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Movie Discussion: The Hobbit
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  Sticky: Thread Locked Welcome to the Hobbit Movie board! Altaira 136653 0 May 24 2008, 1:58am Jump to last post in thread (by Altaira)

  Sticky: How Best to Contact an Admin for Help Kyriel 106867 0 Mar 31 2009, 10:46pm Jump to last post in thread (by Kyriel)

  Collapse Sticky: The courtesy of our hall is somewhat lessened of late. (Admin Announcement, ALL PLEASE READ) Silverlode 23907 90 Aug 28 2012, 7:08pm Jump to last post in thread (by entmaiden)

  Collapse Sticky: TORn's smallish, but hopefully growing BOTFA spoiler summary Demosthenes 2503 14 Jun 23, 6:46pm Jump to last post in thread (by Demosthenes)

  Collapse Sticky: DOS Chapter of the Week (CHOW) Sign-up for September 2014! cats16 430 36 Sep 5, 12:40am Jump to last post in thread (by Kim)

  Collapse Twitter Q&A w/ Luke Evans and RA cats16 523 3 Tue, 10:54am Jump to last post in thread (by cats16)
       Thanks for the info... Queen of Erebor 84 0 Tue, 9:51pm
       Collapse Thanks cats. And while we're waiting for the Q&A, enjoy these tweets Kim 30 1 3:46am
           Haha, those are great. cats16 3 0 4 mins ago

Collapse How About our Actors & The Oscars?? Bombadil 819 36 Tue, 1:54am Jump to last post in thread (by glor)
       Collapse I would love some actor to be recognized LordotRings93 442 1 Tue, 2:25am
           I would like to see Martin and Richard nominated. And Sir Ian. Ham_Sammy 416 0 Tue, 3:00am
       I don't see it. Farficom 408 0 Tue, 3:31am
       I dont see it happening, if any, Ian Mckellen as a regonizement of his unique portrayal of Gandalf in all six movies Mr. Arkenstone (isaac) 380 0 Tue, 5:55am
       Collapse No. Arannir 379 8 Tue, 7:28am
           Collapse I'd be happy to cross the line Spriggan 316 7 Tue, 10:16am
               Collapse In my view Glorfindela 305 3 Tue, 10:40am
                   Collapse I wouldn't disagree Spriggan 233 2 Tue, 1:59pm
                       Collapse On the contrary Glorfindela 179 1 Tue, 3:30pm
                           "Badly done" I can understand Spriggan 146 0 Tue, 5:39pm
               Collapse Hm... Arannir 292 2 Tue, 11:15am
                   Collapse I'd say Bernhardina 89 1 Tue, 6:57pm
                       Personally I do not believe... Arannir 85 0 Tue, 7:22pm
       Collapse I don't think so. Silverlode 354 4 Tue, 8:43am
           Very well said. Arannir 327 0 Tue, 8:50am
           Collapse Sadly I think all of this is true. DaughterofLaketown 185 1 Tue, 3:19pm
               Yes, Turin is Oscar material. Arannir 186 0 Tue, 3:21pm
           I would love to see some Oscar Recognition - but I doubt it also ltnjmy 101 0 Tue, 6:08pm
       Collapse I would love it, but I'm not expecting it Elarie 272 4 Tue, 12:54pm
           Collapse I know you are being sarcastic... Arannir 255 2 Tue, 1:17pm
               Collapse Yes, and I was exaggerating, too Elarie 226 1 Tue, 2:08pm
                   Imitation Game Ham_Sammy 197 0 Tue, 2:55pm
         Elarie.... Thang you Berry buch! Bombadil 237 0 Tue, 1:23pm
       Well, I don't anticipate a repeat of RotK's Oscar sweep. Otaku-sempai 220 0 Tue, 2:24pm
       Collapse Alas, I don't see it happening dubulous 188 1 Tue, 3:15pm
         Well, there is a PERFECT Opportunity for RA? Bombadil 177 0 Tue, 3:57pm
       Collapse DOS was snubbed Kilidoescartwheels 156 3 Tue, 5:02pm
           Collapse DOS was nominated for Best Visual Effects BlackFox 114 1 Tue, 5:54pm
               Well deserved! Bernhardina 90 0 Tue, 6:35pm
           Of course DoS was nominated for VFX. Arannir 110 0 Tue, 6:02pm
       Collapse No Oscars but perhaps a nomination for... Bernhardina 118 3 Tue, 6:21pm
           Collapse If Sean Astin didn't get a nom for RotK... Elizabeth 71 1 Tue, 9:00pm
               The racoon should get one Glorfindela 34 0 Tue, 11:38pm
           I am going to stick my neck out glor 9 0 30 mins ago
       That was then, this is now. Noria 98 0 Tue, 7:12pm
       Would liked on we a win or two someplace. Elessar 40 0 Tue, 11:10pm

