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Movie Discussion: The Hobbit
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  Sticky: Thread Locked Welcome to the Hobbit Movie board! Altaira 160946 0 May 24 2008, 1:58am Jump to last post in thread (by Altaira)

  Sticky: How Best to Contact an Admin for Help Kyriel 116990 0 Mar 31 2009, 10:46pm Jump to last post in thread (by Kyriel)

  Sticky: The Courtesy of our Halls (Discussion Guidelines) Silverlode 18608 0 Oct 12 2014, 9:41pm Jump to last post in thread (by Silverlode)

Collapse Sticky: Folks from the Uni of Waikato want to know YOUR opinion on BotFA! greendragon 4756 25 Jan 21, 4:17pm Jump to last post in thread (by elf-lady)

  Collapse DOS: Feast of Starlight ... A potential great scene Legolas_Shoehorn 413 6 Wed, 8:48pm Jump to last post in thread (by Noria)
       I also regret the absence of that scene Milieuterrien 375 0 Wed, 9:03pm
       Agree... that's for sure an head-scratcher // xxxyyy 356 0 Wed, 9:16pm
       Collapse I think there is no gonna be a debate in this :) Mr. Arkenstone (isaac) 325 2 Wed, 9:54pm
         Collapse Maybe PJ will show Deleted Scenes in the EE Extras? Bombadil 263 1 1:05am
               Let's Adrianna 255 0 1:28am
       Nope, can't say I care about a Feast of Starlight scene. Noria 105 0 12:18pm

  Collapse Funeral Smaug the iron 608 29 Wed, 6:26pm Jump to last post in thread (by arithmancer)
       Collapse Bilbo & Gandalf for sure Kilidoescartwheels 541 2 Wed, 6:51pm
           *snigger* Avandel 481 0 Wed, 8:19pm
           Legolas Mooseboy018 354 0 12:02am
       Collapse Tauriel Goldeneye 534 9 Wed, 6:59pm
         Collapse Yes Avandel 462 6 Wed, 8:47pm
               Collapse I can see it now... CathrineB 417 3 Wed, 9:52pm
                   Collapse There is one...maybe two Avandel 315 2 1:57am
                       Tauriel Mooseboy018 303 0 2:36am
                       Yeah but CathrineB 202 0 10:08am
               Collapse Grumblings over ROTK lionoferebor 368 1 Wed, 11:37pm
                   I'm Negative Nancy now, but.. CathrineB 359 0 Wed, 11:56pm
           Collapse Please no Never_Underestimate_A_Dwarf 414 1 Wed, 9:57pm
             Expect the Unexpected, that's Bomby's Mantra../// Bombadil 371 0 Wed, 11:08pm
       Mmm! Adrianna 339 0 12:43am
       Many funerals to dispatch Milieuterrien 156 0 12:39pm
       Collapse Well Shagrat 138 13 1:51pm
           Collapse Image too big. Otaku-sempai 117 1 2:18pm
               Resized. dernwyn 28 0 4:09pm
           Collapse Why would you expect Thranduil to be there with none of his people? dormouse 90 10 3:05pm
               Collapse Well a few guards perhaps... Shagrat 80 7 3:12pm
                   Collapse Well yes.... dormouse 57 6 3:33pm
                       Collapse Well that's why I mentioned Thranduil Shagrat 47 5 3:45pm
                           Collapse Fair enough.... dormouse 34 4 4:03pm
                               Collapse That she has an expressed concern with them burying Kili Shagrat 31 3 4:08pm
                                   Collapse Huh? arithmancer 21 2 51 mins ago
                                       Collapse Not if she is uncomfortable with the idea of the Dwarves burying Kili according to their custom Shagrat 14 1 48 mins ago
                                           If no Elves are there probably not. arithmancer 10 0 45 mins ago
               Collapse Because of the book? Otaku-sempai 22 1 56 mins ago
                   Sorry, what I meant was.... dormouse 16 0 48 mins ago

