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Movie Discussion: The Hobbit
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  Sticky: Thread Locked Welcome to the Hobbit Movie board! Altaira 135169 0 May 24 2008, 1:58am Jump to last post in thread (by Altaira)

  Sticky: How Best to Contact an Admin for Help Kyriel 105571 0 Mar 31 2009, 10:46pm Jump to last post in thread (by Kyriel)

  Collapse Sticky: The courtesy of our hall is somewhat lessened of late. (Admin Announcement, ALL PLEASE READ) Silverlode 23126 90 Aug 28 2012, 7:08pm Jump to last post in thread (by entmaiden)

  Collapse Sticky: TORn's smallish, but hopefully growing BOTFA spoiler summary Demosthenes 2104 14 Jun 23, 6:46pm Jump to last post in thread (by Demosthenes)

  Collapse Sticky: DOS Chapter of the Week (CHOW) Sign-up for August 2014! DanielLB 490 24 Jul 28, 6:32am Jump to last post in thread (by Spriggan)

  Collapse WHo do you think could have played a better Legolas or Frodo.? Thorins_apprentice 71 3 5:39am Jump to last post in thread (by Barbarb)
       Jason Isaacs and Daniel Radcliffe. / DanielLB 23 0 53 mins ago
       Noone VValar 12 0 28 mins ago
       Replacements Barbarb 3 0 3 mins ago

  Collapse Lyrics of "The Arkenstone" Earl 103 1 2:37am Jump to last post in thread (by FrogmortonJustice65)
       this is still an impressive feat. FrogmortonJustice65 24 0 6:16am

Collapse Where be the Fili and Kili fans? Another image thread Avandel 105 8 1:51am Jump to last post in thread (by VValar)
     Collapse What? Not more Thorin-spam?? Anyway, I'll have the Fili, but hold the Kili please Lurker in the Mirk 71 4 2:12am
         Collapse Lovely of you *grins* Avandel 49 3 4:00am
               Collapse you meant ELF didn't you? Lurker in the Mirk 39 2 4:24am
                   Collapse Whoops Freudian slip Avandel 36 1 4:51am
                       Haha Lurker in the Mirk 14 0 6:49am
       Collapse Well I love Kili a ton! *clears throat* So here are some particularly lovely pics. DaughterofLaketown 45 1 4:23am
         I love Kili too!!! Avandel 31 0 5:01am
       What's this? VValar 8 0 17 mins ago

  Collapse Chapter of the Week: The High Fells Spriggan 184 4 Fri, 8:08pm Jump to last post in thread (by Spriggan)
       Question 1: Gandalf Spriggan 122 0 Fri, 8:11pm
       Question 2: Radagast Spriggan 101 0 Fri, 8:13pm
       Question 3: The Tombs Spriggan 93 0 Fri, 8:17pm
       Question 4: Azog and the Nazgul Spriggan 95 0 Fri, 8:19pm

Collapse Is it just me.... NateGate 532 3 Fri, 5:43pm Jump to last post in thread (by Glorfindela)
       Yes LordotRings93 231 0 Fri, 6:39pm
       Well, it won't be just you.... dormouse 243 0 Fri, 6:41pm
       Possibly, it is just you Glorfindela 90 0 Fri, 10:47pm

  Collapse "I ran into some Unsavory Characters..." delius82 743 9 Fri, 4:01am Jump to last post in thread (by delius82)
       I have a feeling they were very similar to the two thugs in Bree Cirashala 376 0 Fri, 5:04am
       it was MouthofSauron 337 0 Fri, 5:58am
       I think it was these guys... Elarie 272 0 Fri, 11:37am
       "Have a taco!" Otaku-sempai 209 0 Fri, 1:51pm
       I thought of those characters from Bree in Fellowship... Rembrethil 192 0 Fri, 2:43pm
       Collapse I was thinking orcs and corrupted men, easterlings etc DaughterofLaketown 76 1 Fri, 8:25pm
           Black-speak delius82 31 0 2:00am
       Collapse I don't know but Loresilme 45 1 12:29am
           "I imagine they regretted that." delius82 35 0 1:57am

