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Movie Discussion: The Hobbit
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  Sticky: Thread Locked Welcome to the Hobbit Movie board! Altaira 133566 0 May 24 2008, 1:58am Jump to last post in thread (by Altaira)

  Sticky: How Best to Contact an Admin for Help Kyriel 104232 0 Mar 31 2009, 10:46pm Jump to last post in thread (by Kyriel)

  Collapse Sticky: The courtesy of our hall is somewhat lessened of late. (Admin Announcement, ALL PLEASE READ) Silverlode 22227 90 Aug 28 2012, 7:08pm Jump to last post in thread (by entmaiden)

  Collapse Sticky: TORn's smallish, but hopefully growing BOTFA spoiler summary Demosthenes 1418 14 Jun 23, 6:46pm Jump to last post in thread (by Demosthenes)

Collapse Sticky: DOS Chapter of the Week (CHOW) Sign-up for June/July 2014! cats16 582 18 Jun 24, 12:40am Jump to last post in thread (by Lurker in the Mirk)

HOW about THEM BATS? Bombadil 107 0 3:26am Jump to last post in thread (by Bombadil)

  Collapse Cloaks and Daggers Tidbits Kim 127 1 2:52am Jump to last post in thread (by KeenObserver)
       I'm loving Gloin's letter to Bilbo KeenObserver 61 0 3:24am

  Moved: Confrimed Actors for the SDCC Panel? ImBilboIAm - - 2:02am Jump to last post in thread (by ImBilboIAm)

  Collapse Bilbo's problematic motivation NamoMandos 187 3 1:23am Jump to last post in thread (by Mooseboy018)
       Hello, NamoMandos KeenObserver 61 0 3:11am
     Welcome from a former Lurker *grins* Avandel 49 0 3:19am
       maybe unclear on purpose Mooseboy018 44 0 3:22am

  Collapse Probable DOS SEE 3D cover pic! TheHutt 697 8 Tue, 9:08pm Jump to last post in thread (by Aragorn the Elfstone)
       I like it! Elessar 265 0 Tue, 9:13pm
       would be a great one. Arannir 239 0 Tue, 9:27pm
       Collapse I absolutely love it. tsmith675 215 1 Tue, 9:39pm
           Re Retro315 75 0 12:49am
       Collapse I like it a lot MechaGodzilla 190 1 Tue, 9:58pm
           I find it fitting... Queen of Erebor 159 0 Tue, 10:35pm
       Thank you for posting this. Glorfindela 102 0 Tue, 11:39pm
       Utterly fantastic and appropriate... Aragorn the Elfstone 41 0 2:48am

