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  Sticky: Thread Locked Welcome to Off Topic Altaira 27047 0 Dec 28 2006, 3:40am Jump to last post in thread (by Altaira)

  Collapse Sticky: Official Introduction & Welcome Thread Altaira 77087 542 Feb 17 2007, 8:45pm Jump to last post in thread (by Fimbulfambi)

  Sticky: Guys, PLEASE follow TORn's picture posting guidelines with regard to picture size Altaira 22470 0 Jun 28 2008, 7:31pm Jump to last post in thread (by Altaira)

  Sticky: How Best to Contact an Admin for Help Kyriel 24218 0 Mar 31 2009, 10:53pm Jump to last post in thread (by Kyriel)

  Collapse What have you been reading this week? Aunt Dora Baggins 63 4 Tue, 12:21pm Jump to last post in thread (by Old Toby)
       Collapse I've started Hilaire Belloc's "The Path to Rome" Gianna 41 1 Tue, 5:23pm
           Wow, thanks! Aunt Dora Baggins 40 0 Tue, 5:36pm
       Moonblood by Anne Elisabeth Stengl (I'm not crying...Yes I am.) Eruvandi 25 0 Tue, 8:37pm
       You Can Date Boys When You're Forty, and The Praise Singer Old Toby 7 0 Tue, 10:53pm

  Collapse Suburbs returning to nature Starling 107 8 Tue, 7:08am Jump to last post in thread (by Ataahua)
       Sad but fascinating. Elizabeth 82 0 Tue, 8:30am
       Collapse red zone? MistyMountain 57 1 Tue, 2:20pm
           The land was mapped into different coloured zones Starling 44 0 Tue, 5:16pm
       Collapse What's up with the "surviving" houses? Elizabeth 36 2 Tue, 6:36pm
           Collapse Some were uninsured, Starling 33 1 Tue, 6:53pm
               What is the eventual intent, Starling? Any ideas? Brethil 31 0 Tue, 7:04pm
       Collapse Shakin' it squire 26 1 Tue, 7:12pm
           Fascinating article. Ataahua 14 0 Tue, 8:40pm

  Collapse The 50 US States represented via Lego Kim 99 13 Tue, 4:24am Jump to last post in thread (by Eowyn of Penns Woods)
       Very entertaining, I must say! Old Toby 69 0 Tue, 5:05am
       Ohio was perfect Elarie 52 0 Tue, 12:57pm
       Collapse NY MistyMountain 48 2 Tue, 2:29pm
           Collapse Yeah, I was wondering about that one too Kim 36 1 Tue, 4:36pm
               I think it supposed to be whimsical. Dame Ioreth 33 0 Tue, 5:04pm
       Collapse I've lived in Illinois for 20 years entmaiden 47 3 Tue, 2:53pm
           Collapse Hmmm Kim 36 2 Tue, 4:40pm
               Collapse I think that might be it too. Dame Ioreth 35 1 Tue, 5:19pm
                   The Temperance league was founded in Evanston entmaiden 26 0 Tue, 7:33pm
       Collapse Colorado is pretty much spot on. RosieLass 38 1 Tue, 5:13pm
           I've done cross-country but not downhill. Aunt Dora Baggins 20 0 Tue, 8:36pm
       Got a giggle from all the states I haved lived in. Dame Ioreth 34 0 Tue, 5:22pm
       I'd say it's a better representation of this particular Pennsylvanian than of her State. ;) // Eowyn of Penns Woods 14 0 Tue, 9:09pm

  Collapse The Kalevala, Finnish mythology, and Tolkien references (Part 2) Ilmatar 38 2 Mon, 8:49pm Jump to last post in thread (by Brethil)
       Collapse Väinämöinen vs. Joukahainen: the Magical Battle of the Bards - War of Wizard Sayings Ilmatar 33 1 Mon, 9:43pm
           The power of song Brethil 20 0 Tue, 3:48am

  Moved: Think we'll ever see some merchandise for Bolg? KrakenGuard - - Mon, 12:39am Jump to last post in thread (by KrakenGuard)

