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Movie Discussion: The Hobbit
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  Sticky: Thread Locked Welcome to the Hobbit Movie board! Altaira 161654 0 May 24 2008, 1:58am Jump to last post in thread (by Altaira)

  Sticky: How Best to Contact an Admin for Help Kyriel 117336 0 Mar 31 2009, 10:46pm Jump to last post in thread (by Kyriel)

  Sticky: The Courtesy of our Halls (Discussion Guidelines) Silverlode 18897 0 Oct 12 2014, 9:41pm Jump to last post in thread (by Silverlode)

Collapse Sticky: Folks from the Uni of Waikato want to know YOUR opinion on BotFA! greendragon 4862 25 Jan 21, 4:17pm Jump to last post in thread (by elf-lady)

  Short soundtrack question NoelGallagher 18 0 48 mins ago Jump to last post in thread (by NoelGallagher)

  Collapse Who is going to crown Dain? DainPig 397 8 Tue, 4:18pm Jump to last post in thread (by Arannir)
       Collapse I imagine he'd crown himself AshNazg 375 2 Tue, 4:21pm
           Collapse How Napoleonic! Darkstone 235 1 Tue, 7:38pm
             IT Better Be BALIN or BOMBY will Bummed..?/// Bombadil 202 0 Tue, 8:22pm
       Collapse Will we even see a coronation? Otaku-sempai 283 2 Tue, 6:40pm
           Collapse They certainly considered showing it.... dormouse 271 1 Tue, 6:51pm
             The SOUND @ the FUNERAL could be Bombadil 133 0 Tue, 11:36pm
       Yes - if they show the coronation, Balin MUST crown Dain! // Gianna 111 0 1:06am
       If anyone, then Balin, yes. Arannir 28 0 8:00am

  Collapse The Bag End Auction Loresilme 408 19 Tue, 3:38pm Jump to last post in thread (by Kerewyn)
       I couldn't imagine how they could squeeze in so much at the end... AshNazg 369 0 Tue, 3:53pm
       Perfect DainPig 356 0 Tue, 4:05pm
       yep darthgandalf99 353 0 Tue, 4:07pm
       Yes - me too.... dormouse 354 0 Tue, 4:08pm
       Collapse Hobbit sightings at the auction Otaku-sempai 273 1 Tue, 7:01pm
           Merv Smith Kerewyn 11 0 22 mins ago
       Collapse Meh CathrineB 221 2 Tue, 8:59pm
           Two things about Bilbo's return really stand out for me... dormouse 192 0 Tue, 10:53pm
           I can't unsee that now! DanielLB 91 0 6:22am
       Collapse Lobelia's age leonmuse 146 1 3:32am
           Re: Lobelia's age Otaku-sempai 98 0 6:09am
       Collapse Hmm... Arannir 67 7 8:02am
           Collapse Thinking about this.... dormouse 62 6 8:18am
               Collapse Behind the scenes Arannir 58 5 8:21am
                   Collapse Well yes, they are indeed.... dormouse 46 4 8:53am
                       Collapse And the last thing I would want is questioning your love for them Arannir 40 3 8:58am
                           Collapse Thanks, Arannir..... dormouse 30 2 9:35am
                               Collapse One way to look @ the Auction Scene..? Bombadil 22 1 42 mins ago
                                   Yes, that's a good way of looking at it... dormouse 19 0 39 mins ago