  Collapse What film do you think the BoFA Trailer #2 will be attached to? tsmith675 917 8 Mon, 2:04pm Jump to last post in thread (by Rembrethil)
       Collapse Maybe 'Dracula Untold'? Loresilme 416 1 Mon, 2:15pm
           This movie is coming out on the tenth after being moved from the third DaughterofLaketown 266 0 Mon, 8:02pm
       Dracula might be the most fitting... Arannir 441 0 Mon, 2:30pm
       Collapse There may not be another trailer QuackingTroll 143 4 Tue, 2:11pm
           There certainly was a plan to make another trailer. Arannir 139 0 Tue, 2:15pm
           Collapse There will definitely be at least one more trailer Otaku-sempai 130 1 Tue, 2:27pm
               Yeah...Lazy as marketing has been, I think we will get at least one more. Rembrethil 81 0 Tue, 7:03pm
           Technically we've not yet had a trailer dubulous 115 0 Tue, 3:37pm

Collapse Bilbo’s Birthday Bash: BotFA Time Capsule Lurker in the Mirk 450 9 Mon, 10:09am Jump to last post in thread (by Kim)
     Collapse Questions, Comments & Discussions Lurker in the Mirk 177 2 Mon, 10:10am
           Collapse Done! BlackFox 114 1 Mon, 4:40pm
               Cool! Thanks for participating Lurker in the Mirk 45 0 Tue, 3:17am
       Lurker in the Mirk's Time Capsule (Please do not reply to this post) Lurker in the Mirk 186 0 Mon, 10:50am
       BlackFox's Time Capsule (Please do not reply to this post) BlackFox 126 0 Mon, 4:37pm
       LordotRings93's Time Capsule (Please Do Not Reply To This Post) LordotRings93 104 0 Mon, 6:17pm
       Noria's overlong as usual Time Capsule (Please do not reply to this post) Noria 93 0 Mon, 7:48pm
       VValar's Time Capsule (Please do not reply to this post) VValar 41 0 Tue, 12:56pm
       Kim's Time Capsule (Please do not reply to this post) Kim 10 0 2:33am

  Collapse Any specific lines or moments from the book you're hoping to find in the EE? Mooseboy018 944 19 Mon, 1:43am Jump to last post in thread (by Otaku-sempai)
       Collapse Aside from the obvious... OrangeBerserk 545 4 Mon, 3:53am
           Collapse Gandalf and thrain QueenCirce 504 2 Mon, 4:53am
               Collapse has this been confirmed ? MouthofSauron 187 1 Tue, 4:36am
                   Yes, we're getting Thrain. Mooseboy018 171 0 Tue, 5:28am
           not random Cirashala 427 0 Mon, 7:20am
       Collapse Thorin's bow shot at the stag/deer Avandel 485 1 Mon, 5:47am
           heh? redgiraffe 159 0 Tue, 8:23am
       Absolutely this Shagrat 464 0 Mon, 7:13am
       Collapse I am hoping to see... Rembrethil 331 9 Mon, 5:26pm
           Collapse more High Fells NoelGallagher 162 8 Tue, 8:28am
               Collapse I don't know if any will be added... Rembrethil 118 7 Tue, 2:20pm
                   Collapse Not really. Arannir 123 1 Tue, 2:22pm
                       Ah, well...To each their own. Rembrethil 82 0 Tue, 6:38pm
                   Collapse do you know what stuff they filmed more ? NoelGallagher 114 4 Tue, 2:39pm
                       Collapse Well, I am basing my statements in a trailer... Rembrethil 78 3 Tue, 6:54pm
                           Collapse Radag(h)ast Otaku-sempai 64 2 Tue, 7:19pm
                             Collapse Augh!!! The evils of Autocorrect!!!! Rembrethil 58 1 Tue, 7:25pm
                                   No prob... Otaku-sempai 54 0 Tue, 7:30pm
       More Beorn! Nuradar 301 0 Mon, 6:09pm

