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Movie Discussion: The Hobbit
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  Sticky: Thread Locked Welcome to the Hobbit Movie board! Altaira 160040 0 May 24 2008, 1:58am Jump to last post in thread (by Altaira)

  Sticky: How Best to Contact an Admin for Help Kyriel 116412 0 Mar 31 2009, 10:46pm Jump to last post in thread (by Kyriel)

  Sticky: The Courtesy of our Halls (Discussion Guidelines) Silverlode 18202 0 Oct 12 2014, 9:41pm Jump to last post in thread (by Silverlode)

Collapse Sticky: Folks from the Uni of Waikato want to know YOUR opinion on BotFA! greendragon 4594 25 Jan 21, 4:17pm Jump to last post in thread (by elf-lady)

  Collapse My theory on the Watchful Peace and Angmar in the Hobbit movies ThorinsNemesis 200 10 4:36am Jump to last post in thread (by Otaku-sempai)
       Collapse The Watchful Peace on Film Otaku-sempai 91 9 3:16pm
           Collapse Minas Ithil Otaku-sempai 60 8 4:54pm
               Collapse Earnur, Minas Ithil and Angmar ThorinsNemesis 49 7 5:35pm
                   Collapse Earnur and Fornost ThorinsNemesis 42 1 5:53pm
                       Earnur as a Wraith Otaku-sempai 29 0 42 mins ago
                   Collapse Shadow of Mordor Otaku-sempai 38 4 52 mins ago
                     Collapse Aragorn and Earnur ThorinsNemesis 28 3 40 mins ago
                           Collapse Aragorn in the Films Otaku-sempai 19 2 27 mins ago
                               Collapse Years in the LOTR movies ThorinsNemesis 7 1 13 mins ago
                                   That is true. Otaku-sempai 3 0 6 mins ago

  Collapse Is it okay to like the movies? Kilidoescartwheels 493 19 1:45am Jump to last post in thread (by Bishop)
       Collapse Misinformed here, or not up to date… for when you get off your treadmill. . . Bracegirdle 439 3 2:18am
           Read the book three times, once when young, when I was older, and before the movies came out... Pandallo 429 0 2:35am
           Collapse Well that wasn't my point Kilidoescartwheels 420 1 3:13am
               In short ,my question was simply curiosity not judgmental or meant as criticism. Bracegirdle 401 0 4:01am
       Collapse But but but ... DanielLB 364 5 6:28am
           Wait a minute..... you LIKED that star wars prequels!?!?! adt100 270 0 11:04am
           Collapse Minor point of correction, Daniel Otaku-sempai 119 3 3:32pm
               Collapse From what I remember shadowdog 47 2 5:32pm
                   Collapse 2001 Otaku-sempai 32 1 5:53pm
                       this is correct Bishop 17 0 29 mins ago
       Collapse Of course CathrineB 320 1 8:44am
         OKAY? Bomby's Turn.. Bombadil 282 0 10:57am
       Collapse 'Course it is! :-) dormouse 196 1 1:19pm
           Ooo, Ooo! Never knew the dormouse to block her spout Bracegirdle 176 0 1:53pm
       Definitely OK Elarie 197 0 1:22pm
       Well... Thrain II 160 0 2:22pm
       It's OK to like (or dislike) both or either Glorfindela 157 0 2:29pm
       Collapse I like them, too. RosieLass 124 1 3:35pm
         Doesn't the word "Adaptation" mean Different..? Bombadil 63 0 5:04pm

