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Movie Discussion: The Hobbit
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  Sticky: Thread Locked Welcome to the Hobbit Movie board! Altaira 147540 0 May 24 2008, 1:58am Jump to last post in thread (by Altaira)

  Sticky: How Best to Contact an Admin for Help Kyriel 110504 0 Mar 31 2009, 10:46pm Jump to last post in thread (by Kyriel)

  Sticky: The Courtesy of our Halls (Discussion Guidelines) Silverlode 5374 0 Oct 12 2014, 9:41pm Jump to last post in thread (by Silverlode)

  Collapse Sticky: Help us Thank the entire cast & crew of 'All Six Middle-earth Films' News from Bree 750 6 Dec 23 2014, 4:27am Jump to last post in thread (by dormouse)

  Collapse Sticky: NEW! Official Hobbit movie reviews - post them here! entmaiden 2434 32 Dec 29 2014, 1:40am Jump to last post in thread (by Riven Delve)

Collapse Sticky: Folks from the Uni of Waikato want to know YOUR opinion on BotFA! greendragon 368 9 Wed, 4:17pm Jump to last post in thread (by Elizabeth)

Collapse Sticky: Admin announcement: a clean-up of The Hobbit discussion board Ataahua 255 4 Sat, 10:10pm Jump to last post in thread (by Brethil)

  Collapse Smaug - did he live up to your expectations? Skaan 473 16 Sun, 5:12pm Jump to last post in thread (by balbo biggins)
       A wondrous creation, is Smaug Glorfindela 272 0 Sun, 5:20pm
       Exceeded them, vastly....... dormouse 264 0 Sun, 5:21pm
       Loved Smaug! Old Toby 238 0 Sun, 5:42pm
       What I liked most was that he didnt become another "action monster" moreorless 256 0 Sun, 5:47pm
       He is the Remus 205 0 Sun, 6:38pm
       Oh yes very much so CathrineB 183 0 Sun, 6:53pm
       Yes Bishop 169 0 Sun, 7:09pm
       Smaug was superbly designed and voiced; the only flaws were in the writing burrahobbit 173 0 Sun, 7:21pm
       Smaug... Ereinion Nénharma 131 0 Sun, 8:09pm
       I don't think it's hyperbolic to say he's one of the trilogy's greatest accomplishments MechaGodzilla 114 0 Sun, 8:35pm
       Collapse Exceeded Them Michelle Johnston 102 1 Sun, 8:55pm
           Most Definitely brotherbeck 86 0 Sun, 9:10pm
       More than lived up to Ham_Sammy 89 0 Sun, 9:07pm
       Any expectations I had were wildly exceeded and obliterated Noria 60 0 Sun, 10:04pm
       Defnitely! Greenwood Hobbit 49 0 Sun, 10:22pm
       perfect but not perfect balbo biggins 14 0 29 mins ago

