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Why did Annael foster Tuor?


Sep 30 2021, 3:40am

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Why did Annael foster Tuor?

Or, more aptly, why did Rian choose to give her tiny son to Annael?

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The Shire

Sep 30 2021, 10:46am

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There's an explanation in HoMe

It is not mentioned explicitly in TS, but one can deduce that Rian chose not to live any further after Huor’s death and that she died soon after giving birth. This appears from §251 in “The grey Annals” in “History of Middle-Earth 11 - The War of the Jewels”:

Rian wife of Huor hearing no tidings of her lord went forth into the wild, and there gave birth to Tuor her son; and he was taken to foster by Annael of the Grey-elves of Mithrim. But Rian went to Haudh-in-nDengin and laid her there and died. And in Brethil Glorwendil, Hador's daughter, died of grief. But Morwen wife of Hurin abode in Hithlum, for she was with child.