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Movie Discussion: The Hobbit
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  Sticky: Thread Locked Welcome to the Hobbit Movie board! Altaira 135947 0 May 24 2008, 1:58am Jump to last post in thread (by Altaira)

  Sticky: How Best to Contact an Admin for Help Kyriel 106225 0 Mar 31 2009, 10:46pm Jump to last post in thread (by Kyriel)

  Collapse Sticky: The courtesy of our hall is somewhat lessened of late. (Admin Announcement, ALL PLEASE READ) Silverlode 23535 90 Aug 28 2012, 7:08pm Jump to last post in thread (by entmaiden)

  Collapse Sticky: TORn's smallish, but hopefully growing BOTFA spoiler summary Demosthenes 2370 14 Jun 23, 6:46pm Jump to last post in thread (by Demosthenes)

  Collapse Sticky: DOS Chapter of the Week (CHOW) Sign-up for September 2014! cats16 331 28 Sep 5, 12:40am Jump to last post in thread (by cats16)

Collapse Sticky: Announcing the Chapter of the Week (CHOW) 1 Year Anniversary Celebration! cats16 490 36 Sep 6, 7:09am Jump to last post in thread (by cats16)

Collapse Thranduil Appreciation Thread Part XIII Lurker in the Mirk 34 4 2:43am Jump to last post in thread (by Rembrethil)
       Collapse Wow! These threads have a short resplendent time! Rembrethil 13 2 2:57am
           Collapse Lol... Yup! If threadlock happens when I'm loitering in the vicinity Lurker in the Mirk 8 1 3:05am
               Dang it! Can you see the Autocorrect? Rembrethil 5 0 15 mins ago
     (HTR Alert) Thranduil in the new banner thingy Lurker in the Mirk 13 0 3:00am

  Collapse Thread Locked The banners are chronological... it means that (spoilers) Guert 413 1 Mon, 7:50pm Jump to last post in thread (by entmaiden)
       Thread Locked Let's discuss in the existing thread entmaiden 184 0 Mon, 7:51pm

Collapse Hobbit Battle of the Five Armies Exclusive Tapestry Revealed DarkHunter 1812 46 Mon, 5:11pm Jump to last post in thread (by Elizabeth)
       Collapse It begins. Thanks and clickable. Arannir 838 1 Mon, 5:18pm
           Thanks for making it 'clickable'! DarkHunter 753 0 Mon, 5:20pm
       Collapse Great Find! The Hutt Predicited a couple of Days ago... Bombadil 813 1 Mon, 5:25pm
           a few things... NoelGallagher 797 0 Mon, 5:31pm
       What are those things behind Bilbo on the right? Spriggan 800 0 Mon, 5:36pm
       It might just be me.... Rembrethil 837 0 Mon, 5:37pm
       Collapse Woo-hoo! Riven Delve 803 3 Mon, 5:41pm
           I was about to say the same thing... sauget.diblosio 733 0 Mon, 6:00pm
           Collapse They revealed in Empire SafeUnderHill 524 1 Mon, 7:52pm
               EPIC mo0on-light 428 0 Mon, 8:17pm
       Every single piece of that tapestry NecromancerRising 823 0 Mon, 5:42pm
       Collapse Thorin on the broken throne.... namarie 789 7 Mon, 5:54pm
           Thorin on the broken throne... Brandywine 730 0 Mon, 6:05pm
           Collapse This makes me sad :-( Kim 310 5 Mon, 9:31pm
               I prefer to interpret it Riven Delve 298 0 Mon, 9:36pm
               Collapse Agree with Riven Delve - zoomed in, looks like regret but also anger Avandel 152 3 12:13am
                   Collapse I dunno Kim 52 1 2:34am
                     Good eyes - maybe it is remorse or despair Avandel 29 0 3:15am
                   The Heirs of Durin need helmets. Elizabeth 3 0 4 mins ago
       Collapse Wow dubulous 713 1 Mon, 6:13pm
           Perfect The Three Principles are shown Twice.. Bombadil 668 0 Mon, 6:34pm
       Collapse Looks like Bard swapped out his bow for the Black Arrow. Imladris18 654 2 Mon, 6:37pm
           Collapse It Faleel 639 1 Mon, 6:40pm
               still wondering NoelGallagher 568 0 Mon, 7:05pm
       That's stupendous! dormouse 652 0 Mon, 6:39pm
       Tauriel looks sad There&ThereAgain 433 0 Mon, 8:27pm
       Collapse What will Radagast's role be in the movie? painjoiker 410 1 Mon, 8:35pm
           Messenger.. delius82 84 0 1:32am
       Collapse Looks good TheSexyBeard 335 1 Mon, 9:16pm
         How about.... Avandel 121 0 12:27am
       Looks amazing Nightwing 326 0 Mon, 9:18pm
       Excellent! Glad to see this was finally released Kim 318 0 Mon, 9:29pm
       Good to see it at last, some great images - thanks for posting! // Eleniel 251 0 Mon, 10:00pm
       Collapse So is there anyone with the skill to put them all together? Mr. Arkenstone (isaac) 245 6 Mon, 10:33pm
           Collapse Was also wondering this!! LordotRings93 233 1 Mon, 10:34pm
               If Faleel 198 0 Mon, 11:13pm
         Collapse Plenty of 'shoppers/Gimpers could but Avandel 218 1 Mon, 11:00pm
               Itzz already on bombyzz Timeline on FB/// Bombadil 167 0 Mon, 11:40pm
           Ta-da! Náron the Dwarf 152 0 12:09am
           They started all together Elizabeth 2 0 2 mins ago
       It's nice to see it Elessar 234 0 Mon, 10:40pm
       Collapse Thanks very much for posting this Glorfindela 179 1 Mon, 11:41pm
           Bet they are keeping Beorn under wraps for the finale Avandel 133 0 12:17am
       Collapse Superb - with one exception. Ataahua 208 1 Mon, 11:50pm
         There is an Interesting Detail? Bombadil 193 0 Mon, 11:57pm
       About time. Farficom 1 0 2 mins ago

