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Here's the link to my original post 3/4/2004


Jan 19 2011, 3:19am

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Here's the link to my original post 3/4/2004 [In reply to] Can't Post

My 2004 Oscar report (no pics)... and here it is with pictures. (I borrowed a few, and I hope they all work!)

REPOSTING Oscar Weekend Report ~ Friday, February 27 thru Monday, March 1, 2004 (a leap year!)—

I started out the trip by going through the "I can't do this. What the heck was I thinking" phase. Then I settled down. I'll say from the get-go that my one regret through this adventure was that I didn't have a better camera. My pics are less than good, but they still captured enough to put me right back into the feelings and experiences I had.
I arrived quite late on Friday night because of a 1-hour (plus) delay of my flight. As the plane approached the airport, I was stunned by how beautiful the lights of Los Angeles were... golden, shimmering and covered the ground for as far as I could see! A perfect setting for the magical and surreal weekend that was coming.

I went straight from the LAX airport to Roheryn's house for a moot and a meeting of many friends! There was food and laughter and puppies and laughter and more food! What a great welcome! The very first thing I did after hugging Roheryn was step on L. Ron's foot. Wups… sorry! ;) We got back to our hotel very late considering the 3-hour time difference between Michigan and California; so the 1am was really 4am. I slept that night about 4 hours; but I wanted that party to just keep going! It was GREAT!

Front row: Nimrodel, Cheshire Cat, CAHobbit, Gerontius, Lottelita
Back row: gramma, Altaira, Ataahua, Celandine Brandybuck, Roheryn, L. Ron Halfelven Ltlberr, lumpkin, and Scout B
Mr. lumpkin is taking the pictures for us. THANK YOU!

My room was very nice, top floor, and out the window to the left was the HUGE white cross on the side of the hill I'd often seen on TV, and beside it... just out of my sight behind the buildings... was the famous landmark HOLLYWOOD sign also on the side of the hill. Over more to the right was the iconic, round Capitol Records building. And PALM TREES! And NO SNOW!!

Saturday morning I met Scout B for breakfast and we hunted for sibbies who may also be there. We found Meliana visiting from England, and the fun began :) At 9:30, Meliana led the way as we left the hotel (you can barely see the Hollywood sign up in the hills) and decided to walk around town until we were to meet a bunch of sibbies at 11:30 to watch Return of the King at the Arclight Theater on Sunset Boulevard. The Kodak Theatre where the Oscars was held was about 2 very long blocks away from our hotel, so we walked down to where they were setting up the red carpet (Scout B and me across from entrance) and studied the stars' names in the sidewalk. What was fun is that we were standing in front the El Capitan Theatre with HUGE banners for Viggo's Hildago premier displayed (premiering that coming Tuesday) and we were looking right across the street to the main entrance of the Oscars. Then Meliana looked down at one of the Hollywood stars in the sidewalk and pointed to it. I wish I could remember exactly what she said, but ultimately it was "Hey! I know that name." It was mine! My RL name! There was a movie star who was in many gangster flicks in the 40's that has my name. So there we were... in front of Hildago, looking across the street to the Oscars, and there's my name! So I dropped right down onto the sidewalk and lay next to the star while they took pictures for me :) So surreal! We continued walking up and down several blocks as we looked at all the star's names imbedded in the sidewalks. We also found a star for Bill Boyd! Sooooo close!

We finally met up with ooodles of sibbies at the Arclight. I'm not even going to attempt to list them all for fear of forgetting some! Let's just say that we OWNED that theatre! Cheering for each character as they first appeared and boooing the baddies. Whooping, hollering, (sniffling) and applauding at all the right moments. I'm afraid we probably scared the poor unawares who just happened to be there. Nothing is better than watching ANY of The Lord of the Rings movies with "family". It's the best! (So was the caramel corn!)

