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  Sticky: Thread Locked Welcome to Off Topic Altaira 25310 0 Dec 28 2006, 3:40am Jump to last post in thread (by Altaira)

  Collapse Sticky: Official Introduction & Welcome Thread Altaira 71460 497 Feb 17 2007, 8:45pm Jump to last post in thread (by theodwyn)

  Sticky: Guys, PLEASE follow TORn's picture posting guidelines with regard to picture size Altaira 20106 0 Jun 28 2008, 7:31pm Jump to last post in thread (by Altaira)

  Sticky: How Best to Contact an Admin for Help Kyriel 21759 0 Mar 31 2009, 10:53pm Jump to last post in thread (by Kyriel)

  Collapse Dorothy Sayers' "Desdichado" Aunt Dora Baggins 25 4 2:22am Jump to last post in thread (by Meneldor)
       Wow. I've been Ethel Duath 9 0 3:17am
       Collapse Got it to work! Ethel Duath 8 1 3:28am
           Thanks :-) Aunt Dora Baggins 4 0 33 mins ago
       Sir Walter Scott's Ivanhoe had Meneldor 4 0 32 mins ago

  Collapse Carina Round is The Mouth of Sauron! Eruonen 53 2 Sat, 2:37pm Jump to last post in thread (by Eruonen)
       Collapse Well, that's unsettling. Ataahua 28 1 Sat, 9:32pm
           Here she is singing with Roland Orzabal - Woman in Chains Eruonen 7 0 1:03am

  Collapse Tolkien's ideas on escapism, echoed here, by Ai Wewei? Ethel Duath 94 5 Sat, 3:50am Jump to last post in thread (by zarabia)
       Collapse Thought provoking zarabia 50 3 Sat, 8:36am
           That is an excellent point. And Ethel Duath 36 0 Sat, 3:42pm
           Collapse or perhaps... don't recognize their own forms of 'escape' as such Magpie 35 1 Sat, 4:42pm
               All too true! // zarabia 8 0 2:48am
       I'll have to think more on this Riven Delve 22 0 Sat, 10:03pm

  Collapse Funny, pleasant Twitter Q&A with Luke Evans. Lissuin 64 2 Fri, 7:14pm Jump to last post in thread (by DaughterofLaketown)
       I hope Dracula Untold is a good movie. I like the trailer.... Eruonen 17 0 Sat, 7:48pm
     This is so cool! Thanks for posting! DaughterofLaketown 14 0 Sat, 8:04pm

  Collapse Sad Rickster 1435 37 Fri, 5:31pm Jump to last post in thread (by Aunt Dora Baggins)
       Rest in Peace Mr. Arkenstone (isaac) 622 0 Fri, 5:40pm
       I am so sorry to hear this sad news Loresilme 583 0 Fri, 5:51pm
       I am so sorry to hear this. Riven Delve 550 0 Fri, 6:06pm
       My heartfelt condolences to your family! BlackFox 536 0 Fri, 6:12pm
       I am really sorry to hear this terrible news... NecromancerRising 542 0 Fri, 6:14pm
       I'm so very sorry..... dormouse 524 0 Fri, 6:26pm
       My condolences Beorn's Bees 482 0 Fri, 7:12pm
       My deepest sympathies Avandel 465 0 Fri, 7:26pm
       We'll miss Rickster Meneldor 450 0 Fri, 7:56pm
       This is very, very sad. Arannir 424 0 Fri, 8:04pm
       Very sad news. Noria 394 0 Fri, 8:29pm
       I'm so sorry to hear this Eruvandi 372 0 Fri, 8:42pm
       So sorry to hear this Elarie 354 0 Fri, 8:59pm
       Sorry to hear the news... Salmacis81 359 0 Fri, 9:01pm
       Thank you for letting us know. Ataahua 343 0 Fri, 9:42pm
       I'm sorry to hear that Earl 319 0 Fri, 9:54pm
       RIP FrogmortonJustice65 313 0 Fri, 10:01pm
       So sorry to hear this. Silverlode 313 0 Fri, 10:06pm
       My sincerest condolences Glorfindela 268 0 Fri, 11:53pm
       I'm so sorry Ham_Sammy 240 0 Sat, 12:47am
       Collapse So very sorry to hear this... cats16 245 1 Sat, 12:59am
           Terribly sorry to here this boldog 215 0 Sat, 2:22am
       Sad news indeed. dernwyn 210 0 Sat, 2:41am
       Oh, I'm so so sorry to hear this Kim 205 0 Sat, 2:53am
       Collapse Our prayers are with you Cirashala 169 1 Sat, 5:05am
           Lovely Mr. Arkenstone (isaac) 156 0 Sat, 5:41am
       incredibly sorry to hear that Elanor of Rohan 147 0 Sat, 6:08am
       Rickster will be missed. For him...... Aranaes 168 0 Sat, 6:33am
       Thank you for sharing.... Bladerunner 106 0 Sat, 12:52pm
       Our condolences Otaku-sempai 96 0 Sat, 1:59pm
       What a terrible loss. Ethel Duath 82 0 Sat, 3:36pm
       My thoughts go out to Ricksters family Bernhardina 78 0 Sat, 4:10pm
       Oh, i am so sorry to hear of his passing. silneldor 77 0 Sat, 4:18pm
       Fare well, Rickster! Altaira 80 0 Sat, 4:43pm
       Sad kilifili 68 0 Sat, 5:46pm
       Oh my... Aragorn the Elfstone 61 0 Sat, 7:11pm
       Thank you so much for letting the people here know. Aunt Dora Baggins 17 0 2:27am

  Collapse Welcome to a beautiful Fall Fiesta! Altaira 207 77 Fri, 4:00pm Jump to last post in thread (by Aunt Dora Baggins)
       Collapse The champagne is on me everyone! Help yourselves! DanielLB 114 22 Fri, 4:08pm
           Congratulations! Arrrrwen's daughter 83 0 Fri, 4:11pm
           How absolutely wonderful, Daniel!!! Altaira 83 0 Fri, 4:17pm
           Congratulations! Annael 81 0 Fri, 4:19pm
           My warmest congratulations to you and your family! BlackFox 81 0 Fri, 4:20pm
           Congratulations, Daniel! Riven Delve 79 0 Fri, 4:22pm
           aww... Magpie 74 0 Fri, 4:24pm
           Oh my gosh! Baby! Dame Ioreth 69 0 Fri, 4:29pm
           Wonderful! dernwyn 61 0 Fri, 4:35pm
           WOOHOO!!! The best news ever! grammaboodawg 63 0 Fri, 4:36pm
           THAT is a very fine happening papa:) silneldor 49 0 Fri, 4:44pm
           Congratulations!!! Eventides 43 0 Fri, 4:47pm
           Congratulations!!!! Loresilme 42 0 Fri, 4:52pm
           What fun! Congratulations! Aunt Dora Baggins 42 0 Fri, 5:47pm
           Congrats, Daniel! Ardamķrė 43 0 Fri, 5:57pm
           Congratulations Starling 30 0 Fri, 7:18pm
           Ah! Saw this post last after the Pollantir one. :) Ethel Duath 55 0 Fri, 9:17pm
           Congrats Daniel and family! Silverlode 48 0 Fri, 9:59pm
           *grabs a glass* cats16 39 0 Sat, 1:39am
           Congratulations Dad! Kim 37 0 Sat, 3:02am
           That's great! sherlock 28 0 Sat, 9:40am
         Thank you for everyone's messages and well wishes. DanielLB 33 0 Sat, 10:14am
           Messy, that. Roheryn 14 0 Sat, 10:46pm
       Collapse Arr, the trees be not yet turning here Arrrrwen's daughter 100 8 Fri, 4:08pm
           Collapse Hahaha! Altaira 83 1 Fri, 4:19pm
               Aye, that it be! Arrrrwen's daughter 69 0 Fri, 4:26pm
           Collapse Shiver me timbers there be no fall colors on the sea, matey! // Black Maggie Magpie 46 2 Fri, 4:43pm
               Aye, it's hard being a proper pirate here in Kansas. // Arrrrwen's daughter 41 0 Fri, 4:54pm
               Aaaah! Ethel Duath 50 0 Fri, 9:50pm
           Collapse Yesterday was Talk Like a Pirate Day here Starling 76 2 Fri, 7:25pm
               Aww, that sounds sweet. Ataahua 58 0 Fri, 9:06pm
               Sounds like a fun day!// sherlock 27 0 Sat, 9:44am
       Collapse What's a pirate's favorite restaurant? Annael 86 1 Fri, 4:20pm
           Groan! You'll be walkin' the plank for that one Altaira 74 0 Fri, 4:23pm
     Collapse Unseasonably warm? Don't you mean unseasonably cool? :P ;) Eventides 70 3 Fri, 4:25pm
           Collapse Ditto on the nice summer weather Altaira 63 1 Fri, 4:32pm
               Thank you! :) // Eventides 38 0 Fri, 4:48pm
           We have had great weather sherlock 28 0 Sat, 9:49am
