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Movie Discussion: The Hobbit
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  Sticky: Thread Locked Welcome to the Hobbit Movie board! Altaira 157819 0 May 24 2008, 1:58am Jump to last post in thread (by Altaira)

  Sticky: How Best to Contact an Admin for Help Kyriel 115562 0 Mar 31 2009, 10:46pm Jump to last post in thread (by Kyriel)

  Sticky: The Courtesy of our Halls (Discussion Guidelines) Silverlode 16656 0 Oct 12 2014, 9:41pm Jump to last post in thread (by Silverlode)

  Collapse Sticky: NEW! Official Hobbit movie reviews - post them here! entmaiden 5646 85 Dec 29 2014, 1:40am Jump to last post in thread (by Dipling)

Collapse Sticky: Folks from the Uni of Waikato want to know YOUR opinion on BotFA! greendragon 4044 25 Jan 21, 4:17pm Jump to last post in thread (by elf-lady)

  Collapse Sticky: DOS Chapter of the Week (CHOW) Sign-up for February 2015! DanielLB 4781 20 Jan 23, 8:08pm Jump to last post in thread (by BlackFox)

  Collapse New Yahoo interview: RA on The Hobbit and BotFA EE *Spoilers* dernwyn 446 9 Wed, 8:40pm Jump to last post in thread (by lionoferebor)
       Collapse Interesting reading his opinion on Tauriel. He doesn't seem too keen... AshNazg 352 2 Wed, 10:04pm
           Collapse It's an honest view, isn't it? dormouse 345 1 Wed, 10:10pm
               dmouse, ONCE again for the WIN!... Bombadil 209 0 12:28am
       Collapse I relate more to the male characters than the female ones... Queen of Erebor 318 4 Wed, 10:30pm
           Collapse It's interesting that you say that. Ataahua 291 3 Wed, 10:58pm
               Collapse There is an argument that states.. glor 206 1 12:32am
                   Applauds lionoferebor 112 0 3:36am
               There's a similar effect with race... AshNazg 184 0 1:04am
       "We’re going to see... Kim 155 0 2:02am

  Collapse The chances of seeing Beorns torture scene NoelGallagher 315 7 Wed, 5:25pm Jump to last post in thread (by Bofur01)
       Collapse YES! Dcole4 266 6 Wed, 6:17pm
           Collapse But NoelGallagher 248 5 Wed, 6:25pm
               Collapse Sorry Dcole4 242 4 Wed, 6:28pm
                   Collapse I think the actual quote in the WETA book... Bofur01 235 3 Wed, 6:34pm
                       Collapse I don't know Dcole4 233 2 Wed, 6:36pm
                         ARAGORN: "There is always, HOPE.."// Bombadil 201 0 Wed, 7:11pm
                           And Gandalf and Radagast's spells... Bofur01 9 0 25 mins ago

  Collapse Would Thranduil have jumped in and saved Thorin from Azog? boldog 262 5 Wed, 10:51am Jump to last post in thread (by Kilidoescartwheels)
       Um...yes? Otaku-sempai 198 0 Wed, 1:18pm
       Collapse Absolutely IMO Avandel 169 1 Wed, 3:00pm
           Yeah, but would Thorin have appreciated it? Kilidoescartwheels 143 0 Wed, 4:38pm
       Collapse Thranduil would help Thorin, of course ... dormouse 100 1 Wed, 7:01pm
           True, that Kilidoescartwheels 62 0 Wed, 8:35pm

  Collapse Thread Locked Martin Freeman Joins Captain America: Civil War Orc13 193 1 Wed, 3:31am Jump to last post in thread (by Otaku-sempai)
       Thread Locked Redundant is redundant. Otaku-sempai 177 0 Wed, 3:43am

  Collapse GDT still has not seen "The Hobbit" Trilogy Silmaril 703 2 Tue, 2:02pm Jump to last post in thread (by dormouse)
       I honestly think his Hobbit would have been wildly different sycorax82 514 0 Tue, 6:03pm
       I can understand that... dormouse 338 0 Tue, 10:28pm

