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Movie Discussion: The Hobbit
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  Sticky: Thread Locked Welcome to the Hobbit Movie board! Altaira 137756 0 May 24 2008, 1:58am Jump to last post in thread (by Altaira)

  Sticky: How Best to Contact an Admin for Help Kyriel 107723 0 Mar 31 2009, 10:46pm Jump to last post in thread (by Kyriel)

  Collapse Sticky: TORn's smallish, but hopefully growing BOTFA spoiler summary Demosthenes 3127 15 Jun 23, 6:46pm Jump to last post in thread (by mae govannen)

  Collapse Sticky: DOS Chapter of the Week (CHOW) Sign-up for October 2014! DanielLB 415 20 Oct 8, 7:32am Jump to last post in thread (by BlackFox)

  Sticky: The Courtesy of our Halls (Discussion Guidelines) Silverlode 260 0 Oct 12, 9:41pm Jump to last post in thread (by Silverlode)

  Collapse THAT guy that Blowzz Hair Around? Bombadil 232 3 4:38pm Jump to last post in thread (by Bombadil)
       Collapse LUV to get a Lookie @ hiz Resume Bombadil 41 2 7:41pm
           Collapse ORC number 5 Bombadil 32 1 55 mins ago
               Movie GOerz concentrate onStarrzz Bombadil 16 0 27 mins ago

  Collapse Production diaries Danielos 523 7 3:53pm Jump to last post in thread (by SafeUnderHill)
       Collapse I would have liked it. leonmuse 260 3 3:56pm
           Collapse Third movie without any blogs? Danielos 271 2 3:58pm
               Collapse I wonder... Shagrat 260 1 4:02pm
                   Specially made stuff like on the DoS discs probably DjU 231 0 4:12pm
       Collapse It seems SafeUnderHill 171 2 5:12pm
           Collapse Sorry? DjU 68 1 7:14pm
               You raise SafeUnderHill 58 0 7:20pm

Collapse Fill in the blank BlackFox 175 6 2:39pm Jump to last post in thread (by Riven Delve)
       Collapse fish oil and... Calmandcloudless 96 1 3:21pm
         Hehe! BlackFox 67 0 3:47pm
       Collapse Chanel No. 5 // BlackFox 59 1 3:48pm
           FrankenFurterzz/// Bombadil 42 0 4:10pm
       The moment when he really finds out... Eye's on Guard 53 0 4:14pm
       ...using the lake as a sewer. :P // Riven Delve 31 0 5:05pm

  Collapse What was the original Thrain-subplot, and why was it changed? MTT Gandalf 455 6 12:39pm Jump to last post in thread (by MouthofSauron)
       Collapse Not sure it changed... QuackingTroll 256 3 12:43pm
           Collapse Maybe... MTT Gandalf 230 1 12:49pm
               Or was it? Aitieuriskon 98 0 4:19pm
           I think the idea it was planned as a flashback is unlikely. Spriggan 209 0 1:12pm
       One would imagine it was just fleshed out somewhat. Spriggan 216 0 1:07pm
       It wasn't changed MouthofSauron 3 0 3 mins ago

Let's watch and comment both extended editions all together! werewormses 266 0 9:08am Jump to last post in thread (by werewormses)

  Collapse The Hobbit - Animated feature film series leonmuse 610 8 3:19am Jump to last post in thread (by leonmuse)
       Collapse Interesting... Lost Hobbit 314 1 4:01am
           Although bald dwarves are apparently not canon... QuackingTroll 185 0 11:22am
       Collapse Will this be on TV shadowdog 117 2 2:43pm
           Collapse ONLINE leonmuse 110 1 3:27pm
               The animators are from the Netherlands. Lissuin 55 0 6:30pm
       I'm sure I will take a peek and find this interesting Spriggan 89 0 4:16pm
       Collapse Looks interesting BlackFox 33 1 7:11pm
           you're welcome! leonmuse 8 0 12 mins ago