  Collapse NEW PIC!! JamesPaganini 1506 56 Tue, 8:21pm Jump to last post in thread (by DanielLB)
       Collapse Awesome SafeUnderHill 688 1 Tue, 8:26pm
           I have to agree. Ardamírë 650 0 Tue, 8:28pm
       Collapse Awesome! Ardamírë 658 1 Tue, 8:27pm
           It's in Dale. DanielLB 602 0 Tue, 8:35pm
       Hmm jf300 634 0 Tue, 8:28pm
       Pictures like this SafeUnderHill 659 0 Tue, 8:29pm
       Collapse Clickable, please? / QuackingTroll 562 16 Tue, 8:38pm
           Collapse Clickable link: DanielLB 615 4 Tue, 8:41pm
               Thanks, I'm on my phone... QuackingTroll 543 0 Tue, 8:42pm
               Collapse Thanks! Elessar 369 2 Tue, 9:13pm
                   Collapse May I just say..... dormouse 259 1 Tue, 10:21pm
                       :-) Elessar 160 0 Tue, 11:40pm
           Collapse Direct Link Fleuz 586 10 Tue, 8:43pm
               Collapse would be embarrasing NoelGallagher 551 8 Tue, 8:48pm
                   Collapse They will just CGI over the head of the staff. DanielLB 428 7 Tue, 9:10pm
                       Agreed Estel78 373 0 Tue, 9:16pm
                       Collapse Why's it not a flashback? / QuackingTroll 350 2 Tue, 9:20pm
                           Collapse Because it was taken on the ruined Dale set. ;-) / DanielLB 345 1 Tue, 9:23pm
                               Fair point haha... QuackingTroll 253 0 Tue, 10:22pm
                       Yes, You have right! MTT Gandalf 340 0 Tue, 9:25pm
                       Definitely the more plausible explanations there. adt100 303 0 Tue, 9:53pm
                       Fully agreed. // cats16 121 0 12:39am
               Could this be a Flashback? leonmuse 502 0 Tue, 8:54pm
       Collapse Ok, this staff situation is getting confusing.... BornOutOfTheWest 594 15 Tue, 8:42pm
           Collapse I don't think that's Glamdring. Is this a flashback? QuackingTroll 560 1 Tue, 8:45pm
               the sword is glamdring ElendilTheShort 62 0 3:13am
           Collapse Possibly just a continuity error adt100 520 12 Tue, 8:53pm
               Hmmm JamesPaganini 500 0 Tue, 8:54pm
               Collapse I'm sticking with flashback QuackingTroll 501 10 Tue, 8:55pm
                   Glamdring leonmuse 478 0 Tue, 8:58pm
                   Collapse Also, I'm pretty sure that's Glamdring.. Bofur01 471 8 Tue, 8:59pm
                       Collapse It's not, it has a completely different pommel / QuackingTroll 436 7 Tue, 9:04pm
                           Another sword then? leonmuse 427 0 Tue, 9:09pm
                           Collapse Nah it doesn't... Bofur01 429 5 Tue, 9:09pm
                               Not sure... QuackingTroll 384 0 Tue, 9:13pm
                               To me SafeUnderHill 342 0 Tue, 9:25pm
                               Collapse Couple of comparisons - It's definitely not Glamdring QuackingTroll 141 2 1:13am
                                   By George, I think you've got it! KeenObserver 114 0 1:36am
                                   I'm not convinced. ;-) DanielLB 11 0 12 mins ago
       Re: Retro315 528 0 Tue, 8:52pm
       Collapse Interesting to see that there are some female elves in Thranduil's army... Bofur01 517 1 Tue, 8:56pm
           Re Retro315 103 0 1:34am
       Gandalf's Staff davidjUK 342 0 Tue, 9:36pm
       Collapse People, you can't go calling continuity error... tsmith675 338 1 Tue, 9:51pm
         I'm going with "continuity error" . . . KeenObserver 304 0 Tue, 9:57pm
       So much for a balanced viewpoint?, maybe... Avandel 320 0 Tue, 10:00pm
       Collapse Elf in the background looks familiar? Eruvandi 230 3 Tue, 11:00pm
           Collapse Horn Guy KeenObserver 231 2 Tue, 11:06pm
               Collapse Yeah. If they only get a couple of lines... Eruvandi 160 1 Tue, 11:59pm
                   Redshirt of Mirkwood. // Lissuin 101 0 1:30am
       Collapse Whoa, two pictures in two days! cats16 144 1 12:40am
           We just need 22 more to have one FULL SECOND! AWESOME! No... wait... xxxyyy 125 0 1:15am
       Man I missed a lot over 6 hours! Name 68 0 3:17am
       Gandalf and Thranduil, that's the photo I've been waiting for!! AinurOlorin 53 0 4:21am
       It's a trick... Sildarion~Valenar 56 0 4:22am
       Awesome! Old Pilgrim 30 0 48 mins ago

  Collapse What is the statue beside Rdagast and Gandalf in the high fells? Mr. Arkenstone (isaac) 477 2 Tue, 4:25pm Jump to last post in thread (by Arandir)
       It's definitely something! Name 295 0 Tue, 4:30pm
       It's a Púkel man! Arandir 261 0 Tue, 4:49pm

  Collapse Possible spoiler about surprise BOFA participants? Shagrat 998 11 Tue, 3:16pm Jump to last post in thread (by Bishop)
       Collapse It must be some big goats then Carne 456 1 Tue, 3:28pm
           I think it'd be cool - if true they are probably not "nice" goats Avandel 381 0 Tue, 3:57pm
       Collapse Interesting Name 435 1 Tue, 3:38pm
         A NOTE.of interest from "That Old MountainGoat?" known Bombadil 348 0 Tue, 4:23pm
       Collapse I like that! Mr. Arkenstone (isaac) 355 1 Tue, 4:23pm
           Life is different @ HIGH Altitude...soo Bombadil 319 0 Tue, 4:36pm
       Collapse The Tapestry about the goat MTT Gandalf 299 2 Tue, 5:18pm
           Collapse This whole goat idea... aifeme 211 1 Tue, 7:20pm
               I'm pretty sure it's true SafeUnderHill 151 0 Tue, 8:33pm
       It looks like there is a Goat statue in Dale Seaber 109 0 Tue, 9:27pm
       You've been Peter Jackson'd!! Bishop 14 0 3:56am