Collapse Wither The Moth's Deployment? Lurker in the Mirk 387 9 Mon, 11:19am Jump to last post in thread (by Lurker in the Mirk)
       Collapse Gandalf has a big surprise coming Elarie 209 5 Mon, 12:37pm
           Collapse It should go on strike. Arannir 171 3 Mon, 12:40pm
               Collapse A moth on strike... Elarie 161 2 Mon, 12:55pm
                   Collapse LoL Lurker in the Mirk 140 1 Mon, 1:19pm
                       It would be nice to have an Explanation? Bombadil 124 0 Mon, 2:51pm
         Quite the scoundrel isn't he? That pointy hat wearer// Lurker in the Mirk 133 0 Mon, 1:17pm
       Collapse But the scene we didn't see and probably won't.... dormouse 145 2 Mon, 2:58pm
           And the other Moth said to the first.... MimMoco 66 0 Mon, 7:35pm
           *whisper* Now that would be telling, wouldn't it? Lurker in the Mirk 8 0 2:42am

  Collapse Is this picture legit? boldog 883 7 Mon, 10:55am Jump to last post in thread (by Bombadil)
       if it is... NoelGallagher 384 0 Mon, 10:59am
       Fan art // BlackFox 327 0 Mon, 11:01am
       Collapse Obvious fan-art TheHutt 330 1 Mon, 11:16am
           agreed Magpie 282 0 Mon, 11:40am
       It has the wrong film title Spriggan 257 0 Mon, 1:04pm
       Collapse This really does not look legit... Merovech 245 1 Mon, 1:35pm
         In snooping around his links...on FB Bombadil 199 0 Mon, 2:59pm

  Collapse The significance of the ravenhill SPOILERS Mr. Arkenstone (isaac) 563 6 Mon, 10:53am Jump to last post in thread (by Otaku-sempai)
       I was thinking that too! boldog 263 0 Mon, 10:57am
       Collapse Maybe; maybe not... Otaku-sempai 240 4 Mon, 11:45am
           Collapse in movies it seems to be closer Mr. Arkenstone (isaac) 214 3 Mon, 12:27pm
             Collapse May IT be? Maybe, Kinda Sorta.. Bombadil 167 1 Mon, 3:07pm
                   Map of Lonely Mountain Otaku-sempai 66 0 Mon, 8:15pm
               It might be... Otaku-sempai 75 0 Mon, 7:56pm

