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Movie Discussion: The Hobbit
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  Sticky: Thread Locked Welcome to the Hobbit Movie board! Altaira 152348 0 May 24 2008, 1:58am Jump to last post in thread (by Altaira)

  Sticky: How Best to Contact an Admin for Help Kyriel 113557 0 Mar 31 2009, 10:46pm Jump to last post in thread (by Kyriel)

  Sticky: The Courtesy of our Halls (Discussion Guidelines) Silverlode 13365 0 Oct 12 2014, 9:41pm Jump to last post in thread (by Silverlode)

  Collapse Sticky: NEW! Official Hobbit movie reviews - post them here! entmaiden 4330 85 Dec 29 2014, 1:40am Jump to last post in thread (by Dipling)

Collapse Sticky: Folks from the Uni of Waikato want to know YOUR opinion on BotFA! greendragon 2323 24 Jan 21, 4:17pm Jump to last post in thread (by CaroMichelle)

  Collapse Sticky: DOS Chapter of the Week (CHOW) Sign-up for February 2015! DanielLB 2135 17 Jan 23, 8:08pm Jump to last post in thread (by cats16)

  How would Bard go against Azog/Bolg? boldog 46 0 1:25am Jump to last post in thread (by boldog)

  Moved: Details of the Hobbit Trilogy EE Box Set! dernwyn - - Wed, 9:13pm Jump to last post in thread (by dernwyn)

  Collapse Top 10 Smaug the iron 302 7 Wed, 5:39pm Jump to last post in thread (by marary)
       I'll list mine chronologically BlackFox 254 0 Wed, 6:18pm
       Here's mine... Elutherian 237 0 Wed, 6:30pm
     Argh...subject to change without notice Avandel 162 0 Wed, 8:33pm
       Now that is quite a difficult question, but I will try my best... Gianna 63 0 1:29am
       Only 10? lionoferebor 43 0 2:15am
       Top ten scenes... Brethil 44 0 2:21am
       in no particular order marary 12 0 5:42am

Collapse Alfrid Lickspittle & Grima Wormtongue Bombadil 287 8 Wed, 5:34pm Jump to last post in thread (by Greenwood Hobbit)
       Collapse eyebrows marary 239 1 Wed, 6:34pm
         I laughed inappropriately loud at this! // BlackFox 170 0 Wed, 8:17pm
       Collapse Grima seems uglier, but look again Milieuterrien 190 1 Wed, 8:00pm
           Alfrid doesn't remind me of Grima S˙leth 101 0 Wed, 9:56pm
       Collapse Alfrid is a simple toady while Grima is a man with a plan Eruonen 187 2 Wed, 8:05pm
           Cronies with 'Forked Tongues' . . . chauvelin2000 162 0 Wed, 8:24pm
           Absolutely. Milieuterrien 156 0 Wed, 8:26pm
       I think Grima was more complex as a character Greenwood Hobbit 78 0 Wed, 10:30pm

  Collapse BOFA Character Connections: An Interactive Infographic BlackFox 318 10 Wed, 12:35pm Jump to last post in thread (by AshNazg)
       Meh CathrineB 170 0 Wed, 7:57pm
       Collapse I'm confused... lionoferebor 111 8 Wed, 10:33pm
           Collapse Have you seen the film?? AshNazg 109 7 Wed, 10:38pm
               Collapse Of course I've seen the films....several times lionoferebor 99 2 Wed, 11:06pm
                   My thoughts exactly CathrineB 83 0 Wed, 11:25pm
                   I was being ironic, by the way... AshNazg 74 0 12:02am
               Collapse Laketown extras lionoferebor 91 3 Wed, 11:15pm
                   Collapse I'm quite fond of her. Does she have a name? AshNazg 73 2 12:06am
                       Collapse She's does. Silverlode 67 1 12:19am
                           Oh wow! AshNazg 60 0 12:31am

  Collapse Favorite OST track Skaan 276 7 Wed, 12:13pm Jump to last post in thread (by Skaan)
       My top favorites Brethil 230 0 Wed, 12:50pm
       My Top 3: Silmaril 208 0 Wed, 1:22pm
       So many! Smaug the iron 186 0 Wed, 2:15pm
       Top 5 macfalk 111 0 Wed, 7:38pm
       Collapse I'm often surprised Lindele 96 1 Wed, 8:36pm
           You are right Skaan 46 0 Wed, 10:20pm
       OST makes me laugh... CathrineB 85 0 Wed, 9:04pm