  Collapse Gandalf and Bard from The Battle of the Five Armies in high resolution News from Bree 1160 13 Mon, 5:30pm Jump to last post in thread (by Old Pilgrim)
       Collapse I SEE BLOOD ON GLAMDRING! Cillendor 526 2 Mon, 11:21pm
           Collapse Love the grittiness here Annatar598 444 1 Tue, 2:07am
             The deadliest wizard KeenObserver 369 0 Tue, 6:59am
       Really love the tone this picture sets. cats16 516 0 Tue, 12:15am
       High-res splendidness KeenObserver 276 0 Tue, 12:05pm
       Collapse I assume that is an orc over Gandalf's shoulder (left side of photo). Eruonen 239 1 Tue, 12:59pm
           I think it's Dale Fleuz 159 0 Tue, 3:15pm
       There also appears Name 150 0 Tue, 3:41pm
       Collapse Gosh, I just love this photo. Ardamírë 127 3 Tue, 4:43pm
           Collapse It's taken by a canon camera... Bofur01 125 2 Tue, 4:50pm
               Yeah, I know it's (unfortunately) not an actual film image Ardamírë 110 0 Tue, 4:55pm
               Actually Fleuz 96 0 Tue, 5:08pm
       Superb Old Pilgrim 12 0 35 mins ago

Collapse Brand spankin' new Adam Brown Bof5A interview Taurious 1429 10 Mon, 5:25pm Jump to last post in thread (by Bombadil)
       Clickable Flame of Udun 715 0 Mon, 6:07pm
       Collapse Thank you - really nice! Avandel 629 1 Mon, 6:15pm
           ROCK ON! ORI! Everyone's Favorite... NERDyDwave! // Bombadil 530 0 Mon, 6:35pm
       Collapse Thanks for the link! Otaku-sempai 567 6 Mon, 6:44pm
         NOW that..we..know ORI's FATE?..writing in his Journal Bombadil 552 0 Mon, 7:32pm
           Just imagine Elanor of Rohan 531 0 Mon, 7:38pm
           Collapse Ian spoke a little too freely in an interview regarding some Eruonen 470 3 Mon, 9:25pm
             Collapse WE really do NEED a shot of Ori.. Bombadil 288 2 Tue, 2:23am
                   Collapse Agreed Kim 248 1 Tue, 3:07am
                       EVEN the most smallish, Most timid Bombadil 166 0 Tue, 11:01am

  Collapse Evangeline Lilly interview on Tauriel Elutherian 1084 7 Mon, 5:23pm Jump to last post in thread (by bruinen)
       Collapse hmmm Taurious 623 6 Mon, 5:44pm
           Collapse I whole heartedly believe... JamesPaganini 592 4 Mon, 6:02pm
               Collapse sailing west Mooseboy018 498 3 Mon, 6:46pm
                 WHAT a Burden "Tauriel" must bear...& EVIE is up to the TASK! Bombadil 469 0 Mon, 7:01pm
                   Collapse just speculation... Taurious 415 1 Mon, 8:04pm
                       I highly doubt... JamesPaganini 383 0 Mon, 8:26pm
           Boromir/Theoden bruinen 139 0 Tue, 12:33pm

