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Movie Discussion: The Hobbit
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  Sticky: Thread Locked Welcome to the Hobbit Movie board! Altaira 166038 0 May 24 2008, 1:58am Jump to last post in thread (by Altaira)

  Sticky: How Best to Contact an Admin for Help Kyriel 119151 0 Mar 31 2009, 10:46pm Jump to last post in thread (by Kyriel)

  Sticky: The Courtesy of our Halls (Discussion Guidelines) Silverlode 21198 0 Oct 12 2014, 9:41pm Jump to last post in thread (by Silverlode)

Collapse Sticky: Folks from the Uni of Waikato want to know YOUR opinion on BotFA! greendragon 5595 25 Jan 21, 4:17pm Jump to last post in thread (by elf-lady)

  Collapse Why do the people hate Azog? DainPig 118 7 6:38pm Jump to last post in thread (by CathrineB)
       I agree... Ereinion Nénharma 110 0 6:45pm
       A lot of the complaints I've heard... Eruvandi 104 0 6:55pm
       Because he's not very nice.... dormouse 62 0 7:43pm
       Because of the Durins Avandel 48 0 59 mins ago
       not Azog necessarily Mooseboy018 23 0 25 mins ago
       I find the character to be unimaginative. Meneldor 23 0 25 mins ago
       I actually... CathrineB 3 0 50 secs ago

  Collapse ''Bilbo is right...'' Matthijs 170 3 5:20pm Jump to last post in thread (by Eruvandi)
       Welcome to the forum Matthijs Smaug the iron 153 0 5:26pm
       trailer line Mooseboy018 134 0 5:37pm
       That could be interesting. Eruvandi 82 0 6:40pm

  Collapse Little scenes that would have been nice.... Eruonen 725 11 Sun, 5:14am Jump to last post in thread (by Eruonen)
       Collapse Legolas' arrows AshNazg 610 1 Sun, 11:42am
         Legolas' hanging upside down Bracegirdle 569 0 Sun, 1:20pm
       Smaug smashing the Mountainside Otaku-sempai 568 0 Sun, 1:22pm
       This would only work Bishop 531 0 Sun, 3:18pm
       DOS: The giant golden Dwarf statue Legolas_Shoehorn 496 0 Sun, 4:31pm
       Thranduil's halls... yes xxxyyy 472 0 Sun, 5:10pm
       Scenes in BOT5A? Kilidoescartwheels 404 0 Sun, 8:03pm
       Collapse i don't recall that Barrow-Wight 397 1 Sun, 8:21pm
           AUJ Appendices MyWeeLadGimli 375 0 Sun, 9:05pm
       Collapse Details Avandel 23 1 7:59pm
           Especially your 2nd point as that scene in DOS was a little unreal Eruonen 11 0 29 mins ago

  Collapse Fili, Kili and Tauriel - Extended Edition scene DainPig 1150 20 Sat, 6:41pm Jump to last post in thread (by Eruvandi)
       Collapse More Kili - Fili Interactions would be most welcome but... Dcole4 1076 3 Sat, 6:54pm
           missing Thranduil scene. Mooseboy018 991 0 Sat, 8:24pm
           Collapse *sigh* Avandel 966 1 Sat, 8:39pm
               This. Eruvandi 26 0 6:22pm
       Collapse yes Mooseboy018 982 1 Sat, 8:29pm
         I agree with ya DainPig 954 0 Sat, 8:46pm
       Not for me Avandel 969 0 Sat, 8:33pm
       But why would Fili ask who Tauriel is.... dormouse 877 0 Sat, 10:32pm
       We need more Fili, but Never_Underestimate_A_Dwarf 822 0 Sun, 12:20am
       No Glorfindela 796 0 Sun, 1:45am
       Collapse Ah no way CathrineB 642 6 Sun, 10:40am
           Collapse Kili's anger Kilidoescartwheels 496 5 Sun, 7:57pm
               Collapse Yeah CathrineB 434 4 Sun, 10:25pm
                   Collapse Dwalin and Fili Mooseboy018 401 3 Mon, 12:54am
                       Collapse Faramir an Eowyn too Elanor of Rohan 277 2 Mon, 2:00pm
                           Don´t forget Smaug the iron 273 0 Mon, 2:04pm
                           Yes.... dormouse 123 0 6:42am
       Collapse OK, I'll play along Kilidoescartwheels 501 2 Sun, 7:54pm
           Collapse Doesn't sound like something PJ would approve... AshNazg 496 1 Sun, 8:12pm
               You mean another "subtle" reference to LoTR? Kilidoescartwheels 366 0 Mon, 4:52am

