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Movie Discussion: The Hobbit
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  Sticky: Thread Locked Welcome to the Hobbit Movie board! Altaira 131577 0 May 24 2008, 1:58am Jump to last post in thread (by Altaira)

  Sticky: How Best to Contact an Admin for Help Kyriel 102902 0 Mar 31 2009, 10:46pm Jump to last post in thread (by Kyriel)

  Collapse Sticky: The courtesy of our hall is somewhat lessened of late. (Admin Announcement, ALL PLEASE READ) Silverlode 21006 90 Aug 28 2012, 7:08pm Jump to last post in thread (by entmaiden)

  Collapse Sticky: AUJ Chapter of the Week (CHOW) Sign-up for March & April 2014! cats16 583 22 Mar 4, 2:35am Jump to last post in thread (by BlackFox)

Collapse Sticky: Hobbit Movie Survey by "The Hobbit Audience Project" Altaira 318 1 Mar 27, 3:52am Jump to last post in thread (by CaroMichelle)

Collapse Blue Wizards con There and Back Again?!?!?! Eruthurin 292 6 4:02pm Jump to last post in thread (by burgahobbit)
       Collapse I Faleel 154 1 4:46pm
           Nor me...but... Eruthurin 118 0 5:02pm
       Collapse You really think someone would do that, bungobaggins 76 1 6:00pm
           Reminds me of wonderinglinguist 55 0 56 mins ago
       Collapse PJ and co. don't have the rights to the Unfinished Tales... Bofur01 9 1 10 mins ago
           Yep burgahobbit 1 0 1 min ago

  Collapse Conflicting accounts on the scale of the BOFA? **possible spoilers** Arandir 272 3 3:52pm Jump to last post in thread (by Avandel)
       Scale doesn't mean scale Fleuz 156 0 4:12pm
       It has to be the most 'insane' battle ever Annatar598 66 0 5:55pm
       I'm gonna go with it will be epic and mindblowing Avandel 11 0 15 mins ago

Collapse DOS EE Dipling 788 26 10:15am Jump to last post in thread (by Estel78)
       Collapse Oh dear... NecromancerRising 529 3 10:27am
           "whining book lovers" Bumblingidiot 324 0 1:19pm
           Collapse Since when was it an 'either' 'or' situation SafeUnderHill 244 1 2:31pm
               Never. NecromancerRising 54 0 47 mins ago
       Dipling: Glorfindela 438 0 10:49am
       Collapse Well that corroborates Martin Freeman's testimony Shagrat 463 3 10:50am
           Collapse Agree. NecromancerRising 417 1 10:55am
               I sure hope you're right. Would love to have those quiet scenes / / Lurker in the Mirk 306 0 12:40pm
           Yes, MF said it occurs the morning after their arrival... Eleniel 313 0 12:58pm
       Cool Elessar 342 0 12:10pm
       Collapse Maybe they'll include it in the Special Features but not in the EE itself? Loresilme 333 5 12:38pm
           Collapse Yes - totally agree w. your post Avandel 252 4 2:03pm
               "So you are the one they call Oakenshield" Shagrat 258 0 2:11pm
               Collapse It's quite possible that... tsmith675 235 2 2:26pm
                   Collapse And Faleel 225 1 2:35pm
                       Oooh - love the idea of replacement scenes Avandel 51 0 44 mins ago
       I can almost guarantee that it will be in the EE. tsmith675 281 0 1:55pm
       How I think it will pan out: LordotRings93 222 0 2:51pm
       Collapse Funny thing about not including an introduction to each dwarf. . . Shadow&Flame 151 1 4:49pm
           Totally agree about the abrutptness of some scenes Avandel 35 0 37 mins ago
       Collapse After what happened with AUJ SEE, i keep my expectations regarding the amount of new scenes low Estel78 90 3 6:00pm
           Collapse Same here PredatoR 68 2 58 mins ago
               I would love it too burgahobbit 7 0 6 mins ago
               I don't think they are holding anything back for the "ultimate edition" Estel78 1 0 2 mins ago
       Collapse The original reason for the gradual introduction has been lost Michelle Johnston 49 1 42 mins ago
           Michelle i agree NecromancerRising 36 0 37 mins ago