  Collapse Why Peter Jackson omitted Thorin's Funeral? DainPig 807 46 Mon, 11:07pm Jump to last post in thread (by Arannir)
       Collapse a few reasons Mooseboy018 748 7 Mon, 11:27pm
           November... DainPig 741 0 Mon, 11:35pm
           Collapse I disagree Bishop 724 3 Tue, 12:04am
               Richard said something along those lines Kilidoescartwheels 686 0 Tue, 1:22am
               Collapse I agree. Mooseboy018 651 1 Tue, 2:37am
                   Gotcha Bishop 646 0 Tue, 2:39am
           Collapse Poor Fili Kilidoescartwheels 677 1 Tue, 1:28am
               Fili Mooseboy018 645 0 Tue, 2:40am
       Collapse I agree Glorfindela 719 28 Tue, 12:10am
           Collapse Agree Arannir 537 27 Tue, 8:04am
               Just NOW checked on Avatar's production... Bombadil 519 0 Tue, 8:24am
               Collapse I still do love much of the film Glorfindela 486 25 Tue, 9:31am
                   I agree. Arannir 469 0 Tue, 9:48am
                   Collapse Sounds like me CathrineB 458 23 Tue, 10:13am
                       Imho it was a logical and unmissable scene... Arannir 440 0 Tue, 10:54am
                     Collapse It's not creepy at all Glorfindela 433 17 Tue, 10:58am
                           Collapse 'Toilet Humour' Shagrat 430 16 Tue, 11:09am
                               Collapse I'm actually referring to all three films Glorfindela 388 15 Tue, 12:05pm
                                   Well in that case Shagrat 375 0 Tue, 12:20pm
                                   Collapse There is a lot of lowbrow humour... AshNazg 231 13 Tue, 6:33pm
                                       Collapse Yes! Brandybuckled 138 10 Tue, 9:41pm
                                           Collapse Troll snot Bishop 126 9 Tue, 10:42pm
                                             LOL! n/m Brandybuckled 119 0 Tue, 10:45pm
                                               Collapse Reminds me of the bunny sled Glorfindela 115 7 Tue, 11:05pm
                                                   Collapse I don't have an issue with Trolls being gross either Bishop 111 6 Tue, 11:14pm
                                                       That's it. Glorfindela 102 0 Tue, 11:25pm
                                                       Collapse I don't mind Bilbo getting covered so much... AshNazg 100 2 Tue, 11:36pm
                                                         Collapse BISHOP!..YOU Hit it... outa PARK! Bombadil 95 1 12:19am
                                                               .... Bishop 81 0 12:34am
                                                       Collapse handkerchief Mooseboy018 77 1 12:45am
                                                           The look on Freeman's face... Bishop 73 0 12:48am
                                       Yes, I agree with this. Glorfindela 116 0 Tue, 11:00pm
                                       Generic Tonal Inconsistency Michelle Johnston 36 0 7:00am
                       Collapse I don't think the funeral itself is essential... AshNazg 240 3 Tue, 6:21pm
                           Two birds - or many - with one stone, indeed. Macfeast 212 0 Tue, 6:51pm
                           Missed opportunity Otaku-sempai 204 0 Tue, 7:17pm
                           This is what I meant as well. Arannir 18 0 8:07am
       Collapse You must remember that apart from RotK and AUJ, Warner Bros. put time limits on the films // Bofur01 573 6 Tue, 6:52am
         Collapse Why NOT? Sit back & Relax!.. Fully aware...... Bombadil 560 1 Tue, 7:43am
               OH? there.. is ONE more thing to Think about? Bombadil 539 0 Tue, 8:04am
           Collapse Warner Bros. did not put a time limit on any of the LOTR films, lionoferebor 359 3 Tue, 12:51pm
               Collapse Yes Smaug the iron 303 2 Tue, 1:22pm
                   I think Disney knows what it's doing though... AshNazg 82 0 12:35am
                   Yes... Dipling 37 0 7:00am
       How long it will be Never_Underestimate_A_Dwarf 445 0 Tue, 10:43am
       That's absolutely ridiculous, because - Gandalf the Green 171 0 Tue, 8:30pm

  Collapse Witch King at Dol Goldur - EE? Faramir74 572 13 Mon, 7:50pm Jump to last post in thread (by Arannir)
       Collapse I think Smaug the iron 535 4 Mon, 8:03pm
         Collapse WE did see him & Radagast took his Blade Bombadil 509 3 Mon, 8:28pm
               Collapse Good point Faramir74 487 2 Mon, 8:50pm
                   It's the same Blade that stabbed Frodo. Bombadil 457 0 Mon, 9:31pm
                   blade Mooseboy018 336 0 Tue, 2:52am
       He's there DainPig 407 0 Mon, 10:57pm
       Collapse Did you know it's NOT the Witch King that attacks Radagast in AUJ? AshNazg 184 6 Tue, 3:41pm
           Um, it IS the Witchking... ThorinsNemesis 174 0 Tue, 3:46pm
           Collapse Probably Khamul had the "cooler" crown. Arannir 42 4 8:10am
               Collapse Witchking's helmet... ThorinsNemesis 31 3 8:45am
                   Collapse I know that there are logical reasons for it... Arannir 28 2 8:47am
                       Collapse ROTK design ThorinsNemesis 23 1 8:49am
                           I like their general look, as well. Arannir 21 0 8:51am