  Collapse The Curse of the Orcs on the Hill Arandir 410 1 Sat, 9:59am Jump to last post in thread (by Hobbity Hobbit)
       Some of the concepts are the same exact shots in FoTR... Hobbity Hobbit 381 0 Sat, 11:08am

  Collapse Dwarves by age of actor DainPig 546 12 Sat, 12:00am Jump to last post in thread (by MyWeeLadGimli)
       Collapse Wow MyWeeLadGimli 455 3 Sat, 3:11am
           Collapse It worked... lionoferebor 344 2 Sat, 5:19pm
               Collapse But an uncle can be younger than his nephew.... dormouse 288 1 Sat, 10:34pm
                   Most definitely... lionoferebor 255 0 Sun, 12:44am
       ^_^ CathrineB 444 0 Sat, 5:52am
       Collapse You can't go by the actor's ages! Kilidoescartwheels 282 6 Sat, 11:18pm
           Collapse It always... CathrineB 268 4 Sat, 11:57pm
               Collapse Let's talk about Ori's slingshot for a moment lionoferebor 227 2 Sun, 5:26am
                   Oddly enough... Pandallo 217 0 Sun, 7:09am
                   Another "oddly" dernwyn 193 0 Sun, 12:38pm
               Ori Otaku-sempai 183 0 Sun, 1:30pm
           Book ages MyWeeLadGimli 137 0 Sun, 9:01pm

  Collapse We actually got most of what we asked for... Hobbity Hobbit 1028 27 Fri, 10:26pm Jump to last post in thread (by Michelle Johnston)
       Collapse Well... CathrineB 949 7 Fri, 10:42pm
         Exactly my sentiments Glorfindela 932 0 Fri, 11:00pm
           Collapse Ditto to this post! Thrain II 919 5 Fri, 11:11pm
               Collapse Same Here brotherbeck 849 4 Sat, 2:09am
                   Collapse PJ explained that Kilidoescartwheels 505 3 Sat, 11:27pm
                       Collapse Well, I do wish the battle was more similar to the book. Eruonen 496 2 Sat, 11:54pm
                           Collapse Actual Physical Locations vs Green Screen & CGI Landscapes brotherbeck 463 1 Sun, 1:59am
                               Most of Pellenor Fields was green screen..... dormouse 412 0 Sun, 9:22am
       Collapse I echo your feelings rather than the four expressed above... dormouse 746 1 Sat, 9:39am
           Mostly agree with Dormouse Avandel 572 0 Sat, 7:39pm
       Collapse Well, yes and no. Spriggan 713 5 Sat, 11:56am
           Collapse Yes, a single tone might have been better.... dormouse 702 4 Sat, 12:41pm
               Oh sorry .... Spriggan 692 0 Sat, 12:52pm
               Collapse Do not agree Begather 67 2 9:13am
                   Don't you? I think it might, purely in terms of producing.... dormouse 39 0 2:56pm
                   Courage he needed courage Michelle Johnston 22 0 6:09pm
       Collapse I am reserving final judgement for the EE. Eruonen 626 2 Sat, 4:53pm
         Collapse In Some Ways PJ needed to be a MIND-READER? Bombadil 576 1 Sat, 7:31pm
               Well, no, I will disagree with that.... Avandel 558 0 Sat, 8:16pm
       Collapse I didn't ask for an Elf/Dwarf romance, or Azog to be brought back from the dead... Salmacis81 338 6 Sun, 6:54pm
           Collapse Green screen brotherbeck 292 5 Sun, 10:30pm
               Dale Smaug the iron 292 0 Sun, 10:42pm
               I know the feeling CathrineB 283 0 Sun, 10:47pm
               Indeed, and add the Ride of the Rohirrim and the trip to the Black Gate... Eleniel 248 0 Mon, 6:18am
               Collapse But what is 'real'.... dormouse 236 1 Mon, 8:03am
                   Not only Dale, Milieuterrien 161 0 Mon, 12:21pm
       The Original Intensions Michelle Johnston 203 0 Mon, 11:30am

  Collapse Questions about dragon sickness: DainPig 215 2 Fri, 6:36pm Jump to last post in thread (by dormouse)
       Jackson's Dragon-sickness Otaku-sempai 188 0 Fri, 7:24pm
       Dragon sickness is possessiveness out of control dormouse 138 0 Fri, 10:17pm

