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  Sticky: Thread Locked Welcome to Off Topic Altaira 26163 0 Dec 28 2006, 3:40am Jump to last post in thread (by Altaira)

  Collapse Sticky: Official Introduction & Welcome Thread Altaira 74263 502 Feb 17 2007, 8:45pm Jump to last post in thread (by BlackFox)

  Sticky: Guys, PLEASE follow TORn's picture posting guidelines with regard to picture size Altaira 21605 0 Jun 28 2008, 7:31pm Jump to last post in thread (by Altaira)

  Sticky: How Best to Contact an Admin for Help Kyriel 23265 0 Mar 31 2009, 10:53pm Jump to last post in thread (by Kyriel)

  Collapse Feeling sorry for myself Jazmine 39 3 4:19am Jump to last post in thread (by Annael)
       What a horrid place for a bone break! dernwyn 24 0 4:38am
       Were you battling a giant pale orc at the time? Starling 24 0 4:43am
       this too shall pass Annael 17 0 5:43am

  Collapse A mathom on the occasion of a voyage from the Grey Havens to Tol Eressea Lissuin 73 3 Sat, 9:01pm Jump to last post in thread (by Ham_Sammy)
     Enjoy the new scenery Lissuin! // Brethil 27 0 Sun, 3:15am
       Yay! BlackFox 22 0 Sun, 10:41am
       Lissuin Congrats! Ham_Sammy 13 0 Sun, 5:38pm

  Collapse The Havens Bracegirdle 75 4 Sat, 4:37pm Jump to last post in thread (by Bracegirdle)
       Woot! BlackFox 41 0 Sat, 4:50pm
       Ahoy matey! Ruxendil_Thoorg 36 0 Sat, 5:25pm
       Collapse I just left Ham_Sammy 25 1 Sat, 10:37pm
           I know. And congratulations! Bracegirdle 17 0 Sun, 3:07am

  Great resource of video interviews of famous people...Stan Lee for example Eruonen 29 0 Sat, 1:51am Jump to last post in thread (by Eruonen)

  Collapse Welcome to a post Christmas Fiesta! Altaira 154 41 Fri, 5:08pm Jump to last post in thread (by Jazmine)
       Collapse A sparkling Pepsi for me, please.... diedye 86 5 Fri, 5:18pm
           Hi there, diedye! Altaira 69 0 Fri, 5:21pm
           It's good to see you around Magpie 71 0 Fri, 5:22pm
           Diedye! a.s. 52 0 Fri, 9:03pm
           Welcome! Darkstone 42 0 Fri, 10:53pm
           Diedye? dernwyn 36 0 Sat, 1:00pm
       Collapse perhaps apt for Dec 26, I'll queue up "St. Stephen's Day Murders" on the jukebox Magpie 74 5 Fri, 5:21pm
           Collapse Lol, Magpie! Altaira 67 2 Fri, 5:33pm
               Collapse birdie gifts Magpie 67 1 Fri, 5:38pm
                   Nice! Altaira 61 0 Fri, 5:51pm
           Collapse What? You didn't watch your new DVD? dernwyn 31 1 Sat, 1:03pm
               I haven't watched North and South Magpie 29 0 Sat, 2:09pm
       Collapse Hey, Altaira! BlackFox 75 4 Fri, 5:41pm
           Collapse Congratulations, BlackFox! Altaira 62 1 Fri, 5:46pm
               Thank you! BlackFox 60 0 Fri, 5:55pm
           Collapse Congratulations, first-cousin-once-removed! // dernwyn 29 1 Sat, 1:05pm
               Thank you, dernwyn! // BlackFox 27 0 Sat, 1:07pm
       Collapse times they are a-changing Escapist 65 1 Fri, 5:48pm
           Sounds like you're changing with them, Escapist Altaira 61 0 Fri, 5:56pm
       Collapse Happy Friday! Kim 56 1 Fri, 7:45pm
           Same to you, Kim! Altaira 40 0 Fri, 9:39pm
       Collapse Wow, only just realised its Friday! Jazmine 56 3 Fri, 8:59pm
           It doesn't seem like Friday, does it? Altaira 40 0 Fri, 9:41pm
           Collapse Did you take the pups with you dernwyn 26 1 Sat, 1:08pm
               We did take them with Jazmine 22 0 Sat, 6:24pm
       Collapse ENOUGH Christmas music for me! Fire up some a.s. 55 1 Fri, 9:02pm
           Cheers, a.s.! Altaira 42 0 Fri, 9:43pm
       Collapse Just found out Ataahua 55 1 Fri, 9:11pm
           Sorry to hear that, Ataahua Altaira 41 0 Fri, 9:46pm
       **Self-serve, but the holiday bar is open all weekend. Happy holidays, everyone! // Altaira 40 0 Fri, 9:47pm
       Collapse Oh right, it's Friday! cats16 42 5 Fri, 10:09pm
           Collapse I will believe Kim 54 1 Fri, 11:02pm
               Ha! Well... cats16 48 0 Fri, 11:51pm
           Collapse Happy early birthday! BlackFox 55 2 Fri, 11:12pm
               Collapse Thank you! cats16 48 1 Fri, 11:52pm
                   Thanks! BlackFox 36 0 Sat, 10:36am
       Collapse Still decorating the tree ElanorTX 43 1 Sat, 6:26am
           How did you ever dernwyn 27 0 Sat, 1:16pm
       Collapse *pokes through refrigerator for leftover eggnog* dernwyn 39 1 Sat, 12:52pm
           You...you mean you mix the two together? a.s. 32 0 Sat, 1:42pm
       Argh, it's the day after Christmas and I feel like I swallowed Bombur Elarie 28 0 Sat, 4:31pm

