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Movie Discussion: The Hobbit
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  Sticky: Thread Locked Welcome to the Hobbit Movie board! Altaira 172143 0 May 24 2008, 1:58am Jump to last post in thread (by Altaira)

  Sticky: How Best to Contact an Admin for Help Kyriel 120602 0 Mar 31 2009, 10:46pm Jump to last post in thread (by Kyriel)

  Sticky: The Courtesy of our Halls (Discussion Guidelines) Silverlode 24512 0 Oct 12 2014, 9:41pm Jump to last post in thread (by Silverlode)

  Collapse AUJ is quite different to the another movies DainPig 350 8 1:55am Jump to last post in thread (by Shagrat)
       Collapse Uh... Hobbity Hobbit 337 1 2:02am
           I am not the english guy, sorry DainPig 324 0 2:06am
       Oops! Hobbity Hobbit 334 0 2:02am
       NO, NO! Kilidoescartwheels 285 0 3:43am
       Dain and Smaug Otaku-sempai 268 0 4:39am
       I'm not sure I understand... Mooseboy018 254 0 5:14am
       No it isn't - it's just the beginning of the story.... dormouse 204 0 7:40am
       Why change things? Shagrat 179 0 8:18am

  Collapse The Children of Hurin Illustrations look very similar to some scenes Hobbity Hobbit 315 1 Tue, 6:50pm Jump to last post in thread (by DainPig)
       And what about this DainPig 162 0 2:15am

  Collapse A flow chart/list of all the story/character changes in the Hobbit films? Goldeneye 530 20 Tue, 3:45pm Jump to last post in thread (by Legomir)
       Collapse We will never know all of it... Thrain II 510 2 Tue, 3:55pm
           Collapse cool Goldeneye 441 1 Tue, 5:22pm
               No problem! Thrain II 410 0 Tue, 5:46pm
       Collapse Azog/Bolg Shagrat 481 11 Tue, 4:35pm
           Collapse I think much of what you said was right... Legomir 298 2 Tue, 9:50pm
               Collapse Good points Shagrat 159 1 8:24am
                   Conan Stevens' Azog Legomir 39 0 4:17pm
           Wow Goldeneye 248 0 12:49am
           Collapse Ooh thanks for that! I didn't know most of that. Hobbity Hobbit 224 6 2:10am
               Collapse Of Legolas and Tauriel Shagrat 136 5 10:02am
                   Collapse No Smaug the iron 132 4 10:11am
                       Collapse What was Legolas to do then? Shagrat 110 3 11:42am
                           Collapse No Smaug the iron 109 2 11:47am
                               Collapse Right Shagrat 92 1 12:04pm
                                   That is a question I don't have a answer to. Smaug the iron 75 0 12:21pm
       Hoperfully they talk about it in the appendices. Smaug the iron 415 0 Tue, 5:40pm
       Collapse Beorn's prologue DainPig 251 1 12:46am
           Probably not Mooseboy018 241 0 1:11am
       Collapse I assume... Arannir 90 1 12:06pm
           Agreed Thrain II 77 0 12:19pm