  Collapse How would the story have shaped out if Azog was replaced by Bolg? boldog 641 25 Tue, 9:25am Jump to last post in thread (by Kilidoescartwheels)
       Dain could have killed Azog... QuackingTroll 507 0 Tue, 12:50pm
       Collapse They would have had to invent another orc... dormouse 496 6 Tue, 1:22pm
           goblin army tattooed_dwarf 378 0 Tue, 5:40pm
           Collapse Well, the second orc army wasn't necessary and didn't make a great deal of sense AshNazg 279 4 Tue, 8:27pm
               Collapse Well, I suppose the two orc armies.... dormouse 228 1 Tue, 10:22pm
                   Agree... lionoferebor 90 0 Wed, 1:31pm
               Collapse I agree... lionoferebor 101 1 Wed, 1:09pm
                   The Orcs of Tattooine Otaku-sempai 95 0 Wed, 1:22pm
       It's got its pluses and minuses Kilidoescartwheels 473 0 Tue, 1:56pm
       If Azog had died at Azanulbizar Otaku-sempai 455 0 Tue, 2:31pm
       Collapse I would reply more fully but I am weeping Spriggan 404 14 Tue, 5:21pm
           Collapse Well... Otaku-sempai 380 13 Tue, 5:49pm
               Collapse Well Bolg is a name in the book. Spriggan 357 12 Tue, 6:26pm
                   Collapse Azog/Bolg Otaku-sempai 343 11 Tue, 6:49pm
                       Collapse I think we may be at cross purposes. Spriggan 329 10 Tue, 7:10pm
                           Collapse You may be right. Otaku-sempai 300 1 Tue, 8:07pm
                               I don't think I was hoping for anything. Spriggan 272 0 Tue, 8:40pm
                           Collapse Yes and no... AshNazg 261 1 Tue, 8:59pm
                               I tend to think the former probably drives the latter. Spriggan 254 0 Tue, 9:19pm
                           Collapse Well that's exactly how I felt about it... Salmacis81 230 5 Tue, 10:43pm
                               Collapse Jolly good - it's nice to have the confirmation Spriggan 221 4 Tue, 11:01pm
                                   Collapse Sure, you could call it that... Salmacis81 215 3 Tue, 11:23pm
                                       I'm not sure I've ever said that, which would seem a slight difference. Spriggan 208 0 Tue, 11:33pm
                                       Collapse I think we all have different opinions... AshNazg 206 1 Tue, 11:45pm
                                           Thank you for saying that Kilidoescartwheels 44 0 Wed, 4:54pm

  Collapse Odd clips in DVD Bumblingidiot 1020 10 Sun, 6:56pm Jump to last post in thread (by Bofur01)
       probably Faleel 941 0 Sun, 7:07pm
       Fellowship of the Ring received a new color grade on the Extended Edition Blu-ray... Aragorn the Elfstone 904 0 Sun, 7:59pm
       Collapse Dark clips are from the EE Blu-ray QuackingTroll 802 5 Sun, 10:49pm
           possible updated/fixed grade Mooseboy018 736 0 Mon, 2:05am
           Collapse My avatar pic is from the EE Blu-ray... QuackingTroll 730 1 Mon, 2:21am
               flesh tones Mooseboy018 711 0 Mon, 3:10am
           Collapse I knew about the issue, Bumblingidiot 161 1 Tue, 7:31pm
               The green tinted sky is in AUJ too... Bofur01 138 0 Tue, 8:35pm
       Collapse Who knows what they were thinking with the green tint... sycorax82 512 1 Mon, 3:14pm
           Re-grading and changing the original trilogy... AshNazg 338 0 Mon, 11:32pm