  Collapse We're forgetting an audience... Hobbity Hobbit 995 61 Tue, 9:58pm Jump to last post in thread (by RosieLass)
       Collapse Count me as a ridiculous adult! Kilidoescartwheels 841 1 Tue, 10:20pm
           PJ is a Father, Fran is a Mother & Philippa is TOO! Bombadil 829 0 Tue, 10:27pm
       Collapse An inspiration for feminists. RosieLass 840 7 Tue, 10:29pm
           Collapse Yes, she was an inspiration Elarie 824 3 Tue, 11:04pm
               @ HobbitCon in Germany? Bombadil 775 0 Wed, 12:29am
               Yeah, Hobbity Hobbit 721 0 Wed, 2:24am
               Certainly. RosieLass 264 0 Wed, 5:06pm
           Collapse Strange when you think it was predominantly written by two women // AshNazg 749 2 Wed, 1:06am
               Collapse I don't think so.... Avandel 726 1 Wed, 2:22am
                   Well.. Hobbity Hobbit 715 0 Wed, 2:42am
       Collapse Oh please... Morthoron 767 2 Wed, 1:00am
           Collapse Hey, Which movie did you see ? Milieuterrien 449 1 Wed, 3:08pm
             Even Leggy? couldn't "Handle". Bolg in Laketown? Bombadil 406 0 Wed, 3:59pm
       I wouldn't minded Tauriel so much ... MEM 673 0 Wed, 5:03am
       Collapse On the broad point, I think it is a good one. Spriggan 626 2 Wed, 8:13am
           Collapse ISN'T 700 YEARS, a mere 7 Blinks in eyes of an Elf? Bombadil 576 1 Wed, 10:49am
               Elven Maturity Otaku-sempai 452 0 Wed, 2:47pm
       One problem CathrineB 577 0 Wed, 10:54am
       Collapse Yes, I think you're right... dormouse 563 28 Wed, 11:26am
           Collapse Oh, poor Tauriel! Kilidoescartwheels 478 6 Wed, 2:28pm
               Collapse Fili and Kili being woman would have been cool Mr. Arkenstone (isaac) 274 3 Wed, 4:59pm
                   LOL! Kilidoescartwheels 258 0 Wed, 5:21pm
                   Collapse They Sort of Already Did AndHeHandedHimTheTobaccoJar 210 1 Wed, 7:27pm
                       Not really Otaku-sempai 178 0 Wed, 8:48pm
               Well, to get more specific.... Avandel 204 0 Wed, 7:29pm
               Not ridiculous at all... dormouse 138 0 Wed, 10:33pm
           Collapse It's not the fact that she fell in love that is the problem. RosieLass 267 20 Wed, 5:03pm
               Same goes to guys Mr. Arkenstone (isaac) 263 0 Wed, 5:08pm
               Collapse You'd like the new "Mad Max" movie then Kilidoescartwheels 254 17 Wed, 5:22pm
                   I haven't seen it. RosieLass 227 0 Wed, 6:32pm
                   Collapse Mad Max's Furiosa had one VERY crucial advantage over The Hobbit's Tauriel! marary 158 15 Wed, 9:50pm
                       Modernity vs. Tolkiennernity marary 147 0 Wed, 10:22pm
                       Collapse The Hobbit and the Bechdel test Milieuterrien 117 13 Wed, 11:38pm
                           Collapse Mad Max v. Hobbit Kilidoescartwheels 106 12 1:27am
                               Collapse In French, spiders are female, that's it. Milieuterrien 108 11 8:04am
                                   Bwahahahahaha Kilidoescartwheels 71 0 1:49pm
                                   Let's not be overly literal! Otaku-sempai 65 0 2:24pm
                                   Collapse What? Glorfindela 56 8 2:59pm
                                       Collapse Don't get fooled, it was just an attempt ... Milieuterrien 41 7 3:49pm
                                           Collapse They say that English is the most difficult language to learn. RosieLass 37 6 4:01pm
                                               Collapse As far as I'm concerned, Milieuterrien 28 1 52 mins ago
                                                   Haha! RosieLass 2 0 2 mins ago
                                               Collapse The Slavonic languages are tricky Glorfindela 25 3 49 mins ago
                                                   Maybe because it's simple on crucial points Milieuterrien 16 0 35 mins ago
                                                   Collapse Money Avandel 14 1 32 mins ago
                                                       I think what makes English difficult RosieLass 3 0 5 mins ago
               Well, yes.... dormouse 148 0 Wed, 10:17pm
       Collapse So Tauriel is there as some kind of social enginery? Mr. Arkenstone (isaac) 390 7 Wed, 4:19pm
           Collapse The main necessity is to have some elf character embodied on screen Milieuterrien 378 6 Wed, 4:31pm
               I understand that, but a single movie, with that ride you mention works. Mr. Arkenstone (isaac) 363 0 Wed, 4:40pm
               Collapse Mostly true. Otaku-sempai 365 4 Wed, 4:45pm
                   Collapse Imagine they would had used the characters of the book to flesh out more story Mr. Arkenstone (isaac) 269 3 Wed, 4:57pm
                       Agreed. Otaku-sempai 261 0 Wed, 5:08pm
                       Well they DID flesh out two of them Kilidoescartwheels 223 0 Wed, 6:41pm
                       Nice comments IMO and interesting Avandel 187 0 Wed, 8:02pm
       It's not about forgetting the audience. Bumblingidiot 385 0 Wed, 4:28pm
       Collapse I wonder which Tauriel's character trait ignites the fandom spark Milieuterrien 240 2 Wed, 6:16pm
         Collapse Some lines in the Movie say she was "Isolated"... Bombadil 232 1 Wed, 6:31pm
             OTHER.. WayCOOL Qualities Tauriel has? Bombadil 110 0 Wed, 11:44pm
       Collapse We are forgeting the teens have and NEED a sense of reality Mr. Arkenstone (isaac) 66 1 7:27am
           Kids do have a sense of reality Milieuterrien 64 0 7:45am

