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Movie Discussion: The Hobbit
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  Sticky: Thread Locked Welcome to the Hobbit Movie board! Altaira 155083 0 May 24 2008, 1:58am Jump to last post in thread (by Altaira)

  Sticky: How Best to Contact an Admin for Help Kyriel 114233 0 Mar 31 2009, 10:46pm Jump to last post in thread (by Kyriel)

  Sticky: The Courtesy of our Halls (Discussion Guidelines) Silverlode 14975 0 Oct 12 2014, 9:41pm Jump to last post in thread (by Silverlode)

  Collapse Sticky: NEW! Official Hobbit movie reviews - post them here! entmaiden 4967 85 Dec 29 2014, 1:40am Jump to last post in thread (by Dipling)

Collapse Sticky: Folks from the Uni of Waikato want to know YOUR opinion on BotFA! greendragon 3092 25 Jan 21, 4:17pm Jump to last post in thread (by elf-lady)

  Collapse Sticky: DOS Chapter of the Week (CHOW) Sign-up for February 2015! DanielLB 3065 17 Jan 23, 8:08pm Jump to last post in thread (by cats16)

  Lobelia Sackville-Baggins is in the AUJ EE Hobbity Hobbit 12 0 16 mins ago Jump to last post in thread (by Hobbity Hobbit)

  Collapse Why people don't like The Great Goblin? Thrain II 129 9 4:54pm Jump to last post in thread (by Farficom)
       For the most part, I was ok with him but I did not like his tree stump feet. Eruonen 106 0 5:24pm
       really liked him Mooseboy018 97 0 5:32pm
       I didn't know we were supposed to like him.... dormouse 75 0 6:01pm
       Didn't like him at first marary 75 0 6:01pm
       Collapse They don't? TheHutt 59 4 6:28pm
           Collapse Same here Elessar 36 2 54 mins ago
               Collapse Barry Humphries' Great Goblin Otaku-sempai 29 1 46 mins ago
                   For me too - the performance was anachronistic Noria 10 0 16 mins ago
           I'm with you on that. Farficom 5 0 8 mins ago

  Collapse Fredegar Bolger Turnip Head 324 5 Mon, 8:15pm Jump to last post in thread (by BlackFox)
       Collapse Did you know he makes a brief appearance in FOTR EE? BlackFox 308 4 Mon, 8:24pm
           Well now... Turnip Head 297 0 Mon, 8:36pm
           Collapse Huh. Faleel 289 2 Mon, 8:48pm
               Collapse TE Mooseboy018 230 1 Mon, 11:16pm
                   Yes, you're right BlackFox 51 0 4:16pm

  Collapse Any illustrations of the Nazgűl at Dol Guldur? Arandir 299 3 Mon, 7:58pm Jump to last post in thread (by Arandir)
       Nazgul Images Bofur's Hat 280 0 Mon, 8:11pm
       You need to buy Weta's art book ... Defiant 195 0 12:51am
       Many thanks! Arandir 18 0 6:52pm

  Collapse Doug Adams: Book on Music of The Hobbit? TheHutt 223 2 Mon, 6:02pm Jump to last post in thread (by Faleel)
       Yep Shagrat 202 0 Mon, 6:14pm
       There Faleel 184 0 Mon, 6:41pm

  Collapse Whats going to be in the BOFA EE?? Jettorex 516 5 Mon, 4:50pm Jump to last post in thread (by Voronwë_the_Faithful)
       Collapse This video should be really helpful: Bofur01 491 1 Mon, 5:06pm
           Thanks! Kilidoescartwheels 68 0 5:25pm
       Collapse Though not all of that is confirmed, I should add // Bofur01 484 2 Mon, 5:13pm
           Collapse B01 Thanks for finding THAT! Bombadil 191 1 10:43am
               You should thank Pryftan AW Voronwë_the_Faithful 46 0 6:10pm

