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Movie Discussion: The Hobbit
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  Sticky: Thread Locked Welcome to the Hobbit Movie board! Altaira 138999 0 May 24 2008, 1:58am Jump to last post in thread (by Altaira)

  Sticky: How Best to Contact an Admin for Help Kyriel 108648 0 Mar 31 2009, 10:46pm Jump to last post in thread (by Kyriel)

  Collapse Sticky: TORn's smallish, but hopefully growing BOTFA spoiler summary Demosthenes 4164 15 Jun 23, 6:46pm Jump to last post in thread (by mae govannen)

  Sticky: The Courtesy of our Halls (Discussion Guidelines) Silverlode 730 0 Oct 12, 9:41pm Jump to last post in thread (by Silverlode)

Collapse Sticky: DOS Chapter of the Week (CHOW) Sign-up for November 2014! cats16 295 20 Nov 13, 10:18am Jump to last post in thread (by BlackFox)

  Sticky: 'Tis the Season of Spoilers! (Spoiler Policy) Silverlode 345 0 Nov 20, 3:23am Jump to last post in thread (by Silverlode)

Some Questions about the White Council meeting in Rivendell Bombadil 34 0 40 mins ago Jump to last post in thread (by Bombadil)

  Collapse Great titbits from Dan Hennah, Richard Taylor and Gino Acevedo Ataahua 369 4 Thu, 11:41pm Jump to last post in thread (by Danielos)
       Collapse I thought this was a family-friendly forum?! Finrod 141 2 12:50am
           Yes, the rule does apply to all Ataahua 61 0 2:47am
           Family-friendly Danielos 10 0 6 mins ago
     A...GREAT & MUST read... as well as the Related article.. Bombadil 86 0 2:06am

  Collapse Bolg and Azog a bit of confusion? Hamfast Gamgee 262 3 Thu, 11:23pm Jump to last post in thread (by Bombadil)
       I hope there is a payoff Bishop 139 0 Thu, 11:35pm
       Collapse It struck me more as concentric circles of evil Spriggan 117 1 Thu, 11:54pm
         Maybe try to Diagram this like a Math Equation on a Whiteboard? Bombadil 34 0 3:27am

Collapse I want to see Smaug eat some people Bernhardina 557 12 Thu, 8:27pm Jump to last post in thread (by Bombadil)
       Collapse Well, to be fair to Smaug... Na Vedui 314 2 Thu, 8:49pm
           Collapse That's true Bernhardina 231 1 Thu, 9:14pm
               To OUR Beautiful Swe-DISH!... Bombadil 193 0 Thu, 9:45pm
       You can see at least one guy dying by fire... Arannir 291 0 Thu, 8:51pm
       Collapse BOFA is not yet rated macfalk 263 5 Thu, 9:06pm
           Collapse Oh Bernhardina 229 1 Thu, 9:13pm
               Lots of people don't! macfalk 161 0 Thu, 10:01pm
           Collapse Here in the US I'm guessing it will be PG-13 Name 161 2 Thu, 10:02pm
               Collapse Yep, PG 13 is pretty much carved in stone. macfalk 155 1 Thu, 10:04pm
                   I wonder..... Name 149 0 Thu, 10:12pm
       Collapse I think it's unlikely that Smaug'll stop for dinner.... dormouse 130 1 Thu, 10:50pm
         EXACTly dmouse.....".FIRE UP... the Grill?.. Bombadil 92 0 Thu, 11:30pm