  Collapse Hobbit Accuracy to Books vs LOTR Accuracy to Books Hobbity Hobbit 357 17 Thu, 10:20pm Jump to last post in thread (by lonelymountainhermit)
       Collapse Well, I can't agree, but... Otaku-sempai 310 1 Thu, 11:27pm
         JRRT wrote it, Sir PJ Adapted it, 80 years Later?// Bombadil 252 0 3:37am
       Collapse Whaaaat?! AshNazg 193 13 11:28am
           Collapse Do you honestly believe everything you just wrote? Skaan 189 11 11:31am
               Collapse Yeah, Hobbity Hobbit 175 10 11:58am
                   Collapse Hmmm, off the top of my head.... Morthoron 152 8 1:07pm
                       Collapse It depends on how you measure "faithfulness" Voronwë_the_Faithful 136 5 1:41pm
                           Collapse I understand what you're saying, V... Morthoron 127 4 2:02pm
                               Collapse That's only one opinion Voronwë_the_Faithful 108 2 2:55pm
                                   And Smaug the iron 103 0 3:05pm
                                   Well, I won't defend Peter Jackson, in any case... Morthoron 32 0 37 mins ago
                               Plus Voronwë_the_Faithful 80 0 4:00pm
                       Characters Smaug the iron 132 0 1:56pm
                       Radagast TheHutt 116 0 2:45pm
                   Thranduil and Bard Otaku-sempai 92 0 3:38pm
           Exactly lonelymountainhermit 19 0 22 mins ago
       I get what you're saying and agree about the Hobbit Elarie 131 0 1:54pm

  Collapse The Carving above the Secret Door. Otaku-sempai 280 5 Thu, 5:59pm Jump to last post in thread (by dormouse)
       Collapse The carving Ilmatar 223 4 Thu, 7:26pm
           Collapse Thanks for this! Otaku-sempai 214 3 Thu, 7:32pm
               Collapse No problem :) Ilmatar 205 2 Thu, 7:45pm
                   Well... Otaku-sempai 202 0 Thu, 7:53pm
                   If the idea was that the King who held the Arkenstone.... dormouse 136 0 Thu, 10:40pm

  Collapse An honest discussion about Alfrid Bishop 597 63 Thu, 3:05pm Jump to last post in thread (by Glorfindela)
       Collapse Well Smaug the iron 528 4 Thu, 3:15pm
           Collapse A lot of people wanted the gold / gems Bishop 517 3 Thu, 3:25pm
               Collapse Alfrid reasons Smaug the iron 462 2 Thu, 4:19pm
                   Collapse I didn't really get that at all Bishop 452 1 Thu, 4:23pm
                       I diden't mean Smaug the iron 390 0 Thu, 5:18pm
       Collapse Someone for characters to talk to... AshNazg 528 24 Thu, 3:23pm
           Collapse I agree that he is a useful tool for narrative Bishop 504 23 Thu, 3:37pm
               Collapse As I said, Alfrid's continued inclusion is to create a mirror... AshNazg 391 22 Thu, 5:24pm
                   Collapse Humor Smaug the iron 302 16 Thu, 5:41pm
                       Collapse mixed bag Mooseboy018 239 5 Thu, 7:31pm
                           Collapse I think Smaug the iron 236 4 Thu, 7:40pm
                               Collapse We can only hope! // Otaku-sempai 228 2 Thu, 7:55pm
                                   Collapse depends on which one Mooseboy018 222 1 Thu, 7:59pm
                                     Just Checked IMDB, Ryan is in a new TV Series Bombadil 206 0 Thu, 8:24pm
                               Has there been anything official on this? Bishop 225 0 Thu, 7:58pm
                       Collapse There's no justification for such an abomination, IMHO Glorfindela 162 8 Thu, 10:20pm
                           Collapse Different cinemas, perhaps? Spriggan 131 7 Thu, 11:42pm
                               Collapse In reply Glorfindela 139 6 7:15am
                                   Collapse Also recall... Goldeneye 80 5 1:16pm
                                       Collapse That's as may be Glorfindela 73 4 2:19pm
                                           Collapse Nauseam is just a matter of preference. Milieuterrien 68 3 2:33pm
                                               Collapse I don't need your (or anyone else's) 'forgiveness' Glorfindela 63 2 3:04pm
                                                   Collapse Apology Milieuterrien 42 1 4:15pm
                                                       No problem Glorfindela 30 0 4:42pm
                       I'm a Brit and I thought most of the humour was spot on :) adt100 106 0 10:55am
                   Collapse Not that I'm aware of Kilidoescartwheels 197 4 Thu, 8:41pm
                       Collapse The New Esgaroth Otaku-sempai 188 1 Thu, 8:53pm
                           Bilbo told Smaug the iron 182 0 Thu, 9:09pm
                       Collapse Read it again... Eleniel 178 1 Thu, 9:32pm
                           Okay, people Kilidoescartwheels 120 0 12:49am
       Collapse Alfrid and the Master of Lake-town Otaku-sempai 514 2 Thu, 3:26pm
           Collapse I agree Kilidoescartwheels 385 1 Thu, 5:21pm
               Not just any Hobbit ... DanielLB 144 0 6:34am
       Collapse Alfrid is his Foil...even when Bard First gets to Laketown... Bombadil 489 9 Thu, 3:51pm
           Collapse Jackson did it... Otaku-sempai 442 8 Thu, 4:31pm
               Collapse I agree Bishop 425 7 Thu, 4:41pm
                   Collapse Alfrid in Dale? Bombadil 420 2 Thu, 4:47pm
                       Collapse None of those things are logical or necessary to me Bishop 410 1 Thu, 4:58pm
                           Well, there is ONE more thing to consider? Bombadil 390 0 Thu, 5:16pm
                   Collapse Not this. Otaku-sempai 420 1 Thu, 4:47pm
                       Except Bishop 416 0 Thu, 4:51pm
                   Collapse His presence... arithmancer 165 1 Thu, 10:02pm
                       Foil and contrast glor 142 0 Thu, 11:10pm
       Collapse Master´s book is a perfect coda for the theme of greed Mr. Arkenstone (isaac) 460 3 Thu, 4:13pm
           Collapse Well yes, some ending for the character would have been better Bishop 453 2 Thu, 4:21pm
               The ONLY reason I can think of Kilidoescartwheels 376 0 Thu, 5:33pm
               Jackson could have got rid of Alfrid, and orc chase at Laketown and still had elves in the town being canon to the book Mr. Arkenstone (isaac) 260 0 Thu, 6:47pm
       Jackson usually accesses populations through two or three "avatars" Spriggan 400 0 Thu, 5:07pm
       Collapse Alfrid Goldeneye 379 4 Thu, 5:26pm
           Collapse Yeah, Stephen Fry is good at comedy! Kilidoescartwheels 371 1 Thu, 5:34pm
               Time on Screen & Logistics Bombadil 285 0 Thu, 5:57pm
           Collapse Agree with everything you said... Salmacis81 259 1 Thu, 6:50pm
               Another thought... Morthoron 240 0 Thu, 7:27pm
       Didn't mind him in DoS too much... Salmacis81 266 0 Thu, 6:45pm
       Yiesh CathrineB 205 0 Thu, 8:29pm
       Collapse I'm curious about your use of 'honest'.... dormouse 145 4 Thu, 11:12pm
           I'm one of those. Milieuterrien 126 0 12:25am
           Collapse I don't know. Honest as in fair? Bishop 96 2 1:45am
               Well, I'll add a comment Avandel 165 0 2:00am
               There are historical references as well. Bombadil 168 0 2:22am
       Collapse I have to add my opinion ... DanielLB 148 1 6:31am
         The World of Men in the 3RD Age...? Bombadil 117 0 10:33am
       I honestly liked him! adt100 106 0 10:53am

