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The Green Knight trailer


Jul 14 2021, 2:38pm

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The Green Knight trailer

If you're unfamiliar with the Arthurian legend of Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, I recommend picking up a copy of Tolkien's faithful translation, which is probably the most accessible and most famous version of the story for those of us who can't actually read Middle-English.

A new edition for this book was recently released in response to the A24 film The Green Knight that will be releasing at the end of the month.

Here's the trailer:

uncle Iorlas

Aug 1 2021, 2:41pm

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Also see

The professor's essay on Gawain, which I read a few years back in The Monsters and the Critics and Other Essays, really kind of turned around my ubderstanding of the poem, though I'd read it several times and written a piece about it as an undergraduate. He sees it as an expose of sorts, of the layered rulesets for living that the elites of the day try to balance, by a poet wgo knew rhese rules intimately from within, the end messqge being not to forget that of all these codes and games, only divine law really matters.

(I still think there's a pronounced tension going on between Christianized Britain and some pagan matters that decline to fade from people's hearts and minds, none of which Tolkien addresses, but his take is incisive as always.)

As for the movie, I have no idea what to expect. The Green Knight's face is wonderful and shows an awareness of his suggestiveness of the Green Man. But otherwise it's hard to tell what's going on, and faithful presentation of a hot social topic from "the complex and didactic fourteenth century" is a lot to ask in 2021.

Chen G.

Aug 2 2021, 9:37am

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Looks like a film for the "Intelligentsia", not for the working-class-person's movie

In other words: arthouse.

My own conviction is that snobbery does not good art make, so I doubt I'll particularly enjoy this, but the fantasy completionist in me will cause me to watch it probably.

uncle Iorlas

Aug 2 2021, 1:03pm

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Is that not a bit binary?

I worked on roofs for twelve years and I like "arthouse" stuff.


Aug 4 2021, 1:09pm

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Feels a bit condescending / patronizing to try and define what art people might enjoy by their class / status.

Chen G.

Aug 4 2021, 9:08pm

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Its just an expression

I don't mean that its literally for the "working class". I mean, its NOT a film for wide audiences - its very much aimed at the arthouse crowd.


Aug 5 2021, 1:27am

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In Reply To
I don't mean that its literally for the "working class". I mean, its NOT a film for wide audiences - its very much aimed at the arthouse crowd.

...I'm completely okay with that!



Aug 7 2021, 12:17am

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Oh so thatís why I get so few takers in the MEVC,

Middle English Vocabulary Challenge threads, based in part on Tolkienís glossary from SGGK! And here I thought it was because this is mostly a femine board.

Just kidding of course. Iíll have to check it out. Another thing Iím waiting for is the English dub of the anime Vinland Saga due later this month. (Hope you donít mind me mentioning this here, seems to be in the same art, erm, wheel-house.)


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Greenwood Hobbit
Tol Eressea

Aug 16 2021, 9:23pm

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Oooh... I think I could quite fancy that...

I read the Simon Armitage translation some time ago and found that it really came to life when I read it out loud.


Aug 24 2021, 11:04pm

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Does this other trailer sway you?

This one's a little more mainstream...
It may not be a popcorn blockbuster or a superhero movie, but I think it has a chance for wider appeal than you give credit.