  Collapse Would you be opposed to having more than 3 dwarves dying? Beorn's Bees 830 22 Thu, 4:52pm Jump to last post in thread (by MirielCelebel)
       pointless Mooseboy018 431 0 Thu, 5:46pm
       Collapse Opposed to is a bit strong, I think.... dormouse 421 1 Thu, 5:55pm
           I wouldn't have been happy - Hanzkaz 358 0 Thu, 6:58pm
       Collapse Before killing them during the quest... Arannir 399 3 Thu, 6:32pm
           Collapse I'm glad too.... dormouse 338 2 Thu, 7:13pm
               Collapse Once upon a Time... Bombadil 338 1 Thu, 7:23pm
                   "As canon as possible." bungobaggins 317 0 Thu, 7:52pm
       Between FOTR and the Hobbit - Hanzkaz 393 0 Thu, 6:41pm
       I think... TheHutt 363 0 Thu, 6:44pm
       I wouldn't be opposed to it if for example Dori died in DOS, painjoiker 343 0 Thu, 7:36pm
       Not if they got better. Darkstone 322 0 Thu, 7:40pm
       Absolutely. bungobaggins 322 0 Thu, 7:41pm
       Actually... TheHutt 303 0 Thu, 8:03pm
       It's harder to see the purpose of it now. Spriggan 287 0 Thu, 8:25pm
       It depends... Otaku-sempai 271 0 Thu, 8:54pm
       Kill them all (except Balin) ... Brandybuckled 272 0 Thu, 9:27pm
       There was a similar thread last week Kilidoescartwheels 243 0 Thu, 9:41pm
       I'd prefer... delius82 246 0 Thu, 9:43pm
       I'd prefer ... DanielLB 220 0 Thu, 10:24pm
       Yes, I'd be opposed Elarie 209 0 Thu, 11:35pm
       I'm sure more than three dwarves will die, but they should not be of Thorin's company // dubulous 92 0 Fri, 1:02pm
       I don't hide my opinions of these films MirielCelebel 33 0 Fri, 10:40pm

Collapse BOFA Official Movie Guide: limited signed edition preorder! TheHutt 693 15 Thu, 10:02am Jump to last post in thread (by dormouse)
       Collapse Nothing on US Amazon yet :( Elessar 248 8 Thu, 12:45pm
           Collapse I think the DoS books were released earlier here in the UK... dormouse 235 7 Thu, 1:33pm
               Collapse That is my memory, as well Voronwë_the_Faithful 223 1 Thu, 2:12pm
                   Well, we deserve a little treat now and then... ;-) // dormouse 204 0 Thu, 2:48pm
               Well, HarperCollins is behind these... TheHutt 220 0 Thu, 2:18pm
               Collapse I believe they were Elessar 187 3 Thu, 3:37pm
                   HUTT! That izzz SUPER-DUPER! Bombadil 149 0 Thu, 5:24pm
                   Collapse The Annual is more child-orientated.... dormouse 153 1 Thu, 5:42pm
                       Yeah, it's an activity book basically Elessar 137 0 Thu, 6:13pm
       Collapse What's the difference? Silmaril 201 3 Thu, 3:20pm
           Not enough?.. TheHutt 142 0 Thu, 6:26pm
           Collapse It's hardback - the other version's paperback. // dormouse 117 1 Thu, 7:14pm
               That's another reason to get it. Elessar 95 0 Thu, 9:24pm
       Collapse Ordered! DanielLB 83 1 Thu, 10:25pm
           You took the thought right out of my head! ;-) // dormouse 36 0 Fri, 11:33am

