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Movie Discussion: The Hobbit
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  Sticky: Thread Locked Welcome to the Hobbit Movie board! Altaira 131631 0 May 24 2008, 1:58am Jump to last post in thread (by Altaira)

  Sticky: How Best to Contact an Admin for Help Kyriel 102947 0 Mar 31 2009, 10:46pm Jump to last post in thread (by Kyriel)

  Collapse Sticky: The courtesy of our hall is somewhat lessened of late. (Admin Announcement, ALL PLEASE READ) Silverlode 21045 90 Aug 28 2012, 7:08pm Jump to last post in thread (by entmaiden)

  Collapse Sticky: AUJ Chapter of the Week (CHOW) Sign-up for March & April 2014! cats16 589 22 Mar 4, 2:35am Jump to last post in thread (by BlackFox)

Collapse Sticky: Hobbit Movie Survey by "The Hobbit Audience Project" Altaira 332 1 Mar 27, 3:52am Jump to last post in thread (by CaroMichelle)

  Collapse Will Jackson defend Smaug's actions in the EE Commentary? Scourge of the Stoors 237 3 4:04am Jump to last post in thread (by DanielLB)
       that's your opinion MouthofSauron 112 0 5:17am
       I'm expecting that all through TABA, er, that is, BoFA... Darkstone 103 0 5:38am
       Was he outwitted? DanielLB 77 0 6:42am

  Collapse So does this mean that we will finally get a trailer soon? boldog 229 3 3:55am Jump to last post in thread (by Bernhardina)
       Collapse Mid-May is still my guess.// tsmith675 116 1 3:56am
         "Yay!" is still my response ;) // Eruvandi 107 0 3:58am
       A teaser perhaps? Bernhardina 4 0 4 mins ago

  Collapse How There and Back Again became The Battle of the Five Armies. And why. News from Bree 45 1 3:09am Jump to last post in thread (by Michelle Johnston)
       Battle of Dol Gulder Michelle Johnston 16 0 25 mins ago

  Collapse What are your top 5 most anticipated things in BOTFA? TheImaginator 448 15 Thu, 9:02pm Jump to last post in thread (by Boromir Stark)
       Collapse Is it BOTFA or BOFA? TheHutt 252 2 Thu, 9:07pm
           When it comes to abbreviations, either/or. tsmith675 196 0 Thu, 9:37pm
           Formally... Otaku-sempai 168 0 Thu, 10:14pm
       Mine: NecromancerRising 238 0 Thu, 9:10pm
       mine book Gandalf 233 0 Thu, 9:13pm
       Let's see Skaan 203 0 Thu, 9:37pm
       LOL - how about the 5 things I dread the most? Avandel 226 0 Thu, 9:38pm
       Basically everythin Dol Guldur KingTurgon 120 0 1:01am
       Collapse I've lost faith in these movies... Avnar 101 1 2:30am
           Nice to see you again. BalrogTrainer 91 0 2:53am
       Fav. Fives: Nira 82 0 3:34am
       Bilbo's return to Bagend. Kangi Ska 75 0 3:54am
       My list... Lurker in the Mirk 28 0 7:54am
       My list Arannir 20 0 8:07am
       Mine: Boromir Stark 6 0 28 mins ago

  Collapse Who will "The Five Armies" actually be? TheImaginator 772 28 Thu, 6:33pm Jump to last post in thread (by Boromir Stark)
       Collapse Similar to the ent army... tripecac 443 1 Thu, 6:39pm
           It better not be! Boromir Stark 3 0 26 mins ago
       Collapse well book Gandalf 418 6 Thu, 6:40pm
           Collapse Tolkien clearly states Arandir 450 5 Thu, 6:50pm
               Collapse maybe but book Gandalf 357 1 Thu, 7:10pm
                   Different races may not mean different armies. Imladris18 315 0 Thu, 7:32pm
               Collapse I thought wargs-wolves/goblins were 1 army and eagles the 5th HeWhoArisesinMight 330 2 Thu, 7:27pm
                   yep deskp 299 0 Thu, 7:41pm
                   Wargs are a separate army Arandir 43 0 6:51am
       Collapse 4 vs 1 or 3 vs 2 ? tripecac 358 1 Thu, 7:09pm
           I wil go with the... patrickk 89 0 3:02am
       Collapse Knowing PJ.... Darkstone 391 6 Thu, 7:19pm
           *mods up* // Aunt Dora Baggins 253 0 Thu, 8:32pm
           Collapse Hey.... dormouse 169 1 Thu, 10:29pm
               The purses will talk your ear off...literally! Eruvandi 125 0 Thu, 11:51pm
           Collapse Male supermodels? Ataahua 159 2 Thu, 11:30pm
               Collapse Ooops! You're absolutely right! Darkstone 135 1 12:04am
                   Whoops! Darkstone 60 0 5:10am
       it is going to be amazing Rickster 307 0 Thu, 7:53pm
       It could be... Otaku-sempai 174 0 Thu, 10:20pm
       A great big army of Mountain Trolls from the Grey Mountains. Hamfast Gamgee 157 0 Thu, 11:25pm
       Collapse remember PJ hinted at a "air war" during the BOT5A MouthofSauron 93 1 3:18am
           Might not be a bad idea Hamfast Gamgee 9 0 58 mins ago
       Collapse It's ghost_matt 73 1 4:29am
           Five armies 3 + 2 Scot Down South 61 0 4:59am
       probably be 4 armies versus a large "sauron host" MouthofSauron 34 0 7:19am
       Army No 5, and a question Lurker in the Mirk 20 0 8:00am
       Different Agenda = Different Hosts Arannir 18 0 8:04am

