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Movie Discussion: The Hobbit
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  Sticky: Thread Locked Welcome to the Hobbit Movie board! Altaira 151782 0 May 24 2008, 1:58am Jump to last post in thread (by Altaira)

  Sticky: How Best to Contact an Admin for Help Kyriel 113282 0 Mar 31 2009, 10:46pm Jump to last post in thread (by Kyriel)

  Sticky: The Courtesy of our Halls (Discussion Guidelines) Silverlode 12933 0 Oct 12 2014, 9:41pm Jump to last post in thread (by Silverlode)

  Collapse Sticky: NEW! Official Hobbit movie reviews - post them here! entmaiden 4243 85 Dec 29 2014, 1:40am Jump to last post in thread (by Dipling)

Collapse Sticky: Folks from the Uni of Waikato want to know YOUR opinion on BotFA! greendragon 2182 24 Jan 21, 4:17pm Jump to last post in thread (by CaroMichelle)

  Collapse Sticky: DOS Chapter of the Week (CHOW) Sign-up for February 2015! DanielLB 1969 17 Jan 23, 8:08pm Jump to last post in thread (by cats16)

  Collapse This is for people who believe The Hobbit was rsceived well because it made a lot of money... jtarkey 815 25 Sun, 9:51am Jump to last post in thread (by Legomir)
       Collapse I believe The Hobbit was received well.... dormouse 685 1 Sun, 10:54am
           Still can't believe the stuff i'm reading... Estel78 666 0 Sun, 11:25am
     Delusional and proud! BlackFox 685 0 Sun, 10:59am
       Yes - I second BlackFox on this.... dormouse 672 0 Sun, 11:11am
       Old hippie saying... Elarie 654 0 Sun, 11:45am
       Collapse What everyone else said.. Noria 653 1 Sun, 11:49am
           The Last Goodbye Jeffrodo 622 0 Sun, 12:24pm
       I think the movies sucked too... AshNazg 626 0 Sun, 12:27pm
       Collapse If you have a problem with the films, be more specific and we'll discuss it... QuackingTroll 602 2 Sun, 1:17pm
           Sadly... smtfhw 562 0 Sun, 1:53pm
           *mods up* // BlackFox 192 0 Sun, 8:45pm
       Collapse --> Rude comments have been removed from this thread Altaira 511 2 Sun, 2:38pm
           Collapse Deleted comments Skaan 467 1 Sun, 3:17pm
               That's just it Altaira 460 0 Sun, 3:31pm
       Collapse I believe the Hobbit was well-received... tsmith675 480 2 Sun, 3:03pm
           Collapse Also... tsmith675 474 1 Sun, 3:06pm
               Haha, I thought the same thing. Gollum was perfect // AshNazg 24 0 1:27am
       Bye tattooed_dwarf 312 0 Sun, 6:30pm
       Wholly disagree there was anything LAZY about these films Avandel 251 0 Sun, 7:49pm
       Collapse Geez Legomir 65 2 12:19am
           Collapse I don't mind negative posts, I think it can be good... AshNazg 39 1 1:00am
               Sorry if that sounded off, I agree with what you say! Legomir 0 0 10 mins ago
       Collapse The movies were pretty inconsistent in all areas sycorax82 58 1 12:30am
           They had plenty of time... AshNazg 36 0 1:08am
       Yep... Avnar 35 0 1:13am

Collapse How about that WHOLE Ravenhill Fight..? Bombadil 447 10 Sun, 7:06am Jump to last post in thread (by Eruonen)
       Collapse It was a brilliant sequence :) marary 416 2 Sun, 7:21am
           Collapse Yup! there must be some explanation.. Bombadil 290 1 Sun, 2:25pm
               still not crazy about Legolas defying gravity... marary 258 0 Sun, 3:21pm
       Collapse ravenhill Goldeneye 238 1 Sun, 4:14pm
           Agree, I actually wished for a battle scene closer to the book, but since it departed Eruonen 222 0 Sun, 4:57pm
       Collapse Brilliant choreography IMO Avandel 124 4 Sun, 8:04pm
           the scale marary 113 0 Sun, 8:14pm
         Collapse When Thorin points Orcrist @ US in the theater..? Bombadil 113 2 Sun, 8:16pm
               I'm not a big fan of 3D... BlackFox 97 0 Sun, 8:38pm
               One of the few 3D scenes that I recall vividly. Eruonen 0 0 7 mins ago