  Collapse News from German "Cinema" Magazine - SPOILERS Arannir 2128 16 Sun, 5:25pm Jump to last post in thread (by Avandel)
       Collapse Okay THIS is news! Bernhardina 1035 1 Sun, 5:31pm
           In Dale Arannir 950 0 Sun, 5:34pm
     oooh nice! Thank you for posting *drool* enjoyed that Avandel 898 0 Sun, 5:42pm
       Thanks for posting this! NecromancerRising 818 0 Sun, 5:54pm
     Collapse Thanks for posting!! VValar 807 1 Sun, 6:15pm
           I guess he does not have much choice... Arannir 826 0 Sun, 6:18pm
       Collapse Ah, explains what one of my sources told me Carne 723 8 Sun, 9:28pm
           Collapse Huh? SafeUnderHill 649 7 Sun, 9:40pm
               Collapse Sorry, my post got a bit muddled Carne 640 6 Sun, 10:02pm
                   Hmm SafeUnderHill 585 0 Sun, 10:26pm
                   Collapse IMO if it's as good as Azanulbizar will be amazing Avandel 438 4 Mon, 6:17am
                       . SafeUnderHill 377 0 Mon, 8:01am
                       Collapse PJ doing battle scenes is often PJ Annatar598 132 2 Tue, 3:08pm
                           Agreed Earl 49 0 Tue, 11:46pm
                         I love Azanulbizar and Helm's Deep the best Avandel 29 0 1:34am
       Whew... cats16 589 0 Mon, 12:41am

  Collapse Is anyone else looking forward to... Beorn's Bees 886 14 Sun, 5:22pm Jump to last post in thread (by Queen of Erebor)
       Collapse Yep SafeUnderHill 376 1 Sun, 5:31pm
           I liked that too Loresilme 202 0 Mon, 12:02am
       Collapse Of course. NecromancerRising 352 5 Sun, 5:57pm
           Collapse Question Kim 342 3 Sun, 6:18pm
               Only some snippets! NecromancerRising 317 0 Sun, 6:55pm
               IMO SafeUnderHill 254 0 Sun, 8:55pm
               I always do... Queen of Erebor 63 0 Mon, 10:31pm
           I'm picking favorites... Earl 229 0 Sun, 10:17pm
       Yes.... dormouse 309 0 Sun, 6:55pm
       I am very much looking forward to it Earl 237 0 Sun, 10:21pm
       I too am looking forward to the soundtrack, Noria 127 0 Mon, 12:11pm
       Love the OST Elessar 117 0 Mon, 1:10pm
       Collapse Yes. Arannir 115 1 Mon, 1:18pm
           Bards theme SafeUnderHill 121 0 Mon, 1:29pm

Collapse The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug Extended Edition - Unofficial Shopping Guide TheHutt 919 10 Sun, 2:40pm Jump to last post in thread (by TheHutt)
       Collapse Digitial version Hamfast of Gamwich 402 5 Sun, 3:21pm
           Collapse Yes... TheHutt 378 4 Sun, 3:34pm
               Collapse Ugh... Mooseboy018 353 3 Sun, 4:38pm
                 Totally agree Avandel 292 0 Sun, 5:27pm
                   Collapse Me too... TheHutt 274 1 Sun, 5:53pm
                       It seems I can pre-order the DVD... Queen of Erebor 222 0 Sun, 8:39pm
       Thanks once again, Hutt for your time and effort on this - most useful... Eleniel 199 0 Sun, 9:37pm
       Thanks very much for posting this Glorfindela 195 0 Sun, 10:04pm
       Japanese version TheHutt 105 0 Mon, 2:28pm
       Shopping Guide table fix... TheHutt 96 0 Mon, 2:55pm