Later that night, we all gathered at an Irish pub called Finn McCool's to moot where we had an absolute BLAST! We had the whole back of the place exclusively for us. BIG thanks to Roheryn, CAHobbit, and greendragon who organized the most sensational gathering! Ltlberr put together sheets of the two hobbit-drinking songs. There were goodie bags with wonderful chocolate-covered almonds, a sheet of the music, a glow-in-the-dark eyeball *shudder* and we each got a very classy, hand-made nametag. I wore mine on Sunday night... and at my moots and conventions ever since! I passed around my Signlanguage book by Viggo for everyone to sign, had my first ever Shepherd's pie for dinner, endured self-humiliation during our delightful trivial pursuit game (don't shout out answers for others, folks *shakes head* I'm such a doof! ;), and we all sang several rounds of our hobbits' two drinking songs! And yesss... Ltlberr got me up on a table; but I wasn't drunk... so there's no real excuse for doing it (except it sounded like fun ;) There were standees of Gandalf, Strider (protected by Altaira, Ataahua and lumpkin), Arwen, our four hobbits (standing together), Frodo, and Legolas strewn about... joining us in the festivities. greendragon let me take Frodo home with me! *geeky happy dance* Thanks GD! I had several people at the airport give me strange looks as we, I mean "I", walked to our flight. Wonder why?

A gent and his son heard us singing and couldn't resist stopping by. The father began to speak elvish to us and his son recited the Ringspell poem. Geek's, fersher :) Then the wife came and gathered them up for a quick retreat. *mumbles under breath* party pooper. I slept that night for about 3 hours.

Here are some more pics from that night!

Meliana, me Roheryn and Ltlberr
Cheshire Cat, Joelle, L. Ron (tucked back a bit), Joelle's Dad and Mr. lumpkin
greendragon, L. Ron Halfelven, Celandine Brandybuck and Roheryn
Had to get a pic with CAHobbit in there! (Blue Dress :)
Three new faces with Ltlberr, me jordan, Lottelita, Joelle standing and Meliana sitting with lumpkin

I woke early Sunday morning (Academy Awards Day) and decided to walk down to the Oscar's red carpet setup again with my video camera. I met a couple of young chaps from England who began questioning me about LotR and talked about how exciting all of this was. After returning to the hotel at about 9, I *gulp* started to get ready for the party that night. Torture!! I don't do hair and dresses, so this was quite the challenge for me. Ah well. That which doesn't destroy me, makes me stronger... or some such nonsense.

Meliana gave me a call, and we decided to venture over to the hotel (right next to the Kodak Theatre) to invade CAHobbit, Cheshire Cat, and jordan's room to see how they were coming along. Shortly, Entmaiden also arrived and we ate some of jordan's Southern desert treats... moon pies! yummmmmy :) Bless jordan, she lent me a necklace to top off my party gear.

I left to go stand in line with [me]Nimrodel, Ataahua, Altaira, Mr and Mrs lumpkin and Scout B, entmaiden, and so many more... and it was COLD OUT but what a beautiful day—sunny and clear! I went back to my room and got my coat and a bag of candy to give us strength ;) We stood in line from about 1:30 until the door finally opened at the American Legion Hall where the party was being held at close to 3:30. I love the life-size statue of The Black Rider near the entrance; and we were all half expecting someone to come out onto the roof and light the beacon perched way above the entrance that had faux flames rising out of it when it got dark out. Later, we heard that the fire department was called because someone thought there was really a fire!!

As soon as we walked into the building, there was a HUGE greeting card for Peter, et.al. along the wall for everyone to sign. I won't go into all the decorations (splendid), food (deeeeelicious), drink (diet coke please), and merriment... I'm still trying to sort out all the images, sensations, and glee. It was wonderful :) ... but MY FEET HURT! Those girl shoes killed me! I needed my boots!

Here are a very few pics of the lobby and décor of the party.

The 3 Hunters watching over us
Bronze Gandalf
There was a table with shirts, hats and other treasures to buy.

And here are pic of the Main Hall where we watched the Oscar festivities on the BIG WALL SCREEN and performers on the stage just below the screen.

The night was hosted by our incomparable Quickbeam!... I mean Elrond... I mean... Eowyn... oh, our man of many faces! He just lights up the room and gets EVERYONE in the mood and spirit for fun :) He's good at handling aggravated Legion Reps, too ;) I'm so glad he was there to guide us through this awesome night! We also had the chance to honour TORn's Founders: Corvar, Xoanon, Tehanu and Calisuri (standing w/Quickbeam) And here they are again!

