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Weird video.

Paulo Gabriel

Nov 26 2022, 1:20pm

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Weird video.

I have found this a few days ago:

Most of you are probably very familiar with Howard Shore's score. I myself have been listening to the Complete Recordings for 10+ years. But, the thing is...this doesn't sound like the original releases OR the CR's.

So where did this come from? Could it be from that ''Rarities'' book/CD or whatever it's called? How could the uploader get his hands on this?

It seems like both a montage and an alternate version.

So, do the TORNsibs have any idea?


Nov 26 2022, 4:02pm

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Did you read this in the heading from the account holder?

"This climatic track never exists in a complete version. The part The End Of All Things is included in the soundtrack album, while The Destruction of Mordor seems to be a rare track, but I am impressed by its beauty. So I mixed the 2 parts together into a complete version for you to enjoy."

Paulo Gabriel

Dec 8 2022, 5:41pm

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I read it, but...

The thing is, the track "The Destruction of Mordor" is non-existent. There is no such track that I'm aware of. I googled it (duh).

Besides, the singers seem all different from both standard releases...

Ethel Duath

Dec 9 2022, 4:56pm

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I think,

although I haven't checked it in that part of the movie, that the "Destruction of Mordor" was likely recorded from the actual movie by that "Jediking12" person, rather than existing in any official sound track recording. And then mixed into this version on YouTube. Just a guess.


Dec 28 2022, 5:49pm

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Seems like another 'fake Scorsese film' tactic to me, only with music...make it up to seem like it was never released or something.

Paulo Gabriel

Dec 28 2022, 7:56pm

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I haven't checked either.

But aren't the Complete Recordings, for the most part, supposed to contain the score EXACTLY as on the films?

That's why this video seemed so utterly strange to me.

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Ethel Duath

Dec 28 2022, 9:04pm

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Hmm, yeah.

Perhaps Rostron2, here, is on the right track (speaking of tracks!).