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Movie Discussion: The Hobbit
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  Sticky: Thread Locked Welcome to the Hobbit Movie board! Altaira 143556 0 May 24 2008, 1:58am Jump to last post in thread (by Altaira)

  Sticky: How Best to Contact an Admin for Help Kyriel 109706 0 Mar 31 2009, 10:46pm Jump to last post in thread (by Kyriel)

  Sticky: The Courtesy of our Halls (Discussion Guidelines) Silverlode 2950 0 Oct 12, 9:41pm Jump to last post in thread (by Silverlode)

Collapse Sticky: ---> OFFICIAL USER REVIEW THREAD Olorin2607 8666 246 Dec 9, 7:07pm Jump to last post in thread (by Joe20)

  Collapse Sticky: Help us Thank the entire cast & crew of 'All Six Middle-earth Films' News from Bree 207 3 Tue, 4:27am Jump to last post in thread (by Silverlode)

  Collapse Happy Christmas! (box office related) Estel78 102 4 42 mins ago Jump to last post in thread (by mirkwoodwanderer)
       That's great! Ham_Sammy 62 0 39 mins ago
       who are you and what have you done with Estel? Voronwë_the_Faithful 44 0 26 mins ago
       Very nice numbers indeed! NecromancerRising 33 0 22 mins ago
       In NL mirkwoodwanderer 34 0 22 mins ago

  Collapse Do you really think that it was Galadriel vs Sauron.. erdildeniz 88 1 3:33pm Jump to last post in thread (by Spriggan)
       I interpreted it in exactly the same way. Spriggan 46 0 46 mins ago

  Collapse Musings on The Hobbit vs. LOTR Roheryn 232 8 1:23pm Jump to last post in thread (by ghost_matt)
       Possibly… Glorfindela 114 0 1:55pm
     Thanks for this, Roheryn Lurker in the Mirk 99 0 2:05pm
       I do have quite a bit of gripes with these movies LoremIpsum 71 0 2:52pm
       For me, it's all about the characters Elarie 63 0 2:59pm
       I had the opposite reaction Eledhwen 44 0 59 mins ago
       Saw it 10 times mirkwoodwanderer 21 0 18 mins ago
       You have captured EXACTLY the sentiments Tintallë 8 0 3 mins ago
       Same here ghost_matt 5 0 2 mins ago

Collapse Thranduil Appreciation Thread Part XXX VValar 183 17 9:47am Jump to last post in thread (by Holly Hobbit)
     Collapse *peeks from behind laptop screen* *checks left* *checks right* VValar 110 2 9:56am
         Yay, number THIRTY! On_the_partyelk 60 0 12:49pm
         *LoL* TAXXX! Definitely worth breaking out the party hats Lurker in the Mirk 51 0 1:12pm
     Collapse The gorgeous latest official Thranduil pic VValar 113 1 10:02am
           the source of the new pictures stn5 87 0 10:32am
     Collapse If you want a bit of Christmas Carols fun VValar 103 1 10:10am
           Thanks for the signal boost, VValar. And thralls... Lurker in the Mirk 50 0 1:15pm
     Collapse Reply to Lurker's last batch of season's Pretty from last thread VValar 94 1 10:17am
         Been a while since we got some FLAST eh? Lurker in the Mirk 51 0 1:14pm
     Collapse Thranduil doesn't want to listen to his son -gif. It's Xmas! VValar 100 1 10:27am
           Just SNERT! Lurker in the Mirk 52 0 1:16pm
     Collapse The BIG Three O! Lurker in the Mirk 58 1 1:07pm
           Another Pretty - armour!fan art Lurker in the Mirk 53 0 1:19pm
       Wow! Adrianna 40 0 2:32pm
     Way to go VValar! Eruvandi 31 0 3:00pm
       Hobbit Talk: Is Thranduil a good father? stn5 12 0 12 mins ago
       *brings red velvet cake to Mirkwood court, curtsies before Thranduil, serves cake to Elvenking and his followers* Holly Hobbit 10 0 8 mins ago

