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Movie Discussion: The Hobbit
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  Sticky: Thread Locked Welcome to the Hobbit Movie board! Altaira 147939 0 May 24 2008, 1:58am Jump to last post in thread (by Altaira)

  Sticky: How Best to Contact an Admin for Help Kyriel 110862 0 Mar 31 2009, 10:46pm Jump to last post in thread (by Kyriel)

  Sticky: The Courtesy of our Halls (Discussion Guidelines) Silverlode 6014 0 Oct 12 2014, 9:41pm Jump to last post in thread (by Silverlode)

  Collapse Sticky: Help us Thank the entire cast & crew of 'All Six Middle-earth Films' News from Bree 811 6 Dec 23 2014, 4:27am Jump to last post in thread (by dormouse)

  Collapse Sticky: NEW! Official Hobbit movie reviews - post them here! entmaiden 2587 49 Dec 29 2014, 1:40am Jump to last post in thread (by Spriggan)

Collapse Sticky: Folks from the Uni of Waikato want to know YOUR opinion on BotFA! greendragon 539 21 Jan 21, 4:17pm Jump to last post in thread (by CaroMichelle)

  Collapse Sticky: DOS Chapter of the Week (CHOW) Sign-up for February 2015! DanielLB 295 7 Jan 23, 8:08pm Jump to last post in thread (by BlackFox)

Collapse Sticky: Admin announcement: a clean-up of The Hobbit discussion board Ataahua 759 5 Jan 24, 10:10pm Jump to last post in thread (by Bumblingidiot)

  Collapse the two Fili! Andreorn89 369 4 Thu, 9:54pm Jump to last post in thread (by lionoferebor)
       Collapse Looks a little too old, I think. Pandallo 186 1 Thu, 10:26pm
           O'Gorman's Fili lionoferebor 53 0 3:07am
       Collapse Cosplay CathrineB 151 1 Thu, 11:15pm
           I think... ecthelionsbeard 84 0 1:26am

  Collapse Here's an excellent video essay sauget.diblosio 345 4 Thu, 8:19pm Jump to last post in thread (by burrahobbit)
       Collapse Yet this video Lindele 214 2 Thu, 8:22pm
           Collapse I'd say that LotR had it's fair share of expectations going in, sauget.diblosio 183 1 Thu, 8:29pm
               Whether or not Lindele 155 0 Thu, 9:02pm
       Interesting polemic burrahobbit 140 0 Thu, 9:30pm

HAS the "EMBARGO" been Lifted YET? Bombadil 323 0 Thu, 7:24pm Jump to last post in thread (by Bombadil)

  Collapse What happens to the Goblins anyways? Bishop 480 18 Thu, 3:43pm Jump to last post in thread (by Bishop)
       Collapse Sunlight Merovech 279 11 Thu, 4:04pm
           Collapse I guess that's why I asked Bishop 239 10 Thu, 4:47pm
               Collapse I believe Elessar 231 4 Thu, 4:50pm
                   Collapse Yes, that could be the intention Bishop 215 3 Thu, 4:53pm
                       Collapse I guess Elessar 203 2 Thu, 4:55pm
                           Collapse I think if Jackson had gone for a more stormy look Bishop 205 1 Thu, 5:05pm
                               Of course Elessar 170 0 Thu, 5:30pm
               Collapse Perhaps... BlackFox 208 4 Thu, 5:04pm
                   Collapse I don't think that's as plausible.. Bishop 193 3 Thu, 5:08pm
                       Collapse Sure, but... BlackFox 178 2 Thu, 5:16pm
                           Collapse "I know your king was just killed and all, but I got this" Bishop 177 1 Thu, 5:30pm
                             Exactly! BlackFox 126 0 Thu, 6:37pm
       Collapse Coffee Break. n/m Brandybuckled 201 1 Thu, 5:03pm
           heh! Bishop 181 0 Thu, 5:06pm
       Collapse Problems organizing. Darkstone 74 3 Thu, 10:17pm
         Collapse When the Goblin-King Crashed Bombadil 33 2 2:30am
               Collapse People just have different tastes. / Darkstone 16 1 4:17am
                   To each their own... Bishop 6 0 48 mins ago