  Collapse Beorn gets tortured in Dol Guldur (BOFA EE) PryftanAW 1377 29 Mon, 7:25pm Jump to last post in thread (by adt100)
       Collapse or cut from movie tattooed_dwarf 1304 8 Mon, 7:28pm
           youve made the EE videos on youtube NoelGallagher 1298 0 Mon, 7:32pm
           Collapse I'm not sure,but... PryftanAW 1270 6 Mon, 7:54pm
               Collapse Yeah but Thrain II 1223 3 Mon, 8:19pm
                   a flashback is still possible NoelGallagher 1214 0 Mon, 8:25pm
                   My thoughts too....it would reference the wrist shackles he has when hosting the company. Eruonen 1153 0 Mon, 8:59pm
                   Or maybe Beorn just decided to go investigate DG himself and got captured lurtz2010 942 0 Tue, 1:40am
               Wow that has to be in the EE lurtz2010 958 0 Tue, 1:16am
               Remember we got a lego set OldestDaughter 413 0 Tue, 3:28pm
       Thanks for sharing! Thrain II 1268 0 Mon, 7:53pm
       I love it. Smaug the iron 1231 0 Mon, 8:12pm
       Appears revolting Glorfindela 1061 0 Mon, 10:44pm
       Baaaaa! Bracegirdle 981 0 Tue, 12:43am
       Collapse What if Beorn is captured after he helps the company boldog 760 15 Tue, 8:29am
           Collapse good idea Sir Boldog NoelGallagher 707 11 Tue, 10:10am
               The image is from the website of an make-up artist PryftanAW 700 0 Tue, 10:21am
               Collapse That's very possible... AshNazg 654 9 Tue, 11:38am
                   yes NoelGallagher 639 0 Tue, 11:51am
                   Interesting Shagrat 583 0 Tue, 12:47pm
                   Collapse "So Bolg could become Legolas's enemy, rather than Beorn's" KingTurgon 446 6 Tue, 3:02pm
                       Collapse Probably to bring more people to the theatres Thrain II 417 1 Tue, 3:28pm
                           ^ THIS! adt100 56 0 12:41pm
                       Messy messy Goldeneye 241 0 Tue, 3:29pm
                       Collapse I wonder if... tsmith675 235 2 Tue, 3:37pm
                           Collapse Perhaps Shagrat 226 1 Tue, 3:51pm
                               actually NoelGallagher 190 0 Tue, 5:22pm
           Collapse It's hard for me to believe Thrain II 634 1 Tue, 11:53am
               i expect it to be in the EE NoelGallagher 621 0 Tue, 12:00pm
           Doesn't work for TH:BotFA Otaku-sempai 554 0 Tue, 1:11pm

  Collapse what if tauriel and kili did get together... balbo biggins 802 36 Mon, 3:15pm Jump to last post in thread (by Otaku-sempai)
       Collapse Too different? Otaku-sempai 727 9 Mon, 3:48pm
           Collapse cmon, if course they could! balbo biggins 587 8 Mon, 7:50pm
               Collapse You know what happens when you assume. Otaku-sempai 576 7 Mon, 8:11pm
                   Collapse but... balbo biggins 546 6 Mon, 10:16pm
                       Collapse Don't confuse physical compatability with genetic compatability. Otaku-sempai 498 5 Mon, 11:01pm
                           Collapse very similar balbo biggins 472 4 Mon, 11:39pm
                               Collapse Fanfic? Otaku-sempai 412 3 Tue, 4:23am
                                   Collapse Fanfic! dreamflower 97 2 12:04pm
                                       Collapse To fic, or not to fic. Otaku-sempai 64 1 2:10pm
                                           That's what I thought dreamflower 54 0 2:24pm
       Dwelves? Kilidoescartwheels 716 0 Mon, 4:02pm
       Collapse Wouldn't happen... dormouse 647 21 Mon, 6:25pm
           Collapse Why not? Bishop 533 20 Mon, 10:05pm
               Collapse Two reasons... dormouse 396 19 Tue, 8:01am
                   By Elbereth, I think you've got it..... the 13th warrior 362 0 Tue, 9:32am
                   Courtly Love Otaku-sempai 307 0 Tue, 1:27pm
                   Collapse Great post, thanks! But I still disagree Bishop 268 15 Tue, 3:38pm
                       My take on the "trousers" line Kilidoescartwheels 237 0 Tue, 5:05pm
                       Collapse Feel free to disagree, that's fine by me :-) dormouse 202 13 Tue, 7:04pm
                           Collapse Not 5 minutes... Hobbity Hobbit 140 2 2:19am
                               Collapse Love at first sight dreamflower 89 1 12:15pm
                                   Yes Bishop 95 0 1:13pm
                           Collapse Most certainly Glorfindela 87 2 12:21pm
                               Collapse Well.... dormouse 75 1 1:51pm
                                   No Glorfindela 56 0 2:22pm
                           Collapse Hey, this is on Jackson Bishop 96 6 1:16pm
                               Collapse Yes dormouse 74 5 1:54pm
                                   Collapse Kili's survival has nothing to do with it Bishop 70 4 1:57pm
                                       Collapse Of course it does.... dormouse 64 3 2:09pm
                                           Collapse Well.... Otaku-sempai 58 2 2:19pm
                                               Collapse People may be.... dormouse 52 1 2:26pm
                                                   Be that as it may... Otaku-sempai 42 0 2:40pm
                   Indeed, I agree as JRRT says in Letters Brethil 225 0 Tue, 5:37pm
       If you divorce the movies completely from the books... well, pretty much anything is possible. Nomad 523 0 Mon, 10:19pm
       Collapse Well Glorfindela 511 1 Mon, 10:38pm
           No, Dwarves are too different. Elizabeth 381 0 Tue, 8:15am