  Collapse Is BOTFA and the Hobbit trilogy really as good as we want it to be? Hobbithole 495 17 9:08am Jump to last post in thread (by Ham_Sammy)
       Collapse Well, there's a faithful adaptation and then there's an entertaining film... Aragorn the Elfstone 303 1 9:20am
           Totally agree! Hobbithole 233 0 9:30am
       A 'faithful' adaptation would've been boring... elvish.mafia 256 0 9:36am
       yes. it is mirkwoodwanderer 205 0 10:20am
       Collapse They nailed the arkestone plot and Thorin and Bilbo's relationship LoremIpsum 220 4 10:28am
           Collapse For me Glorfindela 178 1 11:40am
               Totally this! Lurker in the Mirk 100 0 1:25pm
           Collapse Agree with Lorem Ipsum and Hammy Sammy, among others Avandel 24 1 26 mins ago
               Missing characters Ham_Sammy 17 0 19 mins ago
       Hm.. Anubis 186 0 10:37am
       They are, of course, not quite as good as if I had made them myself..... Miss-Merriweather 182 0 10:53am
       I would say it was a tendency to polarisation, in both directions. Spriggan 171 0 11:11am
       "As good as"? Roheryn 94 0 1:46pm
       Not as much as there is a Lindele 80 0 2:03pm
       Of course not. tsmith675 62 0 3:00pm
       I can only say for myself Ham_Sammy 55 0 3:29pm
       Of course not! Darkstone 43 0 57 mins ago

  Collapse Galadriel's Power Drain? Girdle of Melian 323 11 8:16am Jump to last post in thread (by Nerven)
       by fan boys do you mean those that wanted these characters to be more rather than less based on Tolkien ElendilTheShort 181 0 8:27am
       Collapse Pretty much bad writing based on a misinterpreted quote... Eleniel 194 1 8:28am
           first time ive heard of this quote ElendilTheShort 153 0 9:28am
       I don't think it was bad writing at all... ecthelionsbeard 160 0 9:15am
       I think Sauron started consuming her since she entered Dol Guldur. irasel 147 0 9:51am
       Collapse I think this sort if engineer's mindset is unlikely to be any sort of clue. Spriggan 125 4 10:53am
           Collapse i think only those whose primary interest or backround is gaming would look for absolutes in any type of heirachy ElendilTheShort 107 3 11:28am
               Collapse Interpretation is just that. Spriggan 99 2 11:39am
                   Collapse using aragorns example ElendilTheShort 92 1 11:51am
                       Absolutely. Spriggan 88 0 12:05pm
       . Nerven 51 0 1:52pm

  Collapse Thorin and Azogs final effort boldog 309 5 7:57am Jump to last post in thread (by mirkwoodwanderer)
       Collapse I definitely agree Angharad73 145 1 9:18am
           Denial ain't just a river in egypt LoremIpsum 95 0 11:59am
       Best and most intense duel in the cinematic NecromancerRising 147 0 9:28am
       I didn't like it Glorfindela 108 0 11:42am
       Thorin is just fantastic mirkwoodwanderer 8 0 17 mins ago

  Collapse Symbolism in BOFA and the Hobbit trilogy Saneliur 273 2 6:46am Jump to last post in thread (by Earl)
       Metaphorical Symbols DwellerInDale 141 0 7:33am
       Arrgh! I would like to have words with PJ Earl 140 0 7:50am

  Collapse I am still not sure exactly how Bard cobbled together a bow strong enough Eruonen 361 14 5:46am Jump to last post in thread (by tsmith675)
       Collapse Unfortunately it was an utter nonsense moment ElendilTheShort 190 2 8:18am
           Collapse It is a children's book... nicely made into a movie. mirkwoodwanderer 133 1 10:23am
               i wouldnt want my children seeing this movie due to the level of violence ElendilTheShort 115 0 10:50am
       Collapse I am certain this was a problematic non credible action sequence the 13th warrior 168 1 8:49am
           maybe not indy jones ridiculous ElendilTheShort 139 0 9:33am
       you have to stop watching the movie as an adult mirkwoodwanderer 128 0 10:24am
       Collapse Here is a picture of a man using a makeshift bow to shoot a talking dragon Spriggan 133 5 11:00am
           Collapse did you not realise ElendilTheShort 114 4 11:42am
               Tolkien also worked hard Roheryn 97 0 12:04pm
               Only probability rather than reality Spriggan 87 0 12:19pm
               Collapse Sure but... Arvida 70 1 12:54pm
                   Or, without leaving the scene in question, genetic language learning. Spriggan 65 0 1:11pm
       Well, as PJ said in one of the DOS appendices... Elarie 70 0 1:37pm
       Suspension of disbelief. tsmith675 35 0 2:57pm

