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Hobbit caption contest CLXXXIV(I think!)

Greenwood Hobbit

Nov 30 2021, 9:40am

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Hobbit caption contest CLXXXIV(I think!)

Some fairy lights on this would be nice, though the mood is not noticeably festive... what's going on?


Nov 30 2021, 4:07pm

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"You sunk my battleship!"




Dec 5 2021, 12:07am

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I vanquished one of the Stone Giants all by myself, during their cocktail hour, and behold, here is the proof--the Great Ice Cube!


Dec 6 2021, 3:50am

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Beam me up, Scotty!

Thorin- That's Star Trek, you dolt! We're Star WARS fans, not Trekkies!

Gandalf- I thought we were Lord of the Rings fans?

Elrond- Harry Potter is far better than the Lord of the Rings!

Gandalf-That's heresy! Take it back!

Thorin- Trekkies can keep their tin foil hats! Use the Force, Elrond!

Gandalf- What the heck is the Force? Starfleet is way cooler than some stupid space opera!

Balin- Can we get a moderator, please? The fan boys are at it again!

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Greenwood Hobbit

Dec 23 2021, 11:25pm

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Thanks for your responses, folks -

I should have come back to this sooner. Sorry for the delay. All good contributions, but I do have a soft spot for a pithy one-liner, so this one's yours, Otaku-sempai!

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