  Collapse Thorin's and Bilbo's Relationship Bishop 642 26 Wed, 7:33pm Jump to last post in thread (by Smaug the iron)
       Collapse The main problem with DOS Dcole4 535 3 Wed, 8:17pm
           Collapse Re: MEM 338 2 Thu, 3:25am
               Collapse original ending Mooseboy018 326 1 Thu, 4:11am
                   Thorin and Bilbo in the original script.... Pandallo 126 0 Thu, 5:09pm
       I interpreted the relationship shadowdog 533 0 Wed, 8:20pm
       Collapse The hug-fest at the end of AUJ was misplaced. RosieLass 506 5 Wed, 8:47pm
           Collapse Slightly different take Ilmatar 463 4 Wed, 9:54pm
               Collapse And another version Avandel 172 1 Thu, 2:57pm
                   I do agree... Ilmatar 152 0 Thu, 3:44pm
               Collapse I guess what I mean is... RosieLass 33 1 3:45pm
                   Where Smaug the iron 23 0 4:03pm
       Collapse Well CathrineB 507 4 Wed, 8:52pm
           Collapse Shipping arithmancer 470 1 Wed, 9:32pm
               Agreed re pretty graphics from shippers Avandel 294 0 Thu, 6:29am
           I might Laineth 431 0 Wed, 10:40pm
           You're not the only one... Queen of Erebor 427 0 Wed, 11:10pm
       In defense of Thorin Kilidoescartwheels 496 0 Wed, 8:58pm
       Collapse Thorin and Bilbo in AUJ arithmancer 494 1 Wed, 9:00pm
           Bilbo and Thorin's arc Mooseboy018 343 0 Thu, 2:39am
       Collapse Bilbo and Thorin´s relationship was one of the things I was completely satisfied with all the way elostirion74 460 3 Wed, 9:56pm
           Collapse Thorin's death arithmancer 397 2 Thu, 12:12am
             Collapse Bomby would hug someone who just saved my Life? Bombadil 380 1 Thu, 12:54am
                   But... arithmancer 365 0 Thu, 1:58am
       Collapse DOS EE Bilbo answers for Thorin infront the master of laketown Mr. Arkenstone (isaac) 294 1 Thu, 6:28am
           That was a Key Turning Point well played... Bombadil 290 0 Thu, 6:46am
       I love it. Smaug the iron 188 0 Thu, 2:15pm