  Collapse Five factors that hurt the Hobbit films Goldeneye 1147 45 Tue, 5:53pm Jump to last post in thread (by Avandel)
       Collapse Well... Thrain II 985 1 Tue, 6:34pm
           Is that actually true? Otaku-sempai 980 0 Tue, 6:41pm
       Collapse Oh, I love a good debate! Kilidoescartwheels 974 7 Tue, 6:57pm
           Collapse Ditto, ditto, ditto Avandel 873 6 Tue, 8:35pm
               Not sure I agree completely shadowdog 809 0 Tue, 10:03pm
               Collapse Army of Elves Ilmatar 150 4 Wed, 8:18pm
                   Collapse They did have real elf armys Smaug the iron 138 3 Wed, 8:50pm
                       Collapse Thanks for the links Ilmatar 123 2 Wed, 9:17pm
                           The Awesome Elf Helmets hid Most Everything Bombadil 104 0 Wed, 11:06pm
                           Gotta put some screen caps up Avandel 14 0 48 mins ago
       Collapse Well...... dormouse 916 4 Tue, 8:03pm
         Collapse LOL Dormouse - well said and thanks for this (: Avandel 855 3 Tue, 9:01pm
               Bomby Agrees with Everyone here EXCEPT the OP.. Bombadil 837 0 Tue, 9:34pm
               Collapse 'Buzz' Otaku-sempai 744 1 Tue, 11:55pm
                   It's the way articles are written in the press Avandel 719 0 Wed, 12:48am
       For Me AndHeHandedHimTheTobaccoJar 818 0 Tue, 10:02pm
       I'm not sure splitting into 3 was such a bad thing... AshNazg 717 0 Wed, 1:12am
       Collapse Five factors that help and hinder The Hobbit trilogy. DanielLB 626 18 Wed, 6:51am
           I agree with much of what you say, DanielB Glorfindela 579 0 Wed, 8:00am
           Collapse Word!! Eleniel 497 11 Wed, 1:00pm
               Collapse So far as I can see no one is wading anywhere.... dormouse 477 9 Wed, 1:37pm
                   Collapse Will try to answer the CGI question Kilidoescartwheels 412 4 Wed, 2:51pm
                       I would wait to see the EE Mr. Arkenstone (isaac) 264 0 Wed, 4:30pm
                       Collapse Thank you! dormouse 115 2 Wed, 10:55pm
                           Collapse The Elves over Dwarves scene Kilidoescartwheels 96 1 1:04am
                               Yes.... dormouse 63 0 7:00am
                   Collapse I beg to differ... Eleniel 394 3 Wed, 3:20pm
                       Collapse Fair enough, I'm sorry.... dormouse 229 2 Wed, 5:17pm
                           Collapse Thanks - and I'm not saying categorically there's anything wrong with it... Eleniel 209 1 Wed, 5:42pm
                               Well yes... dormouse 196 0 Wed, 6:17pm
               I think Bofur01 451 0 Wed, 1:48pm
           Collapse Allegedly Superfluous Characters Otaku-sempai 390 4 Wed, 3:22pm
               Collapse Superfluous in the sense ... DanielLB 271 3 Wed, 4:29pm
                   Collapse Well... Otaku-sempai 258 2 Wed, 4:36pm
                       Collapse Yes. Even a Talking Purse. / DanielLB 247 1 Wed, 4:41pm
                           I do like you, Daniel... Otaku-sempai 240 0 Wed, 4:48pm
       Responding to the thread in general, my own factors would be entirely different. Spriggan 438 0 Wed, 2:05pm
       Collapse The only factors that matter are... sycorax82 422 1 Wed, 2:27pm
           Studio issues Goldeneye 373 0 Wed, 3:29pm
       Collapse Iím a Hobbit movie lover so of course I disagree. Noria 368 4 Wed, 3:41pm
           Collapse When he said he wanted the hobbit first, in the times of LOTR or now? Mr. Arkenstone (isaac) 266 3 Wed, 4:26pm
               Collapse Before. Otaku-sempai 266 2 Wed, 4:31pm
                   Collapse Ok Mr. Arkenstone (isaac) 253 1 Wed, 4:41pm
                       As Otaku-sempai said. Noria 165 0 Wed, 7:25pm
       I Think the Hobbit films have been immensely successful squiggle 180 0 Wed, 6:55pm

  Collapse A confirmation that trailer Sauron will be in Mr. Arkenstone (isaac) 769 6 Tue, 5:30pm Jump to last post in thread (by Bofur01)
       Lets hope so! NoelGallagher 565 0 Tue, 9:41pm
       Collapse Much of this stuff could be wishful thinking.... sycorax82 311 4 Wed, 2:08pm
           Collapse There are strong evidences that at least those scenes where filmed for sure Mr. Arkenstone (isaac) 253 3 Wed, 4:13pm
               Collapse The Palantir scene was cut from the DoS EE Bofur01 224 2 Wed, 5:33pm
                   Collapse How do you know Smaug the iron 212 1 Wed, 5:56pm
                       It'll be in the track "Thrain" on the BotFA soundtrack. Bofur01 149 0 Wed, 9:02pm