  Collapse Only Azog knew lionoferebor 634 4 Sun, 1:56pm Jump to last post in thread (by marary)
       Collapse Yes... dormouse 551 2 Sun, 3:33pm
           Collapse Legolas Mooseboy018 503 1 Sun, 5:07pm
               Yes Konrad S 457 0 Sun, 6:21pm
       CSI Ravenhill marary 406 0 Sun, 8:06pm

  Collapse Lack of Fighting for Fíli AndHeHandedHimTheTobaccoJar 990 22 Sat, 11:34pm Jump to last post in thread (by Kilidoescartwheels)
       Lack of Fili everywhere Never_Underestimate_A_Dwarf 874 0 Sun, 12:18am
       Ugh! lionoferebor 837 0 Sun, 2:32am
       Collapse chariot Mooseboy018 838 15 Sun, 2:37am
           Collapse I'm going over the wall... Never_Underestimate_A_Dwarf 836 4 Sun, 2:56am
               Collapse editing Mooseboy018 821 3 Sun, 3:10am
                   Collapse randomly materializing battle rams! marary 738 2 Sun, 9:36am
                     Collapse "Stache BRAIDS of Awesome"....NEW MEME..? Bombadil 594 1 Sun, 6:35pm
                           I like it! :D // Riven Delve 538 0 Sun, 9:23pm
         Collapse LOL! Avandel 639 9 Sun, 5:04pm
               Collapse Ugh... lionoferebor 510 8 Mon, 12:50am
                   Collapse I'm sure it wasn't either/ or..... dormouse 466 7 Mon, 9:01am
                       Collapse Bats, lingerie, and trade-offs...I'm not sure what to call this lionoferebor 427 6 Mon, 1:20pm
                         Collapse HOW could they have made it an EVEN Match? Bombadil 401 5 Mon, 4:17pm
                               Collapse It would've been IMPOSSIBLE to make it an EVEN MATCH lionoferebor 309 4 Tue, 12:24am
                                   Collapse I tend to agree with Lion and I too think that Fili was shortchanged. Noria 231 3 Tue, 12:58pm
                                       Collapse Not quite it... dormouse 222 1 Tue, 1:34pm
                                           Agree Avandel 176 0 Tue, 4:08pm
                                       Director wisdom and/or director choice? Avandel 185 0 Tue, 3:46pm
       Collapse I can understand a lack of screentime Bishop 561 3 Sun, 9:19pm
           Collapse Fili's death Elarie 229 2 Tue, 1:08pm
               I too liked Fili's death Noria 224 0 Tue, 1:25pm
               Yes and no Kilidoescartwheels 52 0 Wed, 8:48pm

