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I guess and hope this might be counted as Fan Art too :)


Oct 31 2020, 10:04am

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I guess and hope this might be counted as Fan Art too :)

Background information
I was very active on several messageboards way back when the films were in the making (IIRC I registered on the first TORN boards in the late spring of 1999) and for many years after that.
Most of the time I was periodically for longer stretches of the year unemployed and thus had lots of time (but not much money).
Living outside a little town and with no neighbours I often played my flute - and loved to play it by the shores of lake Vättern.
Around 2006 I finally found some longer jobs - and after I moved from Västergötland to Stockