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  Sticky: Thread Locked Welcome to Off Topic Altaira 25060 0 Dec 28 2006, 3:40am Jump to last post in thread (by Altaira)

  Collapse Sticky: Official Introduction & Welcome Thread Altaira 70691 497 Feb 17 2007, 8:45pm Jump to last post in thread (by theodwyn)

  Sticky: Guys, PLEASE follow TORn's picture posting guidelines with regard to picture size Altaira 19504 0 Jun 28 2008, 7:31pm Jump to last post in thread (by Altaira)

  Sticky: How Best to Contact an Admin for Help Kyriel 21147 0 Mar 31 2009, 10:53pm Jump to last post in thread (by Kyriel)

  Collapse Hiking photos Aunt Dora Baggins 10 1 30 mins ago Jump to last post in thread (by Cirashala)
       Whenever I miss Colorado Cirashala 4 0 14 mins ago

  I don't think Orcs have anything on some humans when it comes to pure evil. Eruonen 15 0 37 mins ago Jump to last post in thread (by Eruonen)

Collapse My Two Towers version Muradin 46 1 Wed, 8:30pm Jump to last post in thread (by entmaiden)
       I removed your link. entmaiden 30 0 Wed, 10:42pm

  Collapse My first TORniversary! Kim 154 29 Wed, 1:00am Jump to last post in thread (by Kim)
       Collapse Happy Torniversary! Queen of Erebor 81 1 Wed, 1:24am
           Thanks! Kim 76 0 Wed, 1:59am
       Collapse Many happy returns of your TORniversary, Kim! dernwyn 76 3 Wed, 1:51am
           Thanks dernwyn! Kim 75 0 Wed, 2:12am
           Collapse Wait, here's one for me and Meneldor! Kim 72 1 Wed, 3:20am
               Yikes! dernwyn 51 0 Wed, 10:14am
       Collapse I forgot the date. Meneldor 74 2 Wed, 3:15am
           If you will not turn Kim 68 0 Wed, 3:35am
           And congratulations to you too, Meneldor! // BlackFox 48 0 Wed, 9:02am
     Collapse Methinks I heard "Plz lard my thread with Thorin goodies"... Avandel 71 2 Wed, 3:52am
           Collapse Absolutely, lard away! Kim 64 1 Wed, 4:03am
             The search will continue Avandel 66 0 Wed, 4:18am
       Collapse Happy TORniversary!! cats16 61 2 Wed, 5:43am
           Collapse Yessir Kim 25 1 Wed, 6:28pm
               Hahaha cats16 5 0 4:10am
       Collapse Happy TORniversary, Kim! BlackFox 54 1 Wed, 8:59am
           Thanks BlackFox! Kim 25 0 Wed, 6:29pm
       Collapse Dang it, Kim! Riven Delve 50 1 Wed, 12:35pm
           Shoot, I meant to include the disclaimer: Kim 28 0 Wed, 6:31pm
       Collapse Happy Anniversary Kim! Dame Ioreth 47 3 Wed, 1:51pm
           That goes perfectly with my cake! ;) // BlackFox 35 0 Wed, 3:51pm
           Thanks DI! Kim 26 0 Wed, 6:33pm
           This is just amazing DaughterofLaketown 23 0 Wed, 7:53pm
       Collapse Happy TORniversary Kim! Theodora 22 1 Wed, 8:10pm
           Thanks Theodora! Kim 18 0 Wed, 8:27pm
       Collapse Happy TORniversary, Kim! Eruvandi 22 1 Wed, 9:48pm
           Thanks Eruvandi! Kim 12 0 Wed, 11:10pm
       Collapse Happy TORniversary! // Aunt Dora Baggins 5 1 32 mins ago
           Thanks Aunt Dora! :-) // Kim 2 0 28 mins ago

  Collapse What movies, tv shows, etc. have you watched recently? Magpie 270 41 Tue, 10:01pm Jump to last post in thread (by Aragorn the Elfstone)
       Collapse Still mourning Robin Williams so The Grey Elf 138 6 Tue, 10:48pm
           So true...losing Robin Wm felt like EomundDaughter 120 0 Tue, 11:50pm
           Collapse I watched The BIrdcage Dame Ioreth 74 3 Wed, 1:37pm
               Collapse I recently read 'So Brilliantly Clever' Starling 47 2 Wed, 6:19pm
                   Yikes Kim 37 0 Wed, 7:37pm
                   I can remember Dame Ioreth 37 0 Wed, 7:39pm
           The Fisher King Annael 67 0 Wed, 3:22pm
       Collapse The Dark Horse (5/5), Firefly and Serenity Ataahua 126 6 Tue, 11:32pm
           I rewatched disc 1 of Firefly after going to GotG. Meneldor 108 0 Wed, 12:58am
           Collapse I have not heard a bad word Starling 84 1 Wed, 9:56am
               I didn't know that Once Were Warriors was on TV Ataahua 38 0 Wed, 7:31pm
           Collapse Hey, so did we! Alassėa Eruvande 37 2 Wed, 7:45pm
               That's fantastic! Ataahua 49 0 Wed, 9:09pm
               Have you warned the Little Eruvandes Meneldor 41 0 Wed, 10:39pm
       Collapse Gotta say...Outlander on Starz...love Scotland EomundDaughter 116 2 Tue, 11:53pm
           wish I had Starz Annael 62 0 Wed, 3:35pm
           Don't subscribe to STARZ and haven't read the books The Grey Elf 65 0 Wed, 3:36pm
       Collapse Calvary, Magic in the Moonlight, The Hundred Foot Journey Tintallė 106 1 Wed, 2:54am
           Seen Calvary and plan to see the other two Theodora 54 0 Wed, 8:16pm
       also the Hundred Foot Journey acheron 98 0 Wed, 3:54am
       My weekend Arannir 94 0 Wed, 9:07am
       Had lots of laundry to do Dame Ioreth 71 0 Wed, 1:45pm
       saw "Gravity" last night with my depth psych study group Annael 67 0 Wed, 3:40pm
       Also rewatched The Help. The Grey Elf 62 0 Wed, 4:21pm
       Collapse Almighty Johnsons, Outlander & Lucy Kilidoescartwheels 58 4 Wed, 4:47pm
           Collapse It's not just the Oklahomans Kim 45 2 Wed, 7:30pm
               Okie accents Kilidoescartwheels 55 0 Wed, 8:51pm
               Into the Storm, What Lies Beneath, Under the Dome... Queen of Erebor 48 0 Wed, 10:11pm
           I sometimes have to rewind a few seconds Ataahua 42 0 Wed, 7:33pm
       Collapse Into the Storm Magpie 45 7 12:07am
           ooh.. I forgot to add Magpie 40 0 12:15am
           Collapse You forgot to mention The Grey Elf 36 3 1:00am
               Collapse I'll answer that question... Queen of Erebor 32 1 1:34am
                   I guess... in my own defense Magpie 24 0 2:25am
               He was alright Magpie 24 0 2:08am
           Collapse You forgot to post your comparitive ranking of ItS vs Sharknado. // Meneldor 29 1 1:11am
               lol... Magpie 23 0 2:09am
       Collapse Edge of Tomorrow (aka now as... Live, Die, Repeat) Magpie 25 2 2:46am
           You've joined the dozen or so other of us who've seen the film... Aragorn the Elfstone 25 0 2:55am
           Exactly sevilodorf 11 0 4:13am
       Looper (2nd time) Aragorn the Elfstone 10 0 54 mins ago

  Collapse ALS Ice Bucket Challenge Arannir 103 5 Tue, 9:46pm Jump to last post in thread (by DanielLB)
       Collapse At first... cats16 63 1 Wed, 5:45am
           Me too!! Rembrethil 38 0 Wed, 4:04pm
       Collapse apparently the ALS Foundation has already made more money from this than they usually get in a year Annael 48 2 Wed, 3:25pm
           Collapse Yes... Arannir 37 1 Wed, 4:39pm
               As long as people are actually donating. DanielLB 18 0 12:47am

  Collapse For GOT fans DaughterofLaketown 52 2 Tue, 8:41pm Jump to last post in thread (by DaughterofLaketown)
       Collapse Peter Hollens did a great version as well. Arannir 26 1 Tue, 9:20pm
         I know DaughterofLaketown 22 0 Tue, 11:07pm

  Collapse It's the end of Dog Days reading thread! Lily Fairbairn 110 13 Tue, 2:22pm Jump to last post in thread (by Meneldor)
       Collapse Continuing on with my Williamsburg series by Elswyth Thane - Yankee Stranger Dame Ioreth 65 1 Tue, 2:46pm
           I have boxes of children's books Lily Fairbairn 66 0 Tue, 3:36pm
       Collapse I'm about halfway through The Green Hills of Earth Meneldor 53 4 Tue, 10:03pm
           Collapse My copy is rather dog-eared. Ettelewen 12 3 Wed, 10:33pm
               Collapse Rocket Ship Galileo! Meneldor 11 2 Wed, 10:41pm
                   Collapse Hm, I don't recall that one. Ettelewen 11 1 Wed, 11:27pm
                       Iron Sky was released in 2012. Meneldor 5 0 1:15am
       The Wind in the Willows, The Stormy Petrel Riven Delve 44 0 Wed, 12:23am
       Still treading water. cats16 40 0 Wed, 5:47am
       Collapse finished The Book of Life; now reading a book by Lillian Stewart Carl Annael 30 3 Wed, 3:33pm
           Collapse Lucifer's Crown dernwyn 25 1 Wed, 4:04pm
               The author... Lily Fairbairn 21 0 Wed, 5:54pm
           Not everyone likes description, unfortunately Lily Fairbairn 20 0 Wed, 5:52pm

Collapse " No matter how much time you've got, you are going to use it..ALL UP?" Bombadil 447 2 Tue, 2:15pm Jump to last post in thread (by Bombadil)
       Collapse Bomby... kilifili 47 1 Wed, 5:39pm
           AFTER a Lifetime of Media.. PRODUCTION? Bombadil 9 0 2:44am

  Collapse The real "Little House on the Prairie" Moahunter 87 1 Mon, 5:38am Jump to last post in thread (by Ethel Duath)
       Wow! Thanks! Since my family Ethel Duath 14 0 Wed, 5:31pm

  Collapse Peter Jackson discusses his next movies after The Hobbit trilogy is done. Ataahua 188 6 Sun, 12:44am Jump to last post in thread (by Arannir)
     That's great news! Fingers crossed! Meneldor 98 0 Sun, 1:20am
       the fact that PJ talked about it Elanor of Rohan 79 0 Sun, 10:15am
       Collapse Interesting... malickfan 70 2 Sun, 2:27pm
           I'm just curious to see how they handle the name of the dog haha. sauget.diblosio 62 0 Sun, 3:19pm
           One of the airmen Ataahua 51 0 Sun, 7:46pm
       As Nature made him... Arannir 45 0 Sun, 8:16pm

  More definite news about a film museum in Wellington. Moahunter 60 0 Aug 16, 4:13am Jump to last post in thread (by Moahunter)

  Collapse It's Friday and time for Fiesta! Altaira 193 62 Aug 15, 4:02pm Jump to last post in thread (by Aunt Dora Baggins)
       Collapse I love touring other people's houses and gardens Annael 78 3 Aug 15, 4:14pm
           Haha! Yes - the 'what were they thinking' rooms, etc. can be interesting Altaira 74 0 Aug 15, 4:22pm
           Very nice! dernwyn 72 0 Aug 15, 4:26pm
           You're making good progress! Lily Fairbairn 69 0 Aug 15, 4:39pm
       Collapse *looks around* dernwyn 77 2 Aug 15, 4:21pm
           Summer Fridays get quite around here sometimes Altaira 74 0 Aug 15, 4:25pm
           Ah yes, storage rooms Lily Fairbairn 65 0 Aug 15, 4:41pm
       Collapse Whew! Something cold, please! Lily Fairbairn 74 4 Aug 15, 4:33pm
           Collapse You don't know how many books you have dernwyn 69 1 Aug 15, 4:37pm
               Many shades of green Lily Fairbairn 64 0 Aug 15, 4:48pm
           Collapse No tempting me, Lily! Altaira 67 1 Aug 15, 4:41pm
               Thank you! Lily Fairbairn 62 0 Aug 15, 4:50pm
       Collapse Glad to see the back of this week Jazmine 75 3 Aug 15, 4:39pm
           Enjoy your cider Lily Fairbairn 67 0 Aug 15, 4:42pm
           Hang in there, Jazmine Altaira 64 0 Aug 15, 4:42pm
           I hope you have good weather for your hike! dernwyn 58 0 Aug 15, 4:57pm
       Collapse Hey, Altaira! :) Eventides 62 6 Aug 15, 4:56pm
           Collapse Hey, Evey! dernwyn 58 1 Aug 15, 4:58pm
               Hey, dernwyn! :) Eventides 54 0 Aug 15, 6:07pm
           Collapse Thanks, Evey! Altaira 59 1 Aug 15, 5:09pm
               Thanks! :) // Eventides 54 0 Aug 15, 6:08pm
           Collapse We loved Guardians Jazmine 61 1 Aug 15, 5:53pm
               Nice to see you, Jazmine! :) Eventides 100 0 Aug 15, 6:08pm
       **Self-serve from here on out, everyone. Happy Weekend! // Altaira 58 0 Aug 15, 5:14pm
       Collapse Another week survived indeed Kim 63 3 Aug 15, 5:21pm
           Collapse Blechy days are good for going to movies. dernwyn 90 2 Aug 16, 1:45am
               Collapse Yeah, that's true Kim 86 1 Aug 16, 2:16am
                   Broke it and smashed it! dernwyn 75 0 Sat, 12:40pm
       Collapse At the lake again, so all is well. Meneldor 91 1 Aug 16, 12:56am
           Aww! dernwyn 89 0 Aug 16, 1:44am
       Collapse Very late... silneldor 102 2 Aug 16, 2:54am
           Sil, that sounds like a wonderful home. Meneldor 90 0 Aug 16, 3:04am
           The details! dernwyn 76 0 Sat, 12:52pm
       Collapse *swoops in* cats16 94 7 Sat, 6:26am
           Ooh! dernwyn 75 0 Sat, 12:54pm
           Collapse Oh cool! Kim 66 5 Sat, 4:38pm
               Collapse Yep... cats16 68 4 Sat, 5:08pm
                   Collapse Yikes! Kim 60 3 Sat, 5:44pm
                       Collapse Good idea! cats16 45 2 Sun, 12:45am
                         Collapse Yeah... Rembrethil 60 1 Sun, 6:47pm
                             Always a positive side, no matter what! // cats16 46 0 Mon, 6:13am
       Collapse I spent Friday Fiesta on a plane. DanielLB 99 11 Sat, 11:17am
           That's the wrong side of the country! dernwyn 84 0 Sat, 12:56pm
           Collapse go to the Zoo! Annael 80 2 Sat, 2:51pm
               Seconded!! Rembrethil 72 0 Sat, 4:45pm
               We used to make a pilgrimage to La Jolla every few years Aunt Dora Baggins 20 0 Tue, 8:54pm
           Welcome to the West Coast! Kim 74 0 Sat, 4:50pm
           Collapse dernwyn's right Dame Ioreth 90 5 Sun, 1:23am
               Collapse You and derwyn are just plain wrong (she says politely) Kim 83 4 Sun, 6:17am
                   Collapse Politely chimes in... Silverlode 85 3 Sun, 6:48am
                       Collapse Ok, OK Dame Ioreth 78 1 Sun, 2:03pm
                           There's only one solution! DanielLB 68 0 Sun, 6:49pm
                       or even north of that Annael 72 0 Sun, 5:39pm
       I finally have a chance to mention it here. Escapist 73 0 Sat, 4:30pm
       Collapse I'm late! Eruvandi 60 2 Sat, 6:54pm
           Collapse Congrats! Kim 56 1 Sat, 9:41pm
               Definitely! Eruvandi 51 0 Sun, 11:34pm
       Collapse Holy cow it's already Saturday! Dame Ioreth 55 2 Sun, 1:15am
           Wow. Meneldor 46 0 Sun, 1:23am
           Oh.... I have a few stories as well... Rembrethil 61 0 Sun, 7:09pm
       Collapse Sat out on the dock last night Meneldor 46 1 Mon, 3:45pm
           Now that is how I want to retire. Dame Ioreth 26 0 Tue, 2:51pm

  Collapse Peter Jackson to create WWI exhibition silvereyed 110 3 Aug 15, 6:45am Jump to last post in thread (by Moahunter)
       Collapse Clickable story plus info about Wellington Film Museum Starling 46 1 Aug 15, 7:24pm
           re: Film museum. Moahunter 30 0 Aug 16, 3:56am
       Very cool... Donry 37 0 Aug 15, 9:04pm

  Collapse Eowyn and the Potato Fruit Thieves Ethel Duath 186 12 Aug 14, 7:26pm Jump to last post in thread (by Magpie)
     Collapse I second your Nazgul suspicion Mayor! Brethil 86 3 Aug 15, 12:26am
           Collapse Aha! Those deadly night shades . . . Ethel Duath 52 2 Aug 15, 5:49pm
               Collapse And Corey Hart ;-) // Kim 50 1 Aug 15, 6:01pm
                   Never surrender the sunglasses! ;D // Ethel Duath 46 0 Aug 15, 8:12pm
       Collapse Raccoons or Nazgul? dernwyn 65 7 Aug 15, 10:15am
           Collapse Nazgul, or, OR, Belladonna Took *from beyond the grave!* SirDennisC 64 1 Aug 15, 1:26pm
               Ha! So now we know! Ethel Duath 49 0 Aug 15, 5:56pm
           Collapse I'm afraid to spray anything Ethel Duath 51 1 Aug 15, 5:52pm
               I hope that works! dernwyn 40 0 Aug 16, 1:46am
           Collapse we had squirrels eating the buds on our Redbud tree this spring Magpie 43 2 Aug 16, 3:18am
               Collapse I love Redbud trees. Ethel Duath 27 1 Sat, 7:23pm
                   squirrels Magpie 34 0 Sat, 8:09pm
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