  Collapse The Hobbit Trilogy's Cinematography Erethen 324 4 Sun, 5:19am Jump to last post in thread (by Bombadil)
     Bom does not really care to JUDGE Bombadil 281 0 Sun, 6:31am
       Collapse The cinematography was pretty unique... AshNazg 191 2 Sun, 12:55pm
         Collapse Years ago Bomby got a copy of "American Cinematography" ... Bombadil 141 1 Sun, 3:16pm
               Here is the Link.. Bombadil 133 0 Sun, 3:22pm

  Collapse On the current Hobbit-related tech advice... Bofur01 281 4 Sat, 6:27pm Jump to last post in thread (by Magpie)
       Collapse This is a difficult one... QuackingTroll 178 3 Sat, 11:31pm
         Collapse Well, there is Always "Consumer Reports" Bombadil 71 2 Sun, 3:31pm
               Collapse Well... Bofur01 58 1 Sun, 5:28pm
                   Consumer Reports is quite rigorous in their testing and assement Magpie 42 0 Sun, 6:35pm

  Moved: Looking for BluRay Player Recommendations for "The Hobbit" and LotR Barrel Rider - - Sat, 6:21pm Jump to last post in thread (by Barrel Rider)

Collapse BOTFA Extended Edition - Compilation Númenórean 968 13 Sat, 5:17pm Jump to last post in thread (by grimbeorn15)
       Collapse uh oh Goldeneye 825 10 Sat, 7:19pm
           It's fine here in the UK... Eleniel 745 0 Sat, 8:58pm
           Collapse I wonder why? Maybe the music? QuackingTroll 623 8 Sat, 11:55pm
               Collapse Yes it's because of the music, but... PryftanAW 605 7 Sun, 12:36am
                   Collapse Thanks! Mooseboy018 571 6 Sun, 1:19am
                       Collapse I suppose it's too much to hope for..... He is a wizard, you know! 561 4 Sun, 1:35am
                           confirmations Mooseboy018 530 0 Sun, 3:03am
                           Collapse I hope the EE has more Legolas... QuackingTroll 310 2 Sun, 1:30pm
                               The video has been removed by Author..? Bombadil 276 0 Sun, 2:37pm
                               Ain't you funny. ;) // Estel78 258 0 Sun, 2:57pm
                       More Beorn Estel78 256 0 Sun, 3:01pm
       That's really fun to watch, thanks for posting.... dormouse 355 0 Sun, 11:09am
       Uhhhmmmm? grimbeorn15 52 0 Sun, 11:54pm

  Collapse Is anyone else..... He is a wizard, you know! 472 6 Sat, 4:44pm Jump to last post in thread (by Fimbulfambi)
       But Thorin, Fili and Kili are the potential kings of Erebor. QuackingTroll 410 0 Sat, 5:32pm
       well... marary 389 0 Sat, 6:10pm
       Collapse Fili Mooseboy018 344 1 Sat, 7:30pm
           The reasons you all gave certainly make sense.... He is a wizard, you know! 324 0 Sat, 8:05pm
       Collapse Would never get sick of them Never_Underestimate_A_Dwarf 305 1 Sat, 8:45pm
           quality screentime Fimbulfambi 60 0 Sun, 8:45pm

  Collapse The Front Gate is Sealed lionoferebor 343 3 Sat, 4:17pm Jump to last post in thread (by Otaku-sempai)
       Smaug Smaug the iron 328 0 Sat, 4:24pm
       I think it was Smaug. Riven Delve 246 0 Sat, 7:26pm
       Smaug blocked the entrence with rubble. Otaku-sempai 240 0 Sat, 7:40pm

  Collapse Favorite new theme. Smaug the iron 268 4 Sat, 4:01pm Jump to last post in thread (by AshNazg)
       So hard to choose! Bofur01 254 0 Sat, 4:03pm
       Collapse Hard to choose, but.... dormouse 209 1 Sat, 5:07pm
           The bit at the end of Ironfoot Bofur01 190 0 Sat, 6:20pm
       I love the choral part at the start of Radagast's theme // AshNazg 8 0 1:37am

