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Latest rumors from FoF (potential SPOILERS)


Jan 3, 6:59pm

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Latest rumors from FoF (potential SPOILERS)

I'm surprised no one has posted on the latest rumors being spread by the Fellowship of the Fans broadcast. They are now claiming that Ema Horvath is playing an invented character named Carine who is Isildur's sister. They also claim that Isildur volunteers for the Numenorean army that goes to Middle-earth (it is unclear whether this is an army that is going to help Galadriel, or an army that is going to dominate Middle-earth, as would be consistent with what Tolkien wrote, though not with Isildur as part of it. They also claim that Isildur has three friends named Nolion, Valandil and Ontamo who also volunteer for the army (presumably the idea would be that Isildur's son Valandil would be named after one of these friends). These characters are supposedly played by Anthony Crum, Alex Tarrant and some unnamed person. Supposedly Carine (is she the Numenorean "Karen") doesn't want Isildur to join the army and she chases after him yelling "Isildurrrrrrrr" in the same way that Elrond yells his name in the FOTR film. (Crazy). There is supposedly a scene with a parade in the streets with the people throwing flowers at the army, with Isildur dressed in cavalry gear (Unsure)

I have no idea whether any of this true, but here is the video, for what it is worth.

'But very bright were the stars upon the margin of the world, when at times the clouds about the West were drawn aside.'

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Chen G.

Jan 3, 10:30pm

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Well, Carine we've known for a while

"Shay", which is the role played by Ema Horvath, is Carine as the leaked character list reveals. We also know from the audition pages that Elendil (Loda) has a daughter, and Horvath could pass for someone with a family resemblence to Maxim Baldry (Isildur). Plus, they've been around each other a lot, I'm told.


Jan 6, 8:09pm

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I wonder why they have Isildur bring three friends with him into the army?

Usually you only need 1 best friend who dies.

In the video there was some speculation that they might help out with Isildur saving the white tree much later. Though before that I was wondering if maybe one of the friends will be misled or converted by Sauron.


Jan 8, 12:09pm

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Credibillity ...

Do they even have any credibility of their claims or rumors? I wouldn't trust a small YT channel, of which their goal is to spread endless rumors and speculation based on dubious sources of information.

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Jan 8, 2:11pm

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The jury is out

There are a few things that they have said that have subsequently apparently been corroborated, but I am not convinced that proves that their information is all accurate.

Time will tell.

'But very bright were the stars upon the margin of the world, when at times the clouds about the West were drawn aside.'

The Hall of Fire


Jan 8, 2:32pm

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Aye, a bit!

FellowshipofFans has posted a bunch of "rumors" that turned out true shortly after they announced them. That being said, never fully trust rumors regardless of who it comes from. The information could be passed from multiple sources as a campaign to spread misinformation.

As far as proof of some of his claims, I present:

13th March 2021- EXCLUSIVE Unconfirmed Rumour- New Director revealed Leak: Wayne Che Yip

25th March 2021- Amazon releases clapperboard with “Wayne Che Yip” as director

18th April 2021- EXCLUSIVE: New Director For Lord of the Rings on Prime revealed- EXCLUSIVE: New Director For Lord Of The Rings On Prime Revealed! Leak: Charlotte Brandstrom

May 14th 2021- LOTRonPrime office twitter account “Welcome, @CBrandstrom to our Middle-earth family.”

18th Nov 2020- EXCLUSIVE: New actor has potentially Joined Amazon LOTR EXCLUSIVE: New Actor Has Potentially Joined Amazon LOTR TV Series Leak: Augustus Prew

Dec 3rd 2020- The Lord Of the Rings’: Lenny Henry, Augustus Prew, Peter Mullan, Cynthia Addai-Robinson & Benjamin Walker Among 20 New Cast Additions On Amazon Series

30th July 2021- EXCLUSIVE: Amazon have wrapped filming in New Zealand for the Amazon ‘Lord of the Rings TV Series’

August 3rd 2021 (3 days later!)- LOTRonPrime official Twitter account- “That’s a wrap! Thank you to our amazing cast and crew and to New Zealand for being the incredible place we have been privileged to call home as we bring the Second Age and Middle-earth to life.”

EDIT: I would like to add that its a bit unfair to not know who somebody is and then also claim to know what their intentions are. Full disclaimer: I chat with FoF almost every day and see the amount of work they put in, and the amount of information they have been sitting on for months. If the goal was to spread as much information, right or wrong, as far as possible for clicks and views there would be an insane amount of information already released.

LotR on Amazon Prime Reddit

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Jan 8, 2:34pm

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Never believe all the rumors

I linked a comment by him from a few months back that show the ones that ended up being confirmed by Amazon themselves regardless of if they acknowledge he had them correct or not. It has the dates of his leak and then the follow up from them with their dates.

LotR on Amazon Prime Reddit