  Collapse It is mid september. Any news about Battle of 5 armies Rickster 518 10 Mon, 10:06am Jump to last post in thread (by Darkstone)
       There is a fan contest... TheHutt 236 0 Mon, 11:18am
       Collapse Trailer is supposed to be due in October.... dormouse 282 8 Mon, 11:21am
           Collapse that is pure horror Rickster 235 7 Mon, 1:19pm
               We have a saying in Estonian BlackFox 207 0 Mon, 1:24pm
               That is tragic, not unfair. Arannir 186 0 Mon, 1:45pm
               It's hard that you have lost friends, and I'm sorry for it... dormouse 143 0 Mon, 2:47pm
             Collapse You do have a point tho Avandel 136 2 Mon, 2:51pm
                   Collapse And before long we'll all be realising... dormouse 133 1 Mon, 3:03pm
                       Bomby thinkzz THIS izz the BEST of Times! Bombadil 130 0 Mon, 3:27pm
               You need to find that person who told you life was fair... Darkstone 135 0 Mon, 3:38pm

  Collapse Another recent, soon to be, trilogy involving a dragon... jtarkey 787 17 Mon, 1:30am Jump to last post in thread (by Ataahua)
       Different types of films Elessar 369 0 Mon, 2:13am
       I disagree dubulous 301 0 Mon, 6:47am
       I see what you mean... Arannir 259 0 Mon, 7:09am
       I haven't seen 'How to train your dragon', so it would be.... dormouse 244 0 Mon, 8:07am
       Collapse I just love the execution jtarkey 237 3 Mon, 8:08am
           Collapse I think a lot of children's stories include the death or injury to.... dormouse 150 2 Mon, 1:11pm
               Collapse I am surely not the only one... Arannir 139 1 Mon, 1:48pm
                   No, you're not... ;-) // dormouse 118 0 Mon, 2:49pm
       Collapse Frankly, I'm more excited about 'The Dragonriders of Pern' Otaku-sempai 177 3 Mon, 11:52am
           Collapse O-s!.... here is a Great link... Bombadil 121 2 Mon, 3:33pm
               Thanks, Bomby... Otaku-sempai 48 0 Mon, 8:07pm
               Psst, Bomby... Ataahua 15 0 1:47am
       What Elessar, dubulous, Arannir and dormouse said Noria 165 0 Mon, 12:22pm
       I like both the Hobbit and the How to Train your Dragon movie series'. Hanzkaz 68 0 Mon, 6:48pm
       Collapse The book was much much better. Darkstone 70 2 Mon, 7:19pm
           Collapse Well... Faleel 64 1 Mon, 7:35pm
               I also understand.... Darkstone 54 0 Mon, 8:10pm

Collapse Bombyzz ANTI-Thranduil Thread? Bombadil 650 14 Sun, 2:23pm Jump to last post in thread (by Lurker in the Mirk)
       Collapse WOWOWOW Cirashala 356 2 Sun, 3:48pm
         Collapse Those parodies sound hysterical.... Rembrethil 131 1 Mon, 12:47am
               Try this on for size, right in the TORn playground Lurker in the Mirk 0 0 2 mins ago
     Collapse Puzzled Avandel 320 4 Sun, 4:32pm
         Collapse OPPPPzzz.? Thizz .OP getz to edit that "WORD" Bombadil 288 3 Sun, 4:48pm
             Collapse Perfectly understandable.... Avandel 276 2 Sun, 5:31pm
                   Collapse Poor Elf who cleans up the mess? Swingcatpdx 251 1 Sun, 6:06pm
                       I'm with you, Bomby... Queen of Erebor 205 0 Sun, 8:38pm
     What's not to love about Thranduil? VValar 203 0 Sun, 8:54pm
       Collapse Bomby, there's a fine line between courage and foolishness. Meneldor 172 2 Sun, 10:57pm
           Collapse Nah, says Thranduil's Thrall #1. Eowyn of Penns Woods 162 1 Mon, 12:26am
               EOPW for the WIN! Bombadil 95 0 Mon, 8:37am
       Collapse Brave man, Bomby and I actually agree with you. Noria 69 1 Mon, 12:37pm
           More than beauty and badassery + Thorin's brother and Thranduil's father Avandel 18 0 12:55am

  Moved: The Tolkien movie? IMDB link DuBekar - - Sat, 7:12pm Jump to last post in thread (by DuBekar)