  Moved: THE HOBBIT A Capella Smaug the iron - - Mon, 11:56pm Jump to last post in thread (by Smaug the iron)

  Collapse The Battle Of The Five Armies - Extended Edition PART 2 Smaug the iron 1306 10 Sun, 7:13pm Jump to last post in thread (by Bombadil)
       Collapse About that chariot Kilidoescartwheels 1242 4 Sun, 7:40pm
           At Smaug the iron 1226 0 Sun, 7:46pm
           Thrain Mooseboy018 1210 0 Sun, 8:01pm
           Collapse Hmm... lionoferebor 963 1 Mon, 3:38am
               Dain Mooseboy018 952 0 Mon, 4:16am
       Collapse I am not looking forward the chariot Mr. Arkenstone (isaac) 1074 4 Sun, 10:49pm
           Collapse I think the chariot could be fun... AshNazg 1071 3 Sun, 11:01pm
               haha yeah I get your feeling Mr. Arkenstone (isaac) 1066 0 Sun, 11:04pm
               Collapse It could be fun Bishop 1008 1 Mon, 1:33am
                 MOST Excellent post! by Pryftan AV,whoever he is... Bombadil 896 0 Mon, 7:36am

  Collapse The Hobbit: The Return of the Edit Mr. Arkenstone (isaac) 857 19 Sun, 7:06pm Jump to last post in thread (by Bishop)
     Collapse isaac, how do we see this?// Bombadil 724 2 Sun, 9:30pm
           Collapse I recommend sending a private message... AshNazg 719 1 Sun, 9:37pm
               Yeah Mr. Arkenstone (isaac) 664 0 Sun, 10:53pm
       Collapse I really want editing software, I have a rather unique idea... AshNazg 719 7 Sun, 9:42pm
           Collapse As Bomby always says.."When in Doubt, Google it?" Bombadil 684 2 Sun, 10:19pm
               Collapse I know, but I worry about how safe that stuff is... AshNazg 620 1 Mon, 1:26am
                   Ash Nazg leonmuse 616 0 Mon, 1:39am
           Collapse Editing software Goldeneye 489 2 Mon, 1:45pm
               Collapse WOWie THANKS for the Heads UP! Bombadil 452 1 Mon, 3:08pm
                   one more thing Goldeneye 274 0 Tue, 1:31pm
           I would be interested in reading a detailed description of your edit idea =) Gianna 92 0 Wed, 6:07pm
       Collapse Someone should try an edit removing Bilbo completely Bishop 690 7 Sun, 10:18pm
         GOOD LUCK! Impossible...// Bombadil 680 0 Sun, 10:24pm
           HAHAHAHAHAHAHA Mr. Arkenstone (isaac) 665 0 Sun, 10:51pm
           Someone has... AshNazg 665 0 Sun, 10:52pm
           Collapse Sadly this wouldn't be too difficult to do...he was barely in it. lonelymountainhermit 628 1 Mon, 12:58am
               And yet still in it more than he was in the book! // adt100 303 0 Tue, 10:27am
         Collapse Would love to see that! // Gianna 90 1 Wed, 6:08pm
               You know, I may actually do it. Bishop 87 0 Wed, 6:19pm

  Collapse Location Smaug the iron 376 9 Sun, 4:14pm Jump to last post in thread (by Bombadil)
       Collapse Erebor CathrineB 340 4 Sun, 4:56pm
           Collapse Well Smaug the iron 333 3 Sun, 5:01pm
               Collapse Ah CathrineB 297 2 Sun, 6:16pm
                 The SHIRE since IT was "ADAPTED" from a Sheep Farm. Bombadil 293 0 Sun, 7:03pm
                   That's Earnslaw Burn Kilidoescartwheels 265 0 Sun, 7:30pm
       Collapse Earnslaw Burn Kilidoescartwheels 270 3 Sun, 7:27pm
           Ajsdsh CathrineB 262 0 Sun, 7:39pm
         Collapse Ian Brodie's Books are GREAT Bombadil 258 1 Sun, 7:58pm
               Also, his LOTR Location Books are in 2 Parts, Bombadil 224 0 Sun, 10:22pm