  Collapse The three Smaug the iron 416 4 Mon, 2:23pm Jump to last post in thread (by Spriggan)
       Is there any reason to think they will be used? // dormouse 354 0 Mon, 3:42pm
       Collapse Not at all? Otaku-sempai 359 2 Mon, 3:44pm
           Philippa Boyens Smaug the iron 338 0 Mon, 4:05pm
           Although... Spriggan 278 0 Mon, 5:47pm

  Collapse More work needed by actors for BOFA EE? Jeffrodo 1061 36 Mon, 11:10am Jump to last post in thread (by Arannir)
       Collapse I wonder if... Legolas_Shoehorn 956 25 Mon, 12:21pm
           Collapse I doubt it Glorfindela 917 17 Mon, 1:10pm
               Collapse Oh yes! Goldeneye 831 9 Mon, 2:54pm
                 Collapse Gloomily Avandel 826 1 Mon, 3:02pm
                       haha Goldeneye 818 0 Mon, 3:04pm
                   Collapse There is no need for you to do it anyway... // dormouse 763 6 Mon, 3:48pm
                       Collapse Oh... Goldeneye 616 5 Mon, 5:28pm
                           Collapse You don't need to, you want to.... dormouse 579 4 Mon, 6:03pm
                               Collapse Well... Goldeneye 565 3 Mon, 6:15pm
                                   Collapse And I'd say that no one, but no one... dormouse 526 2 Mon, 6:44pm
                                       Collapse Again... Goldeneye 337 1 Mon, 7:07pm
                                           There is something intrinsic about the film makers version, particularly EE squiggle 264 0 Mon, 10:47pm
             Collapse *Sigh* - I wish PJ had read the critc who commented re the BOFA pace... Avandel 832 6 Mon, 2:55pm
                   Collapse Yes, to this, Avandel Glorfindela 811 5 Mon, 3:15pm
                       Collapse The horse Smaug the iron 796 4 Mon, 3:28pm
                           Collapse Er, not on my copy of the disk Glorfindela 701 3 Mon, 4:26pm
                               Collapse Well Smaug the iron 670 2 Mon, 4:35pm
                                   Collapse Still odd to me. Glorfindela 597 1 Mon, 5:42pm
                                       Gandalf dosenīt move Smaug the iron 568 0 Mon, 6:08pm
           It is the property of the studio(s) now....Warner, MGM, New LIne, WingNut, 3Foot 7 etc. Eruonen 896 0 Mon, 1:23pm
           Collapse Why would they want to? dormouse 771 5 Mon, 3:47pm
               Collapse "Couldn't be done" Arannir 173 4 Tue, 8:18am
                   Collapse That wasn't a quotation, Arannir, and it wasn't meant to be... dormouse 161 3 Tue, 9:22am
                       Collapse Nor did I think you quoted them. Arannir 146 2 Tue, 9:46am
                           Collapse Agreed Goldeneye 91 1 Tue, 3:52pm
                               Showdown Arannir 18 0 8:13am
       Collapse It's an interesting idea, Jeffrodo.... dormouse 743 2 Mon, 3:59pm
           Collapse Agree, once again w/ dmouse... Bombadil 709 1 Mon, 4:24pm
               Also, how do we know John Howe Bombadil 681 0 Mon, 4:29pm
       Collapse PJ has always completed his films at the last minute Elanor of Rohan 716 6 Mon, 4:25pm
           Collapse "Fix" Mooseboy018 570 3 Mon, 6:11pm
               Collapse Just curious... lionoferebor 244 2 Mon, 11:42pm
                   Collapse PJ and Graham McTavish Mooseboy018 219 1 Tue, 2:48am
                       Final product lionoferebor 201 0 Tue, 4:53am
           You are not the only one... lionoferebor 245 0 Mon, 11:37pm
           Finish at the last minute Kilidoescartwheels 218 0 Tue, 1:53am