  Collapse Dreaming of Bag End Goldeneye 466 7 Sat, 2:48am Jump to last post in thread (by sycorax82)
       Collapse credits Mooseboy018 439 4 Sat, 2:55am
           Collapse "Erebor" is one of the biggest offenders jtarkey 277 3 Sat, 11:54am
               In anticipation... Pandallo 245 0 Sat, 12:48pm
               It wasn't.... dormouse 226 0 Sat, 1:36pm
               I was so convinced that 'Erebor' was going to end up as Dain's theme... sycorax82 17 0 12:15am
       Collapse It's used in AUJ Annatar598 433 1 Sat, 3:01am
           ah Goldeneye 395 0 Sat, 4:09am

  Collapse Hobbit - The Battle of the Five Armies Gollum1 436 4 Sat, 2:24am Jump to last post in thread (by grammaboodawg)
       cameos Mooseboy018 406 0 Sat, 2:58am
       Collapse Well... lionoferebor 379 1 Sat, 3:46am
           In BotFA grammaboodawg 190 0 Sat, 2:16pm
       You've already received some great direction grammaboodawg 191 0 Sat, 2:19pm

Collapse IMAGE LARD - BOFA DVD caps (no Alfrid or tears or *those* scenes tho) Avandel 786 37 Sat, 12:24am Jump to last post in thread (by Arveldis)
       Collapse Cap set #2 Avandel 694 5 Sat, 12:36am
           Hmm. Ataahua 547 0 Sat, 4:15am
           Collapse Yes, we WERE robbed! Riven Delve 397 1 Sat, 1:22pm
             Hear, hear!// Arveldis 8 0 1:36am
           Collapse Nice screen caps! Hobbity Hobbit 162 1 Sat, 10:47pm
               Thank you! but I think I neglected someone special.... Avandel 78 0 Sun, 7:00pm
       Cap set #3 Avandel 677 0 Sat, 12:42am
       Collapse Cap set #4 Avandel 674 4 Sat, 12:48am
           Collapse Soo beautiful!! Elanor of Rohan 368 3 Sat, 2:03pm
               *Bows* - thank you, Elanor! Avandel 275 0 Sat, 6:26pm
               Collapse I haven't seen it for about a month and a half... Queen of Erebor 185 1 Sat, 10:01pm
                 LOL how about some Thorin to look at? Avandel 84 0 Sun, 6:45pm
       Cap set #5 Avandel 666 0 Sat, 12:53am
       Cap set #6 Avandel 656 0 Sat, 12:57am
       Cap set #7 Avandel 652 0 Sat, 1:01am
       Collapse Cap set #8 Avandel 651 4 Sat, 1:06am
           Collapse Be still, my heart! The hair acting!! Riven Delve 396 1 Sat, 1:06pm
             LOL - overwhelming I know Avandel 286 0 Sat, 6:03pm
           Collapse Oh my ears and whiskers.... dormouse 377 1 Sat, 1:48pm
               Yes - agree a triumph! Avandel 275 0 Sat, 6:16pm
       Cap set #9 Avandel 646 0 Sat, 1:09am
       Collapse Lovely caps. That scene of Thorin and Dwalin Brethil 634 5 Sat, 1:15am
           Collapse Thank you! Avandel 623 4 Sat, 1:24am
               Collapse Agreed. Thorin looks and sounds like someone else. Brethil 596 3 Sat, 2:00am
                   Collapse I wish Dain had gotten more time to talk! Avandel 76 2 Sun, 7:07pm
                     Go HILDA!!! Love her!!!!! // Brethil 14 0 1:07am
                     If you ever asked me... Arveldis 9 0 59 mins ago
       Cap set #10 Avandel 632 0 Sat, 1:16am
       Last set Avandel 628 0 Sat, 1:21am
       Collapse Wow! The image lard thread to beat all image lard threads! Kim 546 1 Sat, 4:10am
         How about some more? Avandel 82 0 Sun, 6:52pm
       Great screen caps Elarie 419 0 Sat, 12:26pm
       Santa? Santa, is that you? Riven Delve 398 0 Sat, 1:02pm
       Collapse Do you take requests? grammaboodawg 119 3 Sun, 1:31pm
           Collapse Here yah go Avandel 95 2 Sun, 6:37pm
               Collapse I won't even reblog them on Tumblr... Queen of Erebor 58 1 Sun, 8:33pm
                 Really? A "River of Denial" Tumblr blog? Avandel 37 0 Sun, 11:03pm