  Collapse Can we agree that everyone trusting Alfrid was silly? (BOTFA SPOILERS) CaptainObvious 807 42 Sun, 2:32am Jump to last post in thread (by Michelle Johnston)
       Collapse I liked him Thorins_apprentice 470 2 Sun, 2:36am
           I certainly didnt find it not in keeping with the tone of the series... moreorless 430 0 Sun, 3:18am
           Monty Python characters Gwytha 137 0 Sun, 4:44pm
       Collapse No, I like Alfrid Avandel 434 1 Sun, 2:48am
           Though I think Bard's character probably had too much faith in Alfrid considering their history, Eruonen 375 0 Sun, 5:09am
       Collapse It's better to not think about such things Bishop 370 6 Sun, 5:32am
           Collapse Is Alfrid even shown as being given that much power? moreorless 344 3 Sun, 6:51am
               Collapse Alfrid The Grate Michelle Johnston 310 2 Sun, 9:12am
                   Collapse I think it makes sense with a shift to three films.. moreorless 271 1 Sun, 11:10am
                       Aragorn Do Not See It Michelle Johnston 100 0 Sun, 6:27pm
           Collapse Thinking about such things leads to better films Gwytha 126 1 Sun, 5:23pm
               Nice People Good Thoughts Michelle Johnston 79 0 Sun, 7:50pm
       No... dormouse 274 0 Sun, 11:25am
       Collapse My view Glorfindela 264 13 Sun, 12:13pm
           Collapse I agree - Eleniel 248 9 Sun, 12:28pm
               Or if PJ is desperate to include it Glorfindela 218 0 Sun, 1:55pm
               Collapse Personally I liked what we got... moreorless 204 2 Sun, 2:06pm
                   Collapse I disagree Bishop 24 1 56 mins ago
                       Alfrid 2 Movie 3 Movie differences Michelle Johnston 5 0 10 mins ago
               Collapse What I don't get KingTurgon 135 4 Sun, 3:51pm
                   Collapse I think they chose to keep Alfred alive as a foil for Bard.... dormouse 135 3 Sun, 4:06pm
                       Collapse But Alfrid tries to say he's in charge KingTurgon 62 2 Sun, 9:09pm
                           Collapse So far as I remember.... dormouse 31 1 Sun, 10:52pm
                               Master Arc Perfect for EE Michelle Johnston 8 0 17 mins ago
           Collapse As a a parent Yes Michelle Johnston 115 2 Sun, 6:06pm
               Collapse But in the scene as written... arithmancer 82 1 Sun, 7:41pm
                   The Unwanted Help Michelle Johnston 70 0 Sun, 8:04pm
       Collapse 7 haarp 250 1 Sun, 1:29pm
         Terrific, inspirational insight Glorfindela 227 0 Sun, 1:53pm
       Collapse Actually, it made sense to me Elarie 213 2 Sun, 2:13pm
           Alfrid is violent though Mcoull 200 0 Sun, 2:31pm
           Bard knowing Thranduil arithmancer 169 0 Sun, 3:12pm
       Eh CathrineB 177 0 Sun, 2:58pm
       Perhaps Bard was testing Alfrid. Otaku-sempai 172 0 Sun, 3:03pm
       As my old music teacher would have said Name 176 0 Sun, 3:15pm
       I agree it didn't make sense to me Gwytha 113 0 Sun, 4:39pm
       Collapse I thought the orders were more minor punishments Spriggan 138 3 Sun, 5:19pm
           Collapse Good point Gwytha 129 2 Sun, 5:29pm
               Collapse Really? Spriggan 126 1 Sun, 5:47pm
                   And Alfrid's reaction... arithmancer 115 0 Sun, 6:14pm
       Men are weak. annthanatos 94 0 Sun, 7:16pm
       Alfrid and Lobelia - Greenwood Hobbit 38 0 Sun, 10:29pm

  Collapse What are 5 things from the trilogy that was jarring for you. Thorins_apprentice 936 29 Sun, 2:30am Jump to last post in thread (by dormouse)
       Mostly additions of PJ... Salmacis81 594 0 Sun, 2:41am
       Collapse Hmmm Beorn's Bees 522 1 Sun, 3:17am
           close to my list Annael 165 0 Sun, 4:44pm
       Not in order... grammaboodawg 525 0 Sun, 3:39am
       Collapse In no order Shirriff Anthony 457 2 Sun, 6:35am
           Collapse What about Galadriel? Otaku-sempai 272 1 Sun, 2:13pm
               Certainly not Shirriff Anthony 185 0 Sun, 4:12pm
       Collapse Here are mine DanielLB 398 1 Sun, 9:57am
           For actual 'jarring' versus other niggles, I agree with 2 points on your list Brethil 279 0 Sun, 1:58pm
       Let's do this ... Legolas_Shoehorn 350 0 Sun, 11:06am
       Taking 'jarring' to mean something that takes me out of the film.... dormouse 351 0 Sun, 11:35am
       Really only Glorfindela 331 0 Sun, 12:08pm
       Collapse so many to narrow down! Eleniel 320 1 Sun, 12:20pm
           I really agree with everyone's list Bishop 185 0 Sun, 4:16pm
       Here's mine Name 234 0 Sun, 3:10pm
       1 = most jarring, 5 = least jarring Gianna 247 0 Sun, 3:17pm
       reply carson_le_great 208 0 Sun, 3:37pm
       Mine Ham_Sammy 190 0 Sun, 4:14pm
       Off the top of my head... Bladerunner 174 0 Sun, 4:44pm
       I don't think I was "jarred" by anything. Spriggan 153 0 Sun, 5:24pm
       Fingernails scraping the blackboard jarring Gwytha 133 0 Sun, 6:35pm
       Collapse Mine annthanatos 114 3 Sun, 7:23pm
           the big and inacceptable lack of... NoelGallagher 105 0 Sun, 7:40pm
           Collapse An interesting thought in passing. Spriggan 45 1 Sun, 10:23pm
               They do indeed // dormouse 26 0 Sun, 11:03pm
       only 5? FernysApple 98 0 Sun, 8:15pm
       Collapse good lists; some further thoughts Felagund 75 1 Sun, 9:03pm
           lol greenbalrog 59 0 Sun, 9:52pm
       Good question CathrineB 53 0 Sun, 10:14pm