  Collapse for dormouse MistyMountain 212 10 Sun, 8:55pm Jump to last post in thread (by Annael)
       Collapse Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaah....... love it! dormouse 166 1 Sun, 10:25pm
         *listens intently* BlackFox 112 0 Mon, 8:29am
       Collapse Oh my gosh, the snoring! Riven Delve 161 1 Sun, 10:39pm
         How CAN a Mouse get.." Sleep APNEA..."? /// Bombadil 135 0 Mon, 1:22am
       Aww! BlackFox 111 0 Mon, 8:26am
       Collapse and one for swordwhale Annael 85 4 Mon, 2:23pm
         Haha! BlackFox 63 0 Mon, 7:43pm
           Collapse I'm I the only one who felt bad for the dog? // The Grey Elf 28 2 Tue, 2:03pm
               Collapse No, you're not.... dormouse 22 1 Tue, 4:04pm
                   it sounded fake to me Annael 12 0 Tue, 8:34pm

  Collapse What movies, tv shows, or other visual media have you watched recently? Magpie 483 30 Sat, 11:30pm Jump to last post in thread (by BlackFox)
       well I WOULD be watching Outlander tonight Annael 344 0 Sun, 1:07am
       On Friday night, last episode of BBC's 'Musketeers'. Greenwood Hobbit 304 0 Sun, 12:55pm
       Collapse Vikings MistyMountain 295 1 Sun, 3:51pm
           Wait till you get to this week's episode. Kelly of Water's Edge 238 0 Sun, 11:33pm
       Hackers (1995) Dame Ioreth 288 0 Sun, 4:06pm
       Collapse Recorded, but not yet watched Elberbeth 284 3 Sun, 5:34pm
           Collapse Are they showing new episodes? Magpie 270 2 Sun, 6:27pm
               Watched Rodrigo Y Gabriela on PBS last night... Morthoron 256 0 Sun, 7:44pm
               I had only seen the first season, Elberbeth 26 0 Tue, 5:18pm
       Collapse Bakshi FilmFest: Heavy Traffic, American Pop, LOTR and Wizards sevilodorf 277 2 Sun, 5:40pm
           Collapse Definitely go see Cliff's interview in the TORn live section. sevilodorf 275 1 Sun, 6:15pm
               Probably best that I avoid it then... Aragorn the Elfstone 237 0 Mon, 12:07am
       Grantchester Kelly of Water's Edge 231 0 Mon, 12:01am
       Collapse Call the Midwife and Father Brown and Last of the Mohicans Dame Ioreth 226 1 Mon, 1:59am
           I KNEW Father Brown looked familiar! Riven Delve 67 0 Mon, 11:33pm
       Hannibal season 2 Kim 211 0 Mon, 3:23am
       Collapse The Man Who Would Be King Meneldor 173 1 Mon, 1:33pm
           Glad you enjoyed it! // Lily Fairbairn 162 0 Mon, 2:00pm
       Collapse Into the Woods NottaSackville 163 5 Mon, 3:25pm
           Collapse It sounds like they missed the point. Kelly of Water's Edge 139 4 Mon, 8:06pm
               Collapse This is going to show my cultural ignorance here, but NottaSackville 130 3 Mon, 8:54pm
                   Heh. Kelly of Water's Edge 104 0 Mon, 11:32pm
                   Collapse It's an adaptation of a Sondheim musical. Silverlode 71 1 Mon, 11:32pm
                       That's a fair description NottaSackville 39 0 Tue, 12:02pm
       Maleficent Loresilme 147 0 Mon, 6:34pm
       Collapse Birdman, Dracula Untold Aunt Dora Baggins 119 1 Mon, 9:53pm
           Speaking of vampire movies... Ataahua 101 0 Mon, 11:30pm
       just fyi for Netflix folks: the second season of The Almighty Johnsons has shown up on streaming Magpie 99 0 Mon, 11:29pm
       Unbroken Old Toby 53 0 Tue, 5:21am
       Home and The Gunman BlackFox 26 0 Tue, 5:48pm