  Collapse Peter Jackson in SFX Bexlin 1355 38 Thu, 7:36am Jump to last post in thread (by Bombadil)
     Collapse 'Thriller'? Glorfindela 673 24 Thu, 7:41am
           He doesn't speak about links or tie-ins here, though. Arannir 593 0 Thu, 9:33am
           Collapse What's wrong with a thriller?// tsmith675 483 22 Thu, 12:39pm
               Especially considering the EE... Bofur01 519 0 Thu, 12:47pm
               Collapse Nothing, in some contexts Glorfindela 355 19 Thu, 5:06pm
                 Reading Tolkien... izz ..Thrilling...// Bombadil 329 0 Thu, 5:15pm
                   Collapse The way Tolkien tells the story isn't that thrilling. Cillendor 280 16 Thu, 9:46pm
                       Collapse Well, no Glorfindela 244 14 Thu, 10:43pm
                           Agree in that There&ThereAgain 232 0 Thu, 10:50pm
                           Collapse The definition of a thriller Spriggan 224 11 Thu, 11:15pm
                               Collapse To be pedantic Glorfindela 217 10 Thu, 11:27pm
                                   Thrillers are often... Arannir 208 0 Thu, 11:45pm
                                   Collapse Ah no that's Spriggan 154 8 Fri, 9:21am
                                       Collapse I'm not sure what you mean Glorfindela 139 7 Fri, 11:21am
                                           Collapse How strange. Spriggan 131 6 Fri, 12:24pm
                                               Collapse I'm thinking a dance number featuring zombies. Darkstone 112 5 Fri, 1:55pm
                                                   Collapse Without wanting to cause panic Spriggan 96 4 Fri, 3:19pm
                                                       Collapse Arrrr!!!! CaptainMorgan 105 3 Fri, 3:30pm
                                                         No, no – that's not it! Glorfindela 80 0 Fri, 4:08pm
                                                           Collapse Not so fast - he talks about time a lot in that quote. Spriggan 72 1 Fri, 4:14pm
                                                               So can we expect an army of Daleks? Darkstone 62 0 Fri, 4:42pm
                           I love Tolkien like all here, but let's be honest, his handling of BOFA is not particularly thrilling to read! adt100 150 0 Fri, 10:44am
                       I agree DaughterofLaketown 230 0 Thu, 10:49pm
                   It's a good job that ... DanielLB 247 0 Thu, 10:19pm
               Sounds perfect for the TC. This is the climax of the films, we don't want a slow meandering film! adt100 141 0 Fri, 10:41am
       Collapse Approved greenbalrog 601 4 Thu, 9:36am
           Collapse Direct Quote from Collider.. Bombadil 613 3 Thu, 11:17am
               Well said Elarie 478 0 Thu, 12:55pm
               Collapse Uh-oh, PJ..... Hanzkaz 432 1 Thu, 3:39pm
                 Another KEY Quote..? Bombadil 385 0 Thu, 4:35pm
       Great! Elessar 513 0 Thu, 12:47pm
       Collapse Favourite? Lio 196 5 Fri, 2:05am
           To be fair... MechaGodzilla 178 0 Fri, 3:00am
           Collapse It was Ian McKellen who stated: DanielLB 189 1 Fri, 4:30am
               I would guess that Peter Jackson's favourite.... dormouse 152 0 Fri, 11:32am
           Collapse As they say a bit of south of here... every cockroach is beautiful to its mother. xxxyyy 68 1 Fri, 4:57pm
               Metaphoric? BombySpeak... Bombadil 25 0 12:34am
       Yes - Uh-huh - I see KeenObserver 181 0 Fri, 3:39am

  Collapse BOFA score: recording by NZSO has begun! Silmaril 866 13 Thu, 6:42am Jump to last post in thread (by adt100)
       Collapse I wonder what the major announcement is? Dcole4 390 6 Thu, 12:08pm
           Collapse Definitely not a 3D release Lindele 352 4 Thu, 1:31pm
               Collapse Yep Shagrat 340 2 Thu, 1:34pm
                   Collapse AUJ would be very interesting... Dcole4 344 1 Thu, 1:36pm
                       Radagast the Brown Loresilme 251 0 Thu, 4:56pm
               LOTR In Concert KingTurgon 204 0 Thu, 6:55pm
           I highly doubt... Earl 139 0 Fri, 12:21am
       Collapse I hope this means Timdalf 329 2 Thu, 3:30pm
           Collapse FOTR was awesome, didn't see TTT Bishop 135 1 Fri, 1:41am
               Guilty as charged Timdalf 114 0 Fri, 3:23am
       I for one SafeUnderHill 191 0 Thu, 9:01pm
       High hopes! KeenObserver 118 0 Fri, 4:18am
       Surely some kind of concert in 2015 covering the music of all 6 movies. adt100 76 0 Fri, 10:38am