  Collapse The Mysterious Case of the Disappearing Dwarf Roheryn 1010 38 Sun, 12:51am Jump to last post in thread (by Avandel)
       Collapse Good question! Brethil 558 2 Sun, 12:57am
           Collapse It appears that Roheryn 522 1 Sun, 2:12am
               Potty vs non-potty rationales Brethil 455 0 Sun, 2:27am
       It's a bit of a plothole. Merovech 466 0 Sun, 2:27am
       Only the EE knows..... Bishop 473 0 Sun, 2:31am
       Bad reputation.... Miss-Merriweather 454 0 Sun, 2:47am
       Collapse Very good point Avandel 448 20 Sun, 3:05am
         Collapse Its a nice river. A quiet river. Brethil 402 12 Sun, 3:32am
               Collapse Floaty chairs for all Kim 320 8 Sun, 6:42am
                   Collapse one daiquiri, please Ilmatar 218 7 Sun, 11:47am
                       Collapse *hands over frosty beverage* Kim 102 6 Sun, 8:02pm
                           Collapse what happens at THE RIVER Avandel 102 4 Sun, 8:59pm
                             Collapse This...this...! Brethil 69 1 Sun, 10:01pm
                                   *bows* thank you! - and now I have to Avandel 36 0 Sun, 11:00pm
                               Collapse Priceless! dormouse 36 1 Sun, 11:02pm
                                 *waves at Dormouse* Avandel 20 0 52 mins ago
                           thank you Kim :) Ilmatar 79 0 Sun, 9:29pm
               Collapse Maybe we should start a "river of denial" thread Kilidoescartwheels 28 2 Sun, 11:25pm
                 *Excellent idea KDC! I second Avandel as Thread-starter!* Brethil 17 0 51 mins ago
                   LOL Avandel 20 0 51 mins ago
           Collapse Right. Roheryn 395 3 Sun, 3:47am
             Collapse ROFLMAO! Avandel 333 2 Sun, 6:19am
                   Collapse Ooooh, do share. Roheryn 268 1 Sun, 9:35am
                       Slavish breeze Brethil 200 0 Sun, 12:52pm
           Collapse Cannonball! Dame Ioreth 99 2 Sun, 8:48pm
             Of course water therapy is good for all of us! Avandel 93 0 Sun, 9:01pm
               Water therapy is very beneficial Kim 75 0 Sun, 9:36pm
       Collapse not sure Ham_Sammy 375 1 Sun, 4:23am
           I'd have to Roheryn 346 0 Sun, 5:23am
       Collapse Dwalin saw Alfrid sneaking away in the dress... Brandybuckled 327 1 Sun, 7:53am
         Hehehe! // BlackFox 254 0 Sun, 9:44am
       Collapse I know... right? But my UUT is... grammaboodawg 218 3 Sun, 1:49pm
         By Jove Gramma, I think you've got it Brethil 184 0 Sun, 2:13pm
           Ooh - I like your UUT dormouse 176 0 Sun, 2:19pm
           Perfect, gramma! Roheryn 111 0 Sun, 7:49pm
       One of my... CathrineB 156 0 Sun, 3:27pm
       Dwalin AWOL Axeman21 139 0 Sun, 4:01pm
       Tons of orcs TheSexyBeard 138 0 Sun, 4:03pm

  Collapse In that last shot of the Dwarves when they are saying goodbye to Bilbo, does anyone else... Lio 834 16 Sun, 12:29am Jump to last post in thread (by Kelly of Water's Edge)
       yes Ilmatar 396 0 Sun, 12:31am
       What a shot that it is. Brethil 398 0 Sun, 12:38am
       Yeah... Riven Delve 364 0 Sun, 12:47am
       sad marillaraina 358 0 Sun, 12:50am
       Definitely Starglass 321 0 Sun, 2:06am
       Oh, yes. Arveldis 307 0 Sun, 2:23am
     Yes Avandel 297 0 Sun, 3:07am
       It's such a classically Disney moment full of Annatar598 332 0 Sun, 3:26am
       Collapse For me the moment that really hit.... dormouse 234 1 Sun, 10:22am
           Yes it was :( // Ilmatar 169 0 Sun, 11:59am
       Collapse Very poignant moment Kelly of Water's Edge 182 2 Sun, 12:53pm
           Collapse Oin, not Gloin MyWeeLadGimli 38 1 Sun, 9:58pm
               Yes. Kelly of Water's Edge 31 0 Sun, 10:12pm
       Collapse Oh god yes CathrineB 153 1 Sun, 2:27pm
           One of many times for this movie DisDwarfWoman 79 0 Sun, 7:02pm
       Yes lionoferebor 119 0 Sun, 4:45pm

  Collapse Hobbit China Box Office. $14.9m Opening day. anthonyroy 1263 37 Sat, 10:35am Jump to last post in thread (by Glorfindela)
       Collapse BotFA Heading to $950-$960m worldwide anthonyroy 616 4 Sat, 10:57am
           Collapse That sounds really good to me! Glorfindela 508 3 Sat, 1:29pm
               Collapse Same here! dormouse 482 1 Sat, 1:40pm
                   Yes shadowdog 407 0 Sat, 3:40pm
               Hear, hear! Avandel 374 0 Sat, 4:31pm
       Collapse Very good (yet not enough) Estel78 587 2 Sat, 11:01am
           Yes think $1billion is very much dead now anthonyroy 538 0 Sat, 12:45pm
           Pretty much right in line with what I predicted Voronwë_the_Faithful 484 0 Sat, 2:02pm
       Collapse Well that should teach the studios... Earl 567 23 Sat, 1:00pm
           Collapse I agree, ends too quickly, not enough resolve, who disagrees and why? greenbalrog 481 1 Sat, 2:09pm
               There are many... arithmancer 443 0 Sat, 3:01pm
           Collapse Bit of an odd statement... DjU 471 20 Sat, 3:07pm
               It would have beaten AUJ Estel78 448 0 Sat, 3:37pm
               Collapse Peace! Earl 410 18 Sat, 4:08pm
                   If more people have chosen to see the final film Spriggan 410 0 Sat, 4:24pm
                 Also Avandel 379 0 Sat, 4:44pm
                   Collapse I Got You First Time. Michelle Johnston 368 15 Sat, 5:46pm
                       Collapse Took Estimated 117m yuan ($18.77m) on Saturday in China anthonyroy 365 12 Sat, 6:18pm
                           Looks like Saturday estimates were right on the money Voronwë_the_Faithful 211 0 Sun, 5:34am
                           Collapse $50 million weekend Voronwë_the_Faithful 172 10 Sun, 2:44pm
                               Collapse Not bad Estel78 149 4 Sun, 3:40pm
                                   Collapse Tickets sold Voronwë_the_Faithful 144 3 Sun, 4:05pm
                                       Collapse In 20 years... Estel78 145 2 Sun, 4:21pm
                                           Collapse I'm sure WB is crying all the way to the bank! Voronwë_the_Faithful 138 1 Sun, 4:33pm
                                             Indeed – epic fail, what? Glorfindela 122 0 Sun, 5:13pm
                               Collapse $49.5m China debut Estel78 97 4 Sun, 7:37pm
                                   Collapse Which currently puts it at... BlackFox 87 3 Sun, 8:36pm
                                     Yes – saw that Glorfindela 58 0 Sun, 9:37pm
                                       Collapse Actually Kristin Thompson 14 1 39 mins ago
                                           I'm not sure about this Glorfindela 3 0 11 mins ago
                       Collapse I'll admit there was a lot of beheading in this film... Bofur01 346 1 Sat, 6:25pm
                           Nice One Michelle Johnston 265 0 Sat, 10:02pm
       Collapse I've been reading everywhere ShireHorse 472 4 Sat, 4:23pm
           Collapse Unfortunately Richard retweeted false information Voronwë_the_Faithful 381 3 Sat, 6:36pm
               Collapse I'm one of those people in that thread :D. anthonyroy 345 2 Sat, 6:46pm
                   I had a feeling you were Voronwë_the_Faithful 342 0 Sat, 7:03pm
                   Well, my mistake. ShireHorse 286 0 Sat, 8:32pm