  Collapse The Hobbit Survey (Part 2 of 3) grimbeorn15 315 8 Wed, 1:24am Jump to last post in thread (by MyWeeLadGimli)
       Collapse The link does not work lionoferebor 267 2 Wed, 1:33am
           Done! // Eleniel 190 0 Wed, 6:53am
           Awesome thanks! grimbeorn15 56 0 Wed, 9:18pm
       Done! Nice survey, very comprehensive. // Brethil 259 0 Wed, 1:35am
       Done! // Gianna 259 0 Wed, 1:36am
       I added a clickable link to the original post entmaiden 249 0 Wed, 2:17am
       Done! BlackFox 163 0 Wed, 9:28am
       Done! MyWeeLadGimli 15 0 3:13am

  Collapse Ok dumb question....what are the five armies exactly? Jeffrodo 317 4 Tue, 11:19pm Jump to last post in thread (by QuackingTroll)
       Collapse Three official and correct answers... AshNazg 305 1 Tue, 11:26pm
           Jackson's option is interesting Milieuterrien 160 0 Wed, 10:42am
       Definitely not a dumb question. Mooseboy018 253 0 Wed, 12:52am
       Everyone's wrong. The fifth army is... QuackingTroll 65 0 Wed, 7:41pm

  Collapse Radagast Smaug the iron 290 1 Tue, 9:22pm Jump to last post in thread (by Otaku-sempai)
       Could be. Otaku-sempai 262 0 Tue, 9:51pm

  Collapse Geography error between DOS and BOFA Goldeneye 838 36 Tue, 7:16pm Jump to last post in thread (by lionoferebor)
       Another one! Otaku-sempai 721 0 Tue, 8:05pm
       Collapse And how far is Esgaroth from Erebor anyway...? marary 704 9 Tue, 8:16pm
           Collapse Esgaroth to Erebor Otaku-sempai 652 8 Tue, 9:04pm
               Ack! Typo! Otaku-sempai 610 0 Tue, 9:55pm
               Collapse I didn't feel Thorin's trip to Erebor took only one day Milieuterrien 171 6 Wed, 5:51pm
                   It did BlackFox 156 0 Wed, 6:12pm
                   Collapse Sorry, you are mistaken Otaku-sempai 132 4 Wed, 6:46pm
                       Collapse I also heard that and asked myself about it Milieuterrien 93 2 Wed, 7:27pm
                           Collapse It seems pretty straightforward on screen. Otaku-sempai 92 1 Wed, 7:32pm
                               Most probably, P Jackson felt that the audience wouldn't show patience Milieuterrien 78 0 Wed, 8:18pm
                       Missing Day lionoferebor 12 0 51 mins ago
       Collapse Well, that's one way of spiking the fan editors, isn't it! ;-) dormouse 581 3 Tue, 10:39pm
           Collapse *sigh* Goldeneye 532 2 Tue, 11:56pm
               Same reason the trolls are unaffected by the sun // AshNazg 516 0 Wed, 12:08am
               When The Hobbit was two movies.... dormouse 406 0 Wed, 7:53am
       Collapse two suns Mooseboy018 494 1 Wed, 12:54am
           Were? Smaug the iron 213 0 Wed, 4:44pm
       Collapse That's pure movie-making need Milieuterrien 359 4 Wed, 11:28am
           Collapse Noted the lunar phase discrepency weeks ago. Otaku-sempai 299 3 Wed, 2:35pm
               Collapse It's a bit annoying, because they changed Thror's map... AshNazg 247 2 Wed, 4:04pm
                   Collapse The Secret Door Otaku-sempai 232 1 Wed, 4:22pm
                       The fact is you can't have any 'good moon' Milieuterrien 186 0 Wed, 5:32pm
       Collapse Hadn't noticed that before I don't recall Elessar 297 11 Wed, 2:48pm
           Collapse Ditto Avandel 267 10 Wed, 3:52pm
               Collapse avandel Goldeneye 226 5 Wed, 4:26pm
                   Collapse Just take out the DoS shots where it's visible? Bofur01 196 1 Wed, 5:21pm
                       DOS shots Goldeneye 162 0 Wed, 6:06pm
                 Collapse For you - Avandel 47 2 Wed, 11:09pm
                       Collapse That sums it up for me. // Brethil 39 1 Wed, 11:22pm
                           For me too Ilmatar 13 0 53 mins ago
               Collapse ROFLOL lionoferebor 100 3 Wed, 7:22pm
                 Collapse Questions! Questions that need anwering! Avandel 50 2 Wed, 10:54pm
                       You and me both lionoferebor 41 0 Wed, 11:18pm
                       Since basically the only other shot of them searching... Bofur01 36 0 Wed, 11:26pm
       Another victory for Ralph Waldo Emerson // VoronwŰ_the_Faithful 243 0 Wed, 4:03pm
       Man alive! Spriggan 33 0 Wed, 11:31pm