  Collapse Looking for BluRay Player Recommendations for "The Hobbit" and LotR Barrel Rider 361 12 Sat, 3:21pm Jump to last post in thread (by priell3)
       Well, there are plenty or reviews Eruonen 306 0 Sat, 3:48pm
       Collapse Any cheap brand player for around $100 will do Estel78 301 1 Sat, 3:54pm
           For those who can afford the OppO Kristin Thompson 290 0 Sat, 4:21pm
       Suggest mid-range Samsung Avandel 263 0 Sat, 5:17pm
       Cheap will be fine... QuackingTroll 259 0 Sat, 5:18pm
       TV balbo biggins 246 0 Sat, 6:21pm
       Collapse There's a Panasonic 3D Blu-ray player that I'm thinking of getting... Queen of Erebor 208 1 Sat, 11:04pm
           If you don't have HDTV, skip Blu-Ray. Elizabeth 190 0 Sun, 2:09am
       I got a good Sony last year for <$100. Elizabeth 190 0 Sun, 1:59am
       Collapse Blurays Goldeneye 35 2 Tue, 1:14pm
           Collapse Just Ordered a BluRay Player Barrel Rider 31 1 Tue, 1:31pm
               My player is from Amazon priell3 21 0 Tue, 5:27pm

  Collapse HFR, 48fps YouTube film, for Disney Research AshNazg 75 2 Sat, 3:37am Jump to last post in thread (by AshNazg)
       Collapse What lip sync issue is that?// Aragorn the Elfstone 52 1 Sat, 5:02am
           48fps has a small issue with lip-syncing... AshNazg 40 0 Sat, 1:46pm

  Collapse A Tornibirthdaversary Mathom Arandiel 192 15 Fri, 6:08pm Jump to last post in thread (by grammaboodawg)
       Collapse Very well thought out post Brethil 145 2 Fri, 7:18pm
           Collapse Thanks, Brethil! Arandiel 80 1 Sat, 6:42pm
             I like this. // Brethil 57 0 Sun, 12:51am
       Collapse Many happy return of your Tornibirday...er, Tornbirthaday...er, this day! dernwyn 136 1 Fri, 9:55pm
           I just had to go and make up a new word... Arandiel 80 0 Sat, 6:47pm
       Collapse Happy TORnibirthdaversary! BlackFox 129 2 Fri, 10:28pm
           Collapse Thanks, BlackFox! Arandiel 79 1 Sat, 6:51pm
               Aww, thank you! BlackFox 63 0 Sat, 9:49pm
       Collapse Mods way, way up! And congratulaitons! Ethel Duath 128 1 Fri, 10:59pm
           Thanks, Ethel Duath!// Arandiel 78 0 Sat, 7:00pm
       Collapse Very thought-provoking. Thanks! Aunt Dora Baggins 122 1 Sat, 5:09am
           Thanks, Aunt Dora!// Arandiel 79 0 Sat, 6:43pm
       Happy anniversaries to you! May the Tornroad continue on and on... Ciars 80 0 Sat, 6:59pm
       Great thoughts SirDennisC 76 0 Sat, 9:34pm
       *mods up* Happy TORnibirthdaversary Arandiel!!! grammaboodawg 47 0 Sun, 1:56pm