  Collapse With the Arkenstone elevated in status, is Thorin justified in his actions? Bishop 746 21 Thu, 1:29am Jump to last post in thread (by KeenObserver)
       Collapse It depends. Mooseboy018 423 6 Thu, 1:50am
           Good question Bishop 383 0 Thu, 2:08am
           Collapse And I would consider Avandel 356 4 Thu, 3:31am
               Collapse But is it really a betrayal? Mooseboy018 321 1 Thu, 5:00am
                 Really a betrayal in the films - no Avandel 139 0 Thu, 8:05pm
               Collapse Totally agree with you Old Toby 158 1 Thu, 5:42pm
                   the book always worried me Avandel 94 0 Thu, 11:27pm
       For one thing, we do not know yet what his actions will be. sador 341 0 Thu, 3:51am
       Collapse Interesting idea.... dormouse 287 3 Thu, 8:19am
           Collapse Agree but Avandel 126 2 Thu, 8:45pm
               Collapse Yes, sorry if I wasn't very clear there.... dormouse 105 1 Thu, 10:04pm
                   Ah - thank you for clarifying Avandel 89 0 Thu, 11:20pm
       Collapse Perhaps not justified, but also not out of character Elarie 271 6 Thu, 12:38pm
           Agreed... dormouse 228 0 Thu, 1:36pm
           Collapse Hey, Elarie Kilidoescartwheels 220 3 Thu, 2:01pm
               Collapse Thanks! Elarie 207 2 Thu, 2:29pm
                   Elarie..... Old Toby 157 0 Thu, 5:45pm
                   Ditto Avandel 122 0 Thu, 8:18pm
         Nice! Avandel 125 0 Thu, 8:20pm
       Collapse Thorin & Bilbo Kilidoescartwheels 239 1 Thu, 1:58pm
           I don't think Bilbo has it either KeenObserver 66 0 Fri, 6:06am

Collapse The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug QUIZ - Round 1 BlackFox 444 18 Wed, 3:47pm Jump to last post in thread (by Willow353)
       Collapse Answers LordotRings93 224 1 Wed, 4:12pm
           #12 - right of the spider BlackFox 196 0 Wed, 4:21pm
       I'll try... Rembrethil 201 0 Wed, 4:19pm
       Collapse answers Cirashala 168 2 Wed, 7:22pm
           Collapse #5 - the number of sentences BlackFox 160 1 Wed, 8:19pm
               Well I'm guessing I am right Cirashala 82 0 Thu, 4:44am
       Oh, I'm sure I'll do MUCH better at these... Riven Delve 126 0 Wed, 10:58pm
       I dunno BF Kim 106 0 Thu, 2:33am
       DOS Quiz answers Kilidoescartwheels 102 0 Thu, 2:56am
       Drat DanielLB 94 0 Thu, 4:16am
       Redemption for the Cat. cats16 90 0 Thu, 4:30am
       My Answers OrangeBerserk 85 0 Thu, 4:54am
       My answers: VeArkenstone 64 0 Thu, 2:08pm
       Here goes nothing... joec_34 53 0 Thu, 6:53pm
       oooh i love these quizzes :) MirielCelebel 41 0 Fri, 3:02am
       Haven't seen it in a while... DaughterofLaketown 41 0 Fri, 3:14am
       I'll be posting the correct answers and scores tomorrow BlackFox 32 0 Fri, 9:03am
       Alright...my answers Willow353 26 0 Fri, 10:15am

  Moved: Anyone seen these? DaughterofLaketown - - Wed, 2:39pm Jump to last post in thread (by DaughterofLaketown)