  Collapse Funeral and Chariot Scenes Laineth 541 1 Wed, 3:23pm Jump to last post in thread (by Bombadil)
       Did read this, but THANKS for Bringing it Again!// Bombadil 299 0 Thu, 1:03am

  Collapse River of Denial part 3 - more Thorin pics!!! Kilidoescartwheels 529 11 Wed, 1:40pm Jump to last post in thread (by entmaiden)
       Collapse You had me worried for a moment there... dormouse 491 2 Wed, 1:58pm
         Collapse There is No Denying, your DENIAL..? // Bombadil 446 1 Wed, 2:49pm
               NOPE! Kilidoescartwheels 418 0 Wed, 3:45pm
       Collapse Aww CathrineB 410 4 Wed, 4:05pm
         Collapse Badassery for sure Avandel 367 1 Wed, 5:06pm
               Badassery for sure! Kilidoescartwheels 357 0 Wed, 5:25pm
           Well, can't forget Fili! Kilidoescartwheels 362 0 Wed, 5:13pm
           I removed your picture entmaiden 258 0 Wed, 10:24pm
     Collapse Of course Avandel 394 2 Wed, 4:38pm
           "THORINISTA", "FILIISTA", "KILIISTA" Bombadil 342 0 Wed, 5:54pm
           Here's a sneak peek of that happy moment Loresilme 343 0 Wed, 5:55pm

Collapse A Few Reasons these 2 Trilogies are SSOo..Different? Bombadil 1023 23 Tue, 9:16am Jump to last post in thread (by Noria)
       You're certainly right about The Hobbit films being a tragedy... jtarkey 904 0 Tue, 10:59am
       3 Weddings and a Funeral Kilidoescartwheels 815 0 Tue, 2:20pm
       Collapse Here's a nice comparison of the two trilogies "Style vs Function" AshNazg 723 5 Tue, 6:49pm
         Collapse AN.. your Video does bring up some Interesting points Bombadil 679 4 Tue, 8:07pm
               Collapse We have seen the movie he was destined to make... Morthoron 631 3 Tue, 9:30pm
                   Collapse Nice Opinion? Have anything more to ADD?// Bombadil 600 2 Tue, 10:05pm
                       Collapse No, nothing further presently, however... Morthoron 600 1 Tue, 10:13pm
                         Well, "Thang YOU Berry BUCH..?"// Bombadil 537 0 Wed, 12:30am
       Collapse One Trilogy was more epochal for it's time, the other is more for it's Genre squiggle 565 1 Tue, 11:43pm
         In a way? PJ invented? the GENRE... Bombadil 502 0 Wed, 3:05am
       Collapse I refuse to admit Istaris'staffs 492 11 Wed, 5:49am
           Along that that lline, The Hobbit is a single book and not a trilogy Eruonen 383 0 Wed, 4:54pm
           Collapse I can't agree Kilidoescartwheels 327 9 Wed, 9:26pm
               Collapse I guess you are completely unaware... Morthoron 300 8 Thu, 12:19am
                   Collapse MOST Excellent post! Bombadil 281 1 Thu, 1:00am
                       You think it's great that he ran me down so badly? Kilidoescartwheels 119 0 12:31am
                   Collapse I would imagine complaints about "development" arithmancer 269 1 Thu, 1:55am
                       Thank you for that Kilidoescartwheels 127 0 Thu, 11:54pm
                   Collapse Don't be so condescending Kilidoescartwheels 137 1 Thu, 11:52pm
                       I sort of get it. Otaku-sempai 97 0 4:25am
                   Collapse A reminder... Silverlode 83 1 8:10am
                       Silverlode says it for me Noria 3 0 11 mins ago
       Looking at an object purely via the lens of another, is it more useful 'what is' rather than 'what is not'? squiggle 275 0 Thu, 1:40am

