
       Farewell to a great Okie zarabia 49 0 Mon, 4:32am
       I was late... Donry 32 0 Mon, 9:22pm
       I never cared for the Rockford Files Old Toby 19 0 Tue, 3:40am

  Collapse 'Hobbit' actor Aidan Turner stops mugger at film festival News from Bree 106 4 Sun, 11:47am Jump to last post in thread (by Riven Delve)
       Good for him! Ataahua 70 0 Sun, 7:20pm
       Oh cripes... good for him! *applause* // grammaboodawg 43 0 Mon, 1:58am
       Well done, sir! // Meneldor 44 0 Mon, 3:30am
       Ha! A real-life Orc vanquished! // Riven Delve 28 0 Mon, 3:40pm

  Collapse what do you think of the new Exodus movie trailer? boldog 150 11 Sun, 10:11am Jump to last post in thread (by Old Toby)
       The shot... Arannir 100 0 Sun, 11:40am
       Looking forward to it Elarie 96 0 Sun, 1:42pm
       Collapse It does look interesting but then I like Ridley Scott glor 96 1 Sun, 6:53pm
           white casting Elarie 63 0 Mon, 12:56am
       on the "to see" list Glassary 69 0 Sun, 8:55pm
       Collapse It will be a big budget competitor for TBO5A. Eruonen 68 1 Sun, 10:43pm
           There were many ethnic groups in ancient Egypt and some Eruonen 66 0 Sun, 11:03pm
       Nope... smtfhw 43 0 Mon, 10:55am
       I'm not sure Ardamírë 43 0 Mon, 12:55pm
       (link provided to trailer) - looks beautiful Magpie 36 0 Mon, 2:16pm
       Having seen the trailer Old Toby 16 0 Tue, 3:38am

  Moved: Anyone going to Comic Con that might be able to grab an autograph for me? LordotRings93 - - Sat, 9:26pm Jump to last post in thread (by LordotRings93)

  Collapse 1841 Whaling Ship pics Meneldor 122 12 Sat, 8:51pm Jump to last post in thread (by CaptainMorgan)
       Collapse Aboard Meneldor 76 1 Sat, 8:58pm
           Aloft & Away Meneldor 73 0 Sat, 9:08pm
       Collapse Isn't she a beauty? More pics here: dernwyn 69 5 Sat, 11:11pm
           Collapse Too politically correct to be borne squire 71 4 Sun, 1:03am
               Collapse Not mocking... dernwyn 65 3 Sun, 2:02am
                   Collapse I talked to some of the crew Meneldor 58 2 Sun, 4:40am
                       Collapse Have you had the opportunity dernwyn 42 1 Sun, 4:25pm
                           Whale watching is breathtaking. Meneldor 29 0 Mon, 3:40am
       Great pics. Thanks for sharing! Aunt Dora Baggins 63 0 Sun, 1:47am
       Beautiful ship Elarie 46 0 Sun, 1:07pm
       Collapse Charles Morgan? AKA Darkstone? wow SirDennisC 55 1 Sun, 3:27pm
           Arrrrr!! / CaptainMorgan 19 0 Mon, 7:53pm

  Moved: San Diego Comic Con - Hobbit panel question (first time attendee) LPUAdit - - Sat, 8:18pm Jump to last post in thread (by LPUAdit)

  Collapse Sites with John Howe/Alan Lee MIddle-earth art? LordotRings93 64 4 Fri, 7:42pm Jump to last post in thread (by BlackFox)
       John Howe's website BlackFox 38 0 Fri, 7:47pm
       Collapse And Alan Lee's BlackFox 37 2 Fri, 7:50pm
           Collapse Thank you very much!! LordotRings93 28 1 Fri, 9:10pm
               I'm glad I could help! :) // BlackFox 25 0 Fri, 9:30pm