  Collapse Totalfilm BOFA article Peterthorn of Rohan 921 5 Thu, 4:48pm Jump to last post in thread (by aifeme)
       Collapse BOFA as in ...? Arandir 450 4 Thu, 5:48pm
           Collapse Easy. Faleel 406 1 Thu, 5:54pm
               Hmmm ... not bad Arandir 336 0 Thu, 6:13pm
           The film Peterthorn of Rohan 352 0 Thu, 6:19pm
           I have an idea... aifeme 232 0 Thu, 7:58pm

  Collapse Even more Tauriel in the EE? Thaddeus 870 18 Thu, 4:18pm Jump to last post in thread (by DwellerInDale)
       They re-did this shot... Dcole4 492 0 Thu, 4:39pm
       Collapse I believe that shot was redone DwellerInDale 445 3 Thu, 4:47pm
           I think she was sliding Eruvandi 381 0 Thu, 5:27pm
           Collapse the first pic MouthofSauron 64 1 3:20am
               A bit of confusion here... DwellerInDale 35 0 6:31am
       Collapse God, I hope not. Glorfindela 408 6 Thu, 5:23pm
           Agree Oleander Took 378 0 Thu, 5:34pm
           DISagree Imladris18 354 0 Thu, 6:04pm
           Collapse But if we're lucky Avandel 222 3 Thu, 8:59pm
               Collapse I disagree DaughterofLaketown 205 1 Thu, 9:23pm
                   Not for me Avandel 135 0 Thu, 11:07pm
               Yes, this might be an idea, Avandel Glorfindela 175 0 Thu, 9:49pm
       Collapse I'm hoping for Itaril. Darkstone 363 1 Thu, 6:11pm
           Fili's girlfriend is Sigrid Kilidoescartwheels 73 0 3:14am
       I hope not KingTurgon 301 0 Thu, 7:05pm
       --> Personal comments removed from this thread Altaira 152 0 Thu, 10:37pm
       Collapse If anything... Farficom 113 1 12:47am
           I'm sure we will. BalrogTrainer 76 0 2:48am