Collapse So how did the dwarves know Smaug's name? Cirashala 578 9 Thu, 7:12pm Jump to last post in thread (by Bracegirdle)
       Collapse Name Danielos 356 2 Thu, 7:22pm
           Collapse "I am Smaug the Golden" Lieutenant of Dol Guldur 279 1 Thu, 8:02pm
               Another theory Danielos 228 0 Thu, 8:09pm
       Well, obviously, Elarie 325 0 Thu, 7:24pm
       Collapse Well obviously Kim 289 1 Thu, 7:34pm
           the answer is NoelGallagher 262 0 Thu, 7:52pm
       They read the book? ;-) // dormouse 229 0 Thu, 7:57pm
       He's a trouser-billowingly large and notorious dragon no doubt referenced in countless tales Crunchable Birdses 180 0 Thu, 8:33pm
       The truth sometimes lies hidden in the long past.. Bracegirdle 31 0 3:00am

  Moved: Empire - PJ Edition - How/where to order online? tripecac - - Thu, 4:30pm Jump to last post in thread (by tripecac)

  Collapse You guys are doing it again... Kathuphazg‚n 1024 15 Thu, 2:46pm Jump to last post in thread (by Spriggan)
       Collapse People do that to make sure... Arannir 424 5 Thu, 2:49pm
           Collapse To me, at this point macfalk 397 4 Thu, 2:51pm
               Collapse But where is it happening? Arannir 362 2 Thu, 2:55pm
                   Collapse I don't know, but I'm just saying macfalk 301 1 Thu, 3:27pm
                       mac is RIGHT! THis izz also the Season Some LURKERzz Bombadil 293 0 Thu, 3:45pm
               Disagree, and until Dec 1 I will err re caution Avandel 306 0 Thu, 3:20pm
       Yeah I agree with you as well Name 349 0 Thu, 2:56pm
       EVERYONE Should Read Silverlode's POST ABOVE..NOW Bombadil 355 0 Thu, 3:09pm
       Agreed!! LordotRings93 268 0 Thu, 4:06pm
       Collapse Just a thought but if this is a repeated experience Spriggan 258 4 Thu, 4:41pm
           Collapse Haha! You may be right! Name 240 1 Thu, 4:47pm
             There is something Else to consider? Bombadil 226 0 Thu, 5:04pm
           Collapse At this time so close to release, kind of hard to. LordotRings93 118 1 Thu, 7:40pm
               Well fingers crossed for you. Spriggan 96 0 Thu, 8:22pm
       Understand that entmaiden 217 0 Thu, 5:27pm

  Collapse Tauriel's Fate and the Trailer (Major Spoilers!!!) Arannir 1355 14 Thu, 11:53am Jump to last post in thread (by Kthevs)
       Collapse No King_horse 601 4 Thu, 12:23pm
           Collapse Is that Ravenhill, though? Arannir 523 3 Thu, 12:49pm
               Collapse Well King_horse 454 2 Thu, 1:37pm
                   Collapse Well... Arannir 434 1 Thu, 1:46pm
                       Yes King_horse 424 0 Thu, 1:50pm
       I think... Arvida 555 0 Thu, 12:27pm
       Collapse Tauriel's Fight with Bolg: My Analysis DwellerInDale 472 5 Thu, 2:43pm
           The 2 last photos of Tauriel are fantastic NecromancerRising 427 0 Thu, 2:48pm
           Collapse Agreed about Thranduil. Arannir 411 3 Thu, 2:50pm
               Collapse Final Image: Timeline DwellerInDale 378 2 Thu, 3:19pm
                   Collapse But this wound... Arannir 353 1 Thu, 3:20pm
                       Possible... DwellerInDale 342 0 Thu, 3:34pm
       Slightly relevant Carne 286 0 Thu, 5:11pm
       Nope Kthevs 121 0 Thu, 9:44pm

  Collapse Sarah Dunn Hobbit Photo Special Arannir 631 4 Thu, 11:28am Jump to last post in thread (by Arvida)
       Lovely photos Elarie 202 0 Thu, 1:39pm
       Collapse Gah! What a gorgeous bunch of photos!! The Grey Elf 173 1 Thu, 2:24pm
           I agree! Arvida 20 0 1:05am
       Here's a new one she just posted Kim 99 0 Thu, 7:27pm

