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How Bolg should have died…


May 2, 11:11pm

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How Bolg should have died…

Just rewatched Bo5A, and had a fun thought. Imagine if you edit out Legolas stabbing Bolg in the head, and instead Legolas tricks Bolg by collapsing the tower they’re on, causing him to fall…

Then we see Bolg on the floor twitching and still alive… cut to back Thorin and Azog fighting…

Cut back to Bolg slowly getting up and noticing Tauriel is still alive, he hobbles back toward the battle.

Cut back to Thorin and Azog, the eagles arrive…

Bolg is about to go for Tauriel (or Legolas) but then…
Beorn swoops in and rips him to shreds.

This way both Legolas and Beorn would have satisfying conclusions.

I feel like one day CGI will be good enough that fans will be able to make something like this happen in a fan edit. It would only require a couple of very brief vfx shots and some smart editing.

Just imagine the troll in this clip is Bolg -

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May 3, 12:50am

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Honoring Tolkien

That would at least have recognized how Bolg meets his end in the book. It never sat right with me that Legolas robbed Beorn of his rightful kill.