Collapse About Those WEREWORMS..? Bombadil 886 27 Sat, 2:11pm Jump to last post in thread (by Bombadil)
       Were-worm Wranglers? Otaku-sempai 690 0 Sat, 7:29pm
       Collapse WER means "man" AshNazg 681 5 Sat, 7:47pm
           Did you like the Worms..? Bombadil 489 0 Sun, 4:33pm
           Collapse Were-things Otaku-sempai 489 3 Sun, 4:44pm
             Collapse O-s, you have very Valid Points..SSOoo what Bombadil 466 2 Sun, 6:25pm
                   Collapse Too much? Otaku-sempai 449 1 Sun, 7:44pm
                     In DEFENSE.... of the Wereworms..? Bombadil 413 0 Mon, 12:32am
       Collapse the were-worms Goldeneye 343 5 Mon, 2:40pm
           Collapse Well.... dormouse 307 4 Mon, 5:12pm
               Collapse well... Goldeneye 278 3 Mon, 6:42pm
                   Well, not quite... Otaku-sempai 259 0 Mon, 7:17pm
                   Collapse The concept actually came from three sources... QuackingTroll 215 1 Mon, 10:20pm
                       Well, surely.... dormouse 98 0 Tue, 7:32am
       Collapse And yet we are perfectly happy to justify the Eagles. Spriggan 326 13 Mon, 4:25pm
         Collapse There be Giants...? Bombadil 285 12 Mon, 6:24pm
               Collapse I think Spriggan is on your side, Bomby! Otaku-sempai 264 11 Mon, 7:11pm
                 Collapse I was writing when Spriggy wrote.... Bombadil 235 1 Mon, 8:55pm
                       Okay. Otaku-sempai 227 0 Mon, 9:01pm
                   Collapse Oh I'm not on anyone's side... ;) Spriggan 227 8 Mon, 9:03pm
                       Collapse Meaning that Tolkien wouldn't have written them like that? dormouse 216 3 Mon, 10:04pm
                           Tunnels Otaku-sempai 209 0 Mon, 10:23pm
                           Collapse The reverse really, or at least a tangent. Spriggan 207 1 Mon, 10:28pm
                             @ the Top of this THREAD is... Bombadil 199 0 Mon, 11:06pm
                       Collapse The "if Tolkien had written this test" doesn't work for me... AshNazg 201 3 Mon, 11:12pm
                           Collapse Whilst I tend towards the other view, it is nice to have the parity. Spriggan 193 1 Mon, 11:43pm
                               Well, there was a SLIGHT Set-UP..? Bombadil 132 0 Tue, 12:08am
                         IT takes Radagast to "RALLY the Eagles".. Bombadil 91 0 Tue, 10:18am

  Collapse Big soundtrack mistake in The Hobbit QuackingTroll 1275 32 May 2, 12:13am Jump to last post in thread (by Loresilme)
       Collapse Can anyone remember QuackingTroll 1157 1 May 2, 12:16am
           off the top of my head Mooseboy018 1134 0 May 2, 1:01am
       I agree. Mooseboy018 1135 0 May 2, 12:58am
       Collapse This was mentioned shadow0421 1084 1 May 2, 2:55am
           To the point that it became overbearing Estel78 910 0 Sat, 9:50am
       misty mountains theme CathrineB 1043 0 May 2, 4:42am
       I hear this a lot SafeUnderHill 997 0 May 2, 6:49am
       The final statement of Misty Mountains in AUJ was yucky... Bofur01 995 0 May 2, 6:59am
       Collapse Let's see Shagrat 951 8 Sat, 8:59am
           Collapse This! CathrineB 935 5 Sat, 9:11am
               Collapse Some further thoughts... laurethiel1138 868 4 Sat, 10:49am
                   Collapse Which part SafeUnderHill 857 3 Sat, 11:00am
                       Collapse Details... laurethiel1138 768 2 Sat, 12:59pm
                           Also... Bofur01 760 0 Sat, 1:13pm
                           I get what you mean :) Although i'm not sure you got the notes exactly write SafeUnderHill 745 0 Sat, 1:32pm
           Yes! SafeUnderHill 921 0 Sat, 9:21am
           Totally agree with you, Shagrat Loresilme 129 0 Sun, 10:45pm
       Collapse This would have worked so well. tattooed_dwarf 920 1 Sat, 9:29am
           Personally SafeUnderHill 893 0 Sat, 10:15am
       Collapse Will have to disagree here Skaan 832 3 Sat, 11:57am
           Collapse ;) SafeUnderHill 794 1 Sat, 12:35pm
               I have to admit Skaan 772 0 Sat, 1:02pm
           MM theme was overused in AUJ. I'm glad they didn't use it again. xxxyyy 759 0 Sat, 1:14pm
       I loved the MM theme but prefer Sons of Durin overall Noria 791 0 Sat, 12:36pm
       If they made a mistake... dormouse 746 0 Sat, 1:39pm
       Collapse excellent video Goldeneye 336 1 Sat, 2:14pm
           If you could, it'd be cool to play with the soundtrack... AshNazg 297 0 Sat, 4:14pm
       I agree with two sides of the argument Bishop 329 0 Sat, 2:42pm
       Collapse could not disagree more Lindele 276 1 Sat, 6:23pm
         Really?! tattooed_dwarf 217 0 Sat, 9:18pm
       Money Issues? Otaku-sempai 254 0 Sat, 7:33pm
       That shot of the mountain SafeUnderHill 228 0 Sat, 8:43pm