  Collapse Thorin vs Boromir Smaug the iron 690 22 Tue, 2:09pm Jump to last post in thread (by marary)
       Tough call! marary 583 0 Tue, 2:34pm
       Boromir tsmith675 550 0 Tue, 3:16pm
       Thorin's death Skaan 529 0 Tue, 3:41pm
       They were both so good. RosieLass 464 0 Tue, 5:19pm
       Collapse I can't choose! arithmancer 460 1 Tue, 5:22pm
           I have it the same way with The Hobbit BlackFox 79 0 Wed, 8:15pm
       Collapse Boromir Aragorn the Elfstone 458 8 Tue, 5:32pm
           Indeed Elessar 404 0 Tue, 6:48pm
           Why? shadowdog 393 0 Tue, 7:00pm
           Collapse Can you imagine if Boromir's madness was handled like Thorin's? AshNazg 288 5 Wed, 12:01am
               Collapse Caring about Boromir Elizabeth 216 4 Wed, 7:15am
                   Collapse Boromir's character Roheryn1 189 3 Wed, 10:46am
                       I often think... Aragorn the Elfstone 187 0 Wed, 11:01am
                       Collapse boromir....so misunderstood by many readers ElendilTheShort 132 1 Wed, 5:02pm
                           Couldn't agree more if I tried! elf-lady 108 0 Wed, 5:58pm
       Collapse For me, Boromir's by a mile emre43 357 2 Tue, 8:40pm
           Collapse Not stupid Kim 329 1 Tue, 9:58pm
               Agree lionoferebor 265 0 Wed, 1:01am
       Thorin by a mile Kim 327 0 Tue, 10:01pm
       Thorin's, without a doubt! Old Toby 231 0 Wed, 4:44am
       Collapse I can't forget Milieuterrien 69 1 Wed, 8:54pm
           Tolkien trouble marary 10 0 47 mins ago

  An Unexpected Journey . . . (Part 2) chauvelin2000 322 0 Tue, 12:03am Jump to last post in thread (by chauvelin2000)

  Collapse Your favorite line. Smaug the iron 600 18 Mon, 7:59pm Jump to last post in thread (by marary)
       Collapse If more people valued home... CathrineB 535 1 Mon, 8:22pm
           This greenbalrog 480 0 Mon, 9:16pm
       Collapse Mine is... Iarhen 526 1 Mon, 8:31pm
           Was that in the book? He is a wizard, you know! 490 0 Mon, 9:07pm
       Mine... Elutherian 479 0 Mon, 9:19pm
       Too many to choose Avandel 467 0 Mon, 9:29pm
       Collapse Not as familiar with the book, but I'll try Kilidoescartwheels 462 1 Mon, 9:34pm
           actually Smaug the iron 451 0 Mon, 9:53pm
       Bilbo's quote CathrineB 428 0 Mon, 10:42pm
       1) "In a hole in the ground there lived a hobbit." (sigh) Lissuin 329 0 Tue, 4:15am
       So many fine lines to choose from... BlackFox 271 0 Tue, 8:04am
       Not your usual suspect! Timdalf 218 0 Tue, 12:03pm
       Collapse You're a very fine person, Mr. Baggins. Arannir 217 3 Tue, 12:09pm
           Indeed! VoronwŰ_the_Faithful 206 0 Tue, 12:35pm
           Collapse Yes, to this.... dormouse 199 1 Tue, 12:52pm
               That is a great line. Elessar 156 0 Tue, 4:17pm
       My favourite line Gianna 142 0 Tue, 5:14pm
       to be completely honest... marary 132 0 Tue, 5:30pm