  Collapse Watched last night on blu ray Jeffrodo 724 5 Fri, 11:13am Jump to last post in thread (by Avandel)
       Five more days of waiting for me BlackFox 607 0 Fri, 1:25pm
       Collapse I keep putting it off... Queen of Erebor 320 1 Fri, 10:45pm
           Maybe...... He is a wizard, you know! 319 0 Fri, 10:46pm
       Nice! tsmith675 290 0 Fri, 11:46pm
     Ditto! Avandel 43 0 Sun, 8:12pm

  Collapse BotFA DVD Disc Quality? Barrel Rider 1885 45 Thu, 12:21pm Jump to last post in thread (by Hobbity Hobbit)
       Have you tried a different DVD in the same player? Imladris18 1638 0 Thu, 3:03pm
       Collapse Time to get a Blu-ray player // QuackingTroll 1627 3 Thu, 3:08pm
           Collapse we're all thinkin it... Lindele 1533 2 Thu, 5:49pm
               Collapse Nonsense! arithmancer 1439 1 Thu, 7:53pm
                   DVDs are getting serious cuts this year... AshNazg 1416 0 Thu, 8:23pm
       Did you get it from Target? Kilidoescartwheels 1493 0 Thu, 6:41pm
       Collapse I bought the blu ray which also had the DVD version shadowdog 1398 1 Thu, 8:49pm
           Thanks for the Heads-Up! Barrel Rider 1380 0 Thu, 9:03pm
       Collapse my Goodness Barrow-Wight 1383 9 Thu, 9:15pm
           Collapse That love scene at the beach Starling 1203 8 Fri, 7:56am
               Collapse Don't get gross. Barrel Rider 1140 7 Fri, 12:35pm
                   Collapse They were really into gross and explicit scenes in 1953 Starling 988 5 Fri, 6:36pm
                     Collapse And compared to modern cinema, 'From Here to Eternity' is positively prudish. // Brethil 355 4 Fri, 6:50pm
                           Collapse Let's not mention the final scene in North By Northwest (1959) / Darkstone 351 3 Fri, 6:56pm
                             Collapse Hah! Like Alfrid, Mr. H. showing a bit of (Freudian) slip there. // Brethil 344 2 Fri, 7:01pm
                                   Collapse And it was only after a certain age... Darkstone 345 1 Fri, 7:15pm
                                     'A Certain Age' ... such delicious Victorian flavor to that. // Brethil 326 0 Fri, 7:37pm
                   sorry Barrow-Wight 288 0 Fri, 10:50pm
       Collapse DVD Quality and Switching to BluRay Barrel Rider 1125 19 Fri, 12:57pm
           Collapse UA? Sorry, bit confused here.... dormouse 1098 18 Fri, 2:32pm
               Collapse Yes, you got it right! Barrel Rider 1091 17 Fri, 2:42pm
                   Collapse Well, I notice colour too.... dormouse 1081 16 Fri, 2:56pm
                       Collapse Thanks! Barrel Rider 1073 15 Fri, 3:07pm
                           Collapse I think there are many variables at work, though Magpie 1054 14 Fri, 4:02pm
                               Collapse Good point and well made! Barrel Rider 1041 13 Fri, 4:17pm
                                   Collapse I can't advise Magpie 1031 1 Fri, 4:34pm
                                       DVD Production, BluRay and FotR EE Barrel Rider 1020 0 Fri, 4:43pm
                                   Collapse I'd say it's worth the upgrade, but... AshNazg 984 10 Fri, 6:27pm
                                       Collapse BluRay vs. 4K BluRay Barrel Rider 981 9 Fri, 6:33pm
                                           Collapse The Hobbit was mastered in 2k... Bofur01 303 8 Fri, 9:30pm
                                               Collapse 4K BluRay is a Disc? Barrel Rider 304 7 Fri, 9:33pm
                                                   Collapse I would say yes... Bofur01 295 2 Fri, 9:52pm
                                                       Collapse Thank you SO much! Barrel Rider 292 1 Fri, 9:55pm
                                                           I'll admit I don't have either of them on Blu Ray... Bofur01 257 0 Sat, 12:38am
                                                   Collapse I can't really say if you should get Blu-ray or wait... AshNazg 254 3 Sat, 2:56am
                                                       Collapse BluRay Sounds Like a Good Option . . . Player Suggestions? Barrel Rider 224 2 Sat, 12:33pm
                                                           Collapse Don't assume more expensive is better. AshNazg 180 1 Sat, 5:59pm
                                                               We do have surround sound, and our TV is Panasonic . . . Barrel Rider 173 0 Sat, 6:09pm
       Bad pressing and/or inferior materials Darkstone 1046 0 Fri, 4:31pm
       Collapse I just watched my Amazon dvd copy grammaboodawg 217 4 Sat, 2:24pm
           Collapse Bomby Has a simple DVD external Player Bombadil 210 1 Sat, 2:37pm
               ooooo! I will!! :D THANKS! // grammaboodawg 191 0 Sat, 3:29pm
           Replacement DVD is Already on the Way! :) Barrel Rider 202 0 Sat, 2:48pm
           We got ours from Amazon here as well Hobbity Hobbit 9 0 1:07am
       Started a New Thread for Recommendations for a BluRay Player Barrel Rider 195 0 Sat, 3:25pm