Collapse Balin's burden? Bombadil 386 8 Mon, 4:18am Jump to last post in thread (by marary)
       I was very impressed shadowdog 189 0 Mon, 5:07pm
       Yes, Ken Stott was a brilliant Balin - Greenwood Hobbit 165 0 Mon, 6:41pm
       Collapse Balin is a great character DisDwarfWoman 118 4 12:57am
         Collapse Do you Think He may Mention... Moria?// Bombadil 107 3 1:41am
               Collapse hmm... DisDwarfWoman 108 2 1:52am
                   Collapse We got Fore-Shadowing from Trandy, SSOoo.. Bombadil 104 1 2:18am
                       tehe! DisDwarfWoman 97 0 2:33am
       I love Balin! marary 70 0 7:08am

  Collapse "Not my church!" Roheryn 795 35 Sun, 9:19pm Jump to last post in thread (by Brethil)
       Collapse I am sure there are some areas where I have had to re-listen to some dialogue Eruonen 673 1 Sun, 10:08pm
           There's this 70's song shadow0421 296 0 Mon, 2:31pm
     Collapse Not 'his church' - did he mean the bank? ;-) Brethil 668 6 Sun, 10:13pm
           Collapse Well, be logical. Roheryn 649 5 Sun, 10:41pm
             Collapse You're right. Its gotta be the map to Thorin's Hot Tub. Genius. // Brethil 113 4 Mon, 8:38pm
                   Collapse *casually saunters in* Kim 81 1 3:42am
                     I'm good at sharing. Sure I am. Here's the Chef with directions... Brethil 40 0 12:36pm
                   Collapse In other words, the Bath Map. // Silverlode 58 1 6:04am
                     *double snort* // Brethil 37 0 12:35pm
       "The Ring is my bird." Aragorn the Elfstone 661 0 Sun, 10:21pm
       Collapse "Who got salami? Who got salami?" Ataahua 658 5 Sun, 10:37pm
           ROFL! Roheryn 638 0 Sun, 10:47pm
         Bwwwwwaaaah Avandel 252 0 Mon, 4:12pm
           Collapse FYI, it's... Bofur01 232 2 Mon, 4:46pm
               Collapse Thank you! Ataahua 100 1 Mon, 10:00pm
                   I think I prefer your version Starling 65 0 5:08am
       Collapse In AUJ, as the Dwarf refugees stream out of Erebor Riven Delve 629 7 Sun, 11:01pm
           Collapse Maybe Roheryn 439 6 Mon, 8:21am
               Collapse Eomer marary 429 5 Mon, 9:09am
                   Collapse But.... but...... dormouse 413 2 Mon, 10:01am
                       Snap! // Starling 397 0 Mon, 10:03am
                       I want to believe marary 392 0 Mon, 10:33am
                   The line is, "It has forsaken these lands." // Starling 401 0 Mon, 10:02am
                   "Blah!" Riven Delve 377 0 Mon, 11:12am
       Well CathrineB 600 0 Sun, 11:56pm
       Collapse I thought it was "not my church" too! MEM 542 2 Mon, 2:57am
           I wouldn't mind Starling 466 0 Mon, 7:07am
           Ha! Roheryn 441 0 Mon, 8:03am
       Collapse I think there was a lot of misinterpretation in... TheHutt 379 1 Mon, 11:15am
           Or, better: Roheryn 130 0 Mon, 7:12pm
       "Give up the halfling, She-elf" Loresilme 292 0 Mon, 2:40pm
       Collapse Thorin's angry line to Thranduil HelmHammerHand 224 1 Mon, 4:58pm
           The famous... Avandel 133 0 Mon, 7:11pm
       Collapse NOW I remember one! CathrineB 112 1 Mon, 8:58pm
           Thank you! Otaku-sempai 92 0 Mon, 11:19pm