  Collapse BOFA and Richard Armitage win Saturn Awards Kim 1002 28 Fri, 5:21am Jump to last post in thread (by Smaug the iron)
       Great! Silmaril 884 0 Fri, 7:02am
       Well deserved mulubinba 856 0 Fri, 7:57am
       Good. Glorfindela 825 0 Fri, 8:39am
       Collapse Finally! CathrineB 819 1 Fri, 9:01am
           Indeed! Thrain II 717 0 Fri, 12:36pm
       Great news! BlackFox 819 0 Fri, 9:01am
       Collapse He sat on the Hannibal table ShireHorse 794 4 Fri, 10:04am
           Collapse I was wondering about that flower crown Kim 410 1 Sat, 12:46am
               The flower crown ShireHorse 361 0 Sat, 9:53am
           Collapse Rest easy, ShireHorse.... dormouse 130 1 Sat, 10:43pm
               No – no trace of an American accent I can hear, either. Glorfindela 113 0 Sun, 1:41am
       Woohoo! Hobbity Hobbit 668 0 Fri, 2:16pm
       *SQUEEEEE!!!!!* Avandel 639 0 Fri, 3:14pm
       Collapse Fantasy Films of 2014 Otaku-sempai 628 2 Fri, 3:27pm
           Collapse Well, those two weren't nominated Kim 411 1 Sat, 12:55am
               Honestly... Otaku-sempai 330 0 Sat, 12:22pm
       Excellent - and well-deserved! // dormouse 559 0 Fri, 5:30pm
       Great! Smaug the iron 561 0 Fri, 5:35pm
     Cool. Thanks Kim! // Brethil 536 0 Fri, 6:11pm
       Overdue and well deserved! Elarie 494 0 Fri, 8:05pm
       Well done glor 432 0 Fri, 11:44pm
       Generally, all the actors were made better characters via relationships with other characters squiggle 351 0 Sat, 10:53am
       Collapse For myself Glorfindela 288 1 Sat, 5:54pm
         Fabulous post IMO! Avandel 252 0 Sat, 9:02pm
       Collapse Collider interview with RA dernwyn 281 1 Sat, 8:09pm
         Many thanks to you and Shirehorse! Avandel 257 0 Sat, 8:55pm
       Woo! Congrats to Richard and the entire crew! // cats16 126 0 Sat, 10:37pm
       Video Smaug the iron 56 0 Mon, 2:00pm

  Collapse Dwayne Johnson as Beorn?? boldog 661 18 Fri, 4:27am Jump to last post in thread (by Milieuterrien)
       Collapse No. No. No. No. God. No. Please God No. Nooooooo!!!! Aragorn the Elfstone 610 2 Fri, 4:37am
         Collapse Just a little subtle........ boldog 593 1 Fri, 4:41am
               Sorry. Otaku-sempai 586 0 Fri, 4:47am
       Collapse Dwayne Johnson isn't a bad actor, but... Milieuterrien 574 1 Fri, 5:50am
           I agree... Hobbity Hobbit 438 0 Fri, 2:09pm
       Definite no to the idea of the actor substitute Glorfindela 530 0 Fri, 8:38am
       Hehe CathrineB 515 0 Fri, 9:15am
       I do not really like The Rock... painjoiker 467 0 Fri, 1:14pm
       He could have made a fierce orc - uruk hai. Eruonen 421 0 Fri, 2:53pm
       Collapse Confess I've never heard of him.... dormouse 374 2 Fri, 5:28pm
           Collapse Beorn was well cast. Bumblingidiot 57 1 1:55am
               Well cast and well characterized Milieuterrien 42 0 6:22am
       I like Dwayne Johnson as an actor... Salmacis81 354 0 Fri, 6:19pm
       Collapse Brian Blessed MedwedtoBeorn 326 3 Fri, 8:08pm
           Brian Blessed Ostadan 300 0 Fri, 8:52pm
           Collapse But...but... Aragorn the Elfstone 302 1 Fri, 8:56pm
               Brian Blessed is a great but I almost think his outsize personality would have been too much. Eruonen 193 0 Sat, 4:58pm
       LOL MouthofSauron 136 0 Sun, 6:10pm

  Collapse I can't make a marathon of The Hobbit in portuguese followed by a LOTR marathon DainPig 375 6 Jun 25, 8:09pm Jump to last post in thread (by Ilmatar)
       Collapse ^__^ CathrineB 343 2 Jun 25, 8:12pm
           I prefer subtitled, yea... DainPig 340 0 Jun 25, 8:19pm
           comparing the voices of Gandalf DainPig 271 0 Thu, 10:41pm
       Collapse Well hi there, Dain! Kilidoescartwheels 287 1 Thu, 10:18pm
           Voice as part of the performance Ilmatar 89 0 Sat, 8:48pm
       In the German dub... TheHutt 206 0 Fri, 7:53am