Collapse A John Howe & Alan Lee Appreciation THREAD? Bombadil 352 9 Sun, 11:01am Jump to last post in thread (by Otaku-sempai)
       Great idea, Bomby Elarie 152 0 Sun, 1:05pm
       Collapse Huzzah! Otaku-sempai 152 4 Sun, 1:20pm
         Collapse Howe do you Explain that Alan got an Oscar? Bombadil 130 3 Sun, 3:41pm
               Collapse The both functioned as conceptual designers Magpie 126 1 Sun, 3:59pm
                 Thang you Berry Buch.."OUR Beautiful Birdy"? Bombadil 109 0 Sun, 4:35pm
               Magpie explained it. Otaku-sempai 43 0 Mon, 2:00pm
     Wonderful classy artists! Avandel 114 0 Sun, 4:36pm
       Agreed! They are amazing! VeArkenstone 91 0 Sun, 7:20pm
       Yes! Loresilme 67 0 Mon, 12:13am

Collapse Thranduil Appreciation Thread Part XIV Lurker in the Mirk 897 122 Sun, 1:21am Jump to last post in thread (by VValar)
     Collapse You beat me by one minute! Eruvandi 368 13 Sun, 1:34am
           Collapse *HAI* Gah, post-death! Me too!!! Lurker in the Mirk 369 12 Sun, 1:39am
               Collapse This one Eruvandi 372 11 Sun, 2:04am
                   LoL Lurker in the Mirk 351 0 Sun, 2:16am
                 Collapse Pretty sparkles VValar 184 9 Sun, 6:01pm
                       Collapse btw... Have you two seen this Leggy portrait? Lurker in the Mirk 135 3 Mon, 2:11am
                         Collapse Hadn't seen that Eruvandi 142 1 Mon, 2:26pm
                               Ah, happy to have purveyed it to you then Lurker in the Mirk 75 0 Tue, 3:20am
                         That's a very nice Leggy portrait VValar 106 0 Mon, 6:37pm
                       Collapse Thanks! Eruvandi 143 4 Mon, 2:01pm
                         Collapse You have good taste VValar 130 3 Mon, 7:31pm
                               Lovely sketch mariel 99 0 Mon, 8:54pm
                             Collapse *squee!* He has such a nice smile! Eruvandi 86 1 Tue, 12:43am
                                 Yes he has such a beautiful smile *swoon* VValar 48 0 Tue, 8:19pm
     Collapse Hi-res of that gorgeous BTS image of Thranduil in armour Lurker in the Mirk 390 17 Sun, 1:36am
         Collapse btw... that Elf in the background... Lurker in the Mirk 362 9 Sun, 2:27am
               Collapse Even though it is not the real Leggy VValar 179 8 Sun, 6:21pm
                   Collapse hmmm... or is it a Thranduil double? Lurker in the Mirk 130 3 Mon, 2:14am
                       Collapse Hmm looks like the real Thranduil to me VValar 112 2 Mon, 6:46pm
                           Collapse Eh... confused now Lurker in the Mirk 75 1 Tue, 3:21am
                             Misread your initial post VValar 37 0 Tue, 9:11pm
                   Collapse Stand-ins aren't always used for stunts Eruvandi 123 3 Mon, 7:40pm
                     I didn't know that, wow1 VValar 108 0 Mon, 8:20pm
                       Collapse You learn something every day mariel 100 1 Mon, 8:52pm
                           I was too. Until this... Lurker in the Mirk 79 0 Tue, 3:24am
           Collapse Thanks for putting that wonderful image up VValar 213 6 Sun, 3:30pm
             Collapse More armour glory (HTR!, you armour fiends) Lurker in the Mirk 138 5 Mon, 2:24am
                 Collapse Oef that was a major HTR-alert VValar 106 4 Mon, 6:53pm
                       Collapse INteresting question. iirc... Leggy wears a mithril shirt Lurker in the Mirk 79 3 Tue, 3:27am
                           Collapse Yep, he does. Eruvandi 67 1 Tue, 7:08pm
                               Legolas looks good in his mitrhil shirt VValar 20 0 Tue, 10:56pm
                         About Leggy's mithril shirt VValar 36 0 Tue, 9:24pm