  Collapse Why Thrain was brought to Dol Guldur and tortured? xxxyyy 692 19 1:51am Jump to last post in thread (by Spriggan)
       Stuff Yngwulff 408 0 3:09am
       Good question Shagrat 265 0 8:32am
       Collapse Well the EE implies heavily Spriggan 303 5 8:40am
           Collapse So... Shagrat 244 4 8:56am
               It's very plausible in the texts too Spriggan 233 0 9:02am
               Collapse Wasn't book-Azog sent to Moria by Sauron to populate it? Lieutenant of Dol Guldur 80 2 4:38pm
                   Collapse Most likely... Salmacis81 35 1 7:00pm
                       I'm not sure I recall that but there were indications Spriggan 24 0 7:26pm
       Collapse I'm not sure he was kept and tortured... QuackingTroll 193 8 10:52am
           Collapse Well, the book also says he was tortured. Spriggan 180 4 10:59am
               Collapse But the film there's no mention of it... QuackingTroll 178 3 11:04am
                   Collapse Well Thrain says Spriggan 174 2 11:14am
                       Collapse Oh okay. My bad... QuackingTroll 160 1 11:17am
                           No worries. Spriggan 116 0 1:04pm
           Collapse I like this theory Shagrat 177 2 11:07am
               Collapse We may see more of him... QuackingTroll 171 1 11:11am
                   Not a trophy but... Lieutenant of Dol Guldur 72 0 4:47pm
       Collapse The location of the map and the key // Fàfnir 154 1 11:28am
           Why does Sauron need the map and the key if he... (DOS EE SPOILER) Lieutenant of Dol Guldur 82 0 4:37pm

Collapse Thread Locked [SPOILERS!] Highlights and snippets from Total Film's BotFA feature Lurker in the Mirk 848 4 1:39am Jump to last post in thread (by Silverlode)
       Collapse Thread Locked From the bofa snippets of info Elk2013 321 2 3:28am
           Collapse Thread Locked That's how it goes in the book too, mae govannen 223 1 6:04am
               Thread Locked small details ElendilTheShort 213 0 6:19am
       Thread Locked Guys, this issue of Total Film already has a thread. Silverlode 224 0 6:22am

  Collapse Finally! We know why Smaug doesn't have 4 legs! Bishop 1014 43 1:30am Jump to last post in thread (by Salmacis81)
       Collapse PJ is cracked, he is. leonmuse 537 12 2:13am
           Collapse The Legend Of "Mad Jackson" Barrow-Wight 476 3 2:19am
               Littl' ol' me would RATHER WATCH Bombadil 426 0 2:29am
               Collapse THE DECEMBER - The legend comes to life Bishop 402 1 2:34am
                   The legend of PJ the Great, yes, mae govannen 312 0 4:47am
           Collapse interestingly enough, Lindele 377 2 3:08am
               Find this decisison excellent, as you do. // mae govannen 308 0 4:42am
               I agree Aitieuriskon 55 0 4:37pm
           Collapse Speaking of this specific decision of his, I find it a good one, mae govannen 318 3 5:16am
               I agree. Elizabeth 252 0 7:11am
               Collapse My thoughts exactly BlackFox 205 1 8:53am
                   Ditto! NecromancerRising 182 0 8:54am
           Whilst DjU 91 0 3:43pm
       Collapse Well, sometimes it's the simple things that make you realize you've gone way off Earl 449 18 2:21am
           Collapse In the cartoon Barrow-Wight 430 7 2:29am
               Collapse That is very true... Earl 403 5 2:31am
                   Collapse I'm very fond of the old 1977 Hobbit Cartoon/animation leonmuse 391 3 2:35am
                       It is cute, I'll give it that Earl 375 0 2:39am
                       Collapse ugh Lindele 350 1 3:12am
                           I didn't grow up with the cartoon QuackingTroll 129 0 1:02pm
                   New Hobbit animated feature leonmuse 381 0 2:38am
               IMAGINE yourself in Seatoun in 1996? Bombadil 370 0 2:41am
           Collapse This is true for many things Bishop 377 4 2:49am
               Collapse Thanks for putting that in context Earl 364 2 2:51am
                   The BTS Bishop 349 0 3:07am
                   More context Aitieuriskon 59 0 4:29pm
               Probably because movement looks odd with 4 legs Scorchster 329 0 4:08am
           In full agreement with you. // mae govannen 302 0 4:39am
           Collapse Isn't Gollum described as looking like a frog QuackingTroll 152 3 11:52am
             THARzz NO Bitch'n BOUT Big Guy..... Bombadil 146 0 12:04pm
               Collapse Tolkien did not describe him, but he illustrasted Smaug Bishop 107 1 3:33pm
                   I'd like to think that PJ saved the four-legged dragon design for Glaurung :D Earl 93 0 3:41pm
       I think that was a great choice. tsmith675 388 0 2:41am
       Collapse PJ says more than him looking like a dog. Arannir 207 1 9:50am
           Thank you for these important additional precisions. mae govannen 138 0 12:52pm
       Collapse Finally? DjU 103 3 3:38pm
           Collapse Finally for me personally then :) Bishop 89 2 3:47pm
               No he spoke audibly in the text. Spriggan 77 0 4:00pm
               Yes DjU 72 0 4:04pm
       As I can't imagine any reason that it should make a difference Spriggan 88 0 3:50pm
       The Smaug book... TheHutt 82 0 4:02pm
       Collapse As many problems as i have with some of the things PJ has done sauget.diblosio 32 1 7:37pm
           Totally agree with you sauget... Salmacis81 22 0 7:41pm

