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Movie Discussion: The Hobbit
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  Sticky: Thread Locked Welcome to the Hobbit Movie board! Altaira 141736 0 May 24 2008, 1:58am Jump to last post in thread (by Altaira)

  Sticky: How Best to Contact an Admin for Help Kyriel 109282 0 Mar 31 2009, 10:46pm Jump to last post in thread (by Kyriel)

  Sticky: The Courtesy of our Halls (Discussion Guidelines) Silverlode 2109 0 Oct 12, 9:41pm Jump to last post in thread (by Silverlode)

Collapse Sticky: DOS Chapter of the Week (CHOW) Sign-up for November 2014! cats16 537 20 Nov 13, 10:18am Jump to last post in thread (by BlackFox)

  Sticky: 'Tis the Season of Spoilers! (Spoiler Policy) Silverlode 1392 0 Nov 20, 3:23am Jump to last post in thread (by Silverlode)

Collapse Sticky: ---> OFFICIAL USER REVIEW THREAD Olorin2607 7139 195 Dec 9, 7:07pm Jump to last post in thread (by Cirashala)

Collapse Parts you didn't like? (Spoilers) MJM 52 1 35 mins ago Jump to last post in thread (by Ham_Sammy)
       The only scene Ham_Sammy 35 0 26 mins ago

  Collapse Would the Dwarves have been justified, (spoilers,) Hamfast Gamgee 123 3 12:45am Jump to last post in thread (by Cirashala)
       not a chance Azaghâl 60 0 12:52am
       Collapse They would have been well-advised Miss-Merriweather 54 1 1:00am
           mods up Cirashala 35 0 46 mins ago

Collapse Trailers and Movies (spoilers) Iris70 163 4 Fri, 11:42pm Jump to last post in thread (by Mooseboy018)
       Collapse Yes Azaghâl 47 3 12:51am
           Collapse PJ doesn't cut the Trailers...// Bombadil 39 1 12:54am
               He's involved in the process Azaghâl 40 0 12:58am
           Not his fault. Mooseboy018 8 0 23 mins ago

  Collapse Smaug is dead. Sauron doesn´t care? Danielos 426 3 Fri, 9:48pm Jump to last post in thread (by kiwifan)
       Collapse I think... nymmerod 289 2 Fri, 9:51pm
           Collapse I would suspect that... MasterOrc 236 1 Fri, 10:21pm
               Yes, that makes sense to me kiwifan 139 0 Fri, 11:18pm

  Collapse So does Galadriel (spoilers) Loresilme 340 3 Fri, 9:17pm Jump to last post in thread (by mirkwoodwanderer)
       hmm Loxii 100 0 Fri, 11:04pm
       Collapse Yes she did! Remus 66 1 Fri, 11:42pm
           agreed. That was all said mirkwoodwanderer 20 0 59 mins ago

  Collapse Wait a second...Legolas returned the favor! Faramir5 524 8 Fri, 8:56pm Jump to last post in thread (by Miss-Merriweather)
       o.o Loxii 257 0 Fri, 8:58pm
       Yes and did you catch Legolas' expression :)? Loresilme 306 0 Fri, 9:02pm
       Collapse Good catch Elskidor 241 3 Fri, 9:11pm
           Collapse Have you checked out the Geeky Observations List? BlackFox 252 2 Fri, 9:15pm
               Collapse Thanks! Faramir5 177 1 Fri, 9:28pm
                   There's more! BlackFox 184 0 Fri, 9:31pm
       Yes, noticed that. Glorfindela 75 0 Fri, 11:27pm
       He did return the favor, but more importantly... Miss-Merriweather 39 0 12:37am

  Collapse New information from Chronicles Hobbity Hobbit 637 11 Fri, 8:56pm Jump to last post in thread (by Hobbity Hobbit)
       Collapse well deskp 281 6 Fri, 9:10pm
           Collapse It might of been another sequence or maybe more chariots? Hobbity Hobbit 259 2 Fri, 9:12pm
               Collapse think theres only 1 deskp 246 1 Fri, 9:14pm
                   I hope we get to see that crossbow in action! // Carne 218 0 Fri, 9:23pm
           Collapse There's also a new picture Hobbity Hobbit 300 2 Fri, 9:14pm
               Collapse hm deskp 233 1 Fri, 9:18pm
                   Hmm Hobbity Hobbit 220 0 Fri, 9:25pm
       Collapse Wow. Interesting HiddenSpring 128 2 Fri, 11:19pm
           Collapse Actually Hobbity Hobbit 77 1 Fri, 11:57pm
               Possible EE Hobbity Hobbit 71 0 12:07am
       Thanks for the answers! Thrain II 94 0 Fri, 11:39pm