Collapse CHOW Party Thread #8: CHOW down on Multiple Choices grammaboodawg 218 7 Sat, 1:22am Jump to last post in thread (by Kim)
       Ooh, fun! cats16 82 0 Sat, 1:51am
       How fun, gramma! Riven Delve 78 0 Sat, 2:20am
       Here goes DaughterofLaketown 72 0 Sat, 3:32am
       Let's give this a whirl .... DanielLB 65 0 Sat, 5:17am
       Alright, here goes! BlackFox 60 0 Sat, 9:04am
       ooo more pictures Aitieuriskon 31 0 Sun, 1:20am
       Ooooh, tricksy Kim 28 0 Sun, 6:09am

Collapse CHOW Party Thread #7: **The Missing AUJ CHOW**: Azog Attacks cats16 408 9 Fri, 12:04pm Jump to last post in thread (by Kim)
       Collapse Chapter of the Week (CHOW) Rewind: Azog Attacks DanielLB 170 8 Fri, 7:37pm
           "Into the Fire" indeed Riven Delve 132 0 Sat, 2:02am
           Interesting to look back from where we are now. Noria 82 0 Sat, 9:31pm
           Collapse Coming back to this one--that's a promise. cats16 54 1 Sun, 1:15pm
             Rolling my eyes? Me? Never! // BlackFox 48 0 Sun, 1:22pm
           Well a few answers.... Spriggan 37 0 Sun, 10:07pm
           Collapse The confrontation Kim 32 2 Mon, 3:01am
               Collapse Dangnabbit, Kim! Riven Delve 29 1 Mon, 11:42am
                   I've been thinking RD Kim 3 0 3:21am