  Collapse Royd Tolkien's cameo spotted in Desolation of Smaug Extended Edition News from Bree 337 2 Fri, 10:50pm Jump to last post in thread (by mae govannen)
       I met Royd at the first ORC in Pasadena... Elizabeth 150 0 4:03am
     How nice to have him again mae govannen 129 0 5:49am

  Collapse BOT5A...the fate of Daisy the Warg??? NateGate 491 4 Fri, 9:55pm Jump to last post in thread (by Salmacis81)
       Manu Bennett TheHutt 124 0 8:43am
       Collapse Let animals be animals, please! Danielos 116 2 9:01am
           Collapse Wargs aren't ordinary animals, at least not in the book. DanielLB 106 1 9:37am
               Yeah but... Salmacis81 19 0 7:38pm

  Collapse Anyone else having trouble watching the Appendices? BornOutOfTheWest 521 6 Fri, 8:06pm Jump to last post in thread (by Bofur01)
       Collapse Have you tried Thranderz 215 3 Fri, 8:12pm
           Collapse Yeah, BornOutOfTheWest 185 2 Fri, 8:20pm
               Hmm Thranderz 171 0 Fri, 8:27pm
               My advice SafeUnderHill 176 0 Fri, 8:29pm
       Yes - there was an earlier thread where I complained Avandel 152 0 Fri, 9:00pm
       Were you connected to the Internet? Bofur01 138 0 Fri, 9:01pm

  Collapse FULL Range of Motion? Bombadil 583 5 Fri, 5:12pm Jump to last post in thread (by mae govannen)
       excellently pointed out Bomby Cirashala 203 0 Fri, 5:22pm
       Collapse I expect my emotions Elessar 190 2 Fri, 5:28pm
         Collapse Ellizzar are your FULL Range of Emotion?zz Bombadil 162 1 Fri, 5:47pm
               I may Elessar 161 0 Fri, 5:57pm
       Very interesting observation about the remarkable mae govannen 36 0 8:10am

  Collapse Total Film magazine out today - "ultimate Hobbit/LOTR edition" Avandel 1436 8 Fri, 3:47pm Jump to last post in thread (by Mithfânion)
       Will have to purchase this for the collection. Elessar 588 0 Fri, 4:04pm
       Darn PredatoR 583 0 Fri, 4:10pm
       Yes, I have this Glorfindela 510 0 Fri, 5:24pm
       Will there be a one-shot from TORn? Otaku-sempai 389 0 Fri, 7:22pm
     Collapse PS - Bummer for the U.S. fans - delayed arrival again Avandel 315 1 Fri, 9:27pm
           Same with Empire magazine here in Norway Carne 288 0 Fri, 10:15pm
       Collapse You can get it digitally... TheHutt 170 1 8:44am
           Wow, some spoilers there Mithfânion 24 0 57 mins ago

  Collapse Hoping the Elves will be kept at a minimum Scourge of the Stoors 924 20 Fri, 2:49pm Jump to last post in thread (by Arveldis)
       Not minimum Arannir 449 0 Fri, 3:54pm
       Collapse Maybe Thorin won't look too bad. joec_34 369 1 Fri, 5:12pm
           Thorin never "looks bad" Avandel 315 0 Fri, 6:20pm
       I think Glorfindela 350 0 Fri, 5:23pm
       No, I don't agree at all dormouse 349 0 Fri, 5:58pm
       Collapse I hope to see a great deal of Elves Riven Delve 328 3 Fri, 6:20pm
           More dwarves! more dwarves! *grins* Avandel 291 0 Fri, 6:44pm
           Collapse Yeah, depends on the elves for me dubulous 246 1 Fri, 8:14pm
               Elves... Girdle of Melian 27 0 6:14pm
       Completely Agree! MorgolKing 278 0 Fri, 7:00pm
       Collapse I disagree too. NecromancerRising 244 1 Fri, 8:17pm
           Seconding you on all points...// mae govannen 111 0 7:23am
       Collapse Whether we want it or not, I’d be very surprised if we don’t see quite a bit more of the Mirkwood Elves in TBOTFA Noria 253 4 Fri, 8:17pm
           Me too!... *grins* // mae govannen 110 0 7:26am
           Collapse I would really love NecromancerRising 111 2 8:15am
               Collapse I get it Noria 62 1 1:28pm
                   Oh i enjoyed his excellent choreography NecromancerRising 58 0 1:47pm
       I'm hoping the dwarves don't get knocked off of their feet so easily while fighting Orcs.... Bladerunner 176 0 Fri, 11:43pm
       I don't necessarily agree Scorchster 92 0 11:35am
       Agreed. Arveldis 20 0 6:56pm
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