  Collapse HUGE Announcement from Peter Jackson's facebook page TITLE CHANGE AND DOS EE The Grey Pilgrim 2933 252 Thu, 1:48pm Jump to last post in thread (by Arannir)
       Collapse I wasn't expecting that ... / DanielLB 1380 46 Thu, 1:51pm
           Collapse The Final Sell-out Kangi Ska 839 41 Thu, 2:45pm
               Collapse How is a sellout? NecromancerRising 752 39 Thu, 2:51pm
                   Collapse KS is known for being dramatic about these films in general. Imladris18 691 14 Thu, 2:56pm
                       If the words from NecromancerRising 644 0 Thu, 3:04pm
                       Collapse Is it really necessary wonderinglinguist 472 12 Thu, 7:12pm
                           Collapse I wasn't really trying to be snarky there. Imladris18 441 11 Thu, 7:21pm
                               Collapse I'd like to think you weren't :) wonderinglinguist 407 2 Thu, 7:29pm
                                   Collapse My reply was to whoever replied to KS telling them why KS feels the way they do. Imladris18 387 1 Thu, 7:35pm
                                       I know. NecromancerRising 360 0 Thu, 7:43pm
                               Collapse Please Read My 9,600+ Posts Kangi Ska 399 7 Thu, 8:49pm
                                   And Captain Salt 346 0 Thu, 8:55pm
                                   Collapse My apologies. Imladris18 341 5 Thu, 8:57pm
                                       Collapse I would feel better Kangi Ska 290 4 Thu, 9:12pm
                                           Collapse Ah, okay. Fair enough. Imladris18 238 3 Thu, 9:25pm
                                               Collapse Didn't mind that at all Estel78 228 1 Thu, 9:26pm
                                                   See, I didn't have a huge issue with it. It was a bit awkward, but I liked the ambiguity of how Tauriel felt at the end there. Imladris18 189 0 Thu, 9:43pm
                                               I do as well Elessar 239 0 Thu, 10:57pm
                   Collapse Well ... it does have an extra "the". DanielLB 465 3 Thu, 4:05pm
                       Collapse It seems that people don't understand what "There and Back again" means Morok Cloudkeeper 422 1 Thu, 5:44pm
                           It would be inappropriate Kangi Ska 342 0 Thu, 8:55pm
                       Middle-Earth is ripe with extra 'the's There&ThereAgain 379 0 Thu, 6:21pm
                   Collapse It's a sellout because... Elizabeth 308 19 Thu, 10:07pm
                       I disagree. NecromancerRising 271 0 Thu, 10:45pm
                       Collapse The Hobbit is still that Elessar 277 17 Thu, 11:06pm
                           Collapse Elizabeth is sincere Kangi Ska 197 16 12:41am
                               Collapse I use the term Elessar 147 15 1:50am
                                   Collapse what part is hyperbole Magpie 162 14 2:19am
                                       Collapse Calling it Elessar 150 11 2:39am
                                           Collapse ah, thanks. Magpie 129 1 3:11am
                                               Agreed Elessar 117 0 3:25am
                                           Collapse Seriously, I do feel people should relax a little... especially when you think about the Transformers Lurker in the Mirk 124 8 3:21am
                                               Collapse The Turtles are next. // Magpie 111 3 3:30am
                                                   Collapse I know! And I'm cringing... / / Lurker in the Mirk 98 2 3:46am
                                                       Collapse I honestly wish fans of 80's cartoons could get some kind of legal injunction... Aragorn the Elfstone 97 1 3:50am
                                                           I hear ya! / / Lurker in the Mirk 30 0 7:07am
                                               Collapse Transformers Elessar 107 1 3:34am
                                                   No, of course not Lurker in the Mirk 32 0 7:03am
                                               Collapse I knew what awaited the minute Bay's name was attached. Aragorn the Elfstone 107 1 3:36am
                                                   The sad thing is, I wanted to see live-action transformers so much, I left all standards at the door Lurker in the Mirk 93 0 3:52am
                                     Collapse Can we turn this WHOLE Thread into a Mini-SERIES?// Bombadil 130 1 2:49am
                                           And it will be titled "The War Addressing The Revisions And Titles") or thWaRT for short // Lurker in the Mirk 120 0 3:03am
               What exactly did they want all along? Arannir 626 0 Thu, 2:55pm
           Collapse I am just happy it itsn't "Into the Fire" Bernhardina 589 3 Thu, 3:05pm
               Collapse Me too. Darkstone 389 2 Thu, 6:21pm
                   Collapse I think you've just coined a new phrase.... Old Toby 361 1 Thu, 6:25pm
                       Thanks! Darkstone 332 0 Thu, 6:29pm
       Collapse mixed feelings about this FrogmortonJustice65 1319 1 Thu, 1:54pm
           Agreed wonderinglinguist 573 0 Thu, 3:03pm
       Good. Arannir 1263 0 Thu, 1:54pm
       WOW Thranderz 1263 0 Thu, 1:55pm
       Collapse ok book Gandalf 1216 1 Thu, 1:56pm
           me too! ghost_matt 1077 0 Thu, 2:16pm
       I'm 50/50 Elessar 1147 0 Thu, 2:07pm
       Collapse Was AUJ EE scored by Shore Erufaildon 1153 4 Thu, 2:08pm
           Collapse I think all AUJ EE music was from the original recording sessions The Grey Pilgrim 1125 1 Thu, 2:10pm
               You Faleel 1077 0 Thu, 2:17pm
           Scored by his music... Arannir 1086 0 Thu, 2:12pm
           There is new music in AUJ EE SafeUnderHill 401 0 Thu, 7:22pm
       Collapse Howard Shore's involvement is the best news here... And at least the title isn't 'Into The Fire'! Rohirrim Rider 1124 2 Thu, 2:12pm
           Couldn't agree more Lindele 1080 0 Thu, 2:14pm
           Agree on RotK... Arannir 1097 0 Thu, 2:14pm
       Great news. NecromancerRising 1066 0 Thu, 2:18pm
       Collapse Does this sound like the start of the first wave of marketing? Skaan 1075 3 Thu, 2:18pm
           Collapse While I do not doubt... Arannir 1054 2 Thu, 2:21pm
               Collapse Yep Ham_Sammy 539 1 Thu, 3:10pm
                 One of the Nicest Parts of this Quote... Bombadil 522 0 Thu, 3:28pm
       Woooaaah TheImaginator 1017 0 Thu, 2:26pm
       I guess it makes sense dubulous 1006 0 Thu, 2:27pm
       Collapse Who cares about the title? Over 25 mins for DOS EE? "Over" is magic word here. xxxyyy 1057 10 Thu, 2:30pm
           Collapse Before you get too excited Voronwë_the_Faithful 1039 9 Thu, 2:32pm
               Collapse I believe he said 25 minutes that time as well, correct? // cats16 959 8 Thu, 2:36pm
                   Collapse Yeah he said 25 minutes for AUJ back in December 2012 The Grey Pilgrim 950 4 Thu, 2:38pm