Collapse CHOW Party Thread #6: Quizzes, Pt. 2 cats16 442 103 Fri, 12:04pm Jump to last post in thread (by Riven Delve)
       Collapse The "Name That Dwarf" Quiz! Riven Delve 177 102 Fri, 2:47pm
           Collapse Dwarf (A)—Round 1 (AUJ): “I wouldn’t bother, laddie.” // Riven Delve 139 7 Fri, 2:50pm
               I knows! Rembrethil 106 0 Fri, 6:13pm
               AUJ Answers: cats16 53 0 Sat, 12:43am
               Collapse Dwarf (A)--Round 2 (AUJ) Riven Delve 38 1 Sat, 11:40am
                   Round 2 Aitieuriskon 35 0 Sun, 12:39am
               Collapse Round 1 (AUJ) (gettin to this kinda late!) Aitieuriskon 40 1 Sun, 12:22am
                   Better late than never, Aitieuriskon! ;) // Riven Delve 28 0 Sun, 1:54am
               Dwarf (A)--Round 3 (AUJ) Riven Delve 24 0 Sun, 11:16am
           Collapse Dwarf (B)—Round 1 (AUJ): “We had sixteen.” // Riven Delve 128 3 Fri, 2:50pm
               I knows this too! Rembrethil 100 0 Fri, 6:14pm
               Dwarf (B)--Round 2 (AUJ) Riven Delve 35 0 Sat, 11:42am
               Dwarf (B)--Round 3 (AUJ) Riven Delve 27 0 Sun, 11:17am
           Collapse Dwarf (C)—Round 1 (AUJ): “It’s riddled with mold.” // Riven Delve 124 4 Fri, 2:52pm
               On a roll! Rembrethil 73 0 Fri, 6:15pm
               Dwarf (C)--Round 2 (AUJ) Riven Delve 31 0 Sat, 11:43am
               Collapse Dwarf (C)--Round 3 (AUJ) Riven Delve 47 1 Sun, 11:18am
                   AUJ Round 2 Noria 44 0 Sun, 12:02pm
           Collapse Dwarf (D)—Round 1 (AUJ): “Who you calling dim?” // Riven Delve 120 3 Fri, 2:53pm
               Rollin' rollin' Rembrethil 72 0 Fri, 6:16pm
               Dwarf (D)--Round 2 (AUJ) Riven Delve 30 0 Sat, 11:48am
               Dwarf (D)--Round 3 (AUJ) Riven Delve 46 0 Sun, 11:19am
           Collapse Dwarf (E)—Round 1 (AUJ): “Come on, Nori—pay up!” // Riven Delve 119 2 Fri, 2:54pm
               Dwarf (E)--Round 2 (AUJ) Riven Delve 66 0 Sat, 11:49am
               Dwarf (E)--Round 3 (AUJ) Riven Delve 48 0 Sun, 11:21am
           Collapse Dwarf (F)—Round 1 (AUJ): “What should I do with my plate?” // Riven Delve 117 5 Fri, 2:54pm
               I'm coming back for the other one later... Rembrethil 67 0 Fri, 6:17pm
               Collapse Round 1 (AUJ) dormouse 66 1 Fri, 6:20pm
                   Keep going, dormouse! Riven Delve 53 0 Fri, 6:48pm
               Dwarf (F)--Round 2 (AUJ) Riven Delve 65 0 Sat, 11:51am
               Dwarf (F)--Round 3 (AUJ) Riven Delve 46 0 Sun, 11:23am
           Collapse Dwarf (G)—Round 1 (DOS): “Bless my beard!” // Riven Delve 120 7 Fri, 2:55pm
               Got this one! Rembrethil 67 0 Fri, 6:18pm
               Collapse DOS Answers: cats16 45 1 Sat, 12:46am
                   Heehee Riven Delve 44 0 Sat, 1:25am
               Collapse Dwarf (G)--Round 2 (DOS) Riven Delve 67 2 Sat, 11:52am
                   Collapse DOS Answers, Round 2: cats16 65 1 Sat, 12:27pm
                       See you in Round 3, Cats! :) // Riven Delve 57 0 Sat, 1:02pm
               Dwarf (G)--Round 3 DOS Riven Delve 47 0 Sun, 11:25am
           Collapse Dwarf (H)—Round 1 (DOS): “I say we double back.” // Riven Delve 120 5 Fri, 2:56pm
               Pretty sure... Rembrethil 63 0 Fri, 6:20pm
               Dwarf (H)--Round 2 (DOS) Riven Delve 69 0 Sat, 11:54am
               Collapse Dwarf (H)--Round 3 (DOS) Riven Delve 47 2 Sun, 11:28am
                   Collapse DOS Answers, Round 3: cats16 42 1 Sun, 12:08pm
                       Awesome! Riven Delve 31 0 Sun, 5:23pm
           Collapse Dwarf (I)—Round 1 (DOS): “What hour is it?” // Riven Delve 119 2 Fri, 2:57pm
               Dwarf (I)--Round 2 (DOS) Riven Delve 65 0 Sat, 11:55am
               Dwarf (I)--Round 3 (DOS) Riven Delve 48 0 Sun, 11:28am
           Collapse Dwarf (J)—Round 1 (DOS): “Have the Wargs picked up our scent?” // Riven Delve 122 2 Fri, 2:58pm