Collapse Christmas Carols, Hobbit-style: What's your ditty(s)? Lurker in the Mirk 281 67 Fri, 1:13am Jump to last post in thread (by Lurker in the Mirk)
       Carols galore (titles only) Lurker in the Mirk 171 0 Fri, 1:20am
       Collapse LOL! dernwyn 146 1 Fri, 4:28am
           Thanks for drawing this recluse out to Off-Topic, dernwyn Lurker in the Mirk 112 0 Fri, 1:21pm
       Collapse "O Arkenstone", performed by Thorin Oakenshield BlackFox 116 5 Fri, 2:06pm
           Collapse *Applause* *Standing Ovation* Lurker in the Mirk 106 3 Fri, 2:11pm
             Collapse *bows* BlackFox 113 2 Fri, 2:19pm
                   Collapse HEH Lurker in the Mirk 36 1 Sun, 7:07am
                     Hehe! BlackFox 33 0 Sun, 10:42am
           And a couple of more BlackFox 96 0 Fri, 4:46pm
       "Oh come all ye Faithful" --The Elendilies // Bracegirdle 97 0 Fri, 4:25pm
       Collapse The Little Drummer Orc Darkstone 107 8 Fri, 4:36pm
           Spookiest Christmas carol ever. / Ataahua 78 0 Fri, 8:48pm
           Eerily catchy... Rembrethil 65 0 Sat, 3:47am
         Collapse Oooh! "We are coming!" *Spine chills* / Bracegirdle 46 4 Sat, 6:21pm
               Collapse I'm dreaming Bracegirdle 45 3 Sat, 7:06pm
                   Collapse Aww! BlackFox 54 1 Sat, 7:12pm
                     Thanks BlackFox Bracegirdle 51 0 Sat, 9:38pm
                   Nice one, Bracegirdle! Lurker in the Mirk 35 0 Sun, 7:08am
           Very evocative ambience Lurker in the Mirk 37 0 Sun, 7:09am
       Collapse "Ding Dong Merrily on High" -The Bombadilos // Bracegirdle 93 2 Fri, 4:36pm
           Collapse Deck the Halls Bracegirdle 90 1 Fri, 5:28pm
               Hahaha... Lurker in the Mirk 36 0 Sun, 7:10am
       Collapse Ooh ooh, I've got some of these. Ruxendil_Thoorg 89 2 Fri, 7:57pm
         Collapse *applause* That song is just perfectly set up for epic accounts Lurker in the Mirk 39 1 Sun, 7:11am
               humble *bow* Ruxendil_Thoorg 16 0 Sun, 3:31pm
       Collapse Another one, it's short Ruxendil_Thoorg 93 10 Fri, 7:59pm
           Collapse What's the source for this carol? Lurker in the Mirk 38 9 Sun, 7:12am
               Collapse how about Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer? Bracegirdle 35 1 Sun, 2:30pm
                   Ah... ok Lurker in the Mirk 2 0 8:35am
               Collapse Rudolph, as Bracegirdle said above Ruxendil_Thoorg 22 6 Sun, 3:18pm
                   Collapse You're right on Rux - my bad Bracegirdle 19 4 Sun, 3:28pm
                       Collapse Thanks Bracegirdle :) Ruxendil_Thoorg 25 3 Sun, 3:39pm
                           Collapse Some Rudolph trivia. Bracegirdle 19 2 Sun, 6:13pm