Altaira, entmaiden and I volunteered to help at the Mt. Doom Ring Toss game downstairs beside the buffet lines. There was a fantastic partial figure of too big an orc mounted on the wall, and on the floor there was a small wading pool with a bit of water in it, lava rocks in the bottom and on the floor, and an eerie light and small fountain inside the water next to a small metal stand sticking up out of the water. There were two large gold rings (styrofoam-wreath circles painted gold). For $2 the contestants would toss the 2 rings hoping to drop them over the stand to win prizes of a video game, RotK hat, or a TT eedvd (depending on their skill). We took turns running the game before and after the Oscars until we ran out of prizes. I must say, we were quite a hit ;) but MY FEET HURT!

I spent most of the evening running around in my stockings cuz I couldn't stand the shoes anymore! The balls of my feet felt like I'd walked on hot coals! I went up to find the sibbies who were going ahead and saving seats for us in the main auditorium. I couldn't find them anywhere! I got lost a lot... dawdled and kept misplacing myself. My poor keepers were forever waiting for me or sending out scouts to find me. "Sorry guys!"
Then the Oscars started! I was WAY up front walking between the isles looking for a familiar face, so I crouched down and just watched Billy Crystal weave his magic as the Master of Ceremonies. That guy was BORN for this stuff! He was sensational! I lmao!!! I finally found our crowd standing along the back wall with a perfect view of the room AND the screen! It was great! After a while, though, we were exiled by command of tptb via the Fire Marshall. Something about "code?" Rules, rules, rules. I wasn't impressed. BUT we did find our way back down to the Green Dragon Inn (bar) with 2 tvs volumed WAY down, some tables/chairs and a large oversized/scaled straight-backed chair that fitted Gerontius perfectly.

So the screaming began we won one award after another. We rocked the city block with cheers downstairs and upstairs. Nefisa sat next to me through much of it. Her "system" for playing the luck of each award was to insist they were NOT gonna win it. Then I fulfilled my part of the jinx-breaking by protesting vehemently! IT WORKED! One after another our boys and girls were trotting up to the microphone beaming and glowing with their wonderfulness! DOWN IN FRONT! We were, unfortunately, in the middle of Grand Central Station and the thruway from here to there, so we had a constant stream of people walking or standing in front of us! But we persevered and enjoyed one victory after another :) I did thoroughly blow my voice by the time we got to Best Director. I have laryngitis now ;) People from work have been calling just to listen to me squeak. I had to tap the receiver with a pencil in code to respond to their questions.

After the ceremony was over, we made our way back to the main hall. Altaira volunteered for first shift back on the Ring Toss. They removed the chairs from the floor leaving only the theatre seats so we could dance and wander. Emerald Rose began to play brilliantly! They're fantastic! I was sitting with entmaiden when I couldn’t sit still it anymore and went down to join ScoutB, Ltlberr, Gerontius, L Ron Halfelven and Lottelita and others on the floor. Great music! L Ron... you were awesome! I also met up with Singing Gandalf (a regular at these gatherings) and then finally met up with my date!

Then John Rhys-Davies came out to say "Hi". *waves madly* Hi John! It was so funny when he walked up to the first of 3 microphones on the stage... and it didn't work. He walked over to the next one... didn't work. He walked over to the third one... didn't work. Then he acted like he was going to walk to the next one, but there were no more and the stage ended right there. We all laughed and he chuckled, too. He spoke a bit and got us all worked up... something about the Oscars and enjoying ourselves, and he walked off.

We had more music... Then.... then Elijah came to say hi. *stupefied pause* I'm sure others have spoken about this... so I'll just say that he was as warm and generous as we've always heard. I wish I could tell you what he said...but it's frankly a blur. I remember he talked about the sweep and that it was the first time in history [for a fantasy film]. He was pretty jazzed :) He introduced the band World Without Sundays as very dear friends of his... and they were FANTASTIC! I'm always delighted when a good rock band surfaces... and it got even better when Dom came out and joined them. He owned that song! And Dom! Dom... you also ROCK! I've heard him sing on Viggo's cd, Pandemoniumfromamerica; but that night I heard how good he really is. But the best part was watching Elijah standing off to the side behind the speakers, kicking back, completely enjoying the music. Yeah... that was perfect.