       Collapse I think we're going to have a confused fall in my part of town Magpie 75 1 Fri, 4:29pm
           Poor trees! Altaira 61 0 Fri, 4:36pm
       Collapse Have a great weekend, everyone! BlackFox 71 2 Fri, 4:29pm
           Collapse You too, BlackFox! Altaira 57 1 Fri, 4:37pm
               Thanks, Altaira! :) // BlackFox 44 0 Fri, 4:40pm
       Collapse Greetings All! grammaboodawg 70 4 Fri, 4:30pm
           Glad to see you here, gramma! Altaira 46 0 Fri, 4:40pm
           I loved your interview, by the way! Ethel Duath 53 0 Fri, 9:22pm
           Collapse BTW, Gramma... Eowyn of Penns Woods 21 1 Sat, 6:56pm
               Beautiful work, Eowyn. Ataahua 5 0 1:54am
       Collapse Ha, ha! silneldor 71 2 Fri, 4:35pm
           Beautiful sunflowers, sil! Altaira 45 0 Fri, 4:43pm
           To "bee" a-"mazed"! dernwyn 41 0 Fri, 11:24pm
       Collapse We're in catch up mode. Dame Ioreth 65 2 Fri, 4:39pm
           Collapse It sounds like you need a revolving door, Dame Ioreth! Altaira 43 1 Fri, 4:46pm
               They did sort of pick their own colors Dame Ioreth 44 0 Fri, 10:01pm
       Collapse I'm planning on doing a book-signing this weekend. Aunt Dora Baggins 71 11 Fri, 4:44pm
           Collapse How very cool, Aunt Dora! Altaira 46 4 Fri, 4:49pm
               Collapse We had a great time. It turned out to be not really a book-signing, Aunt Dora Baggins 11 3 1:50am
                   Collapse Serendipity! dernwyn 10 1 2:41am
                       Uncle Baggins' reaction was to say "Thanks, Dad." :-) // Aunt Dora Baggins 2 0 32 mins ago
                   Whoa!!! Ethel Duath 6 0 3:31am
           Wow, that's fantastic! Loresilme 44 0 Fri, 5:05pm
           What an amazing story. dernwyn 44 0 Fri, 5:09pm
           Collapse very cool! Annael 34 1 Fri, 6:59pm
               That sounds fascinating! Aunt Dora Baggins 63 0 Fri, 8:38pm
           Collapse Congratulations! What a wonderful project! Ethel Duath 51 1 Fri, 9:48pm
               Aw, thanks! Aunt Dora Baggins 44 0 Fri, 10:37pm
       Collapse *groan* Oh, that's a good one! dernwyn 51 1 Fri, 4:45pm
           Oh, yes, pumpkins! Altaira 44 0 Fri, 4:52pm
       Collapse Arr, we finally sent a Fiesta up in flames, again! // Arrrrwen's daughter 43 1 Fri, 4:52pm
           *High fives all around* !!! // Altaira 40 0 Fri, 4:53pm
       **Self-serve from here on out, everyone. Happy Weekend! // Altaira 39 0 Fri, 5:17pm
       Innkeeper! Grog fer me shipmates! Meneldor 33 0 Fri, 7:14pm
       Collapse Secret party business... Starling 36 1 Fri, 7:17pm
           Darn... cats16 38 0 Sat, 1:38am
       *sings* "Stormy weather..." Ataahua 62 0 Fri, 9:08pm
       Arrrrrr you ready kids? (Aye, aye, Captain!) cats16 41 0 Sat, 1:43am
       Not quite ready for fall yet Kim 35 0 Sat, 3:28am