                               Collapse Cool! Ruxendil_Thoorg 13 1 Sun, 7:49pm
                                   Is there life without Tolkien? Here’s another piece of wifely trivia Bracegirdle 12 0 Sun, 11:42pm
                   I went looking for the lyrics Lurker in the Mirk 1 0 8:36am
       Collapse I should probably mention this one too.... Ruxendil_Thoorg 86 3 Fri, 8:04pm
           Collapse Erm... sorry to ask again, source carol? Lurker in the Mirk 37 2 Sun, 7:13am
               Collapse 'Twas Ruxendil_Thoorg 17 1 Sun, 3:30pm
                   Thanks. I really should Lurker in the Mirk 1 0 8:37am
       Collapse And one more. Ruxendil_Thoorg 84 3 Fri, 8:09pm
           Collapse Another nice one Lurker in the Mirk 38 2 Sun, 7:16am
               Collapse Thank you Lurker :) Ruxendil_Thoorg 25 1 Sun, 4:03pm
                   *LoL* Lurker in the Mirk 1 0 8:37am
       Collapse O little Town of Hobbiton (Full song) Rembrethil 64 7 Sat, 2:48pm
         Collapse Is good Rem, very good! // Bracegirdle 51 1 Sat, 4:41pm
               Thanks. Rembrethil 50 0 Sat, 6:02pm
           Collapse Bravo! Ruxendil_Thoorg 53 1 Sat, 5:22pm
               Glad to hear it. Rembrethil 51 0 Sat, 6:04pm
           Collapse I feel like a carol deuce here Lurker in the Mirk 38 2 Sun, 7:17am
               Collapse O Little Town of Bethlehem// Ruxendil_Thoorg 22 1 Sun, 5:31pm
                   Thanks again for cluing the clueless in, R_T // Lurker in the Mirk 2 0 8:38am
       Collapse Some great stuff on here! Greenwood Hobbit 51 1 Sat, 10:18pm
         Just gives you the feels Lurker in the Mirk 37 0 Sun, 7:18am
       Collapse Orc carols... Morthoron 45 4 Sun, 1:03am
         Collapse *LoL* of course Orces have fesitvities too Lurker in the Mirk 35 2 Sun, 7:20am
               Collapse The last one isn't a carol.... Morthoron 24 1 Sun, 3:01pm
                   Thanks for the info, Morthoron Lurker in the Mirk 0 0 8:41am
         *Applause!* Ruxendil_Thoorg 23 0 Sun, 4:13pm
       Collapse So much talent! Thanks everyone. And *ahem* here's The Twelve Days of Gollum Lurker in the Mirk 38 2 Sun, 7:22am
         Collapse Hehe! Thanks Lurker! Ruxendil_Thoorg 26 1 Sun, 3:49pm
               Heheh... Lurker in the Mirk 0 0 8:41am
       Collapse another old one: All I Want For Christmas Is My One True Ring Lurker in the Mirk 43 4 Sun, 7:24am
         Collapse Well done, Lurker! BlackFox 37 1 Sun, 10:47am
               *ARGH* Lurker in the Mirk 3 0 8:42am
         Collapse hehehe! Ruxendil_Thoorg 24 1 Sun, 3:51pm
               *bows* Thanks! // Lurker in the Mirk 0 0 8:42am