  Collapse What The Hobbit did better? CathrineB 761 13 Sun, 6:41pm Jump to last post in thread (by MEM)
       I'm with ya marary 684 0 Sun, 7:06pm
       Characters Smaug the iron 679 0 Sun, 7:10pm
       I prefer the dragon. Spriggan 629 0 Sun, 8:07pm
       Collapse More dwarves! DisDwarfWoman 610 2 Sun, 8:30pm
           Collapse characters Mooseboy018 526 1 Sun, 9:54pm
               agreed DisDwarfWoman 515 0 Sun, 10:03pm
       Lead Actor Arannir 311 0 Mon, 2:01pm
       Well skipping the obvious Kilidoescartwheels 261 0 Mon, 4:21pm
     Before I ever saw Thorin walk into Bag End... Avandel 229 0 Mon, 6:21pm
       I prefer not to compare, but there are a few things elostirion74 178 0 Mon, 8:56pm
       Extra features tripecac 156 0 Mon, 10:47pm
       Better eye candy. RosieLass 147 0 Mon, 11:42pm
       Interesting to think about. MEM 99 0 4:39am

  Collapse SMAUG covered in GOLD..?!? Bombadil 409 2 Sun, 2:22pm Jump to last post in thread (by Avandel)
       My biggest disappointment in that scene was not seeing a "molten gold" Eruonen 374 0 Sun, 2:55pm
       re an earlier discussion I had Avandel 312 0 Sun, 4:35pm

  Collapse Some interesting parallels between Eowyn/Eomer and Kili/Fili marary 374 5 Sun, 8:21am Jump to last post in thread (by marary)
       Collapse Exactly Elanor of Rohan 311 1 Sun, 10:16am
           I always thought that! marary 304 0 Sun, 10:24am
       Nice obervations, marary Riven Delve 143 0 Sun, 11:25pm
       Collapse Great observations! Roheryn 102 1 Mon, 8:44am
           Some parallels are Tolkien canon marary 100 0 Mon, 9:02am

  Collapse Bilbo Smaug the iron 413 11 Sun, 8:20am Jump to last post in thread (by Starling)
       Collapse Probably CathrineB 373 10 Sun, 8:41am
           Collapse Yes. Nothing's confirmed about Bilbo and Bofur... but (spoilers) AshNazg 313 9 Sun, 12:56pm
               Collapse ...a small acorn Roheryn1 252 6 Sun, 5:02pm
                   Bilbo's Acorn (minor spoiler) Otaku-sempai 214 0 Sun, 6:27pm
                   Collapse I have a doppelganger! Roheryn 152 4 Sun, 11:30pm
                       Collapse Doppelganger... Roheryn1 135 3 Mon, 2:57am
                           Collapse Clearly Roheryn 96 2 Mon, 8:08am
                               board names Roheryn1 87 0 Mon, 10:09am
                               Horses? Starling 86 0 Mon, 10:19am
               Collapse The Bilbo-Balin scene is confusing... Bofur01 210 1 Sun, 6:33pm
                   There SHOULD be... Bombadil 194 0 Sun, 7:50pm

  The Battle of the Five Armies: Extended Edition (… speculation) Smaug the iron 582 0 Sat, 10:27pm Jump to last post in thread (by Smaug the iron)

