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Middle-Earth 4K Box: new bonus features!


Aug 9 2021, 12:39pm

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Middle-Earth 4K Box: new bonus features!

It will contain (so far).

  • Cannes Film Festival Presentation Reel: 0:26:50
  • The Lord of the Rings Cast Reunion: The Fellowship of the Ring: 0:39:37
  • The Lord of the Rings Cast Reunion: The Two Towers: 0:29:48
  • The Lord of the Rings Cast Reunion: The Return of the King: 032:23

Source: German rating site FSK

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Forum Admin / Moderator

Aug 9 2021, 8:08pm

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I'd love to see cut footage - like the orc chase into Lothlorien, Arwen in Lothlorien and Arwen at Helm's Deep, just to see where the writers were going before they changed tack.

But the footage of the reunions sound like fun. They're each a decent length, too. :)

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Chen G.

Aug 10 2021, 7:01am

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A good catch!

I do agree its not everything: for one thing, the collector's set is of all six movies, so you'd expect there'll be extras for all of them.

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Aug 11 2021, 3:58am

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Hoping for deleted scenes as well

But if they wait, I guess there’s the next box set.


Oct 11 2021, 7:34pm

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Come on…

It is absolutely rubbish after 20 years, we cant see neither ultimate cuts or at least deleted scenes..

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Chen G.

Oct 11 2021, 7:38pm

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"Ultimate cuts"?

Why should they create a new cut? Just because there are more scenes left on the cutting-room floor? The extended editions were never intended to be just a "working cut" of the film: they, like any other responsible edit of a movie, were edited and that involves cutting scenes out. Completionism does not befit drama.

I would have loved to have those scenes as a feature about deleted scenes, and its very unfortunate that we don't have it. Nevertheless, this isn't some appaling release.


Oct 11 2021, 7:44pm

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If there is a demand, greedy Warner Bros will do it sooner or later but better they do it before all of my generation dies Laugh

Anyway, I believe the both Hobbit and LotR movies deserve ultimate cuts. I cant believe anyone who can say No to battle of dagorland together with Gil-Galad. It is just a simple example.

I am also okay if they release them as deleted scenes as I believe many of special effects were done. A fan can make a fan edit with these extras.

Lastly, you can see 1 star reviews before the release on amazon or negative comments on forums. It is simply not appealing the release same stuff with different boxes again and again.