                       And the fact that HS is scoring new music means they must have it pretty much firmed up by now... // Eleniel 654 0 Thu, 2:40pm
                       For sure. cats16 642 0 Thu, 2:42pm
                       Collapse And anyone think the "only 13 minutes" affected sales? Avandel 292 1 Thu, 8:04pm
                           It might have. Eruvandi 269 0 Thu, 10:13pm
                   I think so too. NecromancerRising 653 0 Thu, 2:40pm
                   Collapse That was before DOS was fully put together Annatar598 646 1 Thu, 2:43pm
                       Oh, definitely! cats16 622 0 Thu, 2:46pm
       Big news! cats16 969 0 Thu, 2:35pm
       Collapse There and Back Again davidjUK 712 2 Thu, 2:39pm
           25 minutes! MouthofSauron 522 0 Thu, 4:26pm
           Alright CathrineB 364 0 Thu, 8:15pm
       Collapse Final cut?! Misty Mountain Hop 664 3 Thu, 2:48pm
           Collapse Where does it say *final* cut? cats16 597 2 Thu, 2:54pm
               Collapse I apologize... Misty Mountain Hop 466 1 Thu, 3:41pm
                   No worries! cats16 84 0 4:30am
       So happy about the extra time in DOS EE Elarie 584 0 Thu, 3:04pm
       I like it! Remus 495 0 Thu, 3:28pm
       BOFA Brandywine 481 0 Thu, 3:43pm
       Like it has been stated, it's a more marketable title. Estel78 457 0 Thu, 3:51pm
       Everything leads down to it which makes it the "Right" title.. Michelle Johnston 435 0 Thu, 4:02pm
       The title change may be for the best. Otaku-sempai 452 0 Thu, 4:02pm
       I suppose... TheHutt 548 0 Thu, 4:09pm
       I must say... Farficom 500 0 Thu, 4:39pm
       Collapse theory book Gandalf 448 1 Thu, 5:17pm
           You're theory Elessar 273 0 Thu, 6:54pm
       Collapse Well, at least BOFA is better than "Into the Fire" Eruvandi 434 5 Thu, 5:18pm
           Collapse Well... TheHutt 423 4 Thu, 5:31pm
               Haha, that could very well be the case. Dcole4 398 0 Thu, 5:36pm
             *snert* Good point! // Eruvandi 329 0 Thu, 6:01pm
               Collapse Exactly my thoughts! Azimuth 297 1 Thu, 6:17pm
                   For the longest time... Eruvandi 215 0 Thu, 9:26pm
       Collapse Very happy with the additional 25 minutes Elanor of Rohan 427 1 Thu, 5:26pm
           Agree about the general public Avandel 381 0 Thu, 8:12pm
       Collapse Personally Glorfindela 447 9 Thu, 5:29pm
           Collapse Also, zalmoxis 291 8 Thu, 6:50pm
               Collapse PJ didn't really overdo any battle in LotR. Imladris18 293 7 Thu, 6:53pm
                   Collapse Because Faleel 280 1 Thu, 6:55pm
                       It's almost like the source material isn't as serious as LotR is or something. Imladris18 258 0 Thu, 6:59pm
                   Collapse Because Elessar 274 4 Thu, 6:56pm
                       Collapse Why would that be? Glorfindela 443 3 Thu, 7:05pm
                           Collapse It is much easier than to look at things NecromancerRising 418 1 Thu, 7:20pm
                               Pretty much Elessar 402 0 Thu, 7:23pm
                           It's just what people do Elessar 403 0 Thu, 7:22pm
       At least it's not "Beauty and the Dwarf". Darkstone 397 0 Thu, 5:37pm
       There and Back Again was a good title... tsmith675 358 0 Thu, 5:57pm
       Collapse What horrible news this is jtarkey 368 19 Thu, 6:09pm
           Collapse BoFA makes more sense. tsmith675 348 7 Thu, 6:11pm
               Collapse Nope, you're the lowest common denominator because you like excitement in your movies. Imladris18 339 3 Thu, 6:14pm
                   That I am. Darkstone 329 0 Thu, 6:16pm
                   Collapse LOL.Nice one :)) NecromancerRising 431 1 Thu, 7:12pm
                       Flicking through TORN glor 390 0 Thu, 7:33pm
               Collapse It sounds like a title a 13 year old would come up with jtarkey 328 2 Thu, 6:17pm
                   Well Tolkien came up with it... tsmith675 313 0 Thu, 6:18pm
                   Like "The Reason I Jump"? Darkstone 307 0 Thu, 6:20pm
           Collapse Art or cash. Darkstone 330 5 Thu, 6:14pm
               Collapse Why not both? Imladris18 318 1 Thu, 6:16pm
                   You'd have to ask Tolkien. / Darkstone 297 0 Thu, 6:17pm
               Collapse Okay, I'll bite Lio 226 2 Thu, 9:59pm
                   Collapse Letter #202 Darkstone 278 1 Thu, 10:11pm
                       Hmm! Lio 224 0 Thu, 10:38pm
           Collapse Love the knee-jerk reactions... Estel78 376 2 Thu, 6:25pm
               Collapse Exactly. Imladris18 330 1 Thu, 6:32pm
                   .. Faleel 323 0 Thu, 6:33pm
           IMO that's kind of harsh Avandel 378 0 Thu, 8:44pm
           That's the absolute reality, though Bishop 250 0 Thu, 10:48pm
       Collapse This is losing sight of the forest for the trees IMO Old Toby 327 8 Thu, 6:20pm
           Just like with "The Marriage of Figaro". Darkstone 349 0 Thu, 6:27pm
           Collapse This is not just Bilbo's story. Estel78 350 5 Thu, 6:29pm
               Collapse That, and everyone seems to forget: Imladris18 332 2 Thu, 6:35pm
                   Collapse But... Darkstone 303 1 Thu, 6:41pm
                       Well, right. Imladris18 293 0 Thu, 6:44pm
               Collapse Regardless Old Toby 319 1 Thu, 6:35pm
                   Can't argue with that. / Darkstone 297 0 Thu, 6:37pm
           The entire movie is going to revolve around the battle tsmith675 318 0 Thu, 6:37pm
       Collapse *shrug* Sunflower 335 1 Thu, 6:34pm
           Maybe PJ is not who you want him to be. Estel78 257 0 Thu, 7:00pm
       Collapse I have to honestly admit, it's actually a better title. Darkstone 269 2 Thu, 7:01pm
           Collapse I thought you changed the words at first saying a Stone Giant hurtled a stone at Bilbo. Imladris18 246 1 Thu, 7:04pm
               Good point. Darkstone 430 0 Thu, 7:13pm
       'There And Back Again' - Hanzkaz 413 0 Thu, 7:23pm
       Collapse I leave the boards for ONE day... Aragorn the Elfstone 378 14 Thu, 7:44pm
           Collapse Where was "intelligent and emotionally dramatic epics" in the book? Estel78 345 10 Thu, 7:49pm
               Yes. Faleel 324 0 Thu, 7:51pm
               Collapse Seems many were expecting another LotR trilogy. Imladris18 310 3 Thu, 7:59pm
                   Definitely more than the book offers. Estel78 285 0 Thu, 8:02pm
                   Yep, LOTR-Lite Darkstone 368 0 Thu, 8:17pm
                   Beautifully said, bravo Avandel 351 0 Thu, 8:20pm
               Collapse As a matter of fact, I do find the small and innocent tale of Bilbo the Hobbit to be intelligent, emotional, and dramatic. Aragorn the Elfstone 391 4 Thu, 8:09pm
                   Collapse People have been accusing PJ of turning everything into an action scene since LOTR Estel78 361 3 Thu, 8:21pm
                       Well... Aragorn the Elfstone 343 0 Thu, 8:25pm
                       Well... Darkstone 195 0 Thu, 9:39pm
                       I want to highlight this. Arannir 33 0 7:40am
