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Namárië: Billy Boyd’s scrapped song for Bo5A


Apr 19 2022, 10:33pm

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Namárië: Billy Boyd’s scrapped song for Bo5A

In this weeks episode of The Friendship Onion Billy Boyd sang a reworked version of a song he wrote for Bo5A.

The song is at 51:00 here:

Last week he sang The Road Goes Ever Ever On, as composed by the Tolkien Ensemble.

That can be found at 41:00 here:

Enjoy Smile

Forum Admin / Moderator

Apr 22 2022, 1:10pm

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I thought this was beautiful

A high point in an entertaining episode.

Storm clouds

Ereinion Nénharma

Jun 3 2023, 9:46am

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Hauntingly beautiful. They should have done at least something, with this song...

''Do not fear the shadows, for seeing them means light is near...''