Collapse A random THORIN APPRECIATION image-larded thread Avandel 884 61 Tue, 8:07pm Jump to last post in thread (by VValar)
       Thanks for all those pics Old Toby 399 0 Tue, 8:22pm
     Collapse and there's more! - art and suchlike Avandel 432 8 Tue, 8:26pm
           Collapse Awesome !! ltnjmy 357 1 Tue, 9:33pm
               Finally! Queen of Erebor 350 0 Tue, 9:51pm
         Collapse OK - can't resist and anyway luv blacksmithing Thorin Avandel 344 1 Tue, 10:41pm
               Spelling correction again *sigh* - but MORE art LOL Avandel 317 0 Tue, 11:30pm
         Collapse You mean like this? Lurker in the Mirk 143 3 Thu, 1:41pm
               Collapse something like that Avandel 108 2 Thu, 9:08pm
                 So cute VValar 99 0 Thu, 9:58pm
                 *haha* prolly more like this in the misguided fantaties of hardcore Thorin apologists Lurker in the Mirk 83 0 Fri, 1:26pm
     Fun, fun DaughterofLaketown 384 0 Tue, 8:48pm
       Collapse OMG, THANKS!!! Kilidoescartwheels 367 2 Tue, 9:31pm
           Collapse Here yah go! Avandel 346 1 Tue, 10:48pm
               Thanks so much! Kilidoescartwheels 71 0 Fri, 5:22pm
       Well, that was fun! // dormouse 331 0 Tue, 10:11pm
       Collapse Lovely Hair of Durin pictures, Avandel Glorfindela 348 3 Tue, 10:14pm
           Collapse You are welcome and..... Avandel 332 2 Tue, 10:51pm
               Collapse Naked Thorin! *well almost* VValar 329 1 Tue, 11:07pm
                   LOL VValar - I don't mind Avandel 310 0 Tue, 11:34pm
       Collapse Random? DanielLB 314 16 Tue, 11:42pm
           Naw, I wouldn't move it myself Avandel 295 0 Tue, 11:49pm
           Collapse PS. just caught this comment - thanks for reminding me! Avandel 292 14 Wed, 12:12am
               Collapse Wait, why would I wince? Kim 197 13 Wed, 8:44pm
                   Collapse LOL saving my strength but a few more pretties Avandel 198 12 Wed, 9:34pm
                       Collapse Aha! Kim 169 1 Thu, 3:21am
                         LOL Kim Avandel 164 0 Thu, 3:36am
                       Collapse Such beauty in those pics VValar 156 8 Thu, 8:39am
                         Collapse LOL VValar Avandel 110 7 Thu, 8:58pm
                               Collapse Yes but has he been invited to anyone's home? VValar 102 6 Thu, 9:55pm
                                   *sniff* ELVES Avandel 94 0 Fri, 12:14am
                                 Collapse *waves* Hey VValar! Nice to see another open-minded Thrall waltzing through Lurker in the Mirk 58 4 Fri, 11:09am
                                       Collapse I feel it's my duty to pop by... VValar 59 3 Fri, 7:19pm
                                           LoL! Spoken like a true open-minded Thrall *admiringly* Lurker in the Mirk 27 0 2:24am
                                           Collapse *snigger* Avandel 18 1 5:29am
                                             *snert* Lurker in the Mirk 11 0 6:33am
                     Oh right, what creative licence Lurker in the Mirk 57 0 Fri, 10:59am
       Collapse Hey all - let's remember the rules on posting images. entmaiden 310 3 Tue, 11:46pm
           Collapse whoops - hope I have been under Avandel 287 2 Tue, 11:52pm
               Collapse You're close but OK so far. entmaiden 266 1 Wed, 1:10am
                   Great - trying! Avandel 260 0 Wed, 1:19am
       Collapse Great minds think alike! Kim 269 2 Wed, 1:37am
         Collapse LOL Kim all you need is love...or Avandel 247 1 Wed, 4:07am
               Yes. Yes to all of that. Kim 244 0 Wed, 4:25am
     Collapse Are requests allowed? The Grey Elf 293 3 Wed, 11:08am
         Collapse well now Avandel 253 2 Wed, 3:03pm
             Pretteh!! The Grey Elf 236 0 Wed, 3:26pm
               PS. FIXING missing screen caps + Avandel 237 0 Wed, 3:32pm
       Collapse Dare I venture in here? Riven Delve 285 1 Wed, 12:45pm
           *Laughs* Avandel 255 0 Wed, 2:55pm
       Collapse Thank you for this feast of starlight!! Elanor of Rohan 258 1 Wed, 3:08pm
         Thank you Elanor! - Nice vid work but Avandel 237 0 Wed, 3:57pm
       Well! The institution finally opens Lurker in the Mirk 149 0 Thu, 1:39pm
       Collapse PS Lurker in the Mirk 160 2 Thu, 1:54pm
         Collapse LOL Lurker Avandel 125 1 Thu, 9:03pm
             Hee Lurker in the Mirk 68 0 Fri, 11:13am
       Collapse So, RA joined Twitter yesterday AND did the Ice Bucket Challenge in a very nice suit! Eruvandi 48 5 Fri, 11:43pm
         Collapse You rock Eruvandi! Thank you! Avandel 39 3 12:57am
             Collapse Yay Eruvandi! Scouting for the benefit of dwarves, so generous! Lurker in the Mirk 31 2 2:17am
                   Collapse LOL Lurker because in that shirt *cough* it's just OBVIOUS Avandel 20 1 4:39am
                       So he can personspeak for bathrobes Lurker in the Mirk 11 0 6:15am
           Thnx for sharing VValar 2 0 9 mins ago

Moved: " No matter how much time you've got, you are going to use it..ALL UP?" Bombadil - - Tue, 2:15pm Jump to last post in thread (by Bombadil)
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