  Collapse **Gathering Geeky Observations Here!** grammaboodawg 1176 77 Thu, 9:16am Jump to last post in thread (by Hobbity Hobbit)
       Collapse I observe Starling 924 22 Thu, 4:28pm
           Starling stole mine. ;) // Riven Delve 863 0 Thu, 5:50pm
         This! // BlackFox 834 0 Thu, 6:54pm
         Collapse As so often happens, I find myself agreeing with the clever Bird. // Brethil 823 19 Thu, 7:12pm
               Collapse And the fox, and the - er - tree! :-) // dormouse 810 18 Thu, 7:25pm
                 Collapse Yes, we have a very complex joke started.. Brethil 801 17 Thu, 7:56pm
                     Collapse I'll give a cookie to whoever is bold enough to finish that. // BlackFox 754 16 Thu, 8:52pm
                           Collapse A bird, a fox, an explorer and a mouse all carry a tree into a bar. Brethil 746 15 Thu, 9:11pm
                             Collapse As promised... BlackFox 726 14 Thu, 9:26pm
                                   Collapse Thanks BF! They were a bit weak...I leave (ha!) the door open for others... Brethil 724 13 Thu, 9:28pm
                                       We have, haven't we? BlackFox 712 0 Thu, 9:39pm
                                       Collapse Well, you certainly have every right to branch out on this thread // Kim 695 11 Thu, 9:48pm
                                         Collapse Thank goodness Gramma is a good apple...// Brethil 691 10 Thu, 9:57pm
                                               Collapse Oak-ay, oak-ay, enough with the jokes. // Riven Delve 678 9 Thu, 10:08pm
                                                   Collapse But if we can't make jokes, we might pine away // Kim 666 8 Thu, 10:28pm
                                                     Collapse Willow stop with these puns already! // BlackFox 663 7 Thu, 10:36pm
                                                           Collapse Now now BlackFox, don't get your fir all ruffled // Kim 659 6 Thu, 10:44pm
                                                               Collapse Tree and fruit puns?! Alas, I dispear... // Brethil 652 5 Thu, 11:13pm
                                                                   It's a larch a minute round here! // dormouse 638 0 Thu, 11:35pm
                                                                   Collapse Yeah, I'm sycamore puns. We needle something else to talk about. // Riven Delve 638 3 Thu, 11:38pm
                                                                       Maple we do and maple we don't...I'll root around for a topic ;) // grammaboodawg 486 0 Fri, 12:12am
                                                                       Collapse Lancewood have a few good ideas // Starling 438 1 Fri, 7:10am
                                                                           I love these sappy pun threads :D *high five TORn* // grammaboodawg 78 0 Sun, 3:39pm
       Collapse Well I could be wrong, but Kilidoescartwheels 870 4 Thu, 6:38pm
           Collapse According to the fan transcript, the phrase is arithmancer 807 2 Thu, 7:57pm
               Collapse Thanks for that Kilidoescartwheels 757 1 Thu, 9:00pm
                   Lines.. arithmancer 500 0 Thu, 11:38pm
           BWHAHAAAAHAA!!! grammaboodawg 495 0 Fri, 12:14am
       The bell tower and the Windlance (in theory) Brethil 700 0 Thu, 9:56pm
       Two ... Brethil 491 0 Fri, 12:14am
       Dain Brethil 476 0 Fri, 12:39am
       Collapse First Draft of Bom's GOzz (Bot the 2 disc Version today)... Bombadil 495 9 Fri, 2:26am
           In the Credits Conan Stevens is called Bombadil 474 0 Fri, 2:33am