  Collapse What did we all expect from The Hobbit movies given the realities of movie making and PJ's history? Noria 989 33 Sun, 1:11pm Jump to last post in thread (by The Grey Elf)
       For myself Glorfindela 840 0 Sun, 1:54pm
       Collapse To sum up Otaku-sempai 815 1 Sun, 2:23pm
           OL' Bom will just wait to see the EE because.. Bombadil 805 0 Sun, 2:43pm
       I for one... CathrineB 797 0 Sun, 2:49pm
     Collapse Didn't consciously think about it re AUJ Avandel 791 1 Sun, 2:55pm
           Argh - gotta PS my own post.... Avandel 774 0 Sun, 3:19pm
       Collapse What did I expect after three cinematic masterpieces? Aragorn the Elfstone 771 7 Sun, 3:41pm
           Collapse The second I saw the first designs for the dwarves I had doubts... AshNazg 751 5 Sun, 4:09pm
               Collapse Yes, that certainly instilled some doubt... Aragorn the Elfstone 745 2 Sun, 4:15pm
                   Collapse agreed lonelymountainhermit 695 1 Sun, 5:20pm
                     Bomby has learned to "Expect the Unexpected" from PJ&Co./// Bombadil 685 0 Sun, 5:25pm
               Collapse This! Avnar 407 1 Mon, 10:27am
                   yup lonelymountainhermit 366 0 Mon, 1:31pm
           Great post Bishop 686 0 Sun, 5:29pm
       Collapse This topic has been discussed many times under similar headings, however, it is Eruonen 639 1 Sun, 6:46pm
           Here is Something to think about...? Bombadil 555 0 Sun, 10:40pm
       Collapse Noria I have a lot of respect for you so I will jump in here Michelle Johnston 572 2 Sun, 10:30pm
           About the Dwarves Kilidoescartwheels 463 0 Mon, 4:44am
           Michelle, Noria 239 0 Mon, 9:06pm
       Siimple, really, and not unlike your own reaction.... dormouse 548 0 Sun, 10:48pm
       I was totally open minded with a tad of trepidation squiggle 546 0 Sun, 10:54pm
       Collapse the expectations CathrineB 534 1 Sun, 11:43pm
           Your last sentence is particularly interesting... AshNazg 524 0 Mon, 12:09am
       I just got back from The Avengers - Age of Ultron and was impressed with the character Eruonen 522 0 Mon, 12:14am
       Another magical trip to Middle Earth Elarie 365 0 Mon, 1:38pm
       Speaking as someone who was deeply disappointed in LOTR... RosieLass 302 0 Mon, 2:42pm
       Some at odds quotes about discontent - to remind me of perspective Eruonen 280 0 Mon, 4:20pm
       Collapse Met expectations Milieuterrien 253 2 Mon, 8:19pm
         GREAT Summary,,"Thang you Berry Buch".../// Bombadil 205 0 Mon, 10:01pm
           A few comments... Avandel 208 0 Mon, 10:20pm
       Well, Istaris'staffs 166 0 Tue, 5:49am
       interesting question - perhaps less indulgence and more consistency elostirion74 99 0 Tue, 5:48pm
       Simply put, these were not the movies I was hoping for NOR what I feel I was lead to believe we'd receive The Grey Elf 52 0 Wed, 2:01pm

  Collapse BotFA Extended Edition Clips MedwedtoBeorn 1200 8 Sat, 9:59pm Jump to last post in thread (by Adrianna)
       Collapse Why would you do that? Mooseboy018 1078 1 Sat, 11:16pm
           No, clips! Adrianna 320 0 Tue, 12:33am
       Collapse Your title made my heart skip! AshNazg 1043 4 Sun, 12:15am
           Collapse I think Smaug the iron 1036 3 Sun, 12:23am
               Collapse I hope so. Mooseboy018 1006 2 Sun, 1:24am
                   Collapse My thought was the chariot scene... AshNazg 1002 1 Sun, 1:36am
                     Just what is PJ & Jabezz doing? Bombadil 797 0 Sun, 11:53am
       Well... lionoferebor 627 0 Sun, 5:52pm