       Collapse In reply to Kerewyn's "The Thingol and Thranduil discussion" post in TAXIII Eruvandi 364 1 Sun, 1:56am
           Thanks for starting this, and in response to your response =) Lurker in the Mirk 352 0 Sun, 2:13am
     Collapse Various general responses to posts in XIII Lurker in the Mirk 369 18 Sun, 2:04am
           Collapse Transfixed? Not quite! dernwyn 354 13 Sun, 2:38am
               Collapse Nay... lies spread by those envious of the clear-skinned luminosity of Elven pulchritude Lurker in the Mirk 353 12 Sun, 2:43am
                   Collapse Or maybe... dernwyn 274 11 Sun, 1:51pm
                       Collapse *sneaking in just to say* Kim 182 9 Sun, 6:33pm
                         *Waves* Hi Kim! VValar 172 0 Sun, 6:48pm
                           Collapse Not random at all! dernwyn 166 1 Sun, 7:31pm
                               Ah, I totally missed that Kim 163 0 Sun, 7:45pm
                           Collapse Why sneaksy, Kim? Lurker in the Mirk 126 2 Mon, 2:30am
                               Collapse Well, ya know Kim 130 1 Mon, 2:38am
                                 LoL, well yeah Lurker in the Mirk 197 0 Mon, 3:08am
                           Collapse On beardiness... Kerewyn 163 2 Mon, 12:31pm
                             LOL Conchita Wurst VValar 94 0 Mon, 7:16pm
                               Woah... though agreed with VValar Lurker in the Mirk 73 0 Tue, 3:31am
                       LoL Lurker in the Mirk 125 0 Mon, 2:29am
         Collapse Various answers to various questions VValar 193 3 Sun, 5:56pm
             Collapse Loves Pretty! Lurker in the Mirk 123 2 Mon, 2:37am
                 Collapse Thanks for the translation VValar 103 1 Mon, 6:55pm
                       Heh Lurker in the Mirk 73 0 Tue, 3:33am
       Collapse Oversized image removed. Ataahua 349 8 Sun, 2:43am
           Collapse How was it oversized ... (and replacement version) Lurker in the Mirk 352 7 Sun, 2:47am
               Gah... missing image attachment. See attached here please. Lurker in the Mirk 350 0 Sun, 3:04am
               Collapse It was the height x width Ataahua 334 5 Sun, 4:25am
                   Collapse It was narrower than 670 for sure, but I got it. Can you please replace the image as requested? Lurker in the Mirk 317 4 Sun, 7:17am
                       Collapse I've replaced it for you. Silverlode 308 3 Sun, 7:45am
                           Collapse Thanks, one adjustment request Lurker in the Mirk 302 2 Sun, 8:27am
                               Collapse Ok, centered now. // Silverlode 298 1 Sun, 9:03am
                                   Thanks for centering it. // Lurker in the Mirk 120 0 Mon, 2:38am
     Collapse Thranduil in the new tapestry/banner Lurker in the Mirk 337 3 Sun, 7:28am
         Collapse Gotta love an Elf in armour VValar 176 1 Sun, 6:34pm
             You're welcome! Lurker in the Mirk 121 0 Mon, 2:39am
           My Sassy King Looks So Nice in his Armor on Bubba ltnjmy 128 0 Mon, 3:58pm
     Collapse 4th Age Kings.. or a tangent on the Thranduil going West discussion Lurker in the Mirk 325 7 Sun, 8:24am
           Collapse Plenty to muse on here... Kerewyn 270 1 Sun, 1:37pm
               Oh yeah... hoping for some good discussion *where's everyone's geek?* Lurker in the Mirk 124 0 Mon, 2:43am
           Collapse About the FA ME Kings VValar 114 4 Mon, 6:26pm
               Collapse Great thoughts about the FA ME kings. Kerewyn 79 1 Tue, 2:36am
                   Oropher and Thranduil being King/Prince VValar 42 0 Tue, 8:57pm
               Collapse FA Kings aka does Thranduil got anything to do with 'em? Lurker in the Mirk 73 1 Tue, 4:20am
                   Thrandy and the FA Kings VValar 29 0 Tue, 9:52pm