           Collapse Highly disagree Elessar 234 2 Thu, 10:33pm
               Collapse Just to clarify... Aragorn the Elfstone 240 1 Thu, 10:53pm
                   Got ya Elessar 248 0 Thu, 11:11pm
       Collapse How long has it been since creative bankruptcy caught you, Peter? Captain Salt 381 37 Thu, 7:48pm
           Collapse .. Faleel 352 4 Thu, 7:50pm
               Collapse That's a straw-man...a specific example from one filmmaker one does not instantly validate the qualities of the other. // Captain Salt 326 3 Thu, 7:52pm
                   Collapse .. Faleel 309 2 Thu, 7:57pm
                       Collapse And that's not what I said. Captain Salt 288 1 Thu, 8:05pm
                           This is what you call irony. / Darkstone 275 0 Thu, 8:39pm
           Collapse Wow that's incredibly harsh. tsmith675 411 5 Thu, 8:07pm
               Collapse Exaggeration,Overreaction, NecromancerRising 347 1 Thu, 8:27pm
                   Exageration, Hubris,Cynicism and nothing more. Kangi Ska 179 0 12:54am
               Collapse I agree Thranderz 244 2 Thu, 10:25pm
                   Collapse Some view the name change Kangi Ska 176 1 12:57am
                       Some have been Lindele 154 0 1:16am
           Collapse Since the opening prologue of FOTR? Darkstone 418 24 Thu, 8:10pm
               Collapse And the quality of debate/conversation Captain Salt 373 23 Thu, 8:20pm
                   Collapse If you begin your conversation with a post like yours... Estel78 337 16 Thu, 8:28pm
                       Collapse LOL! Yeah, it's verboten to post anything Captain Salt 301 15 Thu, 8:36pm
                           Collapse A bit of hyperbole here isn't it? NecromancerRising 275 13 Thu, 8:40pm
                               Collapse It's almost like he straw man'd all of TORN. Imladris18 273 12 Thu, 8:41pm
                                   Collapse That is true. NecromancerRising 349 4 Thu, 8:50pm
                                       Collapse On the other hand... Darkstone 258 3 Thu, 9:43pm
                                           Collapse I wasn't here at the time of LOTR Azimuth 236 1 Thu, 9:55pm
                                               A belated welcome! Darkstone 277 0 Thu, 10:04pm
                                           That's true for some, not all. Aragorn the Elfstone 290 0 Thu, 10:00pm
                                   Collapse And yet Captain Salt 368 5 Thu, 8:50pm
                                       "Reductio ad absurdum " Darkstone 294 0 Thu, 9:06pm
                                       Collapse But, that's not true. Imladris18 291 1 Thu, 9:08pm
                                           Yep. Darkstone 236 0 Thu, 9:22pm
                                       just not true Magpie 277 0 Thu, 10:06pm
                                       I do not want to comment... Arannir 30 0 7:46am
                                   I'm hoping..... Darkstone 315 0 Thu, 8:57pm
                           There's a big gap... Estel78 264 0 Thu, 8:40pm
                   Collapse I think so too. DanielLB 311 2 Thu, 8:34pm
                       Collapse Seemingly not, as your "question" was just posted as a "statement". // Captain Salt 289 1 Thu, 8:37pm
                           It's a good job that there are 10 other boards on the forum... DanielLB 368 0 Thu, 8:47pm
                   Collapse Did I mention you mentioning PJ "Changing anything"? Darkstone 292 2 Thu, 8:37pm
                       Collapse I was wondering what he was referring to, as well. tsmith675 264 1 Thu, 8:40pm
                           Yep. Darkstone 251 0 Thu, 8:43pm
           Ah yes Elessar 224 0 Thu, 10:35pm
       Nice! LadyEmmaE 384 0 Thu, 8:12pm
       Collapse I leave the web for a few hours and all hell breaks loose! :D BlackFox 403 8 Thu, 8:12pm
         Collapse *gets popcorn, sits back and watches the drama unfold* BlackFox 274 7 Thu, 8:42pm
             Collapse hopes for a share of the popcorn dormouse 248 2 Thu, 10:27pm
                   So true. Eruvandi 228 0 Thu, 10:35pm
                   Congrats, dormouse!! cats16 79 0 4:55am
               Collapse Lol. I think I'll join you. Eruvandi 241 2 Thu, 10:30pm
                 I'll take the Dr. Pepper Rembrethil 120 0 2:08am
                   Nice! Root beer for me, please. dernwyn 122 0 3:15am
               Better than Reality TV // Magpie 239 0 Thu, 11:17pm
       themes book Gandalf 375 0 Thu, 8:47pm
       Collapse Not happy. Patty 263 3 Thu, 9:47pm
           Collapse What is wrong with that? Azimuth 235 2 Thu, 10:00pm
               Collapse Me, I would rather see a movie Patty 281 1 Thu, 10:07pm
                   Oh I do agree.// Kangi Ska 149 0 1:12am
       One "the" too many Lio 236 0 Thu, 9:57pm
       Yaay!! Leaf of Mirkwood 270 0 Thu, 10:13pm
       Collapse This threads gone nutz. TheSexyBeard 282 2 Thu, 10:15pm
           Collapse The Hobbit: Total War? I'd play that SirDennisC 250 1 Thu, 11:14pm
               Sir D., you make my day.// Kangi Ska 148 0 1:16am
       Collapse One must look at how this could benefit us ringers... The Ranger Anduiel 247 5 Thu, 10:37pm
         Collapse Congrats on coming out of lurkdom! Eruvandi 245 1 Thu, 10:53pm
               Thankyou! The Ranger Anduiel 259 0 Thu, 11:04pm
           Collapse Welcome! Darkstone 201 2 12:18am
               Collapse ha! The Ranger Anduiel 187 1 12:34am
                   So. Darkstone 171 0 12:52am
       much will be determined on the editing room floor Escapist 228 0 Thu, 10:40pm
       Collapse Called another one! SirDennisC 250 3 Thu, 10:41pm
           Collapse Impressive Voronwë_the_Faithful 177 1 12:55am
               You honour me. SirDennisC 137 0 2:52am
           Good call // Lurker in the Mirk 152 0 2:12am
       Howard Shore good news imin 252 0 Thu, 10:52pm
       Collapse Peter Lucas! Avnar 295 2 Thu, 11:00pm
           Comedy gold Skaan 285 0 Thu, 11:02pm
           I wonder ... DanielLB 40 0 7:12am
     A reminder to discuss the topic, and not make digs at each other. Ataahua 225 0 Thu, 11:51pm
       Collapse it sounds like a title for a video game Joe B. 158 3 1:21am
           Collapse Fun and entertaining? Imladris18 145 2 1:43am
               Collapse sometimes Joe B. 122 1 2:07am
                   I think BotFA has the best chance to hit all those marks if the previous 2 have not done so for you yet. Imladris18 111 0 3:35am
     Wow! Is it free-beer night at Barli? Or just Bilbo opening the door to a tumble of dwarves? Lurker in the Mirk 139 0 1:49am
       Overall I'm o.k. with this change Glassary 138 0 1:50am
       The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies. tsmith675 99 0 4:05am
       Raise your hand if you feel like you overreacted a little bit at this news. *raises hand* Aragorn the Elfstone 105 0 4:14am
       Collapse (Disappointed) thoughts on BOFA, BOTFA, and TABA... morgul lord 80 1 5:37am
           Opposite for me... Aragorn the Elfstone 73 0 5:49am