  Collapse Gandalf's vision of Smaug through the Dol Guldur palantir? ThorinsNemesis 728 29 Sun, 7:40pm Jump to last post in thread (by ThorinsNemesis)
       Collapse Here's my theory of how that scene fitted in... AshNazg 676 4 Sun, 7:48pm
           Collapse So... ThorinsNemesis 665 3 Sun, 7:58pm
               I'd love to see it! arithmancer 653 0 Sun, 8:02pm
               Collapse I really doubt we'll see it... AshNazg 654 1 Sun, 8:03pm
                   BOTFA EE ThorinsNemesis 639 0 Sun, 8:13pm
       Collapse It was scored for the DOS EE... // Bofur01 654 6 Sun, 7:59pm
           Collapse That scene might be connected with Sauron torturing Gandalf Milieuterrien 622 3 Sun, 8:39pm
               Collapse I actually didn't think about that... ThorinsNemesis 612 2 Sun, 8:47pm
                   Collapse If so, we could have a very different beginning to the EE movie Milieuterrien 599 1 Sun, 9:04pm
                       Indeed ThorinsNemesis 592 0 Sun, 9:10pm
           Collapse That's not strictly true... Shagrat 567 1 Sun, 9:51pm
               There's a look that Gandalf gives Pippin... AshNazg 560 0 Sun, 9:58pm
       Collapse It seems the Palantir was a casualty of the 3 movie split sycorax82 649 2 Sun, 8:09pm
         Collapse WOWie ! What an Amazing MOOT All of the Above are having Bombadil 487 1 Mon, 1:42am
               Palantir vision ThorinsNemesis 448 0 Mon, 4:05am
       Collapse Not a real palantir? Otaku-sempai 435 3 Mon, 5:08am
           Collapse Then ThorinsNemesis 430 2 Mon, 5:25am
               Collapse Perhaps you are right. Otaku-sempai 421 1 Mon, 5:41am
                   Palantir in Dol Guldur ThorinsNemesis 420 0 Mon, 5:52am
       Collapse The EE needs a lot of work to make BotFA a good movie. Arannir 157 8 Tue, 8:11am
           Collapse Despite that ThorinsNemesis 140 5 Tue, 10:18am
               Collapse You should :) Arannir 132 4 Tue, 10:56am
                 Collapse We shouldn't despair... ThorinsNemesis 125 3 Tue, 11:19am
                       Collapse If you really hope for it.... dormouse 89 2 Tue, 1:19pm
                         Collapse I always try to be positive when it comes to the Hobbit movies ThorinsNemesis 81 1 Tue, 1:54pm
                               Now that's what I like to hear... dormouse 76 0 Tue, 2:06pm
           Collapse There's almost certainly a finished version of it... Eleniel 64 1 Tue, 2:29pm
             There's really an almost finished version of it? ThorinsNemesis 48 0 Tue, 2:53pm
     Wouldn't Smaug the Tyrannical be in his Element! squiggle 137 0 Tue, 10:19am

  Collapse The gems of Lasgalen and the necklace of Girion AshNazg 367 6 Sun, 5:40pm Jump to last post in thread (by Milieuterrien)
       Collapse If the plot line is included... Pandallo 294 5 Sun, 7:09pm
           Collapse Ah, good point. AshNazg 270 3 Sun, 7:40pm
               Collapse The gems/Thranduil's wife arithmancer 254 2 Sun, 8:00pm
                   Going back to my Girion Necklace AshNazg 252 0 Sun, 8:06pm
                   Thranduil is the more able to help Men Milieuterrien 231 0 Sun, 8:49pm
           Much left to speculation there. Milieuterrien 264 0 Sun, 7:51pm