This had to be an emotional time for them... for all of those people who spent so much of their lives, heart and energy in bringing The Lord of the Rings to life. They're so used to being with each other (the Hobbits, Viggo and Orlando especially), and they had to know that these days were coming to an end. When they could just relax and be together... and now with Peter and everyone from NZ. This is it. The films are done. Things would be different for them from now on. What a thrill that they shared so much of themselves and their experience with us! That's why this night was so magical. The mutual love and appreciation between filmmakers and fans was what it was all about. Synergy. Magical and perfect.

It continued to be surreal for me during the night when nefisa introduced me to a New Zealand radio correspondent looking for people to interview, and we set up a time to meet the next morning. OMG! I'm reaching maximum density here!

Sometime during the night, Royd Tolkien was encouraged out onto the stage by Quickbeam. He was so shy and overwhelmed about being there... but we gave him a hearty TORn welcome! It had to be mind-boggling for him... but that's just TOOO BAD! We were on fire by then! I couldn't believe he took the time to stop and see us. I was so touched by that :)

A little while later, we had some more visitors filled the stage! Others have posted on this... but I'll add that I have never been so overwhelmed with joy and awe as I was that night. Everyone I've ever admired and cherished was there on the stage, together as a family... sharing their moment with us. I'd never seen so much gold and shining, bright smiles in one place in my whole life! God love them all :) Philippa is our Princess, and Fran our Queen. Peter was so happy and excited and appreciative of US! All of them were. *tearing* These people are amazing. We're so lucky.

Peter was lit up. When he told us that he wanted to come to our party before doing anything else because we stood behind him through the years and supported the films [big-time paraphrasing]. Peter spoke of how scared they were before Fellowship came out that we wouldn't like it. You can imagine the response! Then he told about a blooper segment he's putting together (I could be wrong, but I got the impression he's putting it in this eedvd as he was talking about it after mentioning he'd finished the editing) and that one of the things in it would be a cast interview for the German Premier. He explained that Elijah wasn't at that premier because he'd just done Saturday Night Live, but he got up at 4am to join in the interview via satellite link. He had a camera set up in front of him and an earpiece to listen to the commentator. Part way through the interview, Dom pretended he was the interviewer using a German accent and asking Elijah one outrageous question after another. They video taped Dom and also were taping Elijah who was desperately trying to answer this maniac's questions knowing his reactions were to be broadcasted. Peter's chuckling as he's telling us about this, and Dom and Elijah are off to one side grinning and shifting from one foot to the other. It sounds like a blast!

There was a quiet little moment of pause during Peter's talk, and I couldn't resist. My big mouth and I started to chant, "Peee-ter! Peeee-ter!" which was quickly picked up by the entire hall. The walls shuddered with our voices, and Peter just stood there looking out at us all beaming with delight. Recently, I described it as a perfect storm... and it really was.

Then others stepped up to the microphone and shared their appreciation and excitement with us. Philippa, Barrie Osborne, Richard Taylor... one after another they shared the night with us. But the best part was when Peter wanted us to coax Fran into stepping up to talk with us. She's a very humble, shy Lady, and the last thing she wanted to do was face this mad crowd! But Elijah and Peter started their own chant with, "Fran! Fran! Fran!" which, of course, we all joined in on! She blushed and smiled and knew there was no escape. We cheered our hearts our when she finally came up to the mic. What a night! What a gorgeous Lady, calm and quiet... in this sea of kinship! For some reason, that last picture makes me think of humble Hobbits being bowed to by the appreciative citizens of the realm.