  Collapse Alternative Structure / Scenes / Events for TH movies (Long Post) Arannir 537 11 Thu, 9:41am Jump to last post in thread (by MyWeeLadGimli)
       An interesting read. Macfeast 259 0 Thu, 10:39am
       Very interesting read... Eleniel 244 0 Thu, 10:48am
       "There and Back Again" Arannir 220 0 Thu, 2:26pm
       A good idea! KingTurgon 175 0 Thu, 2:59pm
       Collapse It's a very interesting read.... dormouse 154 1 Thu, 4:23pm
           Thanks to all tjlhe feedback by several people. Arannir 74 0 Thu, 8:19pm
       Collapse Thanks for a very interesting read Bishop 116 1 Thu, 6:17pm
           Absolutely. Arannir 70 0 Thu, 8:27pm
       Collapse Thanks for all your hard work. Michelle Johnston 114 1 Thu, 6:27pm
           Thanks and agreed on your general points. Arannir 73 0 Thu, 8:22pm
       It was well done... MyWeeLadGimli 1 0 6 mins ago

  Collapse Would have repented Thorin liked to be buried with the arkenstone? Mr. Arkenstone (isaac) 228 1 Thu, 9:11am Jump to last post in thread (by Elarie)
       It was the highest honor that any King Under the Mountain could have Elarie 108 0 Thu, 1:47pm

  Collapse The 'Arkenstone' Silmaril . . . chauvelin2000 418 10 Thu, 7:28am Jump to last post in thread (by ElendilTheShort)
       For me IT IS Mr. Arkenstone (isaac) 211 0 Thu, 9:09am
       Collapse JDR and the Arkenstone Elthir 162 6 Thu, 1:47pm
           Collapse Can somebody explain, as I'm not a geologist... Eleniel 128 5 Thu, 3:07pm
               Collapse A lot of volcanos shadowdog 90 4 Thu, 6:25pm
                   Collapse Yes I know land masses shift and move... Eleniel 60 3 Thu, 8:38pm
                       Collapse No more a stretch as ... DanielLB 53 1 Thu, 9:04pm
                           Ah, but Beater and Biter could easily have been carried away by the enemy... Eleniel 45 0 Thu, 9:38pm
                       Not really shadowdog 48 0 Thu, 9:21pm
       That's interesting! Lindarielwen 142 0 Thu, 1:56pm
       the descriptions of the two gems are entirely different ElendilTheShort 44 0 Thu, 9:55pm

  Collapse How did non-book readers respond to the Dwarves' deaths? Lio 427 2 Thu, 1:50am Jump to last post in thread (by TheSexyBeard)
       A couple responses Starglass 165 0 Thu, 3:23pm
       My friend was surprised TheSexyBeard 163 0 Thu, 3:29pm

  Collapse When will someone put an honest version of "The Hobbit" on film? Kangi Ska 735 15 Thu, 1:26am Jump to last post in thread (by Glorfindela)
       Collapse I predict the next major attempt at Hobbit/LotR adaptations... MechaGodzilla 454 1 Thu, 2:28am
           I wouldnt underestimate hollywoods desperation... moreorless 317 0 Thu, 6:56am
       Well Bishop 348 0 Thu, 4:25am
       Collapse An honest version of "The Hobbit" exists already, Kangi - two versions.... dormouse 301 9 Thu, 9:03am
           Collapse I would not question Peter Jackson's sincerity (honesty) Kangi Ska 208 7 Thu, 3:07pm
               Collapse I would say Glorfindela 178 5 Thu, 3:28pm
                   Collapse Technically/literally speaking... Brandybuckled 143 1 Thu, 5:12pm
                     One Orc is the same as any other to me Glorfindela 116 0 Thu, 6:14pm
                   Collapse But Azog was only important to Pete's version of the Hobbit. Kangi Ska 116 2 Thu, 6:15pm
                       Well yes and no. Spriggan 68 0 Thu, 9:35pm
                       Not in PJ's adaptation Glorfindela 42 0 12:05am
               Well, taking your second point first... dormouse 179 0 Thu, 3:31pm
           Indeed Elessar 172 0 Thu, 3:29pm
       We already have an 'honest' adaptation Glorfindela 258 0 Thu, 11:54am
       Those interested in a different take... BlackFox 184 0 Thu, 3:40pm

