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How old do you think Celebrimbor was in the First Age and what was he doing during the wars of Beleriand?

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Jun 19 2021, 4:21am

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How old do you think Celebrimbor was in the First Age and what was he doing during the wars of Beleriand?

If we know that celebrimbor was born in valinor, what do you think he was doing during the wars of beleriand? And how old was he in the first age?

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Jun 21 2021, 11:49pm

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How old? Hmm.

Feanor born Valian Year 1169 (Annals of Aman)

Feanor said to have wed in "early youth" (LQ2)

Feanor seems to have seven sons by the "year" 1450-1490, or at least it's said in this entry that Feanor began to begrudge the sight of the Silmarils save to his sire and seven sons.

(lots of s-sounds here)

Then you have Curufin who is the fourth or fifth son (don't ask), who marries at some point, to an Elf "who refused to take part in the Rebellion of Feanor and remained in Aman" and we have his son "who came with him into exile." Of Dwarves and Men, note 7

Anyway, in the brief note where Tolkien is trying to fit Celebrimbor into the Feanorian line, he jumps to the Elf in question dwelling in Nargothrond as a refugee, and adds that he was "aghast at the behaviour of Curufin and would not go with him" for example. And he later, it's said, became a great friend of Celeborn and Galadriel.

So Tolkien publishes (revised second edition) that Celebrimbor is a Feanorean, then seemingly forgets this and makes him a Teler of Aman in a late text, for example, and in another late text, a Sinda!

And even if we had Celebrimbor's birth year, then there's the question of how much a Valian Year equals in Sun Years, concerning which Tolkien changed his mind!

I tend to lean toward 1 Valian Year = 144 Sun Years, though granted when Annals of Aman was originally written, the number was much smaller (1 VY = 9.582 SY) . . .

. . . which means I also wonder if JRRT didn't at least want to consider revising some of the entries for a Tale of Years, with the larger number in mind.

And I'm guessing Celebrimbor made stuff . . . besides fight.

Hi "Ecthelion" . . . I mean Glorfindel Wink

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