  Collapse Fire and Water, or 'Twas a night of deep rumbling Ruxendil_Thoorg 135 6 5:22am Jump to last post in thread (by Ruxendil_Thoorg)
       Collapse *raving applause* BlackFox 36 1 10:50am
           *bow* Thanks so much BlackFox! Ruxendil_Thoorg 11 0 2:57pm
       Collapse *mods up* Roheryn 33 1 11:59am
           Thank you Ro! Ruxendil_Thoorg 11 0 2:56pm
       Collapse This is superb! dernwyn 12 1 3:02pm
           glad you thought so dernwyn! :) Ruxendil_Thoorg 6 0 8 mins ago

Moved: Christmas Carols, Hobbit-style: What's your ditty(s)? Lurker in the Mirk - - 4:28am Jump to last post in thread (by Lurker in the Mirk)

Collapse "Unbroken" will replace BOFA at my XD theater tomorrow Avandel 362 10 2:40am Jump to last post in thread (by Ham_Sammy)
       Seems inexplicable Glorfindela 138 0 5:05am
       Collapse Saw it in 2D today on a large screen and it looked good. Eruonen 115 1 5:40am
           2D is just fine. Elizabeth 85 0 8:03am
       Collapse After only a week in India... Earl 123 6 6:48am
           Collapse In the days of LotR... Elizabeth 102 1 8:00am
               I don't know about translations as I watched the movie in English Earl 89 0 8:08am
           Collapse Oh, thank you for this info confirming mae govannen 87 3 8:32am
               Collapse Isn't it weird that the movie seems like it's on its way out so soon? Earl 85 2 8:43am
                   You're lucky to live in a very big city and still have mae govannen 40 0 12:50pm
                   Movies Ham_Sammy 9 0 24 mins ago

  Collapse The 171-year gap between Smaug's attack and events of The Hobbit tiamy 513 17 2:36am Jump to last post in thread (by Otaku-sempai)
       Yeah, it's kinda screwed up Name 283 0 2:48am
       Collapse Dwarven arhtritis dwarvenboot 231 6 4:25am
           Collapse But nowhere in the films... tiamy 218 2 4:33am
               Collapse aragorn lived to be around 200 years old ElendilTheShort 152 1 6:54am
                   The Quest for Erebor actually occurred in T.A. 2940... DigificWriter 139 0 7:30am
           Collapse Even so Name 198 2 4:48am
             "By SHIRE reckoning.?..Brandybuck or TOOK TIME...xoxoBomby//. Bombadil 171 0 5:20am
               The movie vs the book Ham_Sammy 19 0 29 mins ago
       Collapse In the movieverse, isn't 60 years supposed to have passed between Smaug's attack and the Quest for Erebor? DeadRabbits 113 8 9:12am
           Collapse 2811 (TA) - Smaug conquers Eerebor? Otaku-sempai 60 7 1:31pm
               Collapse I just said this elsewhere... DigificWriter 44 6 3:03pm
                   Yes. Otaku-sempai 40 0 3:08pm
                   Collapse That still makes Thorin fairly old. Otaku-sempai 19 4 29 mins ago
                       Collapse Based on what we see... DigificWriter 16 3 24 mins ago
                           Collapse Rough estimates Otaku-sempai 14 2 18 mins ago
                               Collapse Defining the term "young" would probably be helpful DigificWriter 10 1 13 mins ago
                                   Thorin at the Sack of Erebor Otaku-sempai 4 0 3 mins ago

  Collapse Bilbo's souvenir helmet Lio 304 2 2:31am Jump to last post in thread (by Bombadil)
       Collapse I honestly thought Ham_Sammy 159 1 4:46am
         OUR Bilbo wazz "Very Attached to hizz FIRST ORC kill.." Bombadil 122 0 5:32am

  Collapse Guillermo's visions Andreorn89 654 6 12:59am Jump to last post in thread (by ghost_matt)
       May I suggest reposting in bite size pieces? This is too much and rather hard to read. Eruonen 255 0 1:38am
       Collapse Sometimes I do wish GDT had stayed on to direct... elvish.mafia 225 2 4:23am
           To be honest, I'm glad PJ took over - Hanzkaz 149 0 7:45am
           I still have my doubts... moreorless 152 0 7:54am
       Del Toro's Smaug Otaku-sempai 59 0 1:36pm
       Guillermo ghost_matt 0 0 8 secs ago
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