  Collapse Insert Tauriel in LOTR??? (PJ interview) BurglarHobbit 972 20 Fri, 8:30pm Jump to last post in thread (by mirkwoodwanderer)
       Collapse Thranduil Loxii 501 2 Fri, 8:38pm
           Collapse Did you see BOTFA? Lindele 361 1 Fri, 9:12pm
               He doesn't return right away, that's true kiwifan 201 0 Fri, 10:47pm
       Now it begins... Brandybuckled 480 0 Fri, 8:39pm
       LOL Aragorn the Elfstone 436 0 Fri, 8:43pm
       H HeadingSouth 401 0 Fri, 8:43pm
       Hmm..no Elskidor 407 0 Fri, 8:47pm
       Collapse Very much hope they were joking!! Oleander Took 375 1 Fri, 9:00pm
           Totally with you on this, on all points kiwifan 187 0 Fri, 10:53pm
     Holy cow! BlackFox 334 0 Fri, 9:12pm
       Replace Gollum in FOTR Lindele 353 0 Fri, 9:13pm
       Collapse I SHOULD HOPE NOT! Cillendor 316 2 Fri, 9:34pm
           More Danielos 275 0 Fri, 9:43pm
           Oh please PJ read Cillendor's list! kiwifan 164 0 Fri, 11:03pm
       Maybe Elskidor 163 0 Fri, 11:06pm
       Do you guys think PJ will do a George Lucas and Remus 130 0 Fri, 11:37pm
       Collapse If it's done right, why not? Also, please replace Holm and Gollum in FOTR! xxxyyy 128 1 Fri, 11:41pm
           URL BurglarHobbit 115 0 Fri, 11:42pm
       Insert the scene from the book as a flashback: DwellerInDale 49 0 1:00am
       this would be super. mirkwoodwanderer 35 0 55 mins ago

  Collapse Is Azog really Bolg's father? Bishop 432 16 Fri, 7:39pm Jump to last post in thread (by Cirashala)
       Collapse yes deskp 257 9 Fri, 7:45pm
           Collapse But if orcs "spawn", and there are no mothers... MechaGodzilla 236 2 Fri, 8:01pm
               well. deskp 207 0 Fri, 8:02pm
             Yes, let's not go there, please! BlackFox 197 0 Fri, 8:04pm
           Collapse Yes. And, no. Otaku-sempai 67 5 Fri, 11:15pm
             Collapse I know who Bolg's mother is! BlackFox 64 3 Fri, 11:21pm
                   I ain't touchin' that one! Otaku-sempai 51 0 Fri, 11:23pm
                   oh duh Elskidor 47 0 Fri, 11:23pm
                   bwahaha!!!!! Cirashala 7 0 31 mins ago
               well. deskp 22 0 12:37am
       Legolas calls him... BlackFox 271 0 Fri, 7:45pm
       Collapse Legolas Guert 249 1 Fri, 7:45pm
           Ahh. Bishop 221 0 Fri, 7:51pm
       So they say Elskidor 138 0 Fri, 8:52pm
       Yes, confirmed on 'The Jerry Springer Show' // Carne 122 0 Fri, 9:22pm
       Yes. Cillendor 105 0 Fri, 9:37pm

  Collapse Could someone please tell me where Boyens talks about the Three Rings/Dol Guldur? xxxyyy 338 1 Fri, 6:04pm Jump to last post in thread (by BlackFox)
       About the EE? BlackFox 170 0 Fri, 7:08pm

  Collapse Saruman in the Battle of the Five Armies [Spoilers] Curunir The White 579 5 Fri, 5:52pm Jump to last post in thread (by Mad Hatter of Middle-Earth)
       Collapse I hope so but they teased us in the trailer MouthofSauron 325 1 Fri, 5:54pm
           It can not be spoiler anymore mirkwoodwanderer 258 0 Fri, 6:46pm
       .. Elskidor 142 0 Fri, 8:45pm
       Collapse I didnt like it and expect in the EE Remus 59 1 Fri, 11:34pm
           Agreed Mad Hatter of Middle-Earth 33 0 12:29am