  Collapse "We're on our own" Milieuterrien 609 13 Jun 25, 8:00pm Jump to last post in thread (by Milieuterrien)
       Well, it showed character traits, like he was a very busy and powerful. Hobbity Hobbit 554 0 Jun 25, 8:04pm
       Gandalf does hide the reason that he's leaving. Otaku-sempai 547 0 Jun 25, 8:11pm
       Collapse We find the same narrative structure in LOTR Milieuterrien 545 1 Jun 25, 8:20pm
           Yeah, Hobbity Hobbit 507 0 Jun 25, 9:01pm
       Collapse Tolkien and the Hobbit as children Kilidoescartwheels 469 3 Thu, 10:14pm
           I don't know Glorfindela 442 0 Thu, 11:02pm
           Gandalf in the books. Otaku-sempai 436 0 Thu, 11:09pm
           Well, I'm not sure that child labour has a lot to do with it... dormouse 263 0 Fri, 2:30pm
       Collapse hmm.. elostirion74 439 3 Thu, 11:05pm
           Collapse Yes, that's the whole point... Eleniel 358 2 Fri, 6:54am
               I also think so Milieuterrien 301 0 Fri, 11:40am
               Undoubtedly, but.. elostirion74 199 0 Fri, 6:44pm
       Characters do react after being launched Milieuterrien 131 0 Sat, 9:49am

  Collapse Alfrid: 'Oi, you, Pointy Hat...' HelmHammerHand 499 10 Jun 25, 7:36pm Jump to last post in thread (by Bishop)
       Collapse Oh, don't get me started... Kilidoescartwheels 455 3 Jun 25, 7:48pm
           Collapse Wouldn't people then complain too little 'character development' if he'd been featured less ;) adt100 232 2 Fri, 1:44pm
               Too little character development... Gandalf the Green 220 0 Fri, 2:01pm
               In Alfrid's case Bishop 116 0 Sat, 7:34pm
       Well... DainPig 443 0 Jun 25, 7:54pm
       Collapse Well... Otaku-sempai 422 3 Jun 25, 8:15pm
           Alfrid has one objective, one obsession Milieuterrien 412 0 Jun 25, 8:31pm
           Collapse Remember in Bree? Kilidoescartwheels 366 1 Thu, 10:19pm
               Yes, there's that. Otaku-sempai 352 0 Thu, 10:56pm
       A temporary predicament is not the same, really. Spriggan 410 0 Jun 25, 8:35pm

  Collapse The Battle Of The Five Armies - Extended Edition PART 3 Smaug the iron 1138 15 Jun 25, 6:08pm Jump to last post in thread (by Eruonen)
       Well CathrineB 1069 0 Jun 25, 6:14pm
       Collapse Thanks for these. Mooseboy018 1068 4 Jun 25, 6:15pm
           Collapse Trollshaws Smaug the iron 1050 3 Jun 25, 6:23pm
               Yes! Mooseboy018 1044 0 Jun 25, 6:25pm
               Collapse Bilbo was still there. Otaku-sempai 1029 1 Jun 25, 6:32pm
                   the chest Mooseboy018 1004 0 Jun 25, 6:47pm
       Collapse Chanting... Otaku-sempai 1042 2 Jun 25, 6:29pm
           Would love this Shagrat 1023 0 Jun 25, 6:36pm
           Since there is mention of Chanting... Pandallo 312 0 Sat, 2:11pm
       Collapse Oh dear lord! Dcole4 1007 3 Jun 25, 6:49pm
           Collapse New Thrain scene ?! NoelGallagher 920 2 Jun 25, 7:31pm
               Collapse We've speculated on that Shagrat 913 1 Jun 25, 7:34pm
                   Thx mate NoelGallagher 907 0 Jun 25, 7:36pm
       Well done!!! Silmaril 632 0 Fri, 7:12am
       Good info to look forward too. Eruonen 267 0 Sat, 5:16pm

  Collapse Pouring Molten Metals on dragons/enemies is actually canon... Hobbity Hobbit 404 2 Jun 25, 5:33pm Jump to last post in thread (by geordie)
       Collapse I've seen references to molten lead Meneldor 355 1 Jun 25, 6:09pm
           One of the worst was boiling sand - geordie 283 0 Jun 25, 8:22pm
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