  Collapse DOS: Smaugs 'cool down sound' Legolas_Shoehorn 575 18 Tue, 5:58am Jump to last post in thread (by Bishop)
       Collapse proper sound effects Mooseboy018 523 1 Tue, 6:13am
           haha! Bishop 380 0 Tue, 2:42pm
       Theres also a few times where Smaug's wing hits the floor without making a sound AshNazg 484 0 Tue, 8:11am
       Collapse Hmm. arithmancer 407 1 Tue, 1:47pm
           Same here.... dormouse 399 0 Tue, 1:57pm
       Collapse My feeling on the wilhelm withstanding...... Bishop 355 12 Tue, 3:42pm
           We must remember these are PROFESSIONALS Bombadil 342 0 Tue, 3:53pm
           Collapse Actually ... Legolas_Shoehorn 341 10 Tue, 3:59pm
               Water stored underground for a few hundred years is probably pretty cool... Bofur01 331 0 Tue, 4:03pm
               Collapse I guess that's what you'd call the biology of fantasy Bishop 322 7 Tue, 4:12pm
                   ..."they took away his front legs"...MAYBE we should ASK Bombadil 158 0 Wed, 3:28pm
                   Collapse They didn't remove Smaug's forelegs. Otaku-sempai 146 5 Wed, 4:20pm
                       Collapse This is actually not true Bishop 137 4 Wed, 4:54pm
                           Collapse It is a matter of interpretation. Otaku-sempai 135 3 Wed, 5:00pm
                               Collapse I'm just making a distinction between forearms and wings Bishop 124 2 Wed, 5:09pm
                                   Collapse Indeed. Otaku-sempai 118 1 Wed, 5:26pm
                                       I think the problem Bishop 107 0 Wed, 5:52pm
               Balrogs Mooseboy018 300 0 Tue, 5:45pm

  Collapse Is it strange that no one looked up and saw Bishop 807 16 Mon, 10:18pm Jump to last post in thread (by Brandybuckled)
       Collapse It wasn't intended to be hard to see. Otaku-sempai 709 14 Tue, 12:56am
           Collapse But surely someone... Bishop 697 12 Tue, 1:18am
               Collapse Legolas Mooseboy018 632 1 Tue, 5:24am
                 And what about... Avandel 593 0 Tue, 7:30am
               Collapse They probably did considering the loud horn... AshNazg 575 2 Tue, 8:16am
                 Well "WE attack @ DAWN.." Bombadil 571 0 Tue, 8:36am
                   I wondered that too CathrineB 542 0 Tue, 9:27am
               Collapse Do we know that they didn't? dormouse 531 3 Tue, 10:10am
                   Collapse Beside of your question NoelGallagher 520 2 Tue, 10:37am
                       Someone had fun inventing it, I think... dormouse 519 0 Tue, 10:42am
                       I believe on Arrakis it is known as "worm-sign" // Morthoron 382 0 Tue, 3:26pm
               Collapse Pre-constructed? Otaku-sempai 451 2 Tue, 1:30pm
                   They've only got to put the footings in place Bumblingidiot 399 0 Tue, 3:12pm
                   Makes sense Bishop 390 0 Tue, 3:25pm
           Yeah, well... Brandybuckled 350 0 Tue, 5:11pm
       No. jtarkey 506 0 Tue, 11:15am