  Collapse Soundtrack Preview from Hobbit FB Page Arannir 770 10 Thu, 10:57am Jump to last post in thread (by FoundEntwife)
       Collapse how awsome Bjarke 335 1 Thu, 10:58am
           Yeah, mostly great. Arannir 316 0 Thu, 11:04am
       Collapse It says on the cover Shore also orchestrated and conducted the score Estel78 298 5 Thu, 11:09am
           Collapse That's a mistake Shagrat 285 1 Thu, 11:18am
               Interesting... // Estel78 268 0 Thu, 11:18am
           Collapse No, the cover says Music composed by Howard Shore Silmaril 247 2 Thu, 12:10pm
               Collapse You are right Estel78 174 1 Thu, 2:35pm
                   Ah, ok. Now i see it. Silmaril 149 0 Thu, 2:52pm
       I really like most of the tracks NecromancerRising 111 0 Thu, 6:01pm
       Thanks FoundEntwife 8 0 36 mins ago

  Collapse Three new BOFA stills Dipling 1504 19 Thu, 9:27am Jump to last post in thread (by Orc Berserker)
       Awesome Smaug NecromancerRising 621 0 Thu, 9:31am
       SMAUG!!! Saneliur 593 0 Thu, 9:44am
       SMAUG OrangeBerserk 527 0 Thu, 10:31am
       Collapse No love for Sauron Remus 548 3 Thu, 10:47am
           You are aware... Arannir 537 0 Thu, 10:51am
           He and they are all over the place in the trailers...// mae govannen 490 0 Thu, 10:51am
           Possibly..... dormouse 457 0 Thu, 11:48am
       Thank you - Love Smaug! Avandel 320 0 Thu, 3:27pm
       Collapse Psst... Eleniel 243 7 Thu, 7:36pm
           Thanks so much. Arannir 190 0 Thu, 8:09pm
           Collapse I think this article represents the best insight NecromancerRising 197 2 Thu, 8:12pm
               Collapse I kinda snuck it in here because... Eleniel 169 1 Thu, 8:21pm
                   I thought so too NecromancerRising 146 0 Thu, 8:44pm
           Collapse This actually is extremely comforting Name 163 1 Thu, 8:39pm
               I am fine with the stunts... Arannir 140 0 Thu, 8:53pm
           Not reading, not reading, not reading Carne 146 0 Thu, 8:46pm
       Collapse I dont' think this pic from the visual companion has been posted yet Carne 143 2 Thu, 9:12pm
           that orc looks horrible!... shaundobson 125 0 Thu, 9:33pm
           AWESOME Orc Berserker 76 0 Thu, 10:53pm

  Collapse 144m Running Time Confirmed Shagrat 1020 9 Thu, 9:25am Jump to last post in thread (by Arannir)
       Correct Danielos 455 0 Thu, 9:28am
       Collapse So this is with credits? BornOutOfTheWest 413 2 Thu, 10:10am
           Collapse Runtimes are always with credits. // Estel78 356 1 Thu, 10:29am
               Awhile ago someone posted that the Credits are 13 minutes long? Bombadil 272 0 Thu, 12:59pm
       Collapse Second confirmation TheHutt 454 1 Thu, 10:15am
           hopefully not again only high paced with a few "hommages" to the book... NoelGallagher 398 0 Thu, 10:25am
       Collapse Seems right for the content. Arannir 304 2 Thu, 1:11pm
         Collapse Bom likes your Breakdown..except Bombadil 260 1 Thu, 1:37pm
               At some point... Arannir 245 0 Thu, 2:03pm