  Collapse *Throws Open Door* It's Fiesta Friday!!!! grammaboodawg 182 59 Fri, 4:02pm Jump to last post in thread (by grammaboodawg)
       Collapse Got the blender revved up, gramma? dernwyn 76 9 Fri, 4:17pm
           Collapse Hey dernwyn!! :D grammaboodawg 75 1 Fri, 4:21pm
               Will do! dernwyn 64 0 Fri, 4:33pm
           Collapse That sounds like a wonderful weekend Lily Fairbairn 70 1 Fri, 4:25pm
               This time of year dernwyn 65 0 Fri, 4:31pm
           Collapse Good weekend to be in Beantown. Meneldor 64 4 Fri, 8:15pm
               Collapse Ah! Did you get to tour her? dernwyn 49 3 Fri, 9:00pm
                   Collapse Of course I took the tour! Meneldor 44 2 Sat, 4:02am
                       I'm partial to the Constellation myself Dame Ioreth 34 0 Sat, 12:02pm
                       Did you see any photographers dernwyn 30 0 Sat, 2:45pm
       Collapse It's quiet in here today Lily Fairbairn 79 7 Fri, 4:22pm
           Collapse Your weather has been most unusual! dernwyn 70 3 Fri, 4:26pm
               Collapse Nope, not for us Lily Fairbairn 68 2 Fri, 4:29pm
                   Collapse A dove's nest? dernwyn 62 1 Fri, 4:36pm
                       Mourning doves here, too Lily Fairbairn 87 0 Fri, 4:52pm
           Collapse I'm so glad you're feeling better :) grammaboodawg 70 2 Fri, 4:26pm
               Collapse Thanks, gramma Lily Fairbairn 67 1 Fri, 4:31pm
                   Ouch! grammaboodawg 64 0 Fri, 4:32pm
       Collapse Hey, gramma! :) Eventides 72 4 Fri, 4:24pm
           Collapse Summertime, and the livin' is easy... dernwyn 65 1 Fri, 4:27pm
               Heh! Eventides 58 0 Fri, 4:38pm
           Collapse Hey Evey!!! :D grammaboodawg 65 1 Fri, 4:28pm
               Haha, thanks! :) Eventides 57 0 Fri, 4:39pm
       Collapse We're melting! DanielLB 77 9 Fri, 4:34pm
           That's melting temperature! dernwyn 58 0 Fri, 4:41pm
           Howdy DanielLB :D grammaboodawg 59 0 Fri, 4:44pm
           Collapse Melting temperatures Ardamírë 81 4 Fri, 5:43pm
               Collapse Air conditioning is a luxury! DanielLB 75 1 Fri, 6:26pm
                   It's 1.1 here right now... Starling 48 0 Fri, 8:48pm
               Collapse LOL Kim 67 1 Fri, 7:35pm
                   It's different with air-conditioning Ardamírë 55 0 Fri, 8:34pm
           Yikes Kim 64 0 Fri, 7:33pm
           Brilliant lightning map! Greenwood Hobbit 64 0 Fri, 8:15pm
       Collapse My son is turning 3 acheron 71 3 Fri, 4:35pm
           Collapse Oh, what fun! dernwyn 58 1 Fri, 4:43pm
               those are what family are getting him for birthday presents acheron 49 0 Fri, 8:58pm
           He's Three!! :D grammaboodawg 89 0 Fri, 4:48pm
       Collapse It's all over! Riven Delve 62 1 Fri, 4:46pm
           Wow! Busy summer! grammaboodawg 86 0 Fri, 4:51pm
       Collapse Things changed dramatically since last week's post Elberbeth 70 2 Fri, 4:48pm
           Oh No! grammaboodawg 85 0 Fri, 4:55pm
           Oh, no! dernwyn 42 0 Sat, 2:46am
       *HANGS OUT SELF-SERVE SIGN* Have a great weekend, everyone! // grammaboodawg 79 0 Fri, 5:01pm
       Collapse TGIF! Kim 69 1 Fri, 7:29pm
           Ah! A picnic! :D grammaboodawg 21 0 Sun, 12:14pm
       Collapse Happy Friday, everyone! Greenwood Hobbit 60 3 Fri, 8:25pm
           Collapse Viking longships are beautiful. Meneldor 58 1 Fri, 8:28pm
               Have added the link to my post! Greenwood Hobbit 54 0 Fri, 8:38pm
           *goosebumps* Oh... that's fantastic :D grammaboodawg 18 0 Sun, 12:18pm
       Collapse Those greedy starlings Starling 49 4 Fri, 8:59pm
           Collapse Did you get snow in the city? Or is it due today? Ataahua 43 2 Fri, 9:41pm
               Collapse No sun until Wednesday Starling 43 1 Fri, 9:59pm
                   There is so much more technical information Ataahua 42 0 Fri, 10:03pm
           Winter is tough on our feathered friends grammaboodawg 17 0 Sun, 12:28pm
       Collapse Hello gramma silneldor 49 4 Sat, 1:14am
           Hello Sil :) Starling 34 0 Sat, 1:43am
           Busy beavers! dernwyn 49 0 Sat, 2:44am
           Hi - so glad to hear Greenwood Hobbit 43 0 Sat, 7:50am
           Bitter sweet ... grammaboodawg 27 0 Sun, 12:33pm