  Collapse Peter and co work on the Extended Edition JamesPaganini 1386 31 Sat, 6:49pm Jump to last post in thread (by Spriggan)
       That's interesting... AshNazg 1237 0 Sat, 8:17pm
       Collapse I doubt he has had much time to be working on it Starling 1214 28 Sat, 8:35pm
           Collapse So what does that mean JamesPaganini 1209 27 Sat, 8:37pm
               Collapse It just means Starling 1199 26 Sat, 8:50pm
                   Collapse I understand JamesPaganini 1185 6 Sat, 9:01pm
                       Collapse Joe Letteri of WETA said in an interview... Bofur01 1185 5 Sat, 9:05pm
                           Collapse Besides running time edits, I wonder if the CGI work was finished Eruonen 630 4 Sun, 2:36pm
                               Collapse Nah, they replaced most of it... Bofur01 277 3 Sun, 6:18pm
                                   Collapse Hmm, but why include it in the trailer? Eruonen 275 2 Sun, 6:22pm
                                       Collapse What I meant was that they removed it from the TE... Bofur01 266 1 Sun, 6:30pm
                                           Beorn Mooseboy018 218 0 Sun, 9:47pm
                   Collapse I don't care about waiting Elanor of Rohan 1150 18 Sat, 9:27pm
                       Oh I totally agree JamesPaganini 1136 0 Sat, 9:35pm
                     Collapse Highs and lows Avandel 1040 16 Sun, 12:08am
                         Simple Answer...Look @ AUJ disk Bombadil 1015 0 Sun, 12:41am
                           Collapse dwarves Mooseboy018 962 6 Sun, 2:48am
                               Collapse Interesting... MechaGodzilla 891 1 Sun, 6:35am
                                   Hobbitcon Mooseboy018 876 0 Sun, 6:57am
                               Collapse My hope marary 867 2 Sun, 7:06am
                                   Collapse Yes! Absolutely! CathrineB 827 1 Sun, 7:59am
                                       And where was Beorn's parachute for that 9-second eagle skydiving scene? marary 828 0 Sun, 8:04am
                               Thank you for this Avandel 546 0 Sun, 4:26pm
                           You do know that Warner Bros. Bofur01 776 0 Sun, 9:40am
                           Collapse "If only they'd asked TORN .... well the bits of TORN that agree with me....well,ok,me" Spriggan 723 4 Sun, 12:28pm
                               Collapse But Avandel 576 3 Sun, 4:08pm
                                   Collapse We can't know for sure. Spriggan 299 2 Sun, 5:35pm
                                     Collapse *Laughs* Avandel 120 1 Mon, 3:05pm
                                           Well not necessarily doing something right... Spriggan 95 0 Mon, 5:39pm
                           Collapse About... "Dwarves Not @ ComicCon" Bombadil 703 1 Sun, 12:53pm
                               Funny Smaug the iron 681 0 Sun, 1:11pm
       Can't confirm... Dcole4 1174 0 Sat, 9:15pm

  Collapse Kíli's last words Súleth 675 27 Sat, 5:13pm Jump to last post in thread (by marary)
       Collapse He doesn't say anything marary 598 1 Sat, 5:42pm
           I almost coughed orange juice out of my nose. Ataahua 488 0 Sat, 8:58pm
       Collapse Ugh CathrineB 565 19 Sat, 6:13pm
           Collapse Mmmm! Adrianna 499 8 Sat, 8:33pm
               Collapse Maybe he tries to tell Tauriel... CathrineB 492 7 Sat, 8:55pm
                   Collapse LOL! Adrianna 485 6 Sat, 9:00pm
                       But Starling 468 0 Sat, 9:34pm
                       Collapse In Tauriel's defense... marary 368 4 Sun, 6:44am
                           Collapse Yeah CathrineB 350 3 Sun, 7:57am
                               True marary 346 0 Sun, 8:02am
                               Collapse Try to speed it up. Smaug the iron 345 1 Sun, 8:08am
                                   It's okay! Adrianna 329 0 Sun, 9:35am
         Collapse Ditto Avandel 421 8 Sun, 12:43am
               Collapse Oh, come on, it wasn't THAT bad! Kilidoescartwheels 293 7 Sun, 3:06pm
                   True! marary 278 0 Sun, 3:30pm
                 Collapse oh dear LOL *awkward slide* Avandel 122 5 Mon, 3:57pm
                       Collapse Kili's last words were "awkward slide"! marary 66 2 7:13am
                         Collapse true Avandel 18 1 4:36pm
                               The real tragedy of the Line of Durin marary 10 0 5:30pm
                       Collapse Please don't *awkwardslide* away! Kilidoescartwheels 39 1 1:49pm
                           *Bows deeply* - nice (: Avandel 25 0 4:18pm
           "I love you" was my first thought as well Súleth 189 0 Sun, 10:10pm
       Collapse I thought he was trying to say something Kilidoescartwheels 287 3 Sun, 3:15pm
           Collapse I don't know if you noticed this... marary 280 1 Sun, 3:27pm
               LOL! Kilidoescartwheels 248 0 Sun, 5:54pm
           It's "Amrâlimę" Bofur01 229 0 Sun, 6:28pm
       I've tried to figure this out too, reading Kili's lips Riven Delve 182 0 Sun, 11:16pm
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