       Collapse The article about Celeborn... Kerewyn 297 7 Sun, 1:23pm
           Collapse Celeborn VValar 162 2 Sun, 8:18pm
               Collapse Celeborn article w.spoilers Kerewyn 156 1 Mon, 12:39pm
                 Silm spoilers and NZ roots VValar 121 0 Mon, 7:23pm
           Collapse Power couples & the ME nobles' connections to Sindar Lurker in the Mirk 203 3 Mon, 3:01am
               Collapse Galadriel Kerewyn 154 2 Mon, 12:58pm
                 Collapse Different Elvishness Lurker in the Mirk 75 1 Tue, 4:28am
                       Yay for Celeborn VValar 27 0 Tue, 9:58pm
     Collapse TA Thread number 14!! VValar 230 3 Sun, 3:28pm
           Collapse That's what I am most excited about *giggle* I mean, he looks amazing in that white cold light... Bernhardina 215 1 Sun, 5:05pm
             Well if you like that.... VValar 208 0 Sun, 5:42pm
           LOL at "Princeling spawn" Lurker in the Mirk 201 0 Mon, 3:02am
       Collapse **SPOILERS SPOILERS SPOILERS** VValar 222 15 Sun, 6:10pm
           Collapse Exciting! Bernhardina 184 1 Sun, 7:09pm
             I'm there with you VValar 109 0 Mon, 6:34pm
         Collapse Thanks for that *spoiler comments* Lurker in the Mirk 210 8 Mon, 3:06am
               Collapse Having not read TH VValar 102 7 Mon, 7:05pm
                   Collapse [book spoilers] and a bit of ramble about Thranduil going after the treasure Lurker in the Mirk 88 6 Tue, 4:41am
                       Collapse My thoughts mariel 97 3 Tue, 2:55pm
                           Collapse Interesting thoughts! Rembrethil 65 1 Tue, 7:11pm
                               Thanks mariel 56 0 Tue, 7:42pm
                         Your thoughts VValar 21 0 Tue, 10:52pm
                       I loved your analysis of Thranduil's motives Lurker ! ltnjmy 78 0 Tue, 5:49pm
                       Thranduil and treasure VValar 25 0 Tue, 10:12pm
           Collapse Spoilery goodness Eruvandi 148 3 Mon, 3:28pm
               Collapse Anyone found his name yet? Lurker in the Mirk 73 2 Tue, 4:44am
                   Collapse Feren Eruvandi 94 1 Tue, 2:59pm
                       About horn-blowing-Elf-guy VValar 22 0 Tue, 10:37pm
     Collapse BTS Easter Egg Find (BEEF) - More Unexpected Flash of Elf (UFE) Lurker in the Mirk 229 5 Mon, 3:21am
           Collapse Had to check this gif carefully, Kerewyn 169 1 Mon, 12:41pm
               Heheh... you did clicked it! Lurker in the Mirk 70 0 Tue, 4:45am
           Collapse He's a Ninja-Hugger Eruvandi 140 2 Mon, 4:00pm
               Collapse Nice one! Lurker in the Mirk 74 1 Tue, 4:49am
                 *thuddery THUD* Eruvandi 81 0 Tue, 4:55pm
       Collapse Fellow Thralls: BotFA Time Capsule in honour of Bilbo's birthday Lurker in the Mirk 180 4 Mon, 10:52am
           Collapse Time capsule looks like fun! Kerewyn 156 1 Mon, 1:01pm
               Yay Kerewyn! Will be looking out for your capsule! Lurker in the Mirk 67 0 Tue, 4:50am
           Collapse BotFA Time Capsule VValar 95 1 Mon, 7:12pm
               Just put your thoughts in Lurker in the Mirk 67 0 Tue, 4:51am
     Collapse How bout a little FLAST? VValar 115 2 Mon, 8:21pm
           Collapse LoL... though Lurker in the Mirk 132 1 Tue, 4:52am
             Party King Thranduil VValar 26 0 Tue, 10:25pm
     Collapse Spamming a few other Thranduil piccies VValar 131 2 Mon, 8:31pm
           Collapse Spam, spam mariel 113 1 Mon, 8:45pm
             Agreed! You're so right, mariel Lurker in the Mirk 143 0 Tue, 4:53am
     Collapse Random snerkles Lurker in the Mirk 126 2 Tue, 9:39am
         The middle one gave me a good laugh. // cats16 114 0 Tue, 9:41am
         Legolas is such a honest Elf VValar 26 0 Tue, 10:34pm