  Collapse What do you think of fan fiction? The Grey Elf 152 7 Fri, 3:17pm Jump to last post in thread (by Kilidoescartwheels)
       I approve. arithmancer 96 0 Fri, 4:08pm
       Collapse It's a great way to practice writing Annael 99 1 Fri, 4:15pm
           Same with me... Queen of Erebor 71 0 Fri, 10:06pm
       It can be a very satisfying adventure for the one writing it. Aunt Dora Baggins 91 0 Fri, 4:34pm
       Collapse It's a good start Kilidoescartwheels 60 2 Sat, 12:24am
           Collapse How do they violate copyright laws? Queen of Erebor 20 1 Sat, 10:14pm
               You need permission Kilidoescartwheels 10 0 2:05am

  Collapse There's an election tomorrow Starling 201 20 Fri, 6:35am Jump to last post in thread (by Ataahua)
       I'm just hoping... cats16 129 0 Fri, 7:08am
       Collapse Good luck birdie! Kelvarhin 125 1 Fri, 7:16am
           We live in hope Starling 51 0 Sat, 5:52am
       Collapse Today is the 121st Anniversary of women getting the vote in NZ. Moahunter 117 3 Fri, 9:56am
           Collapse ? silvereyed 107 2 Fri, 12:39pm
               Collapse I voted for a change of government. Moahunter 74 1 Fri, 8:31pm
                   You are officially invited Starling 69 0 Fri, 8:37pm
       Collapse This may seem small to some Ethel Duath 99 2 Fri, 2:00pm
           Collapse I wore my corset to the polling booth Starling 50 1 Sat, 5:53am
               Of corset. A "fitting" tribute-- Ethel Duath 26 0 Sat, 3:39pm
       Collapse Google has doodled us. Lissuin 87 4 Fri, 6:54pm
           Collapse I really do think, Starling 50 3 Sat, 5:57am
               Collapse I thought we were meant to use the big orange pen to fill in the dots Lissuin 36 2 Sat, 11:51am
                   Collapse We don't do logic in NZ Starling 21 1 Sat, 8:17pm
                       To give credit where it's due, Ataahua 17 0 Sat, 9:31pm
       Collapse Well done for educating the masses! Ataahua 72 4 Fri, 8:49pm
           Collapse As a non-resident... cats16 58 1 Sat, 1:30am
               Oh I love it! Starling 50 0 Sat, 5:49am
           Collapse It was third time lucky for me today Starling 53 1 Sat, 5:48am
               It felt odd to not vote yesterday. Ataahua 15 0 Sat, 9:28pm

  Collapse The One Fire Pit Kelvarhin 137 20 Fri, 2:07am Jump to last post in thread (by Ataahua)
       Collapse Awesome! The Grey Elf 82 5 Fri, 2:29am
           Collapse I would be anything that it's a 'hacked' fire pit Magpie 89 1 Fri, 2:53am
               that subject line should read: I would bet anything... // Magpie 67 0 Fri, 3:20am
           I think Magpie has it right Kelvarhin 75 0 Fri, 3:07am
           Collapse It's available at this Etsy store Kelvarhin 46 1 Fri, 2:46pm
               Thanks, Kel! Sweet of you to find it for me The Grey Elf 36 0 Fri, 3:03pm
       Collapse !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ethel Duath 84 1 Fri, 2:39am
           LOL Kelvarhin 73 0 Fri, 3:08am
       Collapse What! silneldor 77 1 Fri, 3:27am
           Aw, but sil... Kelvarhin 69 0 Fri, 5:22am
       Collapse "The fires of Mordor will roast these marshmallows to perfection. " / Ataahua 66 4 Fri, 4:51am
         If only Sauron didn't see us as the marshmallows! // The Grey Elf 36 0 Fri, 2:57pm
           "But I can't read it ... it's some sort of meltish. // Loresilme 24 0 Fri, 4:54pm
           Collapse But if we eat s'mores made with those marshmallows Kim 16 1 Sat, 3:32am
               Sweet, delicious evil... / Ataahua 5 0 Sat, 10:47pm
       Very cool. cats16 60 0 Fri, 7:11am
       This is just too cool! BlackFox 59 0 Fri, 9:05am
       I want one sherlock 47 0 Fri, 12:55pm
       That'd be not safe aboard me ship Arrrrwen's daughter 37 0 Fri, 3:22pm
       Love it! Loresilme 33 0 Fri, 3:34pm