  Collapse Does Legolas stab Bolg with Orcrist? boldog 271 2 9:09am Jump to last post in thread (by DwellerInDale)
       He dodged it. tsmith675 112 0 12:57pm
       Bolg pivots and grabs the top of the blade DwellerInDale 72 0 2:58pm

  Moved: HobbitCon 2 hosts spectacular European fan weekend News from Bree - - 5:44am Jump to last post in thread (by News from Bree)

  Collapse Thread Locked Box Office Adjusted... patrickk 274 1 5:05am Jump to last post in thread (by entmaiden)
       Thread Locked Please continue the discussion in the current thread entmaiden 42 0 1:27pm

  Collapse a chance PJ could go back and improve Azog in AUJ? MouthofSauron 438 6 Tue, 11:52pm Jump to last post in thread (by Arandir)
       Collapse I was hoping his CGI would be improved for the EE. tsmith675 239 1 12:50am
           yeah…bummer MouthofSauron 215 0 1:08am
       Collapse Absolutely no Arandir 151 3 6:52am
           Collapse Hmmm MouthofSauron 139 2 7:00am
               Agree. NecromancerRising 130 0 7:07am
               Well, I'm sure that Arandir 46 0 3:24pm

  Collapse DOS Finishes Domestic Box Office Run cats16 535 5 Tue, 8:22pm Jump to last post in thread (by Elessar)
       The first TABA trailer will bring a mix of emotions! Avandel 255 0 Tue, 9:26pm
       Collapse A bit less than i expected Skaan 254 3 Tue, 9:27pm
           Collapse A little less Elessar 69 2 2:41pm
               Collapse Same here... cats16 42 1 4:31pm
                   Agreed :-) Elessar 5 0 23 mins ago

  Collapse What are the odds of Gollum Appearing in TABA? pacochoa 593 10 Tue, 7:25pm Jump to last post in thread (by painjoiker)
       I wouldn't be surprised.... Bofur01 376 0 Tue, 7:29pm
       Collapse The odds aren't good... FrogmortonJustice65 358 2 Tue, 7:37pm
           A "ForeSHADOWing" Moment has been discussed here... Bombadil 339 0 Tue, 7:48pm
           We actually have burgahobbit 305 0 Tue, 8:13pm
       A cameo... davidjUK 312 0 Tue, 7:59pm
       I don't see how they could include SafeUnderHill 237 0 Tue, 9:32pm
       Perhaps a bit more than a cameo, my precious... Otaku-sempai 242 0 Tue, 9:48pm
       Godzilla ghost_matt 223 0 Tue, 10:10pm
       Probably. Farficom 170 0 12:12am
       I bet that if we get more Gollum, painjoiker 150 0 3:14am

  Collapse Elrond's armor Óintment 587 5 Tue, 2:48pm Jump to last post in thread (by Óintment)
       Fantastic username by the way. Imladris18 264 0 Tue, 2:56pm
       Collapse That behind the scenes segment is one of my favorites Eruvandi 280 3 Tue, 3:07pm
           They talk about this stuff in the Chronicle books ... Defiant 132 0 Tue, 9:47pm
           Collapse Me too! Loresilme 32 1 1:06pm
               considering hugo weaving Óintment 16 0 4:23pm

  Collapse Could Legolas get a scar similar to Thranduils? Bernhardina 600 10 Tue, 10:19am Jump to last post in thread (by Loresilme)
       Yeah Beorn's Bees 312 0 Tue, 10:35am
       A whole of hurt would be cool... but not like Daddy's Lurker in the Mirk 281 0 Tue, 12:23pm
       Collapse no book Gandalf 290 3 Tue, 12:36pm
           Collapse Agree, book Gandalf Glorfindela 254 2 Tue, 1:35pm
             Lets be nice to the op DaughterofLaketown 95 0 Tue, 11:39pm
               Agree CathrineB 40 0 10:41am
       I don't think so. tsmith675 230 0 Tue, 1:48pm
       It is not necessary. NecromancerRising 219 0 Tue, 2:01pm
       Meh. Eruvandi 208 0 Tue, 2:25pm
       I expect Legolas' hurt will be emotional rather than physical Loresilme 29 0 12:44pm