  Collapse Trolls in the Battle - how did that work? Kilidoescartwheels 769 25 Mon, 7:08pm Jump to last post in thread (by Spriggan)
       Different Species gliido 665 0 Mon, 7:57pm
       Hmm... Starglass 664 0 Mon, 7:57pm
       Olog Hai MadgeBishop 579 0 Mon, 10:13pm
       Collapse Indirect Sunlight? Otaku-sempai 573 15 Mon, 10:21pm
           missed opportunities Mooseboy018 564 0 Mon, 10:42pm
           Collapse What of goblins and orcs? lionoferebor 231 13 Wed, 1:24am
               Collapse book or film Elthir 192 6 Wed, 11:37am
                   Collapse I just made a gigantic list of every reference AshNazg 161 4 Wed, 1:54pm
                       Collapse I'll try again... AshNazg 138 3 Wed, 3:03pm
                           Collapse Trolls at the black gate. Smaug the iron 123 1 Wed, 3:47pm
                               As I said, those trolls are sheltered by Mordor's smog AshNazg 117 0 Wed, 3:54pm
                           Gave troll Smaug the iron 84 0 Wed, 4:21pm
                   Awesome layout of things Elessar 144 0 Wed, 2:28pm
               Collapse Common Orcs vs. Elite Soldiers Otaku-sempai 161 5 Wed, 1:38pm
                   If this was Facebook Elessar 138 0 Wed, 2:32pm
                   Collapse the word goblin Elthir 108 3 Wed, 4:03pm
                       Collapse Goblin vs. Orc Otaku-sempai 90 2 Wed, 4:14pm
                           Collapse Orc versus goblin Elthir 80 1 Wed, 4:29pm
                               "orc" users Elthir 53 0 Wed, 5:32pm
       Collapse I think he didn't really care Bishop 543 3 Mon, 11:17pm
           Collapse I think it's result of unfortunate cinematography changes... AshNazg 532 1 Mon, 11:41pm
               The original battle was also by day. Otaku-sempai 354 0 Tue, 2:02pm
           'His arm has grown long.' Otaku-sempai 355 0 Tue, 1:52pm
       I took it that they're different breeds of Trolls Elessar 348 0 Tue, 2:08pm
       If you find out, you could tell Hurin? Spriggan 16 0 Wed, 11:55pm

  Collapse Bilboĺs Farewell to Thorin - Poignant or Funny? Arandir 884 33 Mon, 3:54pm Jump to last post in thread (by S˙leth)
       Collapse Huh. arithmancer 761 1 Mon, 4:15pm
           I agree completely Loresilme 698 0 Mon, 5:00pm
       You've answered your own question. Lindele 731 0 Mon, 4:38pm
       I think that it is intentionally funny, but not out of place... AshNazg 726 0 Mon, 4:46pm
       Collapse Audience giggling is common... Aragorn the Elfstone 726 7 Mon, 4:49pm
           Collapse Hear, hear *applauds* Avandel 688 3 Mon, 5:15pm
               Sound of a heart breaking Ilmatar 472 0 Mon, 10:18pm
               Collapse funny? FUNNY?? MistyMountain 150 1 Tue, 2:43pm
                   Hear hear! Avandel 118 0 Tue, 4:26pm
           Collapse Agreed... grammaboodawg 681 1 Mon, 5:26pm
               That was usually the pace Ataahua 647 0 Mon, 6:02pm
           Same Elessar 592 0 Mon, 6:58pm
       I don't think it's out of place skyofcoffeebeans 674 0 Mon, 5:26pm
       Personally I didn't hear anyone giggle or laugh.... dormouse 655 0 Mon, 5:49pm
       Heartbreaking Kim 619 0 Mon, 6:36pm
       I doubt it was intentionally funny Kilidoescartwheels 593 0 Mon, 7:00pm
       Funny... ?! Miss-Merriweather 541 0 Mon, 8:06pm
       giggling Mooseboy018 518 0 Mon, 8:39pm
       I don't remember Bilbo moaning in grief. RosieLass 521 0 Mon, 8:46pm
       I thought it was incredibly sad and emotional Elarie 438 0 Mon, 11:30pm
       Poignant -yes Roheryn1 402 0 Tue, 1:36am
       In all the times I have watched the film in theaters Old Toby 336 0 Tue, 7:25am
       Hmm CathrineB 324 0 Tue, 8:32am
       Collapse It was a perfect mixture... Arannir 286 8 Tue, 12:13pm
           Collapse Or VoronwŰ_the_Faithful 276 7 Tue, 12:37pm
               Collapse Agreed BlackFox 258 6 Tue, 1:30pm
                   Collapse Well, we can take comfort in our agreement with each other! // VoronwŰ_the_Faithful 156 4 Tue, 2:26pm
                       Collapse Would one more agreement help? // dormouse 130 2 Tue, 3:56pm
                           Collapse You are always a great comfort! VoronwŰ_the_Faithful 112 1 Tue, 5:06pm
                               On that I think it would have been a pretty safe bet! // dormouse 101 0 Tue, 5:35pm
                     I'm used to swimming against the current... BlackFox 106 0 Tue, 5:36pm
                   That was when... arithmancer 68 0 Tue, 10:59pm
       No, not funny S˙leth 55 0 Wed, 2:03am
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