  Collapse Question for Tolkienologists: Why does Gandalf have a ring? Kilidoescartwheels 612 10 May 1, 9:59pm Jump to last post in thread (by Otaku-sempai)
       Collapse the ring is called Narya the Great geordie 574 1 May 1, 10:17pm
           The story can be found in Silverlode 549 0 May 1, 11:03pm
       Nice Backstory Bracegirdle 543 0 May 1, 11:25pm
       Collapse Galadriel was given Nenya... Bofur01 465 1 May 2, 7:03am
           the timing Elthir 404 0 Sat, 1:45pm
       Collapse I hope your question is answered in the EE of BOTFA... xxxyyy 410 2 Sat, 1:18pm
           Collapse Is it stated in the films... arithmancer 387 1 Sat, 2:52pm
               From the movies, we only know that Galadriel has one Ring. xxxyyy 341 0 Sat, 6:18pm
       In the movies... arithmancer 380 0 Sat, 3:04pm
       Answered in 'LotR' bonus features? Otaku-sempai 316 0 Sat, 7:39pm

  Collapse Has anyone done a 6 movie marathon yet? Kilidoescartwheels 716 11 May 1, 5:05pm Jump to last post in thread (by Bumblingidiot)
       Collapse 'Twill have to wait. Otaku-sempai 637 3 May 1, 5:08pm
           Collapse Exactly Mooseboy018 623 1 May 1, 5:25pm
               Technically... Otaku-sempai 621 0 May 1, 5:30pm
           Echoing my thoughts... Pandallo 341 0 Sat, 2:56pm
       I tried, my friends decided that we should sleep after the Hobbit part though... Bofur01 633 0 May 1, 5:14pm
       No CathrineB 570 0 May 1, 7:04pm
       In about two weeks! Eruclauron 521 0 May 1, 8:41pm
       Planning a two-day event . . . Barrel Rider 474 0 May 1, 10:32pm
       Yes, over two days Elarie 460 0 May 1, 11:36pm
       Not yet... lionoferebor 288 0 Sun, 2:42am
       Haven't seen the twelfth film yet. Bumblingidiot 232 0 Sun, 4:15pm

  Collapse Thranduil's Inner Face Wound/pain-how it affects him, Legolas, Tauriel/A Theory. the 13th warrior 722 13 Apr 30, 11:43pm Jump to last post in thread (by the 13th warrior)
       Collapse Thranduil is complicated Kilidoescartwheels 635 1 May 1, 3:46am
           Actually, Thran is isolationist and there seem to be good reasons for it.... the 13th warrior 564 0 May 1, 9:54am
       Collapse Hello and welcome! marary 552 5 May 1, 11:48am
           Collapse What do the elves have going for them in this era of Middle Earth? the 13th warrior 462 4 May 1, 6:51pm
               Collapse great assessment! marary 293 3 Sun, 9:45am
                   Collapse Isolationism=Checkmated?? the 13th warrior 180 2 Mon, 4:51pm
                       Collapse Thorin = Textbook tragic hero marary 162 1 Mon, 6:03pm
                           Great acting and visual conceptions too.... the 13th warrior 132 0 Mon, 9:03pm
       Collapse The Curious Matter of Thranduil's Injury Otaku-sempai 516 2 May 1, 2:28pm
           Collapse Elf wound or a symbol of it??? the 13th warrior 456 1 May 1, 7:07pm
               Questions, questions... Otaku-sempai 432 0 May 1, 8:29pm
       Collapse This is ... arithmancer 364 1 Sat, 3:09pm
           Agreed. Otaku-sempai 328 0 Sat, 7:48pm