  Collapse "There is no grave, no memory..." Otaku-sempai 757 18 Mon, 8:55pm Jump to last post in thread (by Otaku-sempai)
       Collapse I think he mean no physical memory. Smaug the iron 705 2 Mon, 9:06pm
           I get that. Otaku-sempai 700 0 Mon, 9:10pm
           Thranduil Mooseboy018 687 0 Mon, 9:31pm
       Collapse Was she incinerated by dragon fire? For there to be no physical Eruonen 589 2 Tue, 2:07am
           Maybe the SCAR on Thranndy's Face? Bombadil 500 0 Tue, 9:42am
           The death of the Queen. Otaku-sempai 448 0 Tue, 1:38pm
       Collapse Timelines in the films are confusing.... dormouse 493 11 Tue, 10:33am
           Yes. Jackson's timeline is very confusing. Otaku-sempai 432 0 Tue, 2:04pm
           Collapse I wouldn't say they are confusing - they simply aren't present. Spriggan 335 9 Tue, 11:47pm
               Collapse Not all. Otaku-sempai 308 6 Wed, 3:09am
                   Collapse I don't think any of those. Spriggan 269 5 Wed, 7:28am
                       Collapse You are only partially correct. Otaku-sempai 260 4 Wed, 9:08am
                           Collapse Yes on that one. Spriggan 232 3 Wed, 11:08am
                               Collapse Tauriel's Age Otaku-sempai 181 2 Wed, 3:29pm
                                   Collapse Oh I fully agree. Spriggan 171 1 Wed, 3:52pm
                                       Even Tolkien intentionally left some mysteries unanswered. Otaku-sempai 169 0 Wed, 4:02pm
               Collapse I meant confusing.... dormouse 275 1 Wed, 7:03am
                   Oh I see - well yes and no. Spriggan 231 0 Wed, 11:10am

  Collapse An Elvenking Perverted Otaku-sempai 737 19 Mon, 8:21pm Jump to last post in thread (by elostirion74)
       Collapse I've often wondered about this Bishop 605 7 Mon, 10:01pm
           Collapse I don't think we are supposed to believe that. arithmancer 581 6 Mon, 11:10pm
               Collapse Oh I think he has depth absolutely Bishop 570 5 Mon, 11:23pm
                   Collapse That did not occur to me... arithmancer 563 2 Mon, 11:33pm
                       Collapse Likewise Bishop 554 1 Mon, 11:42pm
                           Perhaps to be expanded upon in the EE Otaku-sempai 539 0 Tue, 12:45am
                   Collapse I don't think so. Laineth 183 1 Wed, 5:13pm
                       Tolkien's Thranduil. Otaku-sempai 176 0 Wed, 5:46pm
       Collapse About Bard Kilidoescartwheels 411 3 Tue, 2:14pm
           The changes work within the films. Otaku-sempai 402 0 Tue, 2:26pm
           Agree Avandel 272 0 Wed, 7:45am
           You're talking of the EE when you're discussing Thranduil, right? elostirion74 68 0 Thu, 5:38pm
       Collapse Bard was very idealized in general, not only in this scene elostirion74 348 2 Tue, 8:01pm
           Collapse You know... Brandybuckled 214 1 Wed, 3:28pm
               Bard Otaku-sempai 205 0 Wed, 3:54pm
       Collapse Tauriel... Salmacis81 224 1 Wed, 2:47pm
           You do have a point. Otaku-sempai 207 0 Wed, 3:49pm
       Collapse Thranduil's Wife GrimMorwen 100 1 Thu, 2:25pm
           Elves and Death Otaku-sempai 91 0 Thu, 2:59pm

  Collapse BOTFA: Lack of Army Banners on the Battlefield Arandir 469 6 Mon, 5:17pm Jump to last post in thread (by arithmancer)
       The Orcs from Dol Guldur did have banners... Lieutenant of Dol Guldur 418 0 Mon, 5:45pm
       The orcs have banners Smaug the iron 414 0 Mon, 5:51pm
       AGREED… Bracegirdle 402 0 Mon, 6:03pm
       Collapse Their were some Dwarven Banners... Hobbity Hobbit 176 2 Tue, 7:37pm
           Collapse Do you mean Smaug the iron 103 1 Wed, 4:09pm
               Must be a Dwarf banner! arithmancer 75 0 Wed, 8:24pm

  Collapse Gandalf and Bard Smaug the iron 382 1 Mon, 4:05pm Jump to last post in thread (by Lieutenant of Dol Guldur)
       Perhaps when the Eagles arrive? Lieutenant of Dol Guldur 272 0 Mon, 6:27pm
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