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Fascinating look at Anglo-Saxon paganism that Tolkien drew from -


Mar 12 2021, 5:01pm

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Fascinating look at Anglo-Saxon paganism that Tolkien drew from -

worship of gods....and elves.


Mar 12 2021, 7:05pm

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Earendel - dawn bringer....Venus

"O Dawn Wanderer, brightest angel, over Middle Earth to men sent, and truest light of the sun brightness over stars, each season thou ever illuminates of thyself"

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Hamfast Gamgee
Grey Havens

Mar 25 2021, 9:19pm

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Interesting material

He does have a nice voice that presenter, particularly when reading in the old texts. It's odd how all the Celtic, Saxon and Norse myths are quite similar. And how the first-generation christians had to make compromises in their beliefs. Not very subtle really, claiming that your god is the only god. What about all the other onesSmile Hope that Wotan didn't mind been relegated from been chief of the gods to a day of the week. A pretty mangy day of the week at that, Wednesday. Boring middle of the week day, what ever happens on a Wednesday, eh? Also it is interesting how people sometimes confuse the early English and the early Britons. They where not the same people at all, as Tolkien would agree, I expect.