  Collapse Did the moth reappear in BOFA? Earl 390 3 Mon, 11:07am Jump to last post in thread (by Kim)
       Collapse I don't believe it did appear. Imladris18 258 2 Mon, 4:28pm
           Collapse True Earl 119 1 Tue, 8:20am
               You could also look at this way Kim 32 0 3:48am

  Collapse The fate of Tauriel, Radagast and Alfrid: what will happen to them? DainPig 780 33 Mon, 12:02am Jump to last post in thread (by Avandel)
       Collapse I'm not sure, OldestDaughter 717 1 Mon, 12:19am
           okay, he will scape DainPig 712 0 Mon, 12:28am
       Collapse Alfrid Otaku-sempai 694 3 Mon, 1:20am
         Collapse SPOILER here too about Otaku's post DainPig 683 2 Mon, 1:40am
               Collapse official Mooseboy018 677 1 Mon, 1:48am
                   To me DainPig 671 0 Mon, 1:53am
       Collapse Tauriel and Radagast Mooseboy018 670 1 Mon, 1:54am
           Radagast's farewell DainPig 663 0 Mon, 2:00am
       Collapse Speaking of unresolved conclusions... MyWeeLadGimli 631 1 Mon, 3:35am
           confirmed Mooseboy018 605 0 Mon, 4:21am
       Collapse Neither Tauriel nor Radaghast will die Kilidoescartwheels 625 7 Mon, 3:41am
           Collapse The Master's (Book) Fate Otaku-sempai 588 6 Mon, 4:31am
               Collapse Alfrid dead in the wild? How this would work? DainPig 579 5 Mon, 4:44am
                   Collapse In the marshes Otaku-sempai 576 4 Mon, 5:00am
                       Collapse For me, no.... Avandel 355 3 Mon, 2:46pm
                           Collapse Realism (and Tolkien) has little to do with it. Otaku-sempai 327 2 Mon, 3:30pm
                               Collapse LOL realism Avandel 208 1 Mon, 6:40pm
                                   I'm still not sure about the end. Otaku-sempai 176 0 Mon, 8:01pm
       Collapse How about nothing? dormouse 534 6 Mon, 7:10am
           Alfrid's death was in an early cut of BotFA in October or so, I believe, according to Doug Adams IIRC. // Bofur01 442 0 Mon, 11:13am
           Agree Avandel 362 0 Mon, 2:37pm
           Collapse How about nothing indeed Glorfindela 347 3 Mon, 2:48pm
               Collapse Well, re Radagast... Avandel 343 2 Mon, 2:54pm
                   Collapse But Glorfindela 340 1 Mon, 3:01pm
                       Of course - love Beorn! Avandel 208 0 Mon, 6:46pm
       Hmm CathrineB 446 0 Mon, 10:58am
       I remember some interview shortly after the BotFA release where... Imladris18 307 0 Mon, 4:37pm
       Collapse Radagast - no staff, no wizard DainPig 150 1 Mon, 11:49pm
           Well, had to do a quick look-up on wizard staffs.... Avandel 144 0 Tue, 12:28am
       Collapse Hmm Bernhardina 97 1 Tue, 1:45pm
           On Radagast in LOTR Spriggan 78 0 Tue, 2:45pm
       Collapse Tauriel's fate. Bumblingidiot 61 1 Tue, 4:50pm
         Elves being ineffable??? Avandel 38 0 Tue, 8:28pm