  Collapse Dwarf Lines He is a wizard, you know! 756 10 Sat, 5:52am Jump to last post in thread (by Michelle Johnston)
       Collapse Better numbers Timdalf 326 4 Sat, 1:56pm
           Collapse Would it also be possible to put in Bombadil 285 3 Sat, 2:43pm
               Have you seen these? BlackFox 287 0 Sat, 2:52pm
               Collapse Question... He is a wizard, you know! 260 1 Sat, 2:58pm
                   well tattooed_dwarf 234 0 Sat, 3:49pm
       This might be of interest to you ... DanielLB 281 0 Sat, 2:57pm
       Collapse I wish they'd given Bombur some lines, it doesn't seem fair... // Gianna 218 3 Sat, 4:19pm
           Collapse I don't know....... dormouse 242 2 Sat, 5:00pm
             dmouse is Right! That was talked about elsewhere Bombadil 210 0 Sat, 5:33pm
               I agree D M Michelle Johnston 125 0 Sat, 10:28pm

Collapse About their "Wire Work"? Bombadil 430 5 Sat, 4:10am Jump to last post in thread (by Bombadil)
       Collapse Legolas in DOS Elarie 132 1 Sat, 2:22pm
           Yes, I think it was a Gimbal... Bombadil 112 0 Sat, 2:33pm
     Collapse Another Backstage Note that MIGHT be Interesting... Bombadil 128 2 Sat, 2:23pm
           Collapse Google "StageCraft" if you want to Learn more./// Bombadil 108 1 Sat, 2:36pm
               Your "Stagehand Spy" also thinks it is... Bombadil 33 0 Sun, 7:49am

  Collapse Will we ever see Beorn in Dol Guldur after all? Arandir 961 7 Fri, 8:46pm Jump to last post in thread (by dormouse)
       I am very curious about this too, Thrain II 395 0 Sat, 1:51am
       Collapse All I can recall about it from the Weta Chronicles... Eleniel 394 1 Sat, 7:25am
           Okay, then chris10112 287 0 Sat, 11:10am
       I wasn't aware of this possible plot line....doesn't make sense to me. Eruonen 187 0 Sat, 6:36pm
       Collapse From What I Can Tell BeornofHouseMormont 150 2 Sat, 10:36pm
         Collapse Welcome to the forum! Glorfindela 55 1 Sun, 5:30pm
               Yes to all of these.... dormouse 42 0 Sun, 6:42pm