Very shortly after they had to leave, Billy came out to say "Hi"! He apologized for being late, and explained that he'd lost his way (I know how you feel, Billy). Then he gave us a song! He played the guitar and sang with so much joy... throwing his head back and just letting loose! That man is a wonder! I loved it when he finished and Dom and Elijah came out, dropped to their knees and were bowing (arms stretched out over their heads) over and over to King William :)

Once the Hall started to clear out a bit, we made sure to take some time out for a family photo. How many sibbies can you name? ;)

To close out the evening, Sala Baker, Lawrence Makoare, Bruce Hopkins and Jed Brophy came to play and perform the honorable Haka dance!!! The power and precision of their performance gave me goosebumps! Could this night get any better?! Again, I won't repeat all that's been posted... but I was saddened that Sir Ian wasn't given the time to join us after making his way there. People could see out the side door to the hall that he had arrived, but tptb made us stop. That was wrong. Nasty. We also heard later that Sean Astin was trying so hard to get to our Party, but misunderstood the logistics and went to the wrong party instead.

Time was up! We were herded and pushed (quite literally) out the door. But we had a real treat waiting for us on the top stairs outside... Bruce Hopkins was there. He was chatting and hugging anyone who wanted to stop for a moment! But one attractive young lady was trying VERY HARD to sway our loverly Gamling and wouldn't let it go. He was trying so hard to be tactful and respectful... but she was on a mission... literally hanging on him. This went on for longer than was proper considering there were LOTS of others waiting to say hi. Finally, she said something like... "What can I do?" and I said, "You could try sharing!" He looked at me (I was standing right next to him) and he turned away from her, looked me in the eye (relieved it seemed) and gave me a hug. While Ltlberr and I were over waiting to say HI, they ran out of the gift bags filled with goodies promised to ticket holders. "Oh. Okay." But what a delight Mr. Hopkins is :) Very friendly, generous, and fun. How could I possibly be bummed about a bag after everything I've been given and experienced!?!? But it was time to call it a night (about 2:30am). I bid g'night to as many sibs as I could find, and I walked stocking-footed back to the hotel just a bit down the road. Did I mention that MY FEET HURT!?

I met two of the Emerald Rose band members that evening when I returned to the hotel. The first gent was loaded down with luggage as we rode up in the elevator together... so I only spoke with him for a moment and thanked him for making it such a special evening. He started to set down his bags like he was willing to stand and chat a while (we were on the same floor), but I told him I knew he was probably exhausted and to feel free to just go get settled in. He smiled wearily and said "Okay. Thanks." and dragged his gear down the hall.

I finally got to my door, and my card-swipe key wouldn't work! *whimper* noooooo... So I waited for the elevator again... waited... okay... waited... ahhhh! After my card was reprogrammed at the desk and I was waiting for the elevator, another band member came up and was waiting to go to his room. One of the things in the gift bag was apparently a special cd from Emerald Rose. He asked if I'd gotten one of the gift bags. When I said I hadn't, he pulled out a cd from a box he was carrying, autographed it, and handed it to me :) This was all just SO COOL! If I hadn't had trouble with my key, I'd have missed this! I was wired by then, so I didn't fall asleep until nearly 4am.

I awoke about 6:30 and decided to go get as many newspapers as I could for Oscar news. I had to walk the sidewalks where Viggo's premier was the next day and the tents were still up. Then I walked to the nearest market and picked up about 6 different papers. When I got back to my room, I started throwing all my stuff into my bags since checkout was by noon and I was supposed to be at the interview by 9:20am. The reporter called and asked if I'd mind sharing the interview with another party-goer also staying in my hotel... of course not! I was walking out the door when I suddenly decided to take my ticket stubs and old copy of The Two Towers with me... for security. So I met up with Susi Knight, my fellow Ringer... an American all the way from Italy where she lives and works. We chatted away like long-lost friends as we made our way across town via cabbie.

At the hotel, we went up a very grand staircase (shades of Titanic) and into a room set up for a radio broadcast. We sat beside each other across from the host and spoke about LotR, Peter et al, the Party, and a bit about our fandom. The interview was a live radio broadcast that lasted about 10 minutes. Afterward, we both worried that we sounded like sleep-deprived, babbling lunatics. Of course we did; cuz we were! :) We still had plenty of time before leaving for the airport. As Susi and I descended the staircase, we decided to sit next to the glass-wall entrance of the lobby for a bit and share stories while digesting what just happened! She's fascinating and an absolute delight!