  Collapse *Throws Open Door* It's Fiesta Friday!!! grammaboodawg 269 82 Fri, 4:00pm Jump to last post in thread (by Kim)
       Collapse Greetings, gramma! dernwyn 184 10 Fri, 4:06pm
           Collapse Sssssssnow? grammaboodawg 180 3 Fri, 4:10pm
               Collapse Yup possibility of snow down here in Maryland too Dame Ioreth 176 1 Fri, 4:29pm
                   LOL! dernwyn 160 0 Fri, 4:43pm
               *catches blanket* dernwyn 163 0 Fri, 4:42pm
           Collapse Yes. I am despairing of having spring or summer. Brethil 174 2 Fri, 4:31pm
               Collapse The poor berries! dernwyn 155 1 Fri, 4:56pm
                   I know! The sap must be sloooooow Brethil 151 0 Fri, 5:05pm
           Collapse As awful as this is going to sound, Arandiel 180 2 Fri, 6:16pm
               Collapse So often I've wished dernwyn 167 1 Fri, 9:46pm
                   Exactly! If only... // Arandiel 125 0 Sat, 7:03pm
       Collapse Hi, Gramma! Elberbeth 178 2 Fri, 4:30pm
           Fantastic! grammaboodawg 174 0 Fri, 4:33pm
           A motorhome! dernwyn 152 0 Fri, 5:02pm
       Collapse Think Spring, indeed, LOL. :D Eventides 174 4 Fri, 4:34pm
           Collapse Hey... We're dreamers :) grammaboodawg 168 1 Fri, 4:39pm
               Heh. :) Thanks! :) // Eventides 159 0 Fri, 4:42pm
           Collapse *sigh* dernwyn 150 1 Fri, 5:03pm
               I know! My winter coat is still out (and in use!), LOL... Eventides 174 0 Fri, 6:11pm
       Collapse We are starting our Spring Clean up Dame Ioreth 178 3 Fri, 4:36pm
           You need to be armed! grammaboodawg 167 0 Fri, 4:41pm
           Oh yeah! dernwyn 149 0 Fri, 5:07pm
           You too, huh? Arandiel 177 0 Fri, 6:20pm
       Collapse **HANGS OUT SELF-SERVE SIGN** Have a wonderful weekend, everyone :) // grammaboodawg 152 1 Fri, 4:58pm
         Thanks for hosting Gramma! Enjoy your weekend. // Brethil 152 0 Fri, 5:00pm
       Collapse Hey, everyone! BlackFox 161 7 Fri, 4:59pm
           Collapse Aw... Riven Delve 177 4 Fri, 7:15pm
               Collapse It is nice to be able to share the magic with someone close to you BlackFox 164 3 Fri, 10:19pm
                   Collapse Yep, my daughter Riven Delve 160 2 Fri, 10:37pm
                       Collapse Hehe! BlackFox 155 1 Fri, 10:48pm
                           I tried to get my mum interested.... dormouse 151 0 Fri, 11:41pm
           Collapse Great Plan! grammaboodawg 68 1 Sun, 2:52pm
               We did BlackFox 63 0 Sun, 3:27pm
       Collapse *zooms in quickly* Kim 162 9 Fri, 5:04pm
         Enjoy, Kim!!!!!! // Brethil 148 0 Fri, 5:05pm
           I remember your report from last year BlackFox 146 0 Fri, 5:12pm
           Collapse If you see Nathan FIllion Dame Ioreth 192 3 Fri, 5:17pm
               Collapse No Nathan unfortunately Kim 132 2 Sat, 3:30am
                   Collapse Read your post then saw this from my daughter on tumblr Dame Ioreth 46 1 Sun, 4:50pm
                       Here's a little something for the Browncoats Kim 30 0 Mon, 2:50am
           Collapse have fun! I went last year Annael 134 1 Sat, 3:39pm
               Yeah, it's a zoo Kim 118 0 Sat, 9:15pm
           Woohoo! grammaboodawg 68 0 Sun, 2:54pm
       Collapse Spring Really is Here smtfhw 185 2 Fri, 5:28pm
           Collapse Fantastic! grammaboodawg 66 1 Sun, 3:07pm
               Oooh... smtfhw 41 0 Sun, 5:47pm
       Collapse Who needs spring when it's still ICE HOCKEY season! Riven Delve 180 1 Fri, 6:21pm
           Don't forget the octopus! grammaboodawg 67 0 Sun, 3:12pm
       Collapse This is the End... Arandiel 183 1 Fri, 6:31pm
           The cookies are gone? grammaboodawg 66 0 Sun, 3:19pm
       Collapse Can you feel the tension from New Zealand? Ataahua 185 15 Fri, 9:18pm
           Collapse I understand the South Africa match was exciting entmaiden 160 9 Fri, 10:35pm
               Collapse I admit that I lost faith during that match Ataahua 158 8 Fri, 10:41pm
                   Collapse I like the last one entmaiden 145 7 Sat, 12:35am
                       Collapse All you need to understand Starling 142 5 Sat, 1:42am
                           Collapse Cricket comprehension will remain wrapped in an impenetrable fog, but here's some moral support. Brethil 140 4 Sat, 1:56am
                               Collapse All support appreciated, Starling 93 3 Sat, 4:57am
                                   *snirt* // Eowyn of Penns Woods 161 0 Sat, 8:26am
                                 Collapse I just can't help myself. I'm compelled to use inter-continental questionable language. // Brethil 98 1 Sun, 12:47am
                                       Always happy Starling 96 0 Sun, 2:09am
                       I was 18 before the strategies of cricket made sense to me. Ataahua 103 0 Sat, 4:05am
           Collapse We're getting very excited in our household! Altaira 116 3 Sat, 11:44pm
               Collapse At this rate, it won't be a late game. :/ / Ataahua 89 2 Sun, 4:33am
                   Collapse Well, congrats Australia. Ataahua 77 1 Sun, 10:05am
                       Yes, it's been wonderful Altaira 72 0 Sun, 2:13pm
           Oh... so close grammaboodawg 65 0 Sun, 3:24pm
       Collapse Been sewing today, to the soundtrack of 'Pirates of the Caribbean' - Greenwood Hobbit 163 2 Fri, 10:36pm
         Excellent soundtrack choice, GH! I was playing it myself in the car today! // Brethil 144 0 Sat, 12:34am
           What a great gift! grammaboodawg 46 0 Sun, 3:28pm
       Collapse We do have spring - almost.... dormouse 151 1 Fri, 11:44pm
           Finally playing outside? grammaboodawg 45 0 Sun, 3:32pm
       Collapse My turn for a late zoom-by... Meneldor 166 8 Sat, 12:24pm
           Oh gosh! BlackFox 149 0 Sat, 1:34pm
           Collapse Thank God indeed! Riven Delve 146 1 Sat, 2:42pm
               Amen to that! dernwyn 136 0 Sat, 3:48pm
           ooh, my sympathies Annael 137 0 Sat, 3:41pm
           Oh no! Kim 120 0 Sat, 9:22pm
           Oh no. Best wishes to them AND you. Its a lot to cope with. // Brethil 92 0 Sun, 2:23am
           Collapse Oh my... I'm so sorry... grammaboodawg 45 1 Sun, 3:34pm
               Thanks for all the positive thoughts and prayers, TORnsibs. Meneldor 33 0 Mon, 12:33am
       Collapse It's Spring here Annael 136 1 Sat, 3:42pm
           I was watching that on the news. grammaboodawg 47 0 Sun, 3:37pm