  Collapse Thranduil in AUJ Ardamírë 657 21 Fri, 4:47pm Jump to last post in thread (by skyofcoffeebeans)
       Collapse I don't see why you would think he was attacking.... dormouse 347 6 Fri, 5:27pm
           Yes , I agree with this Glorfindela 295 0 Fri, 5:33pm
           Collapse I think it Ardamírë 248 4 Fri, 6:07pm
               Collapse But if you think about that statement.... dormouse 200 3 Fri, 7:09pm
                   Collapse But do we know Ardamírë 151 2 Fri, 8:10pm
                       Collapse Simmer down, mellon. Cillendor 81 1 Fri, 10:00pm
                           And how exactly skyofcoffeebeans 3 0 34 mins ago
       Collapse To be fair Scorchster 305 1 Fri, 5:28pm
           But then why Ardamírë 232 0 Fri, 6:11pm
       Collapse Theres a difference between a villain and an antagonist DigificWriter 273 8 Fri, 5:48pm
           Collapse There certainly is a difference Ardamírë 229 7 Fri, 6:17pm
               eh deskp 184 0 Fri, 7:29pm
               Collapse the way i see it.... Me85 159 5 Fri, 8:01pm
                   Collapse I agree with that Ardamírë 146 4 Fri, 8:14pm
                       Collapse true Me85 119 2 Fri, 8:42pm
                           This is interesting Avandel 50 0 Fri, 10:57pm
                           From the BOFA Visual Companion BlackFox 57 0 Fri, 11:00pm
                       The way it seems to me... Silverlode 19 0 12:41am
       Collapse I agree with these first four responses kiwifan 246 1 Fri, 6:12pm
           Thranduil Ardamírë 230 0 Fri, 6:22pm
       . Elskidor 128 0 Fri, 8:25pm

  Collapse Have just come back from seeing BoFA a second time Glorfindela 1031 43 Fri, 3:53pm Jump to last post in thread (by Ham_Sammy)
       Collapse Glad you enjoyed it so much Glorfindela. NecromancerRising 440 9 Fri, 4:03pm
         Collapse I love it Glorfindela 383 8 Fri, 4:29pm
               We were in agreement in DOS EE for the most part and AUJ NecromancerRising 386 0 Fri, 4:31pm
               Collapse The nearest IMAX theatre is 200 km away from where I live BlackFox 343 6 Fri, 4:38pm
                 Collapse Yes Glorfindela 289 5 Fri, 5:23pm
                     Collapse Well, I'll better start making plans then BlackFox 282 4 Fri, 5:27pm
                         Collapse Grab your walking stick...and pocket handkerchief(s)! // cats16 152 3 Fri, 6:55pm
                             Collapse I thought you'd offer me a pony! BlackFox 142 2 Fri, 7:12pm
                                   Collapse I suppose... cats16 97 1 Fri, 8:44pm
                                     That's more like it! // BlackFox 79 0 Fri, 8:55pm
     Collapse Yes, this is a film that is truly worth seeing twice Avandel 419 13 Fri, 4:19pm
         Collapse I wonder Glorfindela 393 12 Fri, 4:24pm
               Collapse Oh, I am going again *grins* Avandel 355 1 Fri, 4:39pm
                   Unexpectedly,I just booked for today while i was planning to go on NecromancerRising 341 0 Fri, 4:44pm
               Collapse Actually, just trying to clean his pipe kiwifan 241 5 Fri, 6:15pm
                 Collapse Well Glorfindela 204 4 Fri, 6:37pm
                       But that is what makes it so unique and dare i say, 'special'... Lindele 129 0 Fri, 7:56pm
                       Collapse Bard Loxii 110 2 Fri, 8:29pm
                           Collapse Yes, me too Glorfindela 43 1 Fri, 11:16pm
                               And add to that Benedict Cumberbatch's incredible voice of Smaug kiwifan 27 0 Fri, 11:42pm
               Collapse Hobbit Lite Michelle Johnston 170 3 Fri, 6:45pm
                   Collapse Is this the scene with Bilbo and Gandalf dormouse 155 2 Fri, 7:12pm
                       My thoughts exactly. // BlackFox 137 0 Fri, 7:21pm
                       Thats the one Michelle Johnston 75 0 Fri, 9:17pm
       Collapse I'm awfully tempted to go and see it once more before the holidays BlackFox 390 2 Fri, 4:23pm
           Collapse Me too Avandel 346 1 Fri, 4:35pm
               And me! :-) dormouse 286 0 Fri, 5:18pm
       I envy you the IMAX Riven Delve 319 0 Fri, 4:59pm
       It gets better every time :D grammaboodawg 306 0 Fri, 5:17pm
       Collapse I don't know what IMAX is really - never been to an IMAX dormouse 302 4 Fri, 5:20pm
           Collapse 3D IMax 24 fps v 3D 48fps 4k with Dolby Atmos. Michelle Johnston 294 1 Fri, 5:28pm
               A small (possible) gripe... Bofur01 258 0 Fri, 5:52pm
           Come to think of it Glorfindela 280 0 Fri, 5:28pm
           Yeah me neither kiwifan 207 0 Fri, 6:32pm
       Collapse Suprisingly pleased Elessar 264 1 Fri, 6:02pm
         Yes Glorfindela 217 0 Fri, 6:34pm
       Collapse I want to see it at least 10 times in the cinema mirkwoodwanderer 177 2 Fri, 6:47pm
           Collapse Yes, me too! kiwifan 157 1 Fri, 7:18pm
               That's just what's happened with me :) Loresilme 133 0 Fri, 7:57pm
       Just saw it for the 3rd time, this time in HFR Elarie 126 0 Fri, 8:24pm
       Two times for me as well... Esmeralda 98 0 Fri, 9:05pm
       I'm so glad to read your reaction Glorfindela! Brethil 17 0 12:46am
       Yes I agree Ham_Sammy 2 0 15 mins ago

  Collapse A word or two about Rotten Tomatoes frodolives 962 16 Fri, 3:33pm Jump to last post in thread (by Ham_Sammy)
       Collapse I don't understand these kinds of mental gymnastics Bishop 465 5 Fri, 3:45pm
           Collapse Um... frodolives 395 4 Fri, 3:49pm
               Collapse Aren't you suggesting.. Bishop 334 3 Fri, 4:16pm
                   Collapse Sort of glor 27 2 12:56am
                       Collapse I agree that it's being compared to LOTR (possible spoilers in post) Bishop 16 1 40 mins ago
                           Critics Ham_Sammy 3 0 8 mins ago
       85gh Elskidor 401 0 Fri, 3:49pm
       Collapse The difference between fans and critics is quite jarring Misty Mountain Hop 411 4 Fri, 3:54pm
           Collapse urztdi Elskidor 352 2 Fri, 4:01pm
               Collapse IMO many critics ARE pointless re IMO questionable training and skills Avandel 299 1 Fri, 4:33pm
                   Indeed Shagrat 163 0 Fri, 7:05pm
           With a multi-film series R11 174 0 Fri, 7:06pm
       Collapse Nice writing and totally agree Avandel 392 1 Fri, 3:54pm
           Hear, hear! kiwifan 50 0 Fri, 11:11pm
       Honestly I think RT's scores have lost most of their meaning... moreorless 212 0 Fri, 6:50pm
       While HeadingSouth 133 0 Fri, 8:38pm

  Collapse Better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all. Misty Mountain Hop 520 9 Fri, 2:54pm Jump to last post in thread (by Ham_Sammy)
       Collapse 7 haarp 249 1 Fri, 2:58pm
           I think there is a strong likelihood that another The Hobbit film will happen within this "lifetime"... Bladerunner 7 0 53 mins ago
       Absolutely. NecromancerRising 239 0 Fri, 2:59pm
       I thought this was going to be another Kili-Tauriel thread!! Eleniel 221 0 Fri, 3:07pm
       yes Elskidor 203 0 Fri, 3:15pm
       humbleness is the key for this trilohy Mr. Arkenstone (isaac) 192 0 Fri, 3:21pm
       Collapse This statement applies to LotR too Glorfindela 171 1 Fri, 3:48pm
           Hear, hear! Avandel 147 0 Fri, 4:06pm
       Well said Ham_Sammy 0 0 5 mins ago
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