               Dwarf (J)--Round 2 (DOS) Riven Delve 72 0 Sat, 11:55am
               Dwarf (J)--Round 3 (DOS) Riven Delve 49 0 Sun, 11:30am
           Collapse Dwarf (K)—Round 1 (DOS): “There’s Dwarves in these woods.” // Riven Delve 116 3 Fri, 2:58pm
               Still pretty sure... Rembrethil 63 0 Fri, 6:21pm
               Dwarf (K)--Round 2 (DOS) Riven Delve 66 0 Sat, 11:57am
               Dwarf (K)--Round 3 (DOS) Riven Delve 47 0 Sun, 11:31am
           Collapse Dwarf (L)—Round 1 (DOS): “Then this quest has been for nothing.” // Riven Delve 117 2 Fri, 2:59pm
               Dwarf (L)--Round 2 (DOS) Riven Delve 72 0 Sat, 11:58am
               Dwarf (L)--Round 3 (DOS) Riven Delve 45 0 Sun, 11:38am
           Round 1 (AUJ) BlackFox 124 0 Fri, 3:52pm
           Collapse Round 1 (DOS) BlackFox 121 4 Fri, 3:53pm
               Collapse Thanks for leading the way, BlackFox! Riven Delve 105 3 Fri, 5:35pm
                   Collapse I'm flattered BlackFox 101 2 Fri, 5:50pm
                       Collapse That was just a little revenge Riven Delve 104 1 Fri, 5:58pm
                         Ha! BlackFox 96 0 Fri, 6:07pm
           AUJ Round 1 Noria 104 0 Fri, 6:00pm
           Collapse DOS Round 1 Noria 106 1 Fri, 6:02pm
               Thanks for playing, Noria! Riven Delve 95 0 Fri, 6:07pm
           Collapse About repeated Dwarves Riven Delve 58 2 Fri, 6:33pm
             Collapse Thank'ee! Rembrethil 51 1 Fri, 6:43pm
                   You're welcome Riven Delve 52 0 Fri, 6:47pm
           Collapse Round One (AUJ) nandorin elf 48 1 Sat, 12:41am
               If it makes you feel any better Riven Delve 37 0 Sat, 1:33am
           Round One (DOS) nandorin elf 43 0 Sat, 12:43am
           AUJ Round 1 Kim 39 0 Sat, 5:18am
           Collapse DOS Round 1 Kim 41 1 Sat, 5:20am
               Thanks for playing, Kim! Riven Delve 31 0 Sat, 11:25am
           Collapse Reminders for Round 2 Riven Delve 39 9 Sat, 11:17am
               AUJ Round 2 BlackFox 62 0 Sat, 1:42pm
               Collapse DOS Round 2 BlackFox 62 2 Sat, 1:43pm
                   Collapse You sly Fox! Riven Delve 55 1 Sat, 1:54pm
                       Yeah BlackFox 54 0 Sat, 2:02pm
               Round 2 (AUJ) nandorin elf 57 0 Sat, 3:42pm
               Collapse Round 2 (DOS) nandorin elf 65 1 Sat, 3:43pm
                   Three more to go! Riven Delve 47 0 Sat, 5:06pm
               Collapse Round 2 DOS Kim 29 1 Sun, 5:48am
                   Another quick finisher Riven Delve 25 0 Sun, 11:07am
           Reminders for Round 3 Riven Delve 24 0 Sun, 11:15am
           Collapse DOS Round 2 Noria 44 3 Sun, 12:09pm
               Collapse Actually, Noria, you still have one Dwarf left Riven Delve 38 2 Sun, 5:18pm
                   Collapse I wasn't on line yesterday afternon and missed the contest deadline Noria 9 1 Mon, 11:47am
                       Glad you could play anyway, Noria! Riven Delve 14 0 Mon, 11:55am
           Collapse Last call for guesses! Riven Delve 30 2 Sun, 7:57pm
               Collapse Round 3 (DOS) nandorin elf 33 1 Sun, 8:44pm
                   Way to finish well, nandorin elf! ;) // Riven Delve 24 0 Sun, 8:57pm
           Correct answers to the "Name That Dwarf" quiz Riven Delve 31 0 Sun, 10:34pm
           Collapse Points results for the "Name That Dwarf" quiz Riven Delve 33 7 Sun, 10:38pm
               Collapse Congratulations, BlackFox! Riven Delve 36 4 Sun, 10:44pm
                 Collapse A crown! BlackFox 19 3 Mon, 8:51am
                       Collapse I can see it now... Riven Delve 20 2 Mon, 3:05pm
                         Collapse *rolls on the floor in uncontrollable laughter* BlackFox 14 1 Mon, 4:51pm
                               If this idea gets traced back to me, I'll deny everything. Riven Delve 15 0 Mon, 5:04pm
               Lots of fun! cats16 25 0 Mon, 12:16am
               Yay! BlackFox 17 0 Mon, 8:33am