  Collapse How do you view the Hobbit trilogy next to the LOTR trilogy? Gandalf the Green 1202 103 May 23, 8:25am Jump to last post in thread (by arithmancer)
       Sure CathrineB 1005 0 May 23, 8:40am
       Collapse Unfitting exposition of the movie Milieuterrien 1012 51 May 23, 8:49am
           Collapse ...yes, they do AshNazg 982 50 May 23, 10:50am
               Collapse Well said AshNazg! I applaud you. lionoferebor 946 2 May 23, 12:37pm
                   Collapse Indeed Gandalf the Green 930 1 May 23, 1:25pm
                     Nah! It is Told with OLD Bilbo's Fuzzy memory.... Bombadil 916 0 May 23, 1:53pm
               Collapse The absurdity of your statements shows Milieuterrien 901 46 May 23, 2:19pm
                   Collapse What on Earth are you talking about? AshNazg 886 45 May 23, 2:39pm
                       Collapse Do you belong to audiences Milieuterrien 878 44 May 23, 2:49pm
                           Collapse I didn't say that it was a box office failure... AshNazg 806 43 May 23, 4:54pm
                               exactamundo lonelymountainhermit 790 0 Sat, 5:52pm
                               Collapse It's no useful talking about generalities that could be true about any movies Milieuterrien 776 38 Sat, 6:12pm
                                   Collapse What? Mooseboy018 319 33 Sat, 9:35pm
                                       Collapse It would not be only a flash-beheading, like the ones in the movie Milieuterrien 293 32 Sat, 10:22pm
                                           Collapse Sorry but that's silly. Mooseboy018 274 22 Sat, 11:12pm
                                               Bolg Smaug the iron 268 0 Sat, 11:26pm
                                               Collapse You may criticize Milieuterrien 272 20 Sat, 11:28pm
                                                   Collapse It was testicles Glorfindela 255 1 Sun, 12:06am
                                                       It was not real testicles Smaug the iron 253 0 Sun, 12:12am
                                                   Collapse Funny thing about camera angles... Morthoron 251 16 Sun, 12:14am
                                                       Collapse Beorn Smaug the iron 247 15 Sun, 12:19am
                                                           Collapse What exactly has that to do with anything? Morthoron 246 4 Sun, 12:24am
                                                               Collapse You are hating PJ Smaug the iron 244 3 Sun, 12:34am
                                                                   Collapse Sorry, that is not the correct answer... Morthoron 235 1 Sun, 12:47am
                                                                       I understand and respekt your opinion. Smaug the iron 231 0 Sun, 12:57am
                                                                   Yeah, Morthoron! AshNazg 238 0 Sun, 1:01am
                                                           Collapse People were annoyed about Tom Bombadil's exclusion too... AshNazg 241 1 Sun, 12:39am
                                                               Are you kidding? Noria 424 0 Sun, 12:26pm
                                                           Collapse Bombadil in FotR Otaku-sempai 384 7 Sun, 2:31pm
                                                               Collapse Maybe they could have had Legolas rescue them // AshNazg 374 4 Sun, 2:46pm
                                                                   Collapse I do hope that you're joking! Otaku-sempai 372 3 Sun, 2:51pm
                                                                       Collapse Of course I was joking... AshNazg 364 2 Sun, 2:59pm
                                                                           Okay Otaku-sempai 357 0 Sun, 3:05pm
                                                                           When I think about it Smaug the iron 358 0 Sun, 3:05pm
                                                               Collapse Bombadil was Not effected by the ONE Ring.. Bombadil 367 1 Sun, 2:54pm
                                                                   I'm not sure what your point is, Bomby. Otaku-sempai 365 0 Sun, 2:59pm
                                                   People can have differing opinions Mooseboy018 216 0 Sun, 1:30am
                                           Collapse Have you seen Disney/Pixar's Brave? AshNazg 102 8 Wed, 8:15pm
                                               Collapse The difference, AshNazg, stays in the 3D/hdr stuff Milieuterrien 97 7 Wed, 8:28pm
                                                   Collapse Okay, so what's the difference between... AshNazg 68 6 Wed, 9:47pm
                                                       Collapse Legolas has elegance Milieuterrien 61 5 Wed, 10:28pm
                                                           Collapse Nothing to do with mocap... Bofur01 28 4 8:05am
                                                               Collapse If mocap isn't needed to shape realism in facial movements, Milieuterrien 66 3 8:20am
                                                                   Collapse They're not supposed to be furious dogs, nor wolves, but wargs. Bofur01 63 2 8:33am
                                                                       Collapse I think they did their best with Wargs, but... Milieuterrien 53 1 9:00am
                                                                           Wargs and Wolves arithmancer 32 0 12:27pm
                                   Collapse But redgiraffe 247 3 Wed, 4:41am
                                       Collapse Or course Thror's beheading is shocking, but much less than it could have been Milieuterrien 236 1 Wed, 7:00am
                                           Subthread removed. dernwyn 79 0 Wed, 9:17pm
                                       And? Otaku-sempai 135 0 Wed, 3:32pm
                               Collapse Well said Grand Bob 174 2 Wed, 1:50pm
                                   Collapse The feeling of the film may differ from the feeling of the book Milieuterrien 145 1 Wed, 2:54pm
                                       Yes, but... Grand Bob 132 0 Wed, 3:31pm
       Collapse hmm lonelymountainhermit 844 15 May 23, 3:58pm
           Collapse Then why don't you go on a Rankin-Bass forum to celebrate it ? Milieuterrien 778 14 Sat, 6:21pm
               Collapse lol lonelymountainhermit 766 13 Sat, 6:34pm
                   Collapse Of course the point of your post Milieuterrien 756 12 Sat, 6:46pm
                       Collapse sure thing lonelymountainhermit 742 11 Sat, 7:08pm
                           Collapse Yes Smaug the iron 732 7 Sat, 7:26pm
                               Collapse .. lonelymountainhermit 729 6 Sat, 7:31pm
                                   Collapse I am a Tolkien fan! Smaug the iron 729 5 Sat, 7:33pm
                                       Collapse ? lonelymountainhermit 726 4 Sat, 7:39pm
                                           Collapse No Smaug the iron 723 3 Sat, 7:41pm
                                               Collapse ... lonelymountainhermit 384 2 Sat, 7:52pm
                                                 Collapse The Dwarves WOULD have Suffocated?.. SEALED up! Bombadil 370 1 Sat, 8:19pm
                                                     X-QUWEEZE ME..? Bombadil 350 0 Sat, 8:47pm
                           Collapse It's always fun Lindele 487 2 Sun, 4:06am
                             "DITTO"...Double DITTO to the above^^^^..// Bombadil 469 0 Sun, 4:28am
                               At least I'm in good company lonelymountainhermit 371 0 Sun, 2:53pm
       Collapse I view them as a continuous sequence of films.... dormouse 744 4 Sat, 7:14pm
         Bomby will Go with our Lovely "Half-Elven" dormouse..anytime.. Bombadil 724 0 Sat, 7:39pm
           Collapse What dormouse said, every word. Noria 335 2 Sat, 9:15pm
               Collapse That's my second most disliked scene, and for the same reason.... dormouse 293 1 Sat, 10:38pm
                   I agree completely about the Faramir scene. Noria 421 0 Sun, 12:33pm
       Just as the books really. Spriggan 360 0 Sat, 8:35pm
       This!! Avnar 349 0 Sat, 8:45pm
       Collapse I Get the 'slapstick' in the Hobbit movies & now can take the slapstick in LoTRs in a new fashion squiggle 227 7 Sun, 1:06am
           Collapse This THREAD is Like an OUT-OF-CONTROL Oldsmobile..? Bombadil 213 6 Sun, 2:44am
               Collapse Ad nauseam, Bombadil Milieuterrien 490 5 Sun, 3:32am
                   Collapse Bashing vs Criticism Mooseboy018 486 1 Sun, 4:08am
                       "Wordsmithing" is just like Any ARTFORM? Bombadil 471 0 Sun, 4:45am
                   Collapse A true fan speaks out lonelymountainhermit 350 2 Sun, 3:24pm
                       Collapse I have a feeling Christopher Tolkien.... dormouse 321 1 Sun, 4:14pm
                           perhaps lonelymountainhermit 312 0 Sun, 4:26pm
       Collapse I've made it into this thread too later, perhaps... DanielLB 259 17 Sun, 6:02pm
           This - in shedloads.... dormouse 208 0 Sun, 11:00pm
           Collapse I just want to bring up a point to see if people agree... AshNazg 208 14 Sun, 11:17pm
               Collapse Completely agreed lonelymountainhermit 200 11 Mon, 12:29am
                   Collapse What is more baffling to me Bishop 196 1 Mon, 12:36am
                       indeed lonelymountainhermit 188 0 Mon, 12:50am
                   Collapse Bomby will agree w/ ASHNAG but not with "HERMIT" Bombadil 527 5 Mon, 8:06am
                       Collapse but lonelymountainhermit 484 4 Mon, 1:34pm
                           Collapse And how is that relevant... dormouse 464 3 Mon, 2:36pm
                               Collapse maybe lonelymountainhermit 458 2 Mon, 2:49pm
                                   You know what they say about sarcasm...... // dormouse 420 0 Mon, 5:03pm
                                   money Mooseboy018 336 0 Mon, 9:55pm
                   Collapse "Solely for the purpose of greed"???????? dormouse 519 2 Mon, 8:47am
                     Collapse ABSOLUTELY Right, dmouse... Bombadil 512 1 Mon, 12:00pm
                         Bomby would like to tell a Short Story? Bombadil 504 0 Mon, 12:22pm
               Collapse Well, yes to the first..... dormouse 532 1 Mon, 7:56am
                   Great post dormouse.// Noria 344 0 Mon, 9:07pm
           Beautiful post tho Avandel 395 0 Mon, 6:48pm
       A little late, but chiming in Loresilme 206 0 Wed, 4:13pm