  Collapse An unusual question? DaughterofLaketown 238 13 Thu, 3:19am Jump to last post in thread (by DaughterofLaketown)
       My step-grandaughter is an actress. Elizabeth 155 0 Thu, 7:08am
       Acting is a commitment, and so is college entmaiden 139 0 Thu, 1:55pm
       Collapse I suggest starting with local community theater Loresilme 129 9 Thu, 2:19pm
           Collapse Well I don't know whether they have a club or not. I don't even though what college I will be attending yet. DaughterofLaketown 128 8 Thu, 2:51pm
               well perhaps Annael 114 0 Thu, 3:50pm
               Other than open casting calls Loresilme 104 0 Thu, 4:42pm
               Well Darkstone 103 0 Thu, 4:53pm
               Collapse Play the role of a theater major squire 102 4 Thu, 6:50pm
                   Collapse This is very helpful advice and something I have considered DaughterofLaketown 71 3 Thu, 11:47pm
                       Wait till you actually get to college. Elizabeth 68 0 Fri, 12:21am
                       Collapse History and Drama are a natural double major squire 66 1 Fri, 12:49am
                           Thank you for the reassurance DaughterofLaketown 35 0 Fri, 1:57pm
       I did semi-professional theater through university... Arannir 125 0 Thu, 2:50pm

  Collapse Post-earthquake Christchurch update Starling 86 3 Wed, 7:37am Jump to last post in thread (by silneldor)
       Collapse Wow, thank you for that! Elizabeth 52 2 Wed, 7:48am
           The building at 1.40 Starling 50 0 Wed, 8:06am
           I really like the whole concept too. silneldor 36 0 Wed, 12:47pm

  Collapse Live Chat with Viggo Mortensen on imdb.com tomorrow! elf_wannabee 58 1 Tue, 2:50pm Jump to last post in thread (by Loresilme)
       Thank you! Loresilme 29 0 Tue, 9:25pm