  Collapse A new thought on Dwarves v Smaug, and Thorin Kilidoescartwheels 559 9 Tue, 4:06am Jump to last post in thread (by DaughterofLaketown)
       I think when Thorin realized smaug had survived the "gold bath" MouthofSauron 339 0 Tue, 4:37am
       He was probably thinking Lurker in the Mirk 277 0 Tue, 7:51am
       Collapse With all these changes Bumblingidiot 220 1 Tue, 12:06pm
           Groan DaughterofLaketown 69 0 Tue, 10:18pm
       Collapse Actually seeing how far gone Thror was... iduna 149 4 Tue, 5:52pm
           Collapse what look are you referring to? MouthofSauron 115 3 Tue, 7:42pm
               Collapse No, I'm talking about before that. iduna 103 2 Tue, 8:06pm
                   Collapse Oh MouthofSauron 87 1 Tue, 8:48pm
                       yeah, that could be it iduna 86 0 Tue, 8:54pm

  Collapse Richard Armitage talks about wanting to do more Thorin. Imladris18 846 8 Tue, 2:12am Jump to last post in thread (by Radagast-Aiwendil)
       Collapse People's comments are so annoying on IGN. tsmith675 402 4 Tue, 4:05am
           Collapse Oh, I know. They're almost as bad as Youtube comments. Imladris18 239 3 Tue, 1:14pm
               Collapse IGN is usually very pro-PJ and Hobbit Annatar598 220 2 Tue, 1:53pm
                   Collapse Yes, IGN themselves seem to be. Imladris18 204 1 Tue, 2:10pm
                       Cringe-inducing is the right phrase... Radagast-Aiwendil 42 0 5:43am
       Collapse Thank you - I wish! Avandel 225 2 Tue, 2:06pm
           Collapse The key is that they'd have to be quality. Imladris18 209 1 Tue, 2:17pm
               Absolutely re quality Avandel 99 0 Tue, 9:10pm

  Collapse What was your original impression of Bard? Otaku-sempai 502 14 Tue, 12:44am Jump to last post in thread (by Avandel)
       Hmmmm Name 296 0 Tue, 12:59am
       Collapse It was not my orginal idea of him DaughterofLaketown 294 1 Tue, 1:03am
           I do have to admit... Otaku-sempai 286 0 Tue, 1:06am
       I totally agree MirielCelebel 255 0 Tue, 2:00am
       I like the portrayal Glorfindela 200 0 Tue, 8:54am
       My impression Bernhardina 179 0 Tue, 10:26am
       Collapse My impression was that Bard was a character about whom we knew little except that he was called grim and was a great (or lucky) archer. Noria 160 1 Tue, 11:56am
           The Clouds Gather on Film. Otaku-sempai 100 0 Tue, 3:47pm
       Collapse Do you mean movie or book? Avandel 133 2 Tue, 2:15pm
           Collapse Reply to Avandel: was thinking of Bard from the book. Otaku-sempai 107 1 Tue, 3:34pm
               Re the book it was negative Avandel 50 0 Tue, 9:50pm
       Before I saw the movies Eruvandi 131 0 Tue, 2:41pm
       Great Job by All IdrilofGondolin 108 0 Tue, 3:37pm
       One of the best things NecromancerRising 104 0 Tue, 4:23pm

  Collapse Check out Bombur being carried in Mirkwood News from Bree 309 2 Mon, 11:43pm Jump to last post in thread (by MouthofSauron)
       Thanks for this Lurker in the Mirk 138 0 Tue, 9:27am
       EE baby! MouthofSauron 39 0 Tue, 11:55pm
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