           Collapse Braziers Kim 449 7 Fri, 5:44am
               Collapse In the Extras with this Release... Bombadil 437 6 Fri, 8:19am
                   Collapse . Nerven 373 5 Fri, 4:26pm
                       Bomby is just Reporting Geeky OBs, from what is on the 2 Disc set. Bombadil 358 0 Fri, 5:09pm
                       Collapse I don't think PJ knows about the books Starling 335 1 Fri, 7:06pm
                           You mean the film novelizations? Darkstone 313 0 Fri, 7:24pm
                       Collapse "I pass the test," she said. "I will diminish, and go into the West, and remain Galadriel." Brethil 321 1 Fri, 7:10pm
                           . Nerven 296 0 Fri, 7:51pm
       Collapse Here's some more.... lionoferebor 405 1 Fri, 12:18pm
           From the Credits... Bombadil 375 0 Fri, 4:32pm
       Collapse Just noticed another one Kilidoescartwheels 288 1 Fri, 8:37pm
         A Major CREW member Cameo...? Bombadil 237 0 Sat, 4:09am
       Collapse When Balin and Bilbo are discussing the Arkenstone being 'lost' Brethil 236 4 Sat, 2:20am
         Collapse Is Bom being a Bit..? Bombadil 233 3 Sat, 5:00am
               Bomby is ON FIRE!! *high five* :D THANKS! // grammaboodawg 124 0 Sat, 3:28pm
               No Bom - you know the crew and back-stage part of the work Brethil 158 0 Sun, 12:50am
               *high five* I'm a credit watcher, too :) grammaboodawg 97 0 Sun, 1:35pm
       Collapse More lionoferebor 157 7 Sat, 11:57am
           Collapse Nice Catches to the 9yo!! :D THANKS! // grammaboodawg 235 3 Sat, 3:31pm
               Collapse Near 1:11:40 Hobbity Hobbit 53 2 Sun, 6:02pm
                   just found a new one! marary 50 0 Sun, 8:02pm
                   Nevermind.. Hobbity Hobbit 23 0 Sun, 9:35pm
           Collapse 1. IF Bard had NOT stopped the Town Bell from.. Bombadil 240 2 Sat, 4:39pm
               Collapse Correction : Its not volcanic ash. Moahunter 169 1 Sat, 11:46pm
                   Sorry MH...Bom stands corrected anytime by a KIWI!// Bombadil 161 0 Sun, 12:14am
       Collapse Here are a few of mine grammaboodawg 133 15 Sat, 3:11pm
           Collapse Another one grammaboodawg 234 14 Sat, 4:43pm
               Collapse When we see Azog & Bolg together @ the Entrance Bombadil 225 3 Sat, 5:09pm
                   Collapse It's some sort of a small animal BlackFox 221 2 Sat, 5:17pm
                       Collapse It looks like grammaboodawg 96 1 Sun, 1:37pm
                           Ugh! BlackFox 37 0 Sun, 8:54pm
               Collapse Depressing observation...sorry lionoferebor 220 6 Sat, 6:15pm
                   Collapse also, characters spoil the plot in movie marary 210 4 Sat, 6:50pm
                       Collapse Great ones yourself, maray lionoferebor 203 3 Sat, 7:19pm
                         Collapse The Great HORNS of Dale..? Bombadil 191 2 Sat, 10:49pm
                             Collapse 2 Thingies...The Silent Scene between Bilbo & Gandalf..? Bombadil 172 1 Sat, 11:43pm
                                   I so agree... grammaboodawg 97 0 Sun, 1:44pm
                   Whoa... you're right! // grammaboodawg 94 0 Sun, 1:38pm
               Collapse I really like reading the observations Hobbity Hobbit 110 1 Sun, 12:25pm
                   Ah! grammaboodawg 95 0 Sun, 1:40pm
               Just caught my own mistake!! grammaboodawg 92 0 Sun, 1:46pm
       Collapse quick ob Cirashala 140 2 Sun, 5:03am
           Collapse more on the parting scene marary 134 1 Sun, 6:26am
               There is a Big Difference in the Bats Bombadil 134 0 Sun, 6:50am
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