Collapse Will we get the banner-bearer who tells Thorin he can eat it? Lurker in the Mirk 479 9 Thu, 11:26am Jump to last post in thread (by Lurker in the Mirk)
       Collapse A great point! Loresilme 224 1 Thu, 12:54pm
           Well, I dropped Bard and Thranduil from the list of potentials Lurker in the Mirk 45 0 3:43am
       Collapse Think it will be Bard himself Avandel 211 1 Thu, 1:41pm
           Interesting Lurker in the Mirk 12 0 7:24am
       Collapse *Chills* The Ranger Anduiel 101 3 Thu, 10:05pm
           Collapse Yes, it's time for the "LOTR" Legolas Avandel 65 2 12:41am
               Yes! The Ranger Anduiel 58 0 1:15am
               Nice find Lurker in the Mirk 8 0 7:32am
       I'm thinking Gandalf. Darkstone 39 0 4:27am

  Collapse New info for the third Hobbit film from Hobbitcon? Peterthorn of Rohan 561 1 Thu, 10:46am Jump to last post in thread (by TheHutt)
       Not really... TheHutt 263 0 Thu, 12:17pm

  Collapse TABA Premiere in New York !?! :( smaug the stupendous 754 17 Wed, 11:02pm Jump to last post in thread (by TheHutt)
       I was literally just about to post this! (Facebook link as well) tsmith675 403 0 Wed, 11:04pm
       Also, clickable link here... tsmith675 385 0 Wed, 11:05pm
       Collapse I think it's simply Oleander Took 397 8 Wed, 11:17pm
           Collapse I don't know... tsmith675 364 5 Wed, 11:22pm
             Well, That gives them a Great chance to promote it Bombadil 342 0 Wed, 11:28pm
               They did Oleander Took 333 0 Wed, 11:39pm
               Just noticed that Oleander Took 318 0 Wed, 11:58pm
               Collapse The US premiere would have a red carpet entmaiden 249 1 Thu, 2:39am
                   Well... tsmith675 240 0 Thu, 2:56am
           Collapse World Premiere davidjUK 72 1 Thu, 3:19pm
               UK has already been served... TheHutt 52 0 Thu, 4:10pm
       Auction not competition Glassary 293 0 Thu, 12:49am
       Collapse EU premiere TheHutt 221 2 Thu, 6:13am
           Collapse I doubt the Paris part Rosie-with-the-ribbons 168 1 Thu, 8:37am
               That was one panel... TheHutt 159 0 Thu, 8:47am
       Collapse I am however wondering... TheHutt 151 1 Thu, 9:58am
           Exactly Oleander Took 55 0 Thu, 3:57pm