CHOW Party Thread #5: Word scrambles, and any other word games cats16 88 0 Fri, 12:03pm Jump to last post in thread (by cats16)

Collapse CHOW Party Thread #4: Title Contest cats16 389 50 Fri, 12:03pm Jump to last post in thread (by Darkstone)
       Collapse ***One Year of CHOW: Title Contest Special Edition*** BlackFox 195 12 Fri, 3:20pm
           "It was ten, I tell you!" // dormouse 154 0 Fri, 3:29pm
           "I'm sorry, but the bathroom is now OFF LIMITS." // Riven Delve 158 0 Fri, 3:32pm
           "High five, times two, down low, too slow!" / Darkstone 148 0 Fri, 3:37pm
           Look at me, I'm trapped inside an invisible box! // Eruvandi 141 0 Fri, 5:17pm
           And then, out of nowhere, Bilbo Baggins broke out into a robot dance routine. // BlackFox 144 0 Fri, 5:22pm
           'Have fun storming the Mountain, but leave me out if it!!' Rembrethil 139 0 Fri, 6:10pm
           "I washed them only last week" // dormouse 138 0 Fri, 6:11pm
           You have to concentrate! Let's start again, shall we? Pat-a-cake,....... // Lissuin 130 0 Fri, 6:48pm
           "PJ, 10 Tolkien purists drop dead each time you break book canon." / DanielLB 116 0 Fri, 7:53pm
           "Shoulda put me in the corner---(Bilbo): It wasn't me." Remember that tune. // cats16 97 0 Sat, 12:36am
           Bebother! Never was able to give that bifurcated Vulcan salute! // Bracegirdle 96 0 Sat, 12:38am
           Now hold on! I didn't invite any TORNsibs to a party at my house. // Silverlode 28 0 Sun, 6:27am
       Collapse ***Round II*** BlackFox 169 12 Fri, 6:21pm
           "Give me my handkerchief, my amazing handkerchief!!" Darkstone 145 0 Fri, 6:45pm
           Collapse O.M.G!!!!!! Thorin!!!!! It's a WIG?????!!!!!!!!!! // Lissuin 136 4 Fri, 6:53pm
               Collapse This probably has all the Oakenminxes of the world on Red-Alert, Threat Level 1! Rembrethil 144 2 Fri, 6:56pm
                   Collapse Wait, what? Riven Delve 145 1 Fri, 7:00pm
                     No...Not at all...(As I value my head!!) Rembrethil 131 0 Fri, 7:26pm
               Hairesy! Kim 92 0 Sat, 5:05am
           So Galadriel does cheat on Celeborn with Gandalf! / DanielLB 128 0 Fri, 7:28pm
           "HOW long before dinner?" // dormouse 106 0 Fri, 10:16pm
           D'oh! That had to hurt! // Eruvandi 105 0 Fri, 10:21pm
           They told me the Eagles would be CGI!! This was not in my *real* contract. // cats16 99 0 Sat, 12:38am
           Watch this Sam. I can make a perfect circle with my mouth...// Bracegirdle 95 0 Sat, 12:44am
           Bilbo's reaction upon accidentally googling "Thilbo" // BlackFox 109 0 Sat, 3:05pm
       Collapse ***Round III*** BlackFox 168 12 Sat, 9:21am
           Here's looking at you, kid. // cats16 115 0 Sat, 11:30am
           You're going to sit in a very long time-out, little boy. // cats16 114 0 Sat, 11:30am
           "Is not!" "Is too!" "Is not!" "Is too!" "I'm gonna tell Mom on you!" // dernwyn 114 0 Sat, 11:38am
           "Have you ever heard of 'personal boundaries', Elf-boy?" // Otaku-sempai 112 0 Sat, 12:06pm
           Someone needs a breath mint. Riven Delve 119 0 Sat, 12:50pm
           "Do not talk to me of tangled hair. I know its wrath and ruin. I have faced the great knots of the morning." // BlackFox 104 0 Sat, 3:23pm
           Cough her up Beardling! I know you're hiding a Dwarfette under there! // Bracegirdle 98 0 Sat, 4:54pm
           'Less wise'? Less wise! Lissuin 77 0 Sat, 8:04pm
           Thranduil: "Kiss me, and I'll turn into a Dwarf Princess!" / DanielLB 59 0 Sat, 9:45pm
           Your neuroses ain't got nuthin on mine, drama scraggly beard // Lurker in the Mirk 40 0 Sun, 1:54am
           "You put your HEAD in..." Thranduil shows Thorin how to dance the Sassy Elven Hokey Pokey. // Silverlode 29 0 Sun, 6:40am
           "Are you small?" No, officer, I'm tall!" "Well, I'm going to have to measure you...." / Darkstone 12 0 Mon, 2:02pm
       Collapse ***Round IV*** BlackFox 117 9 Sat, 5:08pm
           Smaug tries dwarf-flavored lip gloss. // BlackFox 91 0 Sat, 5:18pm
           You want a dwarf-snack, Smaug? Huh, boy? Beg! Beg, Smaug! Meneldor 93 0 Sat, 5:38pm
           "Just..... don't....... SNEEZE!!!!!" // dormouse 75 0 Sat, 7:58pm
           I saw this trick done at SeaWorld once. Trust me, the audience will love it. // Lissuin 65 0 Sat, 8:15pm
           Thorin auditioning for the new video game, Maiar Prime 3: Corruption. Faleel 59 0 Sat, 10:43pm
           What big eyes you have! // cats16 49 0 Sat, 11:38pm
           Smaug's ability to blow bubbles in the shape of Dwarves is rather impressive! / DanielLB 40 0 Sun, 1:52am
           Thorin began to regret letting the other dwarves double-dare him into this. // Silverlode 27 0 Sun, 6:43am
           "Top of the world, Ma!" / Darkstone 15 0 Mon, 2:58pm
       Thank you so much, guys! BlackFox 36 0 Sun, 9:10am
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