  Collapse What movies, tv shows, or other visual media have you watched recently? Magpie 325 26 Thu, 4:21am Jump to last post in thread (by Queen of Erebor)
     Collapse Bomby hazz a Ritual for the Evening of the "Turning of the Tide" Bombadil 153 1 Thu, 6:26pm
         STOP! Wrong URL...OPPS...This is the YouTube Bombadil 143 0 Thu, 7:05pm
       BoFA and Silver Linings Playbook Mikah 136 0 Fri, 2:43am
       Collapse My list NecromancerRising 124 7 Fri, 5:55pm
           Collapse I have to agree with you on Into the Storm Magpie 117 1 Fri, 6:04pm
               It was really bad wasn't it? NecromancerRising 74 0 Sat, 4:49pm
           Collapse I think I'm the lone "into the Storm" fan Elarie 40 4 Sun, 6:09pm
               I don't fault the actors at all Magpie 34 0 Sun, 6:48pm
               Nope, you're not the only one! Kim 24 0 Sun, 8:32pm
               Collapse I liked "Into the Storm" as well Kilidoescartwheels 20 1 Sun, 9:49pm
                   I prefer Thorin as well... Queen of Erebor 22 0 Sun, 10:26pm
       an asst of 'sad endings' Magpie 118 0 Fri, 6:03pm
       Collapse Doctor Who Christmas special Kim 105 2 Fri, 11:50pm
           Yeah, the Christmas special didn't do anything for me either. / Ataahua 100 0 Sat, 12:06am
           I couldn't be bothered to watch it malickfan 77 0 Sat, 1:51pm
       Collapse Mr Turner: don't miss this one Starling 103 5 Sat, 4:49am
           Collapse if only it would open here ElanorTX 93 3 Sat, 7:12am
               Collapse Oh no :-( Starling 91 2 Sat, 7:34am
                   Collapse San Antonio, TX ElanorTX 88 1 Sat, 8:06am
                       If it makes you feel any better, Starling 91 0 Sat, 8:15am
           "Mr. Turner" is scheduled for February in our city (in the U.S) Elarie 33 0 Sun, 5:51pm
       Collapse Let me tell you which movie I want to see macfalk 87 1 Sat, 12:39pm
           fwiw: it's not 100% determined that N. Korea is actually involved in this Magpie 84 0 Sat, 1:50pm
       Downton Abbey season 5: Christmas Special macfalk 57 0 Sat, 9:56pm
       Collapse The Imitation Game Old Toby 51 1 Sun, 7:05am
           Just got home from seeing "The Imitation Game" Kilidoescartwheels 22 0 Sun, 9:56pm

