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The Audiobook reading style of Andy Serkis


May 18, 2:39pm

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The Audiobook reading style of Andy Serkis

Anyone pick up the new LOTR audiobooks read by Serkis?

At $30.00 each I've only bought The Return of the King so far. I love his characters - it's as good as listening to a radio play but even better since it's unabridged. But I've noticed that when he's not reading dialogue he has a strange style - almost reading the sentences in chunks like stanzas in poetry - or in some kind of hypnotic beat. It's strange and unusual but I like it the more I listen to it.

Anyone else check them out? What do you think?

I also like how he gives the characters a little echo of their Peter Jackson film counterpart.

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uncle Iorlas

May 18, 7:15pm

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He's very good.

My small boys have listened to his reading of the Hobbit many times over and it has taught me extraordinary respect for him. I'm not in love with his ponderous basso Gandalf but it's a legit interpretation and that really is my only reservation. His voice is incredibly acrobatic. He's a treat.

I'll have to see if I can listen for any sort of stanzafication next time round.

Lily Fairbairn

May 19, 2:34pm

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I talk about this in the reading thread on Off-Topic

I, too, find his style very entertaining and involving. I was tickled at how his Pippin has Boyd's Scottish accent.

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May 19, 2:51pm

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Nice where do I find that?


"So which story do you prefer?"
"The one with the tiger. That's the better story."
"Thank you. And so it goes with God."

Tol Eressea

May 19, 5:49pm

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May 29, 4:55pm

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They ALL are definitely worth getting :D

I didn't know Andy Serkis had done these audiobooks until I saw him on Stephen Colbert's Late Show... and I literally whooped out loud! My poor dog jumped a mile! I ran to order them immediately and was staggered that they were there! Absolutely it's an investment; but they're as vital as the books and the films.

I've been listening to The Hobbit when on the Road and find myself grinning all the time! He REALLY gets into singing all the songs. His pace is great and you can tell when he starts "getting into it"! Andy is absolutely the BEST person to bring these stories to life as only someone with his talent, passion, involvement, and geekdom could do! He said he channeled "his friends" from the films as he came up with the voices.

We're so lucky he's done these. It's one of the good things to come from the Covid isolation... everything slowing down so creativity and opportunity could take over. Of course to get the 4 audiobook packages (1 The Hobbit; 3 LotR) is an investment, but believe me it's so worth it!!

Here's a link to my response to the Off Topic post with links to Colbert's wonderful interview with Andy about his live reading of The Hobbit in May 2020 and making the audiobooks, and another showing him recording Riddles in the Dark.

TH & LotR on CD by Andy Serkis


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Jun 28, 3:03pm

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is there anybody who is familiar with both this and the previous I really really really loved read by Rob Inglis?

(I got a question today if I could recommend an unabridged reading of LOTR that was great so I gave her a link to the Rob Inglis version).