  Collapse Did we glimpse baby Samwise? News from Bree 490 13 Wed, 4:05pm Jump to last post in thread (by cats16)
       What a great observation.....I agree EomundDaughter 237 0 Wed, 9:53pm
       Maybe not Sam Otaku-sempai 245 0 Wed, 9:59pm
       Collapse Remembering Hamfast Gamgee 208 1 Wed, 10:24pm
           Not that much shorter. Otaku-sempai 143 0 Thu, 12:08am
       Baby Gaffer maybe. RosieLass 191 0 Wed, 10:43pm
       Collapse Well,I am sure they are Gamgees of some variety... Na Vedui 191 5 Wed, 11:10pm
         Collapse Yes! Brethil 172 4 Wed, 11:16pm
               Collapse That strong Took side... Riven Delve 144 3 Thu, 12:17am
                   Nice 'cap! cats16 116 0 Thu, 12:42am
                   Collapse I see what you mean - this is the one I had in mind Brethil 116 1 Thu, 12:58am
                       Reminds me... cats16 112 0 Thu, 1:00am
       Haha... ecthelionsbeard 164 0 Wed, 11:33pm
       Hmmm. Farficom 134 0 Thu, 12:22am

  Collapse Do you think The Hobbit will gain more recognization as it grows older? Hobbity Hobbit 1302 58 Wed, 12:36pm Jump to last post in thread (by glor)
       Collapse No. NottaSackville 695 1 Wed, 1:15pm
           Hmm. arithmancer 633 0 Wed, 1:45pm
       Collapse Yes, I do dormouse 621 28 Wed, 1:57pm
           Collapse I doubt it, unfortunately Voronwë_the_Faithful 602 26 Wed, 2:18pm
               Collapse Ah, Voronwe..... dormouse 513 20 Wed, 4:22pm
                   ah, dormouse Voronwë_the_Faithful 434 0 Wed, 5:24pm
                   Collapse I agree with your thoughts, Dormouse Brethil 416 17 Wed, 6:06pm
                       Collapse So right, Brethil Glorfindela 365 3 Wed, 6:37pm
                           Collapse Yes, the defending gets exhausting! Brethil 317 1 Wed, 7:43pm
                               That Oscar night was really something, wasn't it..... dormouse 240 0 Thu, 12:05am
                           So do I shadowdog 213 0 Thu, 1:01am
                       Collapse Spot on Elessar 314 4 Wed, 7:30pm
                         Collapse *Hullo, Elessar!* // Brethil 290 3 Wed, 7:41pm
                               Collapse Hey!! :-D Elessar 281 2 Wed, 8:10pm
                                 Collapse Good! Just COLD right now! Brrrrr! Brethil 235 1 Wed, 11:08pm
                                       That's great! Elessar 193 0 Thu, 1:56am
                       Collapse I was around, too Estel78 325 6 Wed, 7:32pm
                           Collapse Well then maybe our memories are different Brethil 305 4 Wed, 7:40pm
                               Collapse Maybe in book enthusiasts forums... Estel78 303 1 Wed, 8:00pm
                                   At least on this forum... RosieLass 250 0 Thu, 12:00am
                               Absolutely – that's how I remember it, too, Brethil Glorfindela 225 0 Thu, 12:37am
                               you are not mistaken shadowdog 217 0 Thu, 1:10am
                           You are speaking of the critics and their reviews, mae govannen 154 0 Thu, 7:45am
                       Analysis of the LOTR past that is quite true, mae govannen 157 0 Thu, 7:36am
                   LOL.. I absolutely share your optimism, dormouse! // mae govannen 151 0 Thu, 7:27am
               Collapse Perhaps but to some degree there was a need for a "new prequals"... moreorless 128 4 Thu, 11:32am
                   Collapse But that culture is based on a falsehood glor 74 3 Thu, 8:47pm
                       Collapse The funny thing is..... dormouse 37 2 Thu, 11:31pm
                           Agreed, Dormouse Glorfindela 21 0 12:14am
                           It is why they work for me too glor 24 0 12:15am
           Agree totally with you on this. // mae govannen 160 0 Thu, 6:47am
       Yes, I think it's a set of films that certainly will Glorfindela 557 0 Wed, 2:11pm
       Not sure. Arannir 505 0 Wed, 3:11pm
       Gain popularity? Lindele 516 0 Wed, 3:22pm
       I do. Elessar 487 0 Wed, 3:28pm
       maybe not balbo biggins 442 0 Wed, 4:34pm
       I think they'll still be appreciated iduna 429 0 Wed, 4:53pm
       ... nymmerod 410 0 Wed, 5:15pm
       of course not stoutfiles 424 0 Wed, 5:30pm
       Collapse Hard to say JTurner82 378 3 Wed, 6:29pm
           Collapse That is also true Glorfindela 357 2 Wed, 6:37pm
               Collapse Thanks. JTurner82 331 1 Wed, 6:56pm
                 Welcome, JTurner! // Brethil 278 0 Wed, 7:36pm
       Hmm - what kind of recognition are you referring to? elostirion74 309 0 Wed, 7:28pm
       Collapse No they don't have the quality of timeless movies burrahobbit 268 3 Wed, 11:06pm
           Collapse same here redgiraffe 200 2 Thu, 4:27am
               Signed Arannir 131 0 Thu, 3:01pm
               Nice post! // burrahobbit 55 0 Thu, 9:32pm
       It's hard for any of us to say *now*, but it's not impossible MechaGodzilla 197 0 Thu, 2:12am
       Collapse No. jtarkey 168 7 Thu, 9:31am
           Collapse This statement (quoted below) actually boggles MY mind Glorfindela 162 4 Thu, 11:48am
               Collapse yep jtarkey 145 3 Thu, 1:21pm
                   I think it should've been pretty obvious Skaan 122 0 Thu, 1:28pm
                   As you well know Glorfindela 111 0 Thu, 2:04pm
                   And yet "Dawn" almost put me to sleep with boredom Elarie 133 0 Thu, 2:49pm
           Collapse Really? Ilmatar 129 1 Thu, 1:55pm
             Thank you, Ilmatar Glorfindela 144 0 Thu, 2:11pm
       No. sauget.diblosio 90 0 Thu, 8:09pm