  I am not an author but here is some great inside info to know Eruonen 77 0 Wed, 8:58pm Jump to last post in thread (by Eruonen)

  Collapse Merry Christmas! Ataahua 246 45 Wed, 6:16pm Jump to last post in thread (by Kim)
       Collapse Merry Christmas to you too! Starling 141 3 Wed, 6:35pm
           Collapse I like the sound of your lunch. :) Ataahua 125 2 Wed, 7:04pm
               Collapse The lunch started at 4 and went until 11 Starling 23 1 Sat, 4:51am
                   Whoa Kim 17 0 Sat, 8:01pm
       Collapse Merry Christmas! BlackFox 141 13 Wed, 6:42pm
           Collapse Oh my gosh! Ataahua 126 2 Wed, 7:06pm
               Collapse "No need to worry about what to get grandmother for Christmas this year" BlackFox 122 1 Wed, 7:25pm
                   That's excellent! :D / Ataahua 110 0 Wed, 7:34pm
           Collapse It's a boy! BlackFox 87 5 Thu, 12:13pm
               Collapse Yay! Congrats to the family! :) / Ataahua 69 4 Thu, 8:31pm
                   Collapse Thank you! BlackFox 68 3 Thu, 9:09pm
                       Collapse Chris, maybe? :P / Ataahua 58 2 Thu, 11:23pm
                           Hehe! BlackFox 41 0 Fri, 10:15am
                           They went with... BlackFox 40 0 Fri, 2:34pm
           Collapse That's pretty exciting! Aunt Dora Baggins 76 3 Thu, 1:57pm
               Collapse Oh yes! BlackFox 83 2 Thu, 4:19pm
                   Collapse Oh, my! Aunt Dora Baggins 56 1 Fri, 1:15am
                       Fortunately, yes BlackFox 45 0 Fri, 10:18am
       Collapse Merry Christmas to all! Kim 131 1 Wed, 6:44pm
           Merry Christmas Kim! / Ataahua 114 0 Wed, 7:07pm
       Collapse Merry Christmas! Jazmine 135 4 Wed, 6:48pm
           Collapse I take it your niece is out of hospital now? Ataahua 123 3 Wed, 7:08pm
               Yes, out of hospital thankfully Jazmine 116 0 Wed, 7:56pm
               Collapse It is Balin's Mace Jazmine 80 1 Thu, 5:39pm
                   Excellent! :D / Ataahua 70 0 Thu, 8:33pm
       Collapse Merry Christmas to you and yours as well! a.s. 124 1 Wed, 7:20pm
           Stay dry, a.s.! :) / Ataahua 110 0 Wed, 7:35pm
       Merry Christmas! // Eledhwen 108 0 Wed, 8:14pm
       Merry Christmas Ethel Duath 106 0 Wed, 11:17pm
       Collapse Merry/Happy Christmas!... diedye 110 1 Thu, 12:37am
           Merry Christmas diedye! Ataahua 100 0 Thu, 2:37am
       Collapse A very Merry Christmas everyone :-) DanielLB 100 2 Thu, 5:05am
           Merry First Christmas to DanielLB, Jr.! Lissuin 89 0 Thu, 7:04am
           You never wake up babies! sherlock 79 0 Thu, 1:52pm
       Merry Christmas and to all a good night SirDennisC 103 0 Thu, 5:36am
       Merry Christmas, from beginning to end in New Zealand. Lissuin 92 0 Thu, 6:38am
       Merry Christmas! sherlock 90 0 Thu, 1:59pm
       Merry Christmas to you all! Aunt Dora Baggins 93 0 Thu, 2:08pm
       Merry Christmas... Otaku-sempai 86 0 Thu, 3:14pm
       Collapse Christmas Day drawing to a close here... Greenwood Hobbit 62 1 Thu, 11:00pm
           The ISS is powered by flying reindeer! I knew it! Lissuin 56 0 Thu, 11:51pm
       Happy Christmas Day Magpie 60 0 Thu, 11:36pm
       Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to everyone! Dame Ioreth 52 0 Fri, 12:47am
       Merry Christmas, all! Altaira 32 0 Fri, 5:13pm
       A (belated) Merry Christmas to all. cats16 30 0 Fri, 10:24pm

Collapse Merry Christmas,dear Ringers NoelGallagher 302 17 Wed, 4:02pm Jump to last post in thread (by the 13th warrior)
       Collapse Gonna see the movie a 10th time tomorrow mirkwoodwanderer 174 3 Wed, 4:05pm
           Collapse Cor blimey! Glorfindela 160 2 Wed, 4:49pm
               closed.. in London ? mirkwoodwanderer 132 0 Wed, 5:32pm
               It made me wonder mirkwoodwanderer 124 0 Wed, 5:37pm
       Merry Christmas! CathrineB 137 0 Wed, 4:57pm
       Wishing everyone a very hobbity Christmas! BlackFox 115 0 Wed, 6:05pm
       And to you . . . MomoftheShire 105 0 Wed, 6:08pm
       Merry Christmas to everyone NecromancerRising 71 0 Wed, 8:58pm
       Merry Christmas everyone! Thrain II 67 0 Wed, 9:11pm
       Our newest theater never closes... Queen of Erebor 71 0 Wed, 9:14pm
       Collapse Right back at you. Farficom 60 1 Thu, 1:33am
           Good that now you're better...// mae govannen 42 0 Thu, 9:03am
     Merry Christmas to all, Joyeux Noel... mae govannen 43 0 Thu, 9:00am
       Collapse Merry Christmas! Belegdir 37 2 Thu, 2:20pm
           Collapse Goldberry was Jus' Spotted Flying over the Sundering Seas..! Bombadil 39 1 Thu, 6:42pm
               hah... delius82 33 0 Fri, 1:05am
       "Yuletide was merry in the House of Elrond...." the 13th warrior 14 0 Sun, 10:36am