Collapse Don't remember book but re film will Thorin and Dain ever actually talk (poss. spoilery) Avandel 901 25 Sat, 10:13pm Jump to last post in thread (by Avandel)
       Collapse This is Dain. ~Medieval Soul 553 8 Sat, 10:58pm
           Collapse I've see that and thought it was fan PS job? Avandel 444 2 Sun, 12:47am
               Collapse It's from the card game. Mooseboy018 405 1 Sun, 1:45am
                 Thank you - re the cards that is too bad Avandel 374 0 Sun, 2:21am
           Collapse Dain is supposed to be younger than Thorin... Salmacis81 396 4 Sun, 3:20am
               Collapse I didn't know that. ~Medieval Soul 351 3 Sun, 5:31am
                   Collapse we should make a distinction Elanor of Rohan 331 1 Sun, 6:31am
                       Movie-Thorin is older than he looks! Otaku-sempai 265 0 Sun, 1:30pm
                 Think we need the Bill Connolly fans here Avandel 231 0 Sun, 3:56pm
       Collapse In the book Dain does not meet up with Thorin before the battle. Moahunter 478 3 Sat, 11:41pm
           Collapse Thank you - that was an interesting detail re goblins Avandel 421 2 Sun, 12:43am
               Collapse I might have given the wrong impression. Moahunter 406 1 Sun, 1:26am
                   Understood and thank you again Avandel 377 0 Sun, 1:47am
       Collapse I do not think they ever talk in the book, but ... VeArkenstone 230 11 Sun, 6:48pm
           Collapse Hey Ve! As a BC fan, why would you think PJ chose him for Dain? Avandel 163 6 Mon, 6:36am
               Collapse I pretty much know him only from his comedy routines. VeArkenstone 120 5 Mon, 9:12pm
                 Collapse Thank you! What a great answer! Avandel 95 2 Tue, 12:11am
                       Collapse I recently watched StarTrek Into Darkness with Benedict Cumberbatch. VeArkenstone 49 1 Tue, 4:35pm
                         Ooooh love the ST films Avandel 26 0 12:24am
                   Collapse He has been in a few films... patrickk 85 1 Tue, 2:19am
                       Got curious about BC's movies and just watched Her Majesty, Mrs. Brown. VeArkenstone 44 0 Tue, 4:39pm
           Collapse No. Dain and Thorin are never shown together in the book. Otaku-sempai 60 3 Tue, 2:40pm
               Collapse I am to going reread The Hobbit, but it may not be before the release of BO5A. VeArkenstone 42 1 Tue, 4:45pm
                 I won't re-read the Hobbit before the films Avandel 20 0 12:47am
             Thank you tho think we can assume there will be SOME explanation Avandel 19 0 12:51am