Collapse US/Canada EE release date Nov. 17th PryftanAW 888 8 Sun, 5:08pm Jump to last post in thread (by Avandel)
       That's not the type of EE news I wanted to hear tsmith675 711 0 Sun, 9:10pm
       Really sad news DainPig 622 0 Sun, 11:28pm
       booooooooo Mooseboy018 569 0 Mon, 1:56am
       Collapse Aargh...! *big sigh* mae govannen 396 2 Mon, 1:55pm
           Collapse Well, it's really just about the same wait as before, isn't it... dormouse 356 1 Mon, 3:14pm
               Agreed, besides, what is the rush? Avandel 249 0 Mon, 6:50pm
       Collapse The link doesn't give a date Kilidoescartwheels 323 1 Mon, 4:31pm
           I'm afraid it does.... dormouse 270 0 Mon, 6:18pm

  Collapse Jason Isaacs would have made a great Thranduil had he not been cast Eruonen 626 12 Sat, 6:23pm Jump to last post in thread (by Eruonen)
       Collapse Eeeh CathrineB 577 1 Sat, 6:53pm
           To me, as Lucius, he looks very elvish Eruonen 565 0 Sat, 7:04pm
       Collapse He would have been my choice for Elrond. Silverlode 539 3 Sat, 8:02pm
           Pace is one of the standout actors in the trilogy NoelGallagher 528 0 Sat, 8:18pm
           Collapse Lee Pace did a terrific job, no doubt. Eruonen 497 1 Sat, 9:27pm
               Before the films .... dormouse 486 0 Sat, 10:09pm
       Collapse Maybe Adrianna 468 5 Sat, 10:48pm
           Collapse Agree Glorfindela 433 4 Sun, 12:49am
               Collapse Mmm! Adrianna 403 3 Sun, 3:26am
                   Collapse I'd say Glorfindela 300 2 Sun, 11:38am
                       Exactly. Mooseboy018 202 0 Sun, 5:28pm
                       It is too bad we could not have it all. Eruonen 151 0 Sun, 10:17pm

  Collapse Azog playing Old Bolg part? Mr. Arkenstone (isaac) 625 13 Sat, 10:06am Jump to last post in thread (by Smaug the iron)
       Collapse Well, yeah Thrain II 543 12 Sat, 12:20pm
           Collapse hmm Goldeneye 476 11 Sat, 3:40pm
               Collapse No Smaug the iron 473 10 Sat, 3:49pm
                   Collapse I'm not so sure. Mooseboy018 434 1 Sat, 5:36pm
                       Yes but Smaug the iron 427 0 Sat, 5:52pm
                   Collapse You sure about that? Salmacis81 254 7 Sun, 4:42pm
                       Collapse Well Yes Smaug the iron 242 5 Sun, 5:14pm
                           Collapse The original concept Beorn killed Bolg... AshNazg 149 4 Mon, 12:52pm
                               Collapse How do you know? Smaug the iron 137 3 Mon, 1:12pm
                                   Collapse no matter what NoelGallagher 121 2 Mon, 2:52pm
                                       Collapse Legolas Mooseboy018 91 1 Mon, 5:55pm
                                           Even Smaug the iron 89 0 Mon, 6:00pm
                       bear claws Mooseboy018 234 0 Sun, 5:30pm

  Collapse Bilbo's goodbye analysis DainPig 566 5 Fri, 8:41pm Jump to last post in thread (by CathrineB)
       Collapse I LOVE this scene Legomir 521 1 Fri, 8:56pm
         Yes DainPig 515 0 Fri, 9:01pm
       Bifur's missing axe Pandallo 434 0 Fri, 11:45pm
       Spring forward? Otaku-sempai 300 0 Sat, 12:22pm
       Ah yes! CathrineB 231 0 Sat, 7:00pm