  Collapse Beorn's references in DOS: Extended Edition? ThorinsNemesis 851 34 Sat, 11:51am Jump to last post in thread (by ThorinsNemesis)
       Collapse Angmar's borders Otaku-sempai 789 16 Sat, 11:58am
           Collapse But... ThorinsNemesis 781 15 Sat, 12:06pm
               Collapse Angmar's borders (elaborated) Otaku-sempai 771 14 Sat, 12:18pm
                   Collapse Hmm... ThorinsNemesis 758 13 Sat, 12:34pm
                       Collapse Bilbo planting the acorn Otaku-sempai 729 12 Sat, 1:11pm
                           Collapse Thanks for the text info... ThorinsNemesis 721 11 Sat, 1:16pm
                               Collapse Raising the dead Otaku-sempai 713 10 Sat, 1:27pm
                                   Collapse So... ThorinsNemesis 705 9 Sat, 1:40pm
                                       Collapse The Nazgul in Angmar Otaku-sempai 684 8 Sat, 2:11pm
                                           Collapse The Nazgul ThorinsNemesis 675 7 Sat, 2:28pm
                                             Collapse Excellent Analysis..SSOoo..could the WitchKing? Bombadil 637 5 Sat, 3:54pm
                                                 Palantir, the Witchking ThorinsNemesis 607 0 Sat, 4:40pm
                                                   Collapse The Witch-king was also imprisoned. Otaku-sempai 543 3 Sat, 6:59pm
                                                       Collapse Sauron and Angmar ThorinsNemesis 533 2 Sat, 7:08pm
                                                           Collapse Perhaps Otaku-sempai 526 1 Sat, 7:13pm
                                                               Yeah, most likely... ThorinsNemesis 522 0 Sat, 7:17pm
                                               Beorn Otaku-sempai 543 0 Sat, 6:56pm
       Different take on it.... dormouse 550 0 Sat, 6:45pm
       Collapse How Old is Beorn Supposed to Be? MyWeeLadGimli 441 7 Sat, 11:40pm
           Collapse Beorn's age Otaku-sempai 434 6 Sun, 12:16am
               Beorn ThorinsNemesis 372 0 Sun, 6:46am
               Collapse Geas and the Battle of the Five Armies? ThorinsNemesis 346 4 Sun, 8:19am
                   Collapse "...he is under no enchantment but his own." Otaku-sempai 306 3 Sun, 11:08am
                       Collapse Harmed someone who he cated about... ThorinsNemesis 272 2 Sun, 12:31pm
                           Collapse Maybe Otaku-sempai 198 1 Sun, 12:46pm
                               Well... ThorinsNemesis 196 0 Sun, 12:56pm
       Collapse This reference appears again and again... Lieutenant of Dol Guldur 176 6 Sun, 4:12pm
           Collapse Sauron? ThorinsNemesis 159 4 Sun, 4:56pm
               Collapse I think you're assuming too much about the meaning of dormouse 136 3 Sun, 5:33pm
                   Collapse Well... ThorinsNemesis 132 2 Sun, 5:40pm
                       Collapse Sauron ruling ME darthgandalf99 42 1 Tue, 3:55pm
                           But ThorinsNemesis 33 0 Tue, 5:40pm
           "Not since a darker power ruled these lands." Otaku-sempai 95 0 Mon, 5:27am
       I think it's definitely Sauron Bishop 151 0 Sun, 5:02pm