Collapse Richard Taylor on Del Toro, Makeup vs CGI und TABA (video) TheHutt 986 16 Wed, 8:31pm Jump to last post in thread (by Avandel)
       Collapse Cool SafeUnderHill 459 1 Wed, 8:55pm
           I've been able to chat with Sir Richard a few times, entmaiden 292 0 Thu, 12:45am
       Great questions as always Lieutenant of Dol Guldur 447 0 Wed, 8:59pm
       I really like NecromancerRising 435 0 Wed, 9:01pm
       Collapse Great interview! SafeUnderHill 409 2 Wed, 9:20pm
           Yep... Salmacis81 385 0 Wed, 9:32pm
           He likes the prosthetics more because he works on the prosthetics.// tsmith675 363 0 Wed, 10:04pm
       Such a beautiful man. Thanks. / SirDennisC 374 0 Wed, 9:29pm
       Awesome interview. I also.. tsmith675 397 0 Wed, 9:36pm
       Collapse Great! Thank you! Avandel 341 5 Wed, 10:20pm
           Collapse This is all detailed in the AUJ appendices... Salmacis81 350 4 Wed, 10:35pm
               Collapse True - but Avandel 318 2 Wed, 11:17pm
                   Collapse What I didn't like about it... Salmacis81 80 1 Thu, 6:29pm
                       I'll give you that! Avandel 44 0 Thu, 9:13pm
               That's why Elessar 314 0 Wed, 11:18pm
       Thanks for this Lurker in the Mirk 239 0 Thu, 2:14am

Collapse Blue Wizards con There and Back Again?!?!?! Eruthurin 1057 15 Wed, 4:02pm Jump to last post in thread (by Otaku-sempai)
       Collapse I Faleel 581 1 Wed, 4:46pm
           Nor me...but... Eruthurin 519 0 Wed, 5:02pm
       Collapse You really think someone would do that, bungobaggins 492 2 Wed, 6:00pm
           Collapse Reminds me of wonderinglinguist 451 1 Wed, 6:17pm
               Well.... Eruthurin 285 0 Wed, 9:21pm
       Collapse PJ and co. don't have the rights to the Unfinished Tales... Bofur01 426 2 Wed, 7:03pm
           Collapse Yep burgahobbit 406 1 Wed, 7:12pm
               It's in the appendix painjoiker 250 0 Thu, 12:11am
       Wow! Name 401 0 Wed, 7:31pm
       Damn, I wish this was true MouthofSauron 302 0 Wed, 9:20pm
       Collapse Besides being off limits ghost_matt 213 3 Thu, 2:45am
           Collapse off limits? MouthofSauron 185 1 Thu, 4:23am
               Because copyright violation suits are expensive Elciryamo 172 0 Thu, 5:27am
           Not even Tolkien was sure. Otaku-sempai 56 0 Thu, 4:08pm
       In the immortal words of Abraham Lincoln.... Morthoron 210 0 Thu, 3:47am