  Collapse Who would you cast as Thorin if Richard Armitage didn't take the part? Goldeneye 680 31 Fri, 5:36pm Jump to last post in thread (by the 13th warrior)
       We shoud see an audition Elanor of Rohan 604 0 Fri, 5:51pm
       Collapse It would depend how the part was written.... dormouse 587 4 Fri, 6:49pm
           Collapse re: Goldeneye 538 3 Fri, 8:07pm
               Collapse I've never seen your man act.... dormouse 497 2 Fri, 9:51pm
                   Collapse Ha Goldeneye 484 1 Fri, 10:25pm
                       Game of Thrones isn't shown on UK terrestrial TV... dormouse 326 0 Sat, 8:30am
       Well, Thorin was younger in the films. Otaku-sempai 573 0 Fri, 7:13pm
       Dillane would've made a fantastic Denethor... Elutherian 531 0 Fri, 8:23pm
       I've no idea why that man is Glorfindela 469 0 Fri, 10:47pm
       Loved Dillane as Stannis Baratheon... Salmacis81 453 0 Fri, 11:24pm
       Collapse Okay, for sake of argument... Kilidoescartwheels 450 10 Fri, 11:36pm
           Collapse The explanation I heard... Salmacis81 440 3 Fri, 11:44pm
               Collapse On that topic... Pandallo 432 1 Fri, 11:51pm
                   I never really bought their whole "friendship" though... Salmacis81 421 0 Sat, 12:03am
               Have you seen him lately? Kilidoescartwheels 407 0 Sat, 12:25am
           Collapse Brian Cox Mooseboy018 438 5 Fri, 11:45pm
               Collapse Really? That's interesting Kilidoescartwheels 407 4 Sat, 12:26am
                   Collapse GTD Mooseboy018 349 3 Sat, 6:42am
                       Collapse I don't think so. Glorfindela 319 2 Sat, 9:07am
                           Agreed on all counts dormouse 296 0 Sat, 12:21pm
                           Rollicking and Rumbustious! Goldeneye 254 0 Sat, 2:13pm
       Collapse I had assume Thorin would be like Theoden! Avandel 425 6 Sat, 12:04am
           Collapse If another actor had fallen over... Macfeast 284 5 Sat, 1:07pm
               Collapse *Bows* and in no way was I..... Avandel 237 2 Sat, 3:39pm
                   Collapse Of course. I know you to be very fair. Macfeast 201 1 Sat, 4:30pm
                       Jean Reno (the actor who played 'Leon with young Natalie Portman') Milieuterrien 74 0 Mon, 4:36pm
               Collapse Oliver Reed was famous for (among many other things) Starling 167 1 Sat, 9:07pm
                   We shared a crush, Starling.... dormouse 156 0 Sat, 10:06pm
       Collapse Dillane's Great, but what of Clive Standen or Eric Bana or Clive Owen??? the 13th warrior 149 2 Sat, 10:36pm
           Collapse I doubt Clive Standring is old enough Kilidoescartwheels 83 1 Mon, 4:04pm
               I think I might rank them..... the 13th warrior 44 0 Tue, 8:55am

  Collapse predictions for EE announcement Mooseboy018 1480 21 Jul 24, 7:59am Jump to last post in thread (by Mooseboy018)
       I agree on the date Shagrat 1380 0 Jul 24, 8:43am
       I think Smaug the iron 1320 0 Jul 24, 10:39am
       Collapse I hope it's not the 4th of August.... dormouse 1299 9 Jul 24, 11:34am
           Hmm CathrineB 1269 0 Jul 24, 12:16pm
         Collapse For sure! Avandel 1156 6 Jul 24, 3:37pm
               Collapse Calm before the storm? dormouse 1157 5 Jul 24, 3:41pm
                 Love has a price Avandel 1118 0 Jul 24, 4:29pm
                 Collapse Quite, Dormouse! Brethil 970 1 Fri, 7:29pm
                       Lets! :-) // dormouse 863 0 Fri, 9:36pm
                   I agree! Bishop 834 0 Fri, 10:26pm
                   Thanks for understanding TheRealPeterJackson 449 0 Sun, 2:02am
           Fili would be a nice idea in the trailer Elanor of Rohan 1098 0 Jul 24, 4:46pm
       Collapse Confirmed EE scenes so far Gandalf the Green 988 1 Fri, 7:09pm
           sounds about right Mooseboy018 857 0 Fri, 9:44pm
       August 10th DainPig 956 0 Fri, 7:40pm
       Collapse I have no clue... lionoferebor 796 3 Fri, 11:18pm
           Collapse Well... Mooseboy018 781 2 Fri, 11:47pm
               Collapse Hmmm..... Avandel 766 1 Sat, 12:19am
                   possible trailer Mooseboy018 764 0 Sat, 12:27am
       Collapse When were the previous EEs announced? seelbach 390 1 Sun, 8:20am
           from memory Mooseboy018 266 0 Sun, 5:36pm