  Collapse I just bought my ticket (Sweden) :) DuBekar 343 17 Thu, 7:30am Jump to last post in thread (by Queen of Erebor)
       Collapse Bioklubben Danielos 196 1 Thu, 7:52am
           Anyone can join Bioklubben and it costs nothing! // macfalk 178 0 Thu, 8:00am
       I just bought my tickets too. Jeez. macfalk 175 0 Thu, 8:02am
       Wait at least also for the EE!!! // mae govannen 145 0 Thu, 9:08am
       Collapse I will buy the tickets tomorrow Remus 139 5 Thu, 9:15am
           Collapse 9/12, midnight sceening at 23:59! // macfalk 137 4 Thu, 9:18am
               Collapse wow Remus 135 3 Thu, 9:23am
                   Yeah, I don't have to drive, it's a 10 min walk // macfalk 91 0 Thu, 11:43am
                   Collapse I love those chairs. macfalk 62 1 Thu, 3:30pm
                       wow... Remus 49 0 Thu, 4:54pm
       your so lucky Bjarke 129 0 Thu, 9:28am
       Have already got mine too dubulous 122 0 Thu, 9:40am
       Collapse Bought mine during the first week of October Carne 122 1 Thu, 9:50am
           You mean dec 9, right? ^^ // macfalk 92 0 Thu, 11:56am
       Also got my tickets earlier this week. Arannir 116 0 Thu, 9:59am
       I already have three... TheHutt 68 0 Thu, 3:04pm
       I got mine yesterday... Queen of Erebor 16 0 Thu, 11:02pm

Collapse ON...The Topic of Film Critics? Bombadil 388 3 Thu, 7:21am Jump to last post in thread (by zalmoxis)
       Collapse I guess... Arannir 150 2 Thu, 8:40am
         Collapse GREAT Idea! The Most important THING..izz to Bombadil 124 1 Thu, 8:56am
               Hm... zalmoxis 61 0 Thu, 5:19pm

  Collapse NEW INTERNATIONAL Tv Spot! smaug the stupendous 1742 26 Thu, 6:53am Jump to last post in thread (by Avandel)
       Collapse Awesome!!! but... Saneliur 874 5 Thu, 6:58am
           Collapse HAHA yes! tsmith675 739 3 Thu, 7:08am
               Indeed!! Hah Saneliur 702 0 Thu, 7:12am
               Collapse Where/when did you see Smaug?? mae govannen 519 1 Thu, 9:02am
                   Flying over Laketown at 00:03 // Carne 458 0 Thu, 9:53am
           Ditto BlackFox 523 0 Thu, 8:57am
       Collapse Loving Thorin's "Walter White" moment Crunchable Birdses 743 2 Thu, 7:16am
           Collapse heh LoremIpsum 603 1 Thu, 8:03am
               OH! my STARS...TOoo..FreakyFUNNY!.. Bombadil 572 0 Thu, 8:24am
       Collapse Not particular to this TV spot so much (which was still great) Joe20 736 4 Thu, 7:23am
           Collapse BwaHa.hA..How! Wonderful a Post! Bombadil 654 3 Thu, 7:39am
             Collapse "the darkness has returned"loving Blanchetts voice NoelGallagher 664 2 Thu, 7:44am
                   Me too...// mae govannen 498 0 Thu, 9:05am
                   Me too Spalko 420 0 Thu, 10:31am
       Collapse Nice one! dubulous 530 3 Thu, 9:06am
           Collapse "The darkness has returned." // Carne 467 1 Thu, 9:54am
               That makes sense, thanks // dubulous 447 0 Thu, 9:54am
           I don't know Name 306 0 Thu, 2:11pm
       Collapse Dain..? Steerpike 433 1 Thu, 11:27am
           Yes Saneliur 403 0 Thu, 11:34am
       Collapse Color grading... Dipling 357 4 Thu, 1:53pm
           Collapse Yes... Arannir 311 3 Thu, 2:19pm
               Collapse Which fire in which tv spot or NecromancerRising 293 2 Thu, 2:24pm
                   Collapse Fire Arannir 277 1 Thu, 2:31pm
                       It happened in the case NecromancerRising 172 0 Thu, 2:42pm
     *SQUEEE* thank you, loved it! Avandel 146 0 Thu, 4:04pm
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