Collapse Favorite Deaths? Bombadil 567 12 May 22, 9:31pm Jump to last post in thread (by Kilidoescartwheels)
       Collapse Smaug. Meneldor 477 6 May 22, 11:16pm
           Collapse Would you say DWALIN did the Most? Bombadil 432 5 May 23, 3:24am
               Collapse Of the Dwarves... AndHeHandedHimTheTobaccoJar 342 4 May 23, 1:55pm
                   Collapse How do they split up teamwork kills? Bofur01 340 3 May 23, 2:04pm
                       Collapse I'm Not 100% Sure AndHeHandedHimTheTobaccoJar 330 2 May 23, 2:21pm
                           Bilbo's Death TOTAL? Bombadil 316 0 May 23, 3:04pm
                         Your Total comes to 383 for the Dwarves? Bombadil 315 0 May 23, 3:15pm
     Collapse LOL Bomby Avandel 255 3 Sun, 1:25am
           Collapse You KNOW..if you are CAST as an ORC..? Bombadil 240 2 Sun, 3:23am
               Collapse HERE is one Random Incident, that has kinda got Skipped over? Bombadil 210 1 Sun, 11:31am
                   Troll-slaves Otaku-sempai 185 0 Sun, 2:37pm
       You mean "favorite death scene?" Kilidoescartwheels 163 0 Sun, 7:07pm

