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HALP!!! with discord

Tol Eressea

Aug 29 2022, 10:33pm

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HALP!!! with discord

The technically impaired Middle Earth mermaid needs to sign into Discord for RoP discussions. I have a Discord acct.

I keep getting the "this is an unclaimed acct" message.

They say they'll send an email with "reset password" but nope.

The "help" pages are not.

Presently conversing like a mariner and using literary license...

Goals: crazy dragon lady, mermaid (for the rest, just see my profile)

Na 'Aear, na 'Aear! Ml 'lain nallol, I sl ribiel a i falf 'loss reviol...
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Forum Admin / Moderator

Aug 30 2022, 1:33am

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I moved your post to Feedback

Which is the best place to get visibility. I'm afraid the message boards don't have a connection to Discord, but maybe someone familiar with Discord will see you message.


Aug 30 2022, 3:17am

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And I emailed folks on staff who help on Discord

So between those two things, help should be on the way! Smile


Aug 30 2022, 9:51am

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Hi Swordwhale, apparently the screen you see just means you've joined, but as a guest, you need to click on the validate account. Hope that helps. I've had a look and you're showing as being there, so not sure if it's been sorted already or if you still need to do the validation.

Cheers Kel

This is what happens when your tiger printer slowly runs out of ink Wink


Aug 30 2022, 10:42am

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A bit more info

on what to do, just in case Smile

Kel x

This is what happens when your tiger printer slowly runs out of ink Wink


Sep 3 2022, 10:24pm

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I am pleased with how easy it was to register

Ive had a discord account for a long time but offloaded it a few years ago when I stopped playing Pokmon Go. After reinstalling the app and thankfully remembering my user name and password it was click, click, read the rules and tada!

Lively bunch over there much better than FB Im sure. Thanks again to TORn and staff for the safe and friendly pastures to graze.

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