  Collapse Of 'Holy Stones', Tauriel, and Light 'precious and pure' ... chauvelin2000 460 7 Wed, 9:21am Jump to last post in thread (by elf-lady)
       Collapse Thanks for this Lio 98 3 Thu, 1:44am
           Collapse Screen-writers able to draw in more Tolkien through other characters ... chauvelin2000 92 2 Thu, 4:16am
               I couldn't agree more.... dormouse 64 0 Thu, 8:49am
               I wonder which of the team actually wrote this... Eleniel 65 0 Thu, 10:44am
       Lovely post, thank you! Elvanui 40 0 Thu, 2:15pm
       Nice to discover one more learned and brilliant mind among us TORnsibs! mae govannen 39 0 Thu, 2:39pm
       Brilliant post elf-lady 36 0 Thu, 4:37pm

  Collapse My Love Letter to The Hobbit (long) SheHathaldir 928 25 Tue, 10:06pm Jump to last post in thread (by SheHathaldir)
       Thank you! iduna 371 0 Tue, 11:07pm
       Wonderful post Kim 368 0 Tue, 11:07pm
       Collapse Thank you so much for this.... dormouse 388 1 Tue, 11:27pm
           I echo dormouse's post The Grey Wanderer 306 0 Wed, 1:05am
       This is a gift Voronwë_the_Faithful 349 0 Tue, 11:39pm
       Collapse Thank you for sharing your thoughts Glorfindela 339 1 Tue, 11:46pm
           Beautiful Jeffrodo 316 0 Wed, 12:20am
       Thank you! Riven Delve 308 0 Wed, 1:07am
       Thank you for sharing, I hope PJ and crew read this. Eruonen 300 0 Wed, 3:20am
       Bravo! Pandallo 280 0 Wed, 4:15am
       I urge anyone Starling 277 0 Wed, 6:22am
       Collapse Thank you. I really enjoyed this Brethil 255 1 Wed, 6:36am
           Very nice comment too here...// mae govannen 177 0 Wed, 2:24pm
       Beautiful! Especially your extended version. GloryBox 253 0 Wed, 6:52am
       Collapse Thank you for this – your eloquence is lovely, Noria 204 1 Wed, 1:26pm
           Ditto... Thank you Noria! // mae govannen 175 0 Wed, 2:27pm
       That's fantastic! Elessar 168 0 Wed, 3:31pm
       I wish Christopher Tolkien would read this love-letter mae govannen 183 0 Wed, 3:47pm
       What a beautiful letter Theodora 131 0 Wed, 7:53pm
       Wonderful! Domien 112 0 Wed, 10:01pm
       I could have Lindele 112 0 Wed, 10:56pm
       Beautifully Said ! spurg63 80 0 Thu, 5:58am
       Lovely! elf-lady 42 0 Thu, 5:18pm
       This is absolutely beautiful and I wish it could remain on this front page forever Loresilme 41 0 Thu, 5:49pm
     To all who have responded, thank you! SheHathaldir 22 0 1:05am