  Collapse What if The Master of Laketown had taken Alfrid's role in BOFA? Goldeneye 848 61 Fri, 7:54pm Jump to last post in thread (by squiggle)
       No Glorfindela 719 0 Fri, 8:05pm
       Alfrid is probably worse than Jar Jar Binks Gandalf the Green 705 0 Fri, 8:39pm
       Collapse Well, it can't be much worse than the version we are given. DanielLB 678 18 Fri, 9:55pm
           Collapse Well said Daniel Michelle Johnston 394 17 Sat, 3:47pm
               Collapse All that would have been great Milieuterrien 375 16 Sat, 4:31pm
                   Collapse Then it's a shame... DanielLB 360 14 Sat, 5:43pm
                       Collapse Nothing new here Milieuterrien 331 13 Sat, 6:35pm
                           Collapse You know... Otaku-sempai 310 10 Sat, 7:21pm
                               Collapse If so, why do children know so much about fairy tales, Milieuterrien 425 8 Sat, 7:37pm
                                   Collapse Blame Victoria Otaku-sempai 411 6 Sat, 7:46pm
                                       Collapse Blame victorian attitude ? Milieuterrien 356 5 Sat, 10:54pm
                                           Collapse That sounds like an ancient complaint. Otaku-sempai 346 4 Sun, 12:09am
                                               Collapse Your answer illustrates what I say Milieuterrien 319 2 Sun, 7:19am
                                                   Collapse The Scientific Method Otaku-sempai 274 1 Sun, 11:21am
                                                       Sure ! Milieuterrien 266 0 Sun, 11:26am
                                               Historical accuracy Glorfindela 301 0 Sun, 7:45am
                                   I think you misunderstand DanielB's use of 'shame'. Ataahua 379 0 Sat, 9:16pm
                               Indeed – that's so true Glorfindela 410 0 Sat, 7:46pm
                           Collapse LOL. There's no point preaching to me. DanielLB 406 1 Sat, 8:09pm
                               I don't see in the Battle of the Five Armies Milieuterrien 351 0 Sun, 12:04am
                   Disagree Goldeneye 244 0 Sun, 1:40pm
       Collapse Two things. And some more. Milieuterrien 674 1 Fri, 10:11pm
           MOST EXCELLENT post Bombadil 556 0 Sat, 5:09am
       Both characters... Avnar 610 0 Sat, 1:10am
       In order to provide more insight into Bard's character Loresilme 611 0 Sat, 1:29am
       Collapse I enjoy Alfrid squiggle 590 2 Sat, 3:15am
           huh? Goldeneye 577 0 Sat, 3:34am
           I can't tell if you love Alfrid or hate him Bishop 564 0 Sat, 4:13am
       Collapse I seem to be in the minority Turnip Head 564 3 Sat, 4:58am
         Collapse WE have been OVER this Before..In Fact another Bombadil 561 2 Sat, 5:06am
               Collapse Bomby, you know the rules. entmaiden 416 1 Sat, 3:19pm
                   Sorry. Bombadil 400 0 Sat, 3:39pm
       Collapse He couldn't have taken Alfrid's role dormouse 527 26 Sat, 7:38am
           Collapse Getting the Master out of the way meant having Bard in charge Milieuterrien 509 14 Sat, 8:24am
               Collapse These last posts by dmouse & Milie couldn't Bombadil 443 11 Sat, 2:24pm
                   Collapse Did Alfrid advance any plot though? Goldeneye 238 10 Sun, 1:52pm
                       Collapse Ah story telling pay off Michelle Johnston 171 9 Sun, 4:19pm
                           Collapse Yes.... dormouse 146 8 Sun, 5:45pm
                               Collapse Toned down, maybe but... Milieuterrien 128 7 Sun, 7:13pm
                                   Collapse Not for me. DanielLB 177 6 Mon, 9:09am
                                       Collapse Seconded Glorfindela 136 5 Mon, 1:11pm
                                           Collapse Same here.... dormouse 117 4 Mon, 3:41pm
                                               Collapse No more Alfrid please Elanor of Rohan 98 2 Mon, 4:27pm
                                                   Collapse Reconstruction? Otaku-sempai 83 1 Mon, 6:25pm
                                                       No, I don't Elanor of Rohan 76 0 Mon, 6:46pm
                                               Alrid has more potential for an Arc than the Master squiggle 45 0 Tue, 5:50am
               Collapse Yes, I agree. Hobbity Hobbit 433 1 Sat, 2:30pm
                   Yes, PJ kept Bard's 'coming from nowhere' Milieuterrien 417 0 Sat, 3:03pm
           Collapse Use your imagination! Goldeneye 236 10 Sun, 2:05pm
               Collapse WHy... arithmancer 228 2 Sun, 2:17pm
                   Collapse Yes, and that's how Alfrid functions as a foil for Bard Milieuterrien 214 1 Sun, 2:38pm
                       re: Goldeneye 196 0 Sun, 2:59pm
               Collapse I am using my imagination.... dormouse 201 5 Sun, 3:12pm
                   Collapse Really though Goldeneye 104 1 Sun, 8:58pm
                       No, not incorrect at all... dormouse 237 0 Sun, 10:49pm
                   Collapse If the Master had survived... Otaku-sempai 200 2 Mon, 5:37am
                       Collapse Well yes, I think so.... dormouse 184 1 Mon, 7:23am
                           Master of The Lake Michelle Johnston 149 0 Mon, 12:22pm
               My imagination is just fine, I think. Spriggan 117 0 Sun, 8:01pm
       Who knows? The two characters would fulfil very different roles. Spriggan 279 0 Sun, 11:09am
       Bard didn't mind having authority over Alfrid in BoTF Armies, i think he enjoyed it squiggle 230 0 Sun, 11:21pm