While we were talking, Richard Taylor, Tania Roger, Jamie Selkirk and a few others pulled up in a chauffeured black van and walked through the lobby... obviously on their way to the same room we just came from, and they were carrying their Oscars!!! "Did you see who just walked by!?!?" OMG! The twitching was quite out of control by then. A few minutes later, they were coming through again with a camera crew. Susi jumped up and followed them out the door. I saw her through the window (there's a HUGE imprint of my nose still there, I'm sure) talking with Richard Taylor... and he looked up at me, smiled and waved. *kerplunk* I didn't know it, but she had met them several times before.

I couldn't believe what happened next! Susi took Taylor's Oscars, cradled one in each arm, and walked back into the hotel towards me with everyone following behind. She introduced me to Misters Taylor and Selkirk *massive twitching* and handed me one of the Oscars. They're heavy! Then she told me to show them the baggie holding my bundles of ticket stubs that I grabbed at the last moment as I left my room. We were all chatting for a moment when he asked us to come with them where we could continue to talk, and we followed all of them to a decorative porch out the front doors of the hotel. Then I found myself standing between Richard Taylor and Jamie Selkirk along with Susi, still holding the Oscar, as they did a New Zealand television interview. Oh Cripes! I had on my LotR wrap-party sweater I'd won on eBay, but had not fixed my hair since I was supposed to be only doing a quick radio thing. Such a frump... normal, in other words ;) Afterwards, we all spoke for a few more minutes while Misters Taylor and Selkirk autographed the title page of my beat-up Two Towers that I'd also grabbed. I still can't tell you what I said that whole time. I'm staggered... and so deeply grateful for this (to me) miracle. Every time I felt I could absorb no more this weekend... more was heaped on! Incredible! This whole trip was beyond incredible, and I'll spend a lifetime trying to create new words to express how wonderful it's been.

After I got home, I found out that the televised piece was shown on NZ TV! Estelwyn said she saw it on the news and saw me on tv, but didn't know it was me until she read my original post on March 3, 2004! About a week later, I could watch the interview on the internet. I was shocked to see a closeup of someone pulling the ticket stubs out of the baggie and showing them to the camera. "Hey, that's not me? I don't remember that?" Well, apparently Richard Taylor was having a look at the stubs while I was talking with Susi and Jamie Selkirk. What a hoot!!!

Mercifully, that's pretty much it. The rest of the day I spent looking for gifts for my grandkiddies until my 5pm pickup for the airport. I'm home... and I feel blessed. What an adventure, and what a joy to be able to spend so much time with so many friends from TORn. I wish we could all have spent more time together!

We do have two charges placed on us, though. Peter had asked that we write the lawyers of New Line and MGM and push with our support for getting The Hobbit moving forward... and Richard Taylor told me to ask TORn to get a site up for King Kong! It sounds like he'd like to see one as part of our site! That was very cool :) Susi who was with me then suggested the name of the site as "Ring Kong" or "Kong TORn-O" which is taken from the Italian word contorno which means "side dish"... the Kong site is a side dish of TORn ;) BUT, she stressed that we make sure to trademark whatever we decide. I'll be passing this onto tptb. I love it that both Richard and Peter turn to us to get the thing done :)

Wow! That's it! If you've reached the end of this tale, THANK YOU!!

And now I will say that none of this would have happened if it hadn't been for one selfless TORnsib. hatster was one of the few who were able to buy a ticket for this Party during the frenzied 10 minutes or so they were available before they sold out. I'd already bought my plane ticket and reserved my room, so I was absolutely inconsolably devastated when I realized the tickets were gone. When she heard about it, she offered my ticket so I could go. I will forever be so grateful to her for her selflessness and giving me the most amazing time of my life. Thank you, hatster... so very much.


ADDENDUM 1/18/11: I forgot to mention that as I was finally sitting in my seat of the airline to go back to Michigan, I looked out the window and saw we were parked right beside an Air New Zealand airliner. I took that as a sign that I would one day get to New Zealand. In March 2010, I did :) Just 2 weeks and 6 years later.

sample sample

I really need these new films to take me back to, and not re-introduce me to, that magical world.

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