  Collapse Sirocco - the movie! Starling 52 1 Fri, 5:30am Jump to last post in thread (by Ataahua)
       Aw, how cute. Ataahua 20 0 Fri, 9:43pm

  3 LOTR/Hobbit actors included... Donry 116 0 Jul 17, 9:27pm Jump to last post in thread (by Donry)

  Collapse What do we think of e-books? acheron 220 24 Jul 17, 1:06pm Jump to last post in thread (by Queen of Erebor)
       Collapse Still reading physical books Annael 127 2 Jul 17, 2:09pm
           I love your comment about books unlooked for Elberbeth 106 0 Jul 17, 4:45pm
           Two of my favourite words in the English language..... Aragorn's Sexy Scar 105 0 Jul 17, 6:28pm
       I have only used it for light reading....books that are Eruonen 115 0 Jul 17, 3:18pm
       There's nothing like a real book. Old Toby 115 0 Jul 17, 3:33pm
       Collapse I travel a lot.... smtfhw 116 1 Jul 17, 3:45pm
           That's me too. entmaiden 70 0 Jul 18, 12:52am
       I love the idea of the e-book... Otaku-sempai 108 0 Jul 17, 4:18pm
       I love my Kindle. Elizabeth 104 0 Jul 17, 6:01pm
       They are useful... Donry 90 0 Jul 17, 9:04pm
       well... Dame Ioreth 87 0 Jul 17, 9:15pm
       I find them irritating. DaughterofLaketown 84 0 Jul 17, 10:20pm
       Collapse I love both e-books and real books. Aunt Dora Baggins 76 1 Jul 17, 10:35pm
           I like both, too. sherlock 57 0 Fri, 6:49pm
       I love my Kindle Kim 73 0 Jul 17, 11:23pm
       I have both, but still prefer paper books Elarie 73 0 Jul 18, 12:12am
       Love it both ways. Glassary 69 0 Jul 18, 2:45am
       Love/Hate relationship Eruwestial37 64 0 Fri, 7:13am
       eeeeeeeee-books! grammaboodawg 54 0 Fri, 4:30pm
       I don't have an e-reader, or want one.... dormouse 51 0 Fri, 6:13pm
       I like bound books Magpie 65 0 Fri, 6:32pm
       Good...for a purpose Rembrethil 28 0 Sun, 1:57am
     Collapse Love my Kindle but some books demand a hardcopy Avandel 35 1 Sun, 2:23am
           I prefer the real deal... Queen of Erebor 19 0 Sun, 8:56pm

  Collapse Top 10 TV or Movie Fandoms Donry 168 9 Jul 16, 9:24pm Jump to last post in thread (by Nira)
       Wow, I fit into most of those Kim 101 0 Jul 16, 9:46pm
       Collapse Ringers Kilidoescartwheels 101 4 Jul 16, 10:13pm
           Collapse Thoriners Kim 95 2 Jul 16, 10:50pm
               Collapse Me too... Queen of Erebor 88 1 Jul 16, 11:06pm
                   Bomby hasn't owned a TV?... in 7 years Bombadil 77 0 Jul 17, 2:09am
           Weird IdrilLalaith 25 0 Sun, 9:34pm
       Collapse tumblr is a vast pit of fandom........... swordwhale 64 1 Jul 17, 10:47pm
           Hahaha! wonderinglinguist 48 0 Fri, 11:23pm
       That was fun to watch Nira 17 0 Mon, 6:46am
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