  Collapse DOS Chapter of the Week (CHOW) Sign-up for February 2015! DanielLB 156 4 Fri, 8:08pm Jump to last post in thread (by DanielLB)
       Collapse Ooh Hobbity Hobbit 57 1 Fri, 8:45pm
           Inside Information is all yours, Hobbity Hobbit! / DanielLB 36 0 Fri, 9:58pm
       Collapse Yay! Starglass 56 1 Fri, 9:42pm
           It's good to see you again, Starglass. DanielLB 49 0 Fri, 10:00pm

  Collapse Anyone have a beheading count for TH and LOTR? Bishop 588 14 Fri, 7:34pm Jump to last post in thread (by Ilmatar)
       Collapse estimation Mooseboy018 347 1 Fri, 8:26pm
           It's gotta be way higher than that! Bishop 314 0 Fri, 8:35pm
       Collapse There's a 'death count' for LOTR Starling 318 1 Fri, 8:41pm
         WOWIE! Starling, darling! That wazzz ... Bombadil 133 0 Sat, 11:48am
       Collapse Ugh – please don't talk about beheadings at this time. Glorfindela 269 5 Fri, 11:18pm
           Collapse Come on. That wasn't my intention. Bishop 241 2 Sat, 12:38am
               Collapse OK Glorfindela 222 1 Sat, 12:44am
                   Oh no! Don't be sorry Bishop 217 0 Sat, 12:53am
           Collapse what exactly the problem is? erdildeniz 214 1 Sat, 12:58am
               I made an unfortunate connection Glorfindela 211 0 Sat, 1:17am
       Collapse Pretty sure... m.summers343 189 3 Sat, 3:56am
           Collapse Hey, thanks! Bishop 65 2 Sun, 2:32am
             Collapse How about a "Be-Heading Top 10 List"? Bombadil 49 1 Sun, 8:48am
                   I didn't keep count, Ilmatar 33 0 Sun, 12:05pm

  Collapse The intro shot of each film represents the film itself, IMO AshNazg 654 1 Fri, 3:36pm Jump to last post in thread (by arithmancer)
       Hmm, interesting idea. arithmancer 253 0 Fri, 6:03pm

  Collapse OK...another movie viewing and how EomundDaughter 1002 21 Fri, 2:59pm Jump to last post in thread (by EomundDaughter)
       Collapse You'll also notice that Kili is the same height as Tauriel AshNazg 517 2 Fri, 3:48pm
           Collapse heights. marillaraina 376 1 Fri, 6:35pm
               think the movies shows some "elf senses"! Avandel 81 0 Sat, 5:02pm
     Collapse What I like about that scene Avandel 473 11 Fri, 4:30pm
           Collapse He did, I'm sure he did...... dormouse 422 1 Fri, 4:53pm
               The EE Avandel 276 0 Fri, 9:16pm
           Collapse Aidan Turner is not a bad actor, though not as strong as RA Glorfindela 372 8 Fri, 6:21pm
               Collapse RA made his career out of that Kilidoescartwheels 292 7 Fri, 8:39pm
                   RA definitely deserved award nods IMO Avandel 254 0 Fri, 9:31pm
                   Collapse I don't think the Hannibal thing will be my cuppa tea Glorfindela 215 1 Fri, 11:17pm
                       RA's Character Ham_Sammy 192 0 Sat, 12:31am
                   Collapse Sorry to go OT for the moment marillaraina 181 3 Sat, 2:14am
                       Collapse Poldark air date Kilidoescartwheels 155 2 Sat, 3:42am
                           Collapse According to pbs.org Kim 139 1 Sat, 7:11am
                               Just in time to distract me Gwytha 83 0 Sat, 4:43pm
       Collapse elf eyes Mooseboy018 358 1 Fri, 6:06pm
           No, it's the ears Kilidoescartwheels 263 0 Fri, 8:30pm
       I saw BOFA again for the 5th time last night Kim 346 0 Fri, 7:35pm
       True...Kili is the newcomer between EomundDaughter 299 0 Fri, 8:28pm
       Collapse i've also noticed Me85 134 1 Sat, 11:36am
           Saw that too.... EomundDaughter 78 0 Sat, 6:23pm

