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Any TORNsibs watched today Jeopardy?


Sep 16 2021, 12:24am

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Any TORNsibs watched today Jeopardy?

The final Jeopardy answer was (paraphrasing):
This creator several languages was also a professor of language at the University of Leeds and Oxford.

The question is intuitively obvious to contributors on this website. One contestant didn't know the question and the other two misspelled his name. [Switching the I and the e. The new host even mispronounced his name.]


Sep 16 2021, 1:58pm

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While it was a great Jeopardy answer... how sad no one knew the answer after 20 years of the films being out (inspiring many readers). I'm really shocked the researchers didn't spell his name right let alone checking to see how his name is pronounced. I'm kinda glad I missed it ;) *spasm*


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Ethel Duath

Sep 17 2021, 11:44pm

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Aack!! Well, what's that thing about

"all publicity is good publicity"? Evil


Nov 13 2021, 11:16pm

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Matt Amodio is a fan!

Iíve been watching jeopardy all through the pandemic and loved watching Matt Amodio win big. Early on Mayim Bialik asked him about his ideal vacation. He said New Zealand because heís a huge LOTR fan! I knew I liked that guy! He know has the cash to make that journey to Matamata!