  Collapse Thranduil in the final film Taurious 938 12 Mon, 4:02pm Jump to last post in thread (by Avandel)
       Collapse Failing to aid in the sack of Erebor Arandir 462 2 Mon, 4:15pm
           Or maybe TnuaccayM 421 0 Mon, 4:21pm
           Anything could happen Taurious 396 0 Mon, 4:32pm
       Collapse Thranduil was hardly a good guy in the book. macfalk 341 1 Mon, 5:51pm
           Neither was Thranduil a villain. Otaku-sempai 288 0 Mon, 7:02pm
       Collapse Ah, you need to look up all the Thranduil Appreciation threads Avandel 314 2 Mon, 6:01pm
           Collapse I see your point Taurious 271 1 Mon, 6:40pm
               Thranduil already has my respect re Thorin's fate Avandel 235 0 Mon, 8:08pm
       Collapse The book Elvenking and movie Thranduil Noria 269 3 Mon, 8:09pm
         Great insights as usual! Avandel 182 0 Mon, 11:24pm
           Collapse Maybe just a bit of irony. Noria 118 1 Tue, 11:45am
               I was never that interested in the LOTR elves myself (and thank you for clarifying) Avandel 62 0 Tue, 6:42pm

  Collapse Thread Locked I´m a bit dissapointed Mr. Arkenstone (isaac) 1311 28 Mon, 1:04pm Jump to last post in thread (by Altaira)
       Thread Locked What I think happened SafeUnderHill 728 0 Mon, 1:07pm
       Collapse Thread Locked Yeah Name 654 2 Mon, 1:08pm
           Thread Locked Agreed. Arannir 530 0 Mon, 1:48pm
           Thread Locked Double agreed, lol adt100 499 0 Mon, 1:54pm
       Thread Locked Page clicks! Likes! Comments! Annatar598 540 0 Mon, 1:51pm
       Collapse Thread Locked If it's any consolation.... dormouse 557 6 Mon, 1:53pm
           Collapse Thread Locked That was my take as well Ham_Sammy 502 4 Mon, 1:54pm
               Collapse Thread Locked Yeah, but macfalk 457 3 Mon, 2:13pm
                   Collapse Thread Locked They seem to be aware of that... Eruvandi 390 2 Mon, 2:50pm
                       Collapse Thread Locked A hundred years is a mere blink in the life of an elf! macfalk 355 1 Mon, 2:57pm
                         Thread Locked He-he! Eruvandi 203 0 Mon, 3:31pm
           Thread Locked Yeah the most probably scenario is that TORN has nothing to do except... Mr. Arkenstone (isaac) 503 0 Mon, 1:55pm
       Collapse Thread Locked Things change Elessar 439 5 Mon, 2:25pm
           Collapse Thread Locked No no I understand perfectly I think TORN staff is suffering also THE TRAILER SICKNESS Mr. Arkenstone (isaac) 416 1 Mon, 2:35pm
               Thread Locked Indeed Elessar 384 0 Mon, 2:40pm
           Collapse Thread Locked TORN very responsible IMO and re the buttterfly post *shrug* Avandel 320 2 Mon, 3:21pm
               Collapse Thread Locked Thanks Elessar 206 1 Mon, 3:30pm
                   Thread Locked you have my support Mr. Arkenstone (isaac) 201 0 Mon, 3:32pm
       Thread Locked They wouldn't have posted the rumour if the source hadn't seemed OK. Noria 427 0 Mon, 2:26pm
       Collapse Thread Locked very annoying Rickster 447 7 Mon, 2:28pm
           Collapse Thread Locked fan service AncalagontheBlack 432 1 Mon, 2:34pm
               Thread Locked Perfectly said Ancalagon// Noria 382 0 Mon, 2:38pm
           Thread Locked NOT PJ´s fault Mr. Arkenstone (isaac) 423 0 Mon, 2:38pm
           Thread Locked i can only Lindele 395 0 Mon, 2:41pm
           Collapse Thread Locked Trailer? Forget about that. DanielLB 393 2 Mon, 3:08pm
               Thread Locked Good point! Ham_Sammy 339 0 Mon, 3:14pm
               Thread Locked indeed!!! Mr. Arkenstone (isaac) 333 0 Mon, 3:15pm
     Thread Locked ---> Please post in the existing thread below Altaira 273 0 Mon, 3:42pm