  Collapse Conflicting accounts on the scale of the BOFA? **possible spoilers** Arandir 922 8 Wed, 3:52pm Jump to last post in thread (by Salmacis81)
       Scale doesn't mean scale Fleuz 464 0 Wed, 4:12pm
       It has to be the most 'insane' battle ever Annatar598 387 0 Wed, 5:55pm
       Collapse I'm gonna go with it will be epic and mindblowing Avandel 337 4 Wed, 6:58pm
           Collapse Same Name 278 3 Wed, 7:43pm
               Collapse Helm's Deep any time. NecromancerRising 283 2 Wed, 7:45pm
                   Collapse ! Name 265 1 Wed, 7:48pm
                       Hehe! NecromancerRising 255 0 Wed, 7:53pm
       Personally... Salmacis81 231 0 Wed, 9:09pm

Collapse DOS EE Dipling 1678 40 Wed, 10:15am Jump to last post in thread (by The Ranger Anduiel)
       Collapse Oh dear... NecromancerRising 983 4 Wed, 10:27am
           "whining book lovers" Bumblingidiot 732 0 Wed, 1:19pm
           Collapse Since when was it an 'either' 'or' situation SafeUnderHill 633 2 Wed, 2:31pm
               Collapse Never. NecromancerRising 420 1 Wed, 6:26pm
                   Well then just say what you would prefer... Salmacis81 298 0 Wed, 9:54pm
       Dipling: Glorfindela 805 0 Wed, 10:49am
       Collapse Well that corroborates Martin Freeman's testimony Shagrat 861 3 Wed, 10:50am
           Collapse Agree. NecromancerRising 777 1 Wed, 10:55am
               I sure hope you're right. Would love to have those quiet scenes / / Lurker in the Mirk 659 0 Wed, 12:40pm
           Yes, MF said it occurs the morning after their arrival... Eleniel 681 0 Wed, 12:58pm
       Cool Elessar 696 0 Wed, 12:10pm
       Collapse Maybe they'll include it in the Special Features but not in the EE itself? Loresilme 700 8 Wed, 12:38pm
           Collapse Yes - totally agree w. your post Avandel 612 4 Wed, 2:03pm
               "So you are the one they call Oakenshield" Shagrat 632 0 Wed, 2:11pm
               Collapse It's quite possible that... tsmith675 598 2 Wed, 2:26pm
                   Collapse And Faleel 583 1 Wed, 2:35pm
                       Oooh - love the idea of replacement scenes Avandel 416 0 Wed, 6:28pm
           Collapse not necessarily Cirashala 227 2 Thu, 6:04am
               Collapse lol... Beorn's 'bear sense' would have to really be off then Loresilme 156 1 Thu, 12:57pm
                   that is true Cirashala 95 0 Thu, 4:05pm
       I can almost guarantee that it will be in the EE. tsmith675 654 0 Wed, 1:55pm
       How I think it will pan out: LordotRings93 585 0 Wed, 2:51pm
       Collapse Funny thing about not including an introduction to each dwarf. . . Shadow&Flame 530 5 Wed, 4:49pm
           Totally agree about the abrutptness of some scenes Avandel 404 0 Wed, 6:36pm
           Collapse I need answers (so does Gandalf) Michelle Johnston 229 3 Thu, 6:06am
               Collapse But once we have DVDs... Elizabeth 213 2 Thu, 7:17am
                   Barrel of laughs Michelle Johnston 175 0 Thu, 11:37am
                   I wouldn't say meaningless Elessar 168 0 Thu, 12:21pm
       Collapse After what happened with AUJ SEE, i keep my expectations regarding the amount of new scenes low Estel78 467 3 Wed, 6:00pm
           Collapse Same here PredatoR 437 2 Wed, 6:14pm
               I would love it too burgahobbit 339 0 Wed, 7:07pm
               I don't think they are holding anything back for the "ultimate edition" Estel78 348 0 Wed, 7:11pm
       Collapse The original reason for the gradual introduction has been lost Michelle Johnston 447 1 Wed, 6:31pm
           Michelle i agree NecromancerRising 402 0 Wed, 6:35pm
       Collapse 25 more mintues Elessar 160 5 Thu, 2:08pm
           Collapse Excellent news - and new music by Howard Shore, too! // Eleniel 137 1 Thu, 2:41pm
               I know! Elessar 130 0 Thu, 3:08pm
           Collapse Super news Michelle Johnston 129 2 Thu, 3:36pm
               100% Agreed Elessar 78 0 Thu, 6:57pm
               You read my mind! The Ranger Anduiel 44 0 12:28am
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