  Collapse My theory on the Watchful Peace and Angmar in the Hobbit movies ThorinsNemesis 637 18 May 22, 4:36am Jump to last post in thread (by ThorinsNemesis)
       Collapse The Watchful Peace on Film Otaku-sempai 509 17 May 22, 3:16pm
           Collapse Minas Ithil Otaku-sempai 477 16 May 22, 4:54pm
               Collapse Earnur, Minas Ithil and Angmar ThorinsNemesis 466 15 May 22, 5:35pm
                   Collapse Earnur and Fornost ThorinsNemesis 459 1 May 22, 5:53pm
                       Earnur as a Wraith Otaku-sempai 446 0 May 22, 6:11pm
                   Collapse Shadow of Mordor Otaku-sempai 455 12 May 22, 6:01pm
                     Collapse Aragorn and Earnur ThorinsNemesis 445 11 May 22, 6:13pm
                           Collapse Aragorn in the Films Otaku-sempai 436 10 May 22, 6:27pm
                               Collapse Years in the LOTR movies ThorinsNemesis 424 9 May 22, 6:40pm
                                   Collapse That is true. Otaku-sempai 421 8 May 22, 6:47pm
                                       Collapse Aragorn, Thranduil and Gandalf ThorinsNemesis 416 7 May 22, 7:00pm
                                           Collapse Aragandalf Otaku-sempai 413 6 May 22, 7:06pm
                                               Collapse Yes ThorinsNemesis 410 5 May 22, 7:18pm
                                                   Collapse No Viggo Otaku-sempai 406 4 May 22, 7:21pm
                                                       Collapse Why? ThorinsNemesis 400 3 May 22, 7:24pm
                                                           Bilbo was not de-aged with computers in FotR Otaku-sempai 394 0 May 22, 7:31pm
                                                           Collapse Some news articles say Hobbity Hobbit 388 1 May 22, 7:34pm
                                                               Yeah, probably ThorinsNemesis 380 0 May 22, 7:40pm

  Collapse Is it okay to like the movies? Kilidoescartwheels 1287 36 May 22, 1:45am Jump to last post in thread (by joec_34)
       Collapse Misinformed here, or not up to dateÖ for when you get off your treadmill. . . Bracegirdle 1095 3 May 22, 2:18am
           Read the book three times, once when young, when I was older, and before the movies came out... Pandallo 1085 0 May 22, 2:35am
           Collapse Well that wasn't my point Kilidoescartwheels 1074 1 May 22, 3:13am
               In short ,my question was simply curiosity not judgmental or meant as criticism. Bracegirdle 1056 0 May 22, 4:01am
       Collapse But but but ... DanielLB 1029 11 May 22, 6:28am
           Wait a minute..... you LIKED that star wars prequels!?!?! adt100 927 0 May 22, 11:04am
           Collapse Minor point of correction, Daniel Otaku-sempai 777 5 May 22, 3:32pm
               Collapse From what I remember shadowdog 702 2 May 22, 5:32pm
                   Collapse 2001 Otaku-sempai 686 1 May 22, 5:53pm
                       this is correct Bishop 675 0 May 22, 6:25pm
               Collapse Bad example. DanielLB 652 1 May 22, 7:15pm
                   Gah! // Aragorn the Elfstone 602 0 May 22, 8:50pm
           Collapse Well it was mostly a rant Kilidoescartwheels 579 1 May 22, 9:39pm
               No. DanielLB 421 0 May 22, 10:02pm
           Collapse Yay Episodes I, II and III! SirDennisC 203 1 Sun, 3:44am
               I like them too... joec_34 66 0 Tue, 4:18pm
       Collapse Of course CathrineB 977 1 May 22, 8:44am
         OKAY? Bomby's Turn.. Bombadil 941 0 May 22, 10:57am
       Collapse 'Course it is! :-) dormouse 860 3 May 22, 1:19pm
           Ooo, Ooo! Never knew the dormouse to block her spout Bracegirdle 833 0 May 22, 1:53pm
           Collapse That's one more, or one less, than me. sador 167 1 Sun, 7:31pm
               A preference. Adrianna 103 0 Tue, 1:47am
       Definitely OK Elarie 851 0 May 22, 1:22pm
       Well... Thrain II 815 0 May 22, 2:22pm
       It's OK to like (or dislike) both or either Glorfindela 813 0 May 22, 2:29pm
       Collapse I like them, too. RosieLass 785 6 May 22, 3:35pm
         Collapse Doesn't the word "Adaptation" mean Different..? Bombadil 726 5 May 22, 5:04pm
               Not "unrecognizably different." // RosieLass 641 0 May 22, 7:16pm
               Collapse Actually... lionoferebor 394 3 May 23, 1:02am
                   Collapse Wrong comparison. Otaku-sempai 307 1 May 23, 12:57pm
                       If you must know... lionoferebor 274 0 May 23, 3:58pm
                   The hobbit movies are not an adaptation on the book? Spriggan 245 0 Sat, 8:18pm
       sure lonelymountainhermit 605 0 May 22, 8:57pm
       Yes. Absolutely. Positively. Aragorn the Elfstone 439 0 May 22, 9:43pm
       Of course it is... Queen of Erebor 414 0 May 22, 10:18pm
       We might never know. Gandalf the Green 336 0 May 23, 8:29am
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