  Moved: Sad Rickster - - Sat, 1:59pm Jump to last post in thread (by Rickster)

  Collapse the flash of saurons eye shaundobson 881 10 Sat, 7:41am Jump to last post in thread (by Gandy)
       probably intentional Mooseboy018 410 0 Sat, 8:05am
       It was more startling in LotR Glorfindela 313 0 Sat, 12:08pm
       Collapse Just noticed..... Aranaes 307 1 Sat, 12:35pm
           Yes! Mooseboy018 150 0 Sat, 9:58pm
       No, I don't miss the sound and I do think the way it's handled in The Hobbit dormouse 305 0 Sat, 12:48pm
       I think it was probably intentional Elarie 269 0 Sat, 1:19pm
       Collapse I think it's definitely intentional dubulous 267 2 Sat, 2:33pm
           Collapse Yeah, i agree, sauget.diblosio 203 1 Sat, 5:55pm
               Yeah Remus 180 0 Sat, 7:10pm
       mind's eye Gandy 131 0 Sat, 11:34pm

  Collapse DOS Chapter of the Week: Smuggled Cargo Kim 466 30 Sat, 2:25am Jump to last post in thread (by Avandel)
       Collapse Quite alright. Retro315 217 1 Sat, 6:42am
           Orcs Kim 136 0 Sun, 3:30am
       Collapse Great Arannir 201 1 Sat, 9:54am
           Thanks Arannir! Kim 131 0 Sun, 3:36am
       Collapse Smuggled cargo indeed Noria 160 1 Sat, 9:07pm
           Thanks Noria! Kim 132 0 Sun, 3:43am
     Collapse More great scenes in a great movie Avandel 178 7 Sat, 9:09pm
           Collapse **warning RD, more magnificent Thorin pics!** Kim 151 6 Sun, 4:00am
             Collapse very good point! Avandel 121 5 Sun, 5:17pm
                   Collapse yes Kim 113 4 Sun, 5:50pm
                     Collapse Needs a TORn member to gently remind me of the TRUTH of the #Majesty Avandel 50 3 Mon, 11:57pm
                           Always happy to help a fellow TORnling Kim 38 0 Tue, 2:39am
                         Collapse *uncontrollable giggles* Eruvandi 34 1 Tue, 3:28pm
                             LOL Eruvandi - it's Kim reminding me of what is IMPORTANT Avandel 18 0 Tue, 11:54pm
       Collapse I come prepared this time! Riven Delve 120 10 Sun, 7:15pm
           Best answer ever Kim 115 0 Sun, 7:28pm
           Collapse actually Cirashala 86 8 Mon, 7:56am
               Collapse So it's more of an oar than a rudder? Riven Delve 79 7 Mon, 11:31am
                   Bard's boat Noria 74 0 Mon, 12:18pm
                   I believe that Bard is sculling his boat. Otaku-sempai 67 0 Mon, 4:57pm
                   it's possible that it's both Cirashala 65 0 Mon, 5:17pm
                   Collapse A little more information about sculling boats... Silverlode 46 3 Mon, 11:16pm
                       Collapse Thanks for the info, everyone! Riven Delve 49 2 Tue, 11:32am
                           Collapse You are most welcome. Otaku-sempai 33 1 Tue, 2:44pm
                               you are all most welcome :) Cirashala 17 0 Tue, 10:31pm
       Collapse Hope I'm not late Eruvandi 68 4 Mon, 5:23pm
         Gloin is traumatized Avandel 50 0 Mon, 10:49pm
         You're never late for CHOWs cats16 45 0 Mon, 10:56pm
           Collapse An Eruvandi is never late Kim 42 1 Tue, 2:53am
             Lol! Eruvandi 41 0 Tue, 2:18pm

Collapse Bomby Jus' Tries to BEEE..a bit SANE in an Insane WORLD? Bombadil 384 6 Sat, 2:02am Jump to last post in thread (by Avnar)
       Collapse Where do you get this figure of 5000? Moahunter 165 3 Sat, 8:08am
           Collapse Well, You add the Marketing people in California Bombadil 167 2 Sat, 8:27am
               Collapse The Faleel 88 1 Sat, 10:04pm
                   OKAY..Bomb aplogizzzes Precioiu? Bombadil 76 0 Sat, 10:57pm
     Sanity? Meneldor 91 0 Sat, 10:01pm
       I have no idea what this thread is about... Avnar 75 0 Sun, 4:15am
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