  Collapse I Sit Beside the Fire and Think AndHeHandedHimTheTobaccoJar 793 18 Tue, 9:13pm Jump to last post in thread (by Bladerunner)
       Collapse Love it JamesPaganini 395 5 Tue, 9:20pm
           Same Here AndHeHandedHimTheTobaccoJar 368 0 Tue, 9:25pm
           Collapse Bilbo's Song Mooseboy018 252 2 Wed, 1:51am
               Sigh. Arannir 177 0 Wed, 9:51am
               I like what you have done, thank you... Very nice! // mae govannen 122 0 Wed, 1:53pm
           Ditto, ditto, ditto... I love Bilbo, and that Song!!! mae govannen 131 0 Wed, 1:18pm
       sad indeed balbo biggins 356 0 Tue, 9:25pm
       Yes Kim 329 0 Tue, 10:08pm
       I'd forgotten about this Glorfindela 290 0 Tue, 11:38pm
       Collapse Strangely enough this was going through my head just this evening.... dormouse 304 2 Tue, 11:40pm
           Collapse Same with me, can you believe it?!... mae govannen 133 1 Wed, 1:12pm
               Here you go..... dormouse 126 0 Wed, 1:49pm
       Collapse Poor Bilbo. His fate was a bit tragical. leonmuse 290 3 Wed, 12:32am
           Thorin's pride Mooseboy018 261 0 Wed, 1:42am
           Free will glor 248 0 Wed, 1:43am
           But do you think any of them regrets mae govannen 136 0 Wed, 1:47pm
       I've always had the impression that several of the dwarves, and/or their close kin, had also visited Bilbo on occasion... Bladerunner 73 0 Thu, 1:18am
       ...another nice passage... Bladerunner 68 0 Thu, 1:45am

