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I'd like for my account to be deleted, please

Mari D.

Nov 30 2021, 12:15pm

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I'd like for my account to be deleted, please


I decided to stop using this account, and I was wondering if any of you mods could delete it for me, please?



Nov 30 2021, 4:03pm

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That's a shame.

I'm sad to learn that you're leaving the forums, Mari. May the stars shine on you and your endeavors.


Mari D.

Mar 31, 7:40pm

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Thank you, Otaku-sempai,

that's really kind of you.

Well, so far it seems noone in charge saw my post. I'm still able to log in.

That leaves me a chance to say that I appreciate you too, and also others whom I've come to "know" a little bit by reading your thoughts. And that I send greetings to all, also including those that I haven't gotten to "know" more than superficially.

I hope you all continue to have many quality conversations and great fellowship here. May God bless you all.

Well, okay, then, I'll just ask again, then. Could someone please delete my account? Thanks!

(This post was edited by Mari D. on Mar 31, 7:41pm)

The Shire

Mar 31, 10:19pm

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I also want to delete my account. How?

I cannot seem to find any way to delete my account or to contact anyone to do so. Please delete me or let me know how it is done.

The Shire

Apr 5, 2:14pm

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They cannot delete accounts

I got a response. Apparently they cannot delete your account if you have ever responded to posts in the forums.

I want to delete my account but they won't let me :(
I'm being held hostage by