  Collapse Remember "the Dress"... more optical illusions to give you a headache Magpie 126 2 Fri, 1:43am Jump to last post in thread (by Magpie)
     Collapse Oh boy. Brethil 104 1 Fri, 2:25am
           I have trouble with videos at that site sometimes... here's another link Magpie 86 0 Fri, 4:19am

  Collapse Camelot photos...interesting seeing T.H. White sitting in with the cast. Eruonen 169 10 Mar 26, 10:21pm Jump to last post in thread (by dormouse)
       Collapse I saw this on tour with Richard Burton in 1980 Dame Ioreth 145 9 Mar 26, 11:35pm
           You have seen some of the best productions then! Eruonen 144 0 Mar 26, 11:37pm
         What an experience! // Brethil 132 0 Mar 26, 11:46pm
           Collapse I was taken to see Camelot on stage in London... dormouse 134 6 Mar 26, 11:59pm
               Collapse I remember listening to the album of the musical at home Dame Ioreth 101 5 Fri, 4:46pm
                   Collapse I, um, still have it on...*low whisper* cassette tape. // Eowyn of Penns Woods 98 4 Fri, 4:49pm
                       Collapse psst.... so do I. On an (sssh) LP..... *tiptoes away* // dormouse 89 3 Fri, 11:21pm
                           Collapse psst...and I also, on (whispers) LP... dernwyn 86 2 Sat, 1:30am
                               What do the simple folk do? Dame Ioreth 84 0 Sat, 2:06am
                               "Those seven deadly virtues were made for other chaps...." dormouse 61 0 Sat, 10:48am

  Collapse Downton Abbey *spoilers about what's to come* Ciars 127 3 Mar 26, 6:27pm Jump to last post in thread (by dormouse)
       Collapse I've added a spoilers tag Ataahua 101 1 Mar 26, 6:45pm
           Thanks! Ciars 94 0 Mar 26, 6:52pm
       Apparently *this is a spoiler* dormouse 89 0 Mar 26, 7:32pm

Collapse OkLahoma TORnsibs check in - tornados reported last night Dame Ioreth 162 6 Mar 26, 12:09pm Jump to last post in thread (by Dame Ioreth)
       I hope everyone's all right BlackFox 139 0 Mar 26, 12:34pm
       Collapse Thanks, DI zarabia 135 4 Mar 26, 2:09pm
           Glad you are OK, Zarabia Brethil 117 0 Mar 26, 3:06pm
           I lived in O.K. for 4 years Ethel Duath 97 0 Mar 26, 8:09pm
           So far, so good grammaboodawg 64 0 Fri, 4:08pm
           Glad you're OK (no pun intended) Dame Ioreth 61 0 Fri, 5:20pm
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