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The shape of your Middle-earth

Poll: The shape of your Middle-earth
My Middle-earth is just what Tolkien wrote 12 / 34%
My Middle-earth has some elements from other people eg films, fanfictions 12 / 34%
My Middle-earth has bits I have invented myself 11 / 31%
35 total votes

Na Vedui

Sep 8 2021, 11:36pm

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The shape of your Middle-earth

So - how is your Middle-earth?

Does it contain only what the Professor put there?

Have characters or events or places added by others (e.g. film-makers or writers of fan-fiction or creators of LOTR-related games) also won your heart and found a place in your personal canon?

Have you invented parts of Middle-earth yourself? It could be anything from writing places and characters for published online games, or writing extensive and detailed fanfictions, to just imagining a few extra odds and ends that aren't in the books.

If all or more than one of the above are true, you should be able to tick more than one option (cross fingers - this is my first poll!) - Yes, it seems to work ok.

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Sep 9 2021, 1:52pm

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Head Canon

My head-canon is informed by my hobby of tabletop gaming. I've created home-brewed content for The One Ring Roleplaying Game, doing such things as placing a Dwarven city in the southern Blue Mountains in the late Third Age and devising names for a number of geographical features that Tolkien left unnamed.



Sep 10 2021, 1:19am

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I enjoyed some parts of the films

others were just awful (coughcough***TAURIEL*KILI*LEGOLAS*LOVE*TRIANGLE***coughcough) Pirate

I also love the books Heart

So I started writing fan fiction (partly as a personal authorial challenge...I gave myself a prompt, and went with it), for TH and beyond, filling in what I did like about the films, omitting what I didn't, intertwining it with the magical words of Tolkien in the books, and added my own twist to it Smile

I feel that there is so, so much of the story unsaid, so many little scenes- like what was said over the campfires (or absence of them, like in Mirkwood), the bonding of the characters beyond what we see in the books and film (esp TH...Tolkien's first person POV on Bilbo was fun, but leaves SO many parts of the story unsaid. I think PJ and Co helped flesh out some of those parts well, and others were, again, just wretched), the growth of characters like Legolas and Gimli, to which we see but a mere glimpse.

Tolkien's story, to me, is the tip of a vastly submerged iceberg, and I'm thoroughly enjoying a) fleshing it out more, and b) adding my own spin to it, according to my writer's prompt.

His world is so rich, so vivid, so ANCIENT, that one could devise an entire story, with a completely original character (or many), and, if they sought it, that character need not cross the paths of real book characters, and still have an amazing tale to tell by the end of it all Smile

(No, that's not my prompt. The real characters are involved, as well as many side-characters I've invented to flesh it out).

Sometimes my brain has been cooperative. Other times, there's months between updates (posting fan fiction is very serialized in format), as real life hits, and the brain is distracted by such (or the novels I write. I'm a published author, with one out so far. My original novels are historical fiction-19th century America).

I started my main fan fiction in 2013 (the prompt one), and it's still going (I'm doing a multi-part series, and am probably about 1/3 of the way through part two. Over a million words so far, and still going). To Look Beyond the Mask on, if anyone's interested Smile

I've also done a couple of one-shots. One serious, chronicling TH from Dis's point of view. A lament. The other is Legolas explaining to Pippin how he developed such fast reflexes (hint- it involves his first time on patrol, and it doesn't end well for, erm, his adolescent pride Wink). You can also find both of those on, under my username Tweetzone86.

(For purists...the Dis one doesn't contradict any text by Tolkien, so I would think it would be acceptable for book purists. Just the events of TH from her POV. Not long).

The Legolas one is just fun (well, not for him Tongue).

I don't think I'll ever stop playing in Tolkien's sandbox Smile The way he designed it, even HE ran out of time to do so...and I absolutely love it Smile

My writing and novels:

My Hobbit Fanfiction

My historical novel print and kindle version

My historical novels ebook version compatible with all ereaders

You can also find my novel at most major book retailers online (and for those outside the US who prefer a print book, you can find the print version at Book Depository). Search "Amazing Grace Amanda Longpre'" to find it.

Happy reading everyone!

Tol Eressea

Sep 11 2021, 3:24pm

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Ten intense years of fanfic writing has left several blurred lines

....really blurred in some places.... as the semi redeemable orcs and the ex-slaves of Nurn will definitely attest to.

Fourth Age Adventures at the Inn of the Burping Troll
Home of Best FanFic stories of 2005 and 2006 "The Last Grey Ship" and "Ashes, East Wind, Hope That Rises" by Erin Rua

(Found in Mathoms, LOTR Tales Untold)


Oct 2 2021, 7:04pm

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as others have said, writing fan fiction has influenced me

I just wrote a few pieces, mostly to fill in the blanks (Frodo greets Sam in Valinor; Gimli and Legolas arrive in Valinor but of course only Gandalf/Olorin, Elrond, and Galadriel are there anymore; Arwen's death/reunion with Aragorn, etc.). I also wrote a piece making the argument that Radagast stayed on in Middle-earth and eventually became the wizard we call Merlin - the T.H. White version, with all the shapeshifting and animals - partly in atonement for not taking a more active role against Sauron. In my version Nimue was really Varda come to take Radagast home. Can't find it now, alas. I like my additions.

Otherwise it's all the books. I can't think of a Jackson addition that I liked. I started reading LOTR in the 60s and re-read it many times and pretty much took the films as the same story told from a different angle, but not the angle I prefer. (I was not nearly as into "The Hobbit," but I HATED those films. Jackson went right off the rails with them, and not in a good way. His need to amp up the tension in every possible moment backfired big-time for me.)

I am a dreamer of words, of written words.
-- Gaston Bachelard

* * * * * * * * * *

NARF and member of Deplorable Cultus since 1967

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Jan 3, 3:03pm

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The latter two

Both because there ARE some scenes in the movies or in the BBC version from the radio which DO improve the feelings from the book.

But especially since I am a member of two Tolkien Societies here in Sweden and invented my own character for that merging lots of me into an elf of the first age born under the stars playing her flute by the waters of Beleriand.
Which now forever will be part of it too for me :)