Collapse *POSSIBLY SPOILERY* Nice 'BOFA EE speculation' compilation vid - link Avandel 1627 41 Apr 30, 9:03pm Jump to last post in thread (by lionoferebor)
       Collapse ....Makes PERFECT sense...We'll get Bombadil 1167 34 May 1, 2:16pm
           Collapse the ratings system? Goldeneye 1157 33 May 1, 2:41pm
               Collapse I'm sorry, but.... dormouse 1151 30 May 1, 2:59pm
                   Collapse really though... Goldeneye 1102 29 May 1, 3:48pm
                       Collapse No, I'm sorry but I don't buy the idea at all... dormouse 1061 28 May 1, 4:42pm
                           Collapse In Consideration of the Extended Edition. Otaku-sempai 1028 27 May 1, 5:14pm
                               Collapse Well yes.... dormouse 988 26 May 1, 6:55pm
                                   Collapse re: Goldeneye 910 25 May 1, 9:40pm
                                       Collapse But don't you see.... dormouse 889 24 May 1, 10:23pm
                                           Collapse umm Goldeneye 829 20 May 2, 2:24am
                                               Collapse Continuity is key... Bofur01 772 19 May 2, 7:09am
                                                   Collapse re: Goldeneye 695 14 Sat, 2:06pm
                                                       Collapse So how does Bolg die? // Bofur01 682 1 Sat, 2:26pm
                                                           Bolg Goldeneye 648 0 Sat, 3:59pm
                                                       Collapse Poor Kili??? lionoferebor 665 7 Sat, 3:41pm
                                                           Collapse THAT scene w. Kili Avandel 650 6 Sat, 4:05pm
                                                               Tauriel Mooseboy018 625 0 Sat, 5:24pm
                                                               Collapse ? marary 608 1 Sat, 6:01pm
                                                                   Yes and no... Avandel 264 0 Sun, 4:17pm
                                                               Collapse Well... lionoferebor 371 2 Sat, 8:18pm
                                                                   Dwalin Mooseboy018 353 0 Sat, 9:23pm
                                                                   Argh - re Fili when I think about it, it's maddening.... Avandel 296 0 Sun, 3:30pm
                                                     Collapse a general audience... Avandel 663 3 Sat, 3:42pm
                                                           Collapse bafflement over target audience Ilmatar 43 2 12:08am
                                                               Ah, but there's also the first part of the title AshNazg 27 0 2:00am
                                                               Ratings lionoferebor 13 0 5:18am
                                                   Collapse Too much is left unresolved. Otaku-sempai 390 3 Sat, 8:03pm
                                                     Collapse But re the TE audience, perhaps many didn't care about the unresolved issues... Avandel 281 2 Sun, 4:00pm
                                                           Collapse Bridging? Otaku-sempai 259 1 Sun, 4:34pm
                                                               Understood! Avandel 247 0 Sun, 5:24pm
                                           Collapse There is a level of objectivity in the poor quality of the film... AshNazg 599 2 Sat, 6:19pm
                                               Are you posting in the right topic? Pandallo 422 0 Sat, 6:40pm
                                               Well.... dormouse 414 0 Sat, 6:58pm
               Runtime Otaku-sempai 1140 0 May 1, 2:59pm
             Apparently you Didn't hear PJ say that..? G-Eye Bombadil 1119 0 May 1, 3:24pm
       Collapse Well, that does go a long way toward being the movie I had hoped for.... Eruonen 859 1 May 1, 11:20pm
         One thing that is Not mentioned in the OP's Video? Bombadil 840 0 May 2, 12:45am
       Collapse I cant access the video Jettorex 96 3 Wed, 4:26pm
           Collapse speculation Mooseboy018 80 2 Wed, 5:32pm
               Collapse Uh.. lionoferebor 31 1 1:41am
                   probably Mooseboy018 21 0 2:40am
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