  Collapse Would PJ ever release a shorter, book-accurate Hobbit? stoutfiles 1232 69 Tue, 6:49pm Jump to last post in thread (by Darkstone)
       Collapse So much effort... Aragorn the Elfstone 658 7 Tue, 6:52pm
           Collapse I was under the impression... stoutfiles 645 6 Tue, 6:58pm
               Yeah... no. Pandallo 592 0 Tue, 7:01pm
               No, that is not what happened. Aragorn the Elfstone 587 0 Tue, 7:01pm
               I don't get this Bishop 543 0 Tue, 7:19pm
               Doesn't sound like Lindele 428 0 Tue, 7:50pm
               PJ... arithmancer 373 0 Tue, 8:29pm
               No, they were creative decisions Annatar598 310 0 Wed, 5:53am
       Collapse No. Pandallo 576 12 Tue, 6:57pm
           Collapse What I view? stoutfiles 573 11 Tue, 7:01pm
               Collapse None of those people matter. Aragorn the Elfstone 552 7 Tue, 7:04pm
                   Collapse Okay, then cut PJ out of the loop stoutfiles 541 6 Tue, 7:08pm
                       Collapse Read the book. Aragorn the Elfstone 538 5 Tue, 7:10pm
                           Collapse You forget who's stories these really are stoutfiles 516 3 Tue, 7:17pm
                               Collapse No. Tolkien is the author of the source material. PJ is the director of HIS films. Aragorn the Elfstone 508 2 Tue, 7:28pm
                                   Collapse You are the exception stoutfiles 422 1 Tue, 7:57pm
                                       That's irrelevant. Aragorn the Elfstone 357 0 Tue, 8:33pm
                           Like community theater perhaps? Bishop 493 0 Tue, 7:20pm
               Collapse Please don't Ataahua 522 2 Tue, 7:23pm
                   Collapse Just showing that people care stoutfiles 489 1 Tue, 7:25pm
                       And it's great to discuss them. Ataahua 466 0 Tue, 7:36pm
       Collapse No, of course he won't dormouse 545 12 Tue, 7:15pm
           Collapse Huh? stoutfiles 520 10 Tue, 7:23pm
               Collapse probably all of them. DjU 478 5 Tue, 7:29pm
                   Collapse The point was the director is not crucial when adapting a story stoutfiles 461 4 Tue, 7:36pm
                       Collapse A massive assumption DjU 445 2 Tue, 7:42pm
                           Collapse Common sense? stoutfiles 423 1 Tue, 7:49pm
                               I tend to see the Middle-Earth films - Hanzkaz 389 0 Tue, 8:00pm
                       Nope. arithmancer 327 0 Tue, 8:37pm
               Chris Columbus. Alfonso Cuaron. Mike Newell. David Yates. Aragorn the Elfstone 462 0 Tue, 7:33pm
               Collapse People who love the stories may have given the first film..... dormouse 194 2 Tue, 11:59pm
                   Perhaps it is a weakness... Aragorn the Elfstone 180 0 Wed, 12:08am
                   Me Too smtfhw 264 0 Wed, 8:23am
           Someone else, maybe, not PJ. Elizabeth 293 0 Wed, 6:36am
       Collapse It's weird - Hanzkaz 459 2 Tue, 7:39pm
           Collapse What time and expense? stoutfiles 380 1 Tue, 7:54pm
               I'm not an expert on film-making, Hanzkaz 360 0 Tue, 8:09pm
       Collapse i would love it. balbo biggins 400 10 Tue, 7:59pm
           Collapse I don't get any anger Spriggan 269 9 Tue, 9:59pm
               Collapse its about experimenting playing a challenge balbo biggins 236 1 Tue, 10:27pm
                   I don't think I recall someone ever asking that! Spriggan 177 0 Tue, 11:51pm
               Collapse Don't worry, this is not an invitation to a thread closing debate Bishop 213 6 Tue, 11:18pm
                   Collapse Ha - that's good to know. Spriggan 176 5 Tue, 11:54pm
                       Collapse Gotcha Bishop 172 4 Tue, 11:59pm
                           Collapse Well, there are lots of things. Spriggan 330 3 Wed, 12:08am
                               Collapse Yes that makes sense Bishop 319 1 Wed, 12:17am
                                   No worries. Spriggan 316 0 Wed, 12:23am
                               If someone goes this route I think it would be better for it to be a stand alone film moreorless 260 0 Wed, 8:23am
       Zero chance of that happening, I'd say... Salmacis81 345 0 Tue, 8:22pm
       Collapse No. arithmancer 344 2 Tue, 8:25pm
           Collapse Compared to the book stoutfiles 315 1 Tue, 8:49pm
               yes balbo biggins 299 0 Tue, 8:53pm
       It was an average adaptation, but no he won't and he shouldn't burrahobbit 316 0 Tue, 9:05pm
       I don't believe that PJ would ever reedit his films, Noria 279 0 Tue, 9:36pm
       No, thank goodness Glorfindela 219 0 Tue, 11:28pm
       No, but... Otaku-sempai 187 0 Tue, 11:55pm
       Collapse Of course that will never happen R11 346 3 Wed, 2:38am
           Collapse Posts like this... Pandallo 347 2 Wed, 3:54am
               And This I Think is the Crux of the Matter smtfhw 282 0 Wed, 8:30am
               Just wanted to thank you for the link to Oakentoon 56.... dormouse 256 0 Wed, 9:21am
       Collapse An old argument Michelle Johnston 282 4 Wed, 9:06am
           Collapse Agreed. Arannir 252 3 Wed, 9:43am
               Collapse PJ wouldn't have cut that for sure stoutfiles 181 1 Wed, 5:33pm
                   Doesn't this tell you something? dormouse 111 0 Wed, 11:54pm
               Trolls scene Michelle Johnston 147 0 Wed, 8:06pm
       This is a pointless question... Saneliur 242 0 Wed, 10:29am
       No Nolane 162 0 Wed, 6:28pm
       Nope Lindarielwen 61 0 Thu, 2:18pm
       Probably just the opposite. Darkstone 50 0 Thu, 6:58pm
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