  Collapse Lake-men and Bilbo planting the acorn in Dale? ThorinsNemesis 773 28 Fri, 1:19pm Jump to last post in thread (by Otaku-sempai)
       Collapse Planting the acorn! Loresilme 683 1 Fri, 1:35pm
           Acorn; and Lake-men ThorinsNemesis 674 0 Fri, 1:39pm
       Collapse It would be funny Milieuterrien 639 1 Fri, 2:42pm
           Yes, really funny ThorinsNemesis 611 0 Fri, 3:22pm
       Collapse Some discrepancies seem to be there Milieuterrien 590 12 Fri, 4:08pm
           Collapse I don't find Tolkien's interpretation realistic ThorinsNemesis 566 11 Fri, 4:38pm
               Collapse According to Bilbo Smaug the iron 551 8 Fri, 4:42pm
                   Collapse FOTR and the Hobbit ThorinsNemesis 543 7 Fri, 5:00pm
                       Collapse He maybe mean Smaug the iron 539 5 Fri, 5:13pm
                           Collapse Not sure in the movies, but possible ThorinsNemesis 526 4 Fri, 5:25pm
                               Dale was rebuilt first Smaug the iron 512 0 Fri, 5:34pm
                               Collapse Both were rebuilt, IMO. arithmancer 490 2 Fri, 5:58pm
                                   IMMIGRATION! YES.. Bombadil 477 0 Fri, 6:13pm
                                   They were both rebuilt in time, that's for sure ThorinsNemesis 468 0 Fri, 6:17pm
                       Bomby's Guess? Since Bard is the ONLY Heir of Girion.. Bombadil 530 0 Fri, 5:27pm
               Collapse I really don't know Milieuterrien 523 1 Fri, 5:29pm
                   Laketown and Dale ThorinsNemesis 501 0 Fri, 5:47pm
       Collapse It is very possible. Otaku-sempai 451 8 Fri, 6:57pm
           Collapse Dale and Laketown rebuilt ThorinsNemesis 437 7 Fri, 7:13pm
               Collapse Thanks. Otaku-sempai 427 6 Fri, 7:21pm
                   Collapse I read it somewhere... ThorinsNemesis 419 5 Fri, 7:25pm
                       No; Tolkien never indicated that. Otaku-sempai 394 0 Fri, 7:50pm
                       Collapse "..To Re-build Esgaroth 10 Times over!" Bombadil 394 3 Fri, 8:00pm
                           Collapse Um...Bomby? Otaku-sempai 128 2 Fri, 11:47pm
                               Collapse Wrong, NOT according to Karen's Atlas. Bombadil 112 1 Sat, 2:58am
                                   Bomby? They were BOTH Esgaroth Otaku-sempai 77 0 Sat, 11:43am
       Collapse But... CathrineB 334 1 Fri, 10:49pm
           Bilbo plants the acorn in Dale because... ThorinsNemesis 100 0 Sat, 5:27am

  Collapse The Peter Jackson Film School? Bumblingidiot 706 7 Fri, 11:14am Jump to last post in thread (by Spriggan)
       I know what this is Glorfindela 505 0 Fri, 8:09pm
       HAHAHA this is great stuff Mr. Arkenstone (isaac) 356 0 Sat, 10:35am
       lol lonelymountainhermit 319 0 Sat, 2:02pm
       Fictional and offensive Milieuterrien 311 0 Sat, 2:44pm
       Excellent idea, Bumblingidiot... dormouse 251 0 Sat, 7:12pm
       Well... Elarie 117 0 Mon, 11:43am
       Entry requirements: Spriggan 84 0 Mon, 5:31pm

  Collapse DOS: Feast of Starlight ... A potential great scene Legolas_Shoehorn 837 8 May 27, 8:48pm Jump to last post in thread (by DainPig)
       I also regret the absence of that scene Milieuterrien 766 0 May 27, 9:03pm
       Agree... that's for sure an head-scratcher // xxxyyy 747 0 May 27, 9:16pm
       Collapse I think there is no gonna be a debate in this :) Mr. Arkenstone (isaac) 716 2 May 27, 9:54pm
         Collapse Maybe PJ will show Deleted Scenes in the EE Extras? Bombadil 654 1 May 28, 1:05am
               Let's Adrianna 646 0 May 28, 1:28am
       Collapse Nope, can't say I care about a Feast of Starlight scene. Noria 499 1 May 28, 12:18pm
         PJ did make a comment why they left it out.. Bombadil 409 0 May 28, 5:16pm
       Why not? DainPig 71 0 Mon, 10:46pm