  Collapse The Legolas-Defying-Gravity controversy Legolas_Shoehorn 938 25 Jul 24, 6:02am Jump to last post in thread (by Spriggan)
       I'm with you CathrineB 833 0 Jul 24, 6:33am
       Collapse It wasn't OK Never_Underestimate_A_Dwarf 768 2 Jul 24, 10:46am
           I agree Glorfindela 713 0 Jul 24, 12:45pm
           Ditto Avandel 576 0 Jul 24, 4:05pm
       Collapse I think Skaan 754 1 Jul 24, 11:24am
           Actually Goldeneye 613 0 Jul 24, 2:54pm
       Collapse Is there a controversy? dormouse 756 8 Jul 24, 11:26am
           Collapse It might be unfair... Macfeast 710 2 Jul 24, 1:04pm
               Collapse Ah..... dormouse 693 1 Jul 24, 1:28pm
                   Fair enough. Macfeast 652 0 Jul 24, 2:09pm
           Collapse I guess I have to be in the minority here (which I can live with!) I like the scene. Brethil 122 4 Mon, 10:31pm
               Collapse Oh Brethil, I'm glad you're here.... dormouse 113 3 Mon, 11:00pm
                 Collapse Waste of a good turnip! Meneldor 103 1 Tue, 12:06am
                       Yes, it didn't really work as an effect for me, in terms of the look of the thing. Spriggan 42 0 Tue, 2:52pm
                 Would that be a sharpened turnip? Particularly dangerous. // Brethil 95 0 Tue, 12:27am
       I don't mind the Legolas scenes Elarie 703 0 Jul 24, 1:11pm
       I think there were two factors with Legolas Bishop 532 0 Fri, 6:14pm
       I love Legolas the Elf, just as he is mae govannen 394 0 Sat, 8:28am
       Collapse I agree it's the scene, not the character Kilidoescartwheels 269 2 Sun, 9:21pm
           These specific objections I can understand mae govannen 206 0 Mon, 1:42pm
           The scene would have been perfect Milieuterrien 171 0 Mon, 4:44pm
       Collapse It seems like nobody has the cajones to tell Peter..."ahh, let us not do that" Eruonen 189 3 Mon, 4:02pm
           I wouldn't mind 45+ minutes Kilidoescartwheels 175 0 Mon, 4:36pm
           Collapse From the sound of the commentaries... AshNazg 170 1 Mon, 5:06pm
               I recall the bunny sled meeting, there were some uneasy looks at the table Eruonen 166 0 Mon, 5:09pm

  Collapse Aidan turner opens up about embarrassing scene with Ian mackellan. Smaug the iron 1021 9 Jul 23, 1:42pm Jump to last post in thread (by dormouse)
     ONLY IAN can get away with Calling AT.. Bombadil 962 0 Jul 23, 1:46pm
       Collapse Huh? Otaku-sempai 944 5 Jul 23, 2:08pm
           Collapse Put it this way... it isn't you! // dormouse 782 2 Jul 23, 5:20pm
               Collapse Thanks Otaku-sempai 690 1 Jul 23, 8:07pm
                   Please... smtfhw 394 0 Fri, 7:41pm
           Collapse Yes, but who exactly is Ian McKellan? Bumblingidiot 361 1 Fri, 10:04pm
               Wow! Otaku-sempai 279 0 Sat, 12:04pm
       Collapse well Crunchable Birdses 231 1 Sat, 8:39pm
           That would depend on the audience // dormouse 208 0 Sat, 10:02pm
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