  Collapse Attack on Dol Guldur vs The battle of five armies boldog 820 11 Mon, 11:04am Jump to last post in thread (by KeenObserver)
       Collapse Wondering Dol Guldur more, and Smaug MUST die before BOFA erdildeniz 439 4 Mon, 11:20am
           Collapse Smaug will die Name 396 2 Mon, 11:53am
               Collapse Elrond probably was not there in Tolkien canon... Salmacis81 189 1 Mon, 6:57pm
                   The text: MTT Gandalf 143 0 Mon, 9:03pm
           Elrond taking part in Dol Guldur... Salmacis81 186 0 Mon, 7:01pm
       BOFA with Smaug Fleuz 434 0 Mon, 11:27am
       Collapse Full of action movie Mr. Arkenstone (isaac) 342 2 Mon, 1:24pm
           Collapse It would be great Rickster 278 1 Mon, 2:30pm
               It would be mystifying KeenObserver 79 0 Tue, 12:32pm
       Pretty sure Azog will lead the Orc army flying on the back of Smaug.... adt100 77 0 Tue, 12:34pm
       Re: Attack on Dol Guldur vs The battle of five armies KeenObserver 81 0 Tue, 12:58pm

  Collapse Any idea about the end credits song for BOT5A? Aranaes 812 37 Mon, 5:17am Jump to last post in thread (by Arannir)
       Collapse Enya troiano220 477 2 Mon, 5:38am
           That would be terrific. macfalk 341 0 Mon, 9:56am
           we heard some rumours about Enya Elanor of Rohan 145 0 Mon, 7:25pm
       Collapse Hmmm Elessar 473 1 Mon, 6:12am
           Yes - this! // dormouse 400 0 Mon, 7:00am
       This one of course! TheHutt 434 0 Mon, 7:04am
       Collapse My Favourit Fleuz 431 3 Mon, 7:12am
         Since the first words we remember from LOTR Bombadil 383 0 Mon, 8:19am
           I'd be happy with something like this! adt100 220 0 Mon, 1:57pm
           WOW Cirashala 98 0 Tue, 12:07am
       We could be waiting a while Shagrat 373 0 Mon, 8:05am
       Yeah I'm going to say Enya as well Name 281 0 Mon, 11:57am
       I think it's complicated Elarie 280 0 Mon, 12:09pm
       Collapse Petition to include sketches in the BOFA credits like RotK... Sildarion~Valenar 281 4 Mon, 12:15pm
           Collapse I'd love to see sketches in the credits, I really would.... dormouse 267 1 Mon, 12:48pm
               Well, I don't think Jackson has thought about the details of the end-credits... Sildarion~Valenar 54 0 Tue, 6:07am
           Collapse They've been drawn. dernwyn 256 1 Mon, 1:04pm
               Yeah, he told me that... TheHutt 219 0 Mon, 2:09pm
       Collapse I'd heard rumour of Leonard Nimoy reprising 'The Ballad of Bilbo Baggins' adt100 229 3 Mon, 1:58pm
           Collapse Yeah... TheHutt 216 2 Mon, 2:09pm
               Collapse darn someone got there before me! ;) adt100 187 1 Mon, 3:04pm
                   Seems it was SIR Ian McKellen's Bombadil 185 0 Mon, 3:24pm
       Don't remind me. sauget.diblosio 147 0 Mon, 5:47pm
       Something more "world music", less "acoustic singer-songwriter"... Salmacis81 128 0 Mon, 7:08pm
       Collapse Roads Go Ever Ever On Otaku-sempai 126 9 Mon, 7:08pm
           Collapse Sting would be another good choice... Salmacis81 122 4 Mon, 7:10pm
               Collapse I wouldn't rule him out yet. Otaku-sempai 120 3 Mon, 7:16pm
                 Collapse Its probably going to be a male vocal. delius82 99 2 Tue, 12:58am
                       Collapse Yes. Otaku-sempai 84 1 Tue, 2:16am
                           Sting delius82 70 0 Tue, 3:30am
           Collapse I, too, think it should end with this song... Eleniel 131 3 Mon, 8:11pm
               Collapse I would love to see Loreena McKenitt perform Sildarion~Valenar 57 2 Tue, 6:10am
                   Same here! dormouse 45 0 Tue, 7:17am
                   Agreed. Arannir 45 0 Tue, 7:33am
       So Long It's Been Good To Know Yah by Woody Guthrie. // Kangi Ska 112 0 Mon, 8:33pm
       Collapse I'm still holding out for There&ThereAgain 85 1 Tue, 2:43am
           Lorde adam17017 77 0 Tue, 2:53am
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