  Collapse Funeral Smaug the iron 1181 48 May 27, 6:26pm Jump to last post in thread (by DainPig)
       Collapse Bilbo & Gandalf for sure Kilidoescartwheels 1022 3 May 27, 6:51pm
           Collapse *snigger* Avandel 961 1 May 27, 8:19pm
               The Funeral Roheryn1 522 0 May 28, 6:46pm
           Legolas Mooseboy018 830 0 May 28, 12:02am
       Collapse Tauriel Goldeneye 1012 12 May 27, 6:59pm
         Collapse Yes Avandel 942 9 May 27, 8:47pm
               Collapse I can see it now... CathrineB 897 3 May 27, 9:52pm
                   Collapse There is one...maybe two Avandel 795 2 May 28, 1:57am
                       Tauriel Mooseboy018 782 0 May 28, 2:36am
                       Yeah but CathrineB 680 0 May 28, 10:08am
               Collapse Grumblings over ROTK lionoferebor 848 4 May 27, 11:37pm
                   Collapse I'm Negative Nancy now, but.. CathrineB 839 3 May 27, 11:56pm
                       Collapse I was somewhat Hopeful Holly... lionoferebor 474 2 May 28, 11:35pm
                           Collapse Pestimistic, really ? Milieuterrien 426 1 May 29, 9:17am
                               I like the word but my post has been edited by something else than me. Milieuterrien 385 0 Fri, 2:45pm
           Collapse Please no Never_Underestimate_A_Dwarf 894 1 May 27, 9:57pm
             Expect the Unexpected, that's Bomby's Mantra../// Bombadil 848 0 May 27, 11:08pm
       Mmm! Adrianna 817 0 May 28, 12:43am
       Many funerals to dispatch Milieuterrien 633 0 May 28, 12:39pm
       Collapse Well Shagrat 625 19 May 28, 1:51pm
           Collapse Image too big. Otaku-sempai 596 7 May 28, 2:18pm
               Collapse Resized. dernwyn 510 6 May 28, 4:09pm
                   Collapse Hmmm Avandel 323 5 Sat, 12:32am
                       Collapse And the party dernwyn 256 4 Sat, 1:29pm
                           *Grins* Avandel 199 0 Sat, 5:58pm
                           Collapse A River runs through it Kim 186 2 Sat, 6:12pm
                             Collapse There would have been fireworks, too... Avandel 142 1 Sat, 9:24pm
                                   Loving this scenario :D Ilmatar 87 0 Sun, 10:35pm
           Collapse Why would you expect Thranduil to be there with none of his people? dormouse 571 10 May 28, 3:05pm
               Collapse Well a few guards perhaps... Shagrat 558 7 May 28, 3:12pm
                   Collapse Well yes.... dormouse 538 6 May 28, 3:33pm
                       Collapse Well that's why I mentioned Thranduil Shagrat 528 5 May 28, 3:45pm
                           Collapse Fair enough.... dormouse 516 4 May 28, 4:03pm
                               Collapse That she has an expressed concern with them burying Kili Shagrat 513 3 May 28, 4:08pm
                                   Collapse Huh? arithmancer 557 2 May 28, 4:21pm
                                       Collapse Not if she is uncomfortable with the idea of the Dwarves burying Kili according to their custom Shagrat 551 1 May 28, 4:24pm
                                           If no Elves are there probably not. arithmancer 545 0 May 28, 4:27pm
               Collapse Because of the book? Otaku-sempai 560 1 May 28, 4:16pm
                   Sorry, what I meant was.... dormouse 558 0 May 28, 4:24pm
       Collapse No Elves, I would imagine Glorfindela 332 5 Fri, 11:28pm
           Collapse Digression: Elves at Helm's Deep Otaku-sempai 327 4 Fri, 11:53pm
               Collapse Sorry, but I disagree Glorfindela 298 3 Sat, 9:19am
                   Collapse Yeah me too CathrineB 287 2 Sat, 10:11am
                       A matter of convenience? Glorfindela 273 0 Sat, 10:48am
                       Maybe overanalyzing? Kilidoescartwheels 241 0 Sat, 1:47pm
       Collapse I wouldn't mind Tauriel attending and having a minimal role as part of Thranduil's guard MatthewJer18 197 1 Sat, 5:59pm
           Given the TE, I don't see Tauriel among Thranduils guards Milieuterrien 164 0 Sat, 7:08pm
       My opinion DainPig 43 0 Mon, 11:21pm
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