  Collapse Check out these fantastic Tolkien-themed cat scratching post and litter box (It's cooler than it sounds) zarabia 100 4 Dec 24, 1:12am Jump to last post in thread (by Lurker in the Mirk)
       Beautiful workmanship and detail though The Grey Elf 40 0 Wed, 3:16pm
       Fun ! - but Avandel 32 0 Wed, 8:44pm
       Yeah, Grey Elf and Avandel, I think... zarabia 22 0 Thu, 2:52am
       Nice! Lurker in the Mirk 13 0 Fri, 1:23pm

  Collapse Other books to films wished for to fill the ME void: Eruonen 211 21 Dec 23, 4:26pm Jump to last post in thread (by Meneldor)
       Collapse My wish is that SOMEONE finally makes a "Wizard of Earthsea" movie that does justice to the book Annael 119 1 Dec 23, 5:52pm
           Yes. Darkstone 20 0 Fri, 6:58pm
       Collapse I'm game... Otaku-sempai 107 1 Dec 23, 8:15pm
           Some of the books we have listed have had movie options but Eruonen 102 0 Dec 23, 8:22pm
       Collapse Firstly... Belegdir 98 5 Dec 23, 8:55pm
           Collapse Ooh yes! Curse of Chalion! Dame Ioreth 91 2 Dec 23, 9:09pm
               Collapse third vote for Curse of Chalion Annael 67 1 Dec 24, 1:00am
                   I have been looking for my latest fantasy fiction book to read... Mikah 31 0 Fri, 2:58am
           Bernard Cornwell's The Saxon Tales would be good but is Eruonen 86 0 Dec 23, 9:26pm
           Parenthetically... Otaku-sempai 33 0 Thu, 1:58pm
       Collapse Not fantasy but Sci-Fi malickfan 94 2 Dec 23, 9:38pm
           I have not read much sci fi lately but I agree, other works besides Eruonen 84 0 Dec 23, 9:51pm
           I've thought about the Hyperion books as movies Annael 50 0 Wed, 3:09pm
       Collapse Pyrates Dame Ioreth 69 3 Dec 24, 1:15am
           A very good rum too! Eruonen 65 0 Dec 24, 1:24am
           Collapse I would too. squire 61 1 Dec 24, 3:20am
               I found one article about that movie. Dame Ioreth 63 0 Dec 24, 3:29am
       Collapse I'd like to see "The Dark is Rising" done right. Aunt Dora Baggins 63 1 Dec 24, 5:21am
         The "Gormenghast" trilogy by Mervyn Peake...// Bombadil 34 0 Thu, 6:33pm
       Collapse Well.. Darkstone 25 1 Fri, 6:57pm
           I haven't read Paksenarrion in ages. Meneldor 18 0 Sat, 4:31am

  Moved: Help us Thank the entire cast & crew of 'All Six Middle-earth Films' News from Bree - - Dec 23, 4:22pm Jump to last post in thread (by News from Bree)

  Collapse It's the Christmas greetings reading thread! Lily Fairbairn 92 6 Dec 23, 2:20pm Jump to last post in thread (by ElanorTX)
       What a lovely Christmas blessing. :) Ataahua 45 0 Dec 23, 6:14pm
       Collapse Excellent! Greenwood Hobbit 44 1 Dec 23, 6:50pm
           Whether seasonal or not, I also love the Brother Cadfael series // ElanorTX 15 0 Sat, 7:26am
       Collapse Rereading The Hobbit (with a question/observation on The Red Book) Aragorn the Elfstone 40 2 Thu, 5:56am
           Collapse NOT! bomby is RANKED Right UP there AZZZ the Most? Bombadil 30 1 Thu, 6:09pm
               Oops! Sorry Bomby... Aragorn the Elfstone 27 0 Thu, 7:40pm

  Collapse Having a Middle-Earth themed... Curunir The White 77 1 Dec 22, 10:43pm Jump to last post in thread (by zarabia)
       Sounds fun! Have a great time :) // zarabia 15 0 Thu, 2:56am
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