  Collapse Do female stars HAVE to sell themselves? Kilidoescartwheels 320 38 Tue, 2:32pm Jump to last post in thread (by Magpie)
       Collapse I saw a headline on IMDB Dame Ioreth 197 1 Tue, 3:35pm
           that's one reason why I like British TV shows Annael 184 0 Tue, 4:27pm
       Collapse wow... do I have little to contribute to this Magpie 205 14 Tue, 3:52pm
           Collapse Female game developers - really??? Kilidoescartwheels 191 12 Tue, 4:31pm
               Collapse Female comic book artists too. Dame Ioreth 175 1 Tue, 4:51pm
                   Your observation Tintallė 164 0 Tue, 5:44pm
               Collapse the game developers issue Magpie 178 9 Tue, 5:02pm
                   Collapse a few more articles: Magpie 169 6 Tue, 5:19pm
                       A quick note from the sidelines... Lily Fairbairn 170 0 Tue, 5:29pm
                       Collapse Several Decades On smtfhw 73 4 Wed, 1:02pm
                           Collapse I get discouraged, too Magpie 66 3 Wed, 1:39pm
                               Collapse This is something I've wondered about Dame Ioreth 62 1 Wed, 2:57pm
                                   "Has that boldness carried over to in-person encounters at Cons" Magpie 59 0 Wed, 3:18pm
                               A Parallel THOUGHT to Echo Maggie May? Bombadil 58 0 Wed, 2:59pm
                   Collapse The reaction to Annan Sarkeesian sauget.diblosio 52 1 Wed, 3:44pm
                       the article at the end of your link is an example of another encouraging thing Magpie 51 0 Wed, 3:56pm
           Well ranted, Magpie, et al. // Aunt Dora Baggins 162 0 Tue, 4:57pm
       Collapse All actors have to "sell" themselves... Elizabeth 163 2 Tue, 6:38pm
           Collapse Jennifer Hudson Kilidoescartwheels 150 1 Tue, 7:10pm
               Queen Latifa was losing weight for health reasons. Dame Ioreth 140 0 Tue, 7:32pm
       Collapse Actually, they're killing themselves. Darkstone 167 5 Tue, 6:50pm
           Collapse I'm thinking of poor Judy Garland Aunt Dora Baggins 152 1 Tue, 7:14pm
               Also.... Darkstone 150 0 Tue, 7:57pm
           Collapse The Disney phenom Kilidoescartwheels 154 2 Tue, 7:16pm
               Scarlett Johansen had a great way of dealing with being asked about her body Dame Ioreth 147 0 Tue, 7:40pm
               Yes. Darkstone 125 0 Tue, 9:19pm
       Collapse I think I can answer one of your last questions... Eowyn of Penns Woods 136 2 Tue, 9:02pm
           Collapse Sam Heughan Kilidoescartwheels 108 1 Tue, 9:52pm
               'Twould be rude *not* to appreciate the art when cruising the gallery! ;) // Eowyn of Penns Woods 91 0 Tue, 10:54pm
       Collapse What really disgusts me Meneldor 148 8 Tue, 9:21pm
           Collapse Yeah Darkstone 135 4 Tue, 9:31pm
               Collapse I have to admit... Magpie 126 3 Tue, 9:42pm
                   Collapse Yes. Darkstone 117 1 Tue, 9:57pm
                       I certainly wouldn't go out of my way to defend it against any intelligent critique // Magpie 103 0 Tue, 10:03pm
                   I hear you, Magpie. Meneldor 99 0 Wed, 1:43am
           Collapse Funny you should mention Sucker Punch Kilidoescartwheels 127 2 Tue, 9:49pm
             Bomby doesn't own a TV Bombadil 124 0 Tue, 10:11pm
               Yep, that's about it. Darkstone 110 0 Tue, 10:47pm

  Collapse It's the middle-of-September reading thread Lily Fairbairn 179 15 Tue, 2:06pm Jump to last post in thread (by Dame Ioreth)
       The House of the Sleeping Beauties, a novella by Yasunari Kawabata BlackFox 111 0 Tue, 2:21pm
       Smith of Wootton Major Riven Delve 110 0 Tue, 2:24pm
       Collapse I adore Isabel Dalhousie Annael 106 2 Tue, 4:14pm
           Friday's Child Riven Delve 97 0 Tue, 4:39pm
           me, too! a.s. 76 0 Tue, 10:27pm
       Collapse Unbroken Elberbeth 101 1 Tue, 4:31pm
           That was such a good book Kim 61 0 Wed, 3:47am
       Lord of the Rings, for the first time in ten years. Aunt Dora Baggins 102 0 Tue, 5:03pm
       Moreta: Dragonlady of Pern Ataahua 91 0 Tue, 7:25pm
       Betrayal Meneldor 77 0 Tue, 9:29pm
       I just finished "The Wedding" by Nicholas Sparks. DaughterofLaketown 69 0 Wed, 1:14am
       Finishing up The Moonstone... cats16 64 0 Wed, 4:23am
       Rogues...George RR Martin Mikah 47 0 Thu, 1:26am
       "The Name of the Wind" CuriousG 34 0 Thu, 9:05pm
     Finally had the guts to finish A Fault in Our Stars Dame Ioreth 19 0 Fri, 2:02pm

  Any William Blake Scholars Around? Malveth 39 0 Sep 16, 3:09am Jump to last post in thread (by Malveth)
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