  Collapse I wonder if we'll get more back story on Thranduil and his wife in the EE, plus some ramblings on waiting for the longer cut LoremIpsum 675 4 Fri, 2:21pm Jump to last post in thread (by Shirriff Anthony)
       Philippa Boyens hinted at the possibility... BlackFox 421 0 Fri, 2:43pm
       Brutal editing did the ending no favors. Otaku-sempai 383 0 Fri, 2:50pm
       The whole sub story did seem rather a loose end.. moreorless 301 0 Fri, 4:14pm
       Dagorlad Shirriff Anthony 304 0 Fri, 4:31pm

  Collapse The most....... dormouse 1225 42 Fri, 2:06pm Jump to last post in thread (by Salmacis81)
       Collapse What a great idea! BlackFox 578 2 Fri, 2:22pm
           Collapse Filling in the blanks BlackFox 518 1 Fri, 3:00pm
               Bomby's List Bombadil 393 0 Fri, 5:34pm
       Great thread! Starglass 540 0 Fri, 2:33pm
       Thanks dormouse, this is fun. :-) DanielLB 544 0 Fri, 2:39pm
       Good one! Bishop 459 0 Fri, 4:05pm
       Awards KingTurgon 441 0 Fri, 4:14pm
     I'll go for things off the top of my head Glorfindela 447 0 Fri, 4:24pm
       Ooh ooh! Elvanui 426 0 Fri, 4:31pm
       Here's mine... Elutherian 418 0 Fri, 4:41pm
       My thoughts Elessar 403 0 Fri, 4:58pm
       Excellent idea Michelle Johnston 402 0 Fri, 5:10pm
       Mine... arithmancer 375 0 Fri, 5:27pm
       mine Jeffrodo 362 0 Fri, 5:44pm
       Really great idea! tsmith675 342 0 Fri, 6:09pm
       The TORnies! (or would that be the Kimmies?) Kim 347 0 Fri, 6:37pm
       Collapse Where are yours? Voronwë_the_Faithful 348 3 Fri, 6:39pm
           Collapse Who Sir? Me Sir? *Looks innocent* dormouse 321 2 Fri, 7:52pm
               Very nice :) Elessar 278 0 Fri, 8:08pm
               Too hard! But just for you I will try. Voronwë_the_Faithful 273 0 Fri, 8:17pm
       Ooh, good idea! Gianna 342 0 Fri, 6:43pm
       My response Nolane 316 0 Fri, 7:14pm
       O.K. : VeArkenstone 298 0 Fri, 7:44pm
       My list & nomination for "dumbest scene" Kilidoescartwheels 301 0 Fri, 8:16pm
       mine Mooseboy018 273 0 Fri, 8:16pm
       Most... Riven Delve 256 0 Fri, 9:53pm
       This is too hard... Noria 253 0 Fri, 10:05pm
       Just off the top of my head Old Toby 252 0 Fri, 10:09pm
       Sadly I can't do 'Reply All'...... dormouse 227 0 Fri, 11:27pm
       Okay, I'll play! Roheryn 233 0 Fri, 11:27pm
     Excellent notion, Dormouse! Brethil 224 0 Fri, 11:39pm
       this is too hard for me, but Avandel 218 0 Sat, 12:07am
       A little bit of everything. Farficom 205 0 Sat, 1:36am
       Mr. A´s list Mr. Arkenstone (isaac) 203 0 Sat, 2:31am
       Collapse Here goes. Macfeast 171 1 Sat, 11:44am
           Just have to say that I completely agree with this sentiment... Salmacis81 74 0 Sun, 2:45am
       Oh wow Elarie 146 0 Sat, 2:56pm
       Here are mine Elanor of Rohan 136 0 Sat, 4:13pm
       Finally put my mind to it... Eleniel 125 0 Sat, 8:18pm
       Brilliant post! MirielCelebel 98 0 Sat, 11:02pm
       Adding two more "Cheer" moments: Brethil 97 0 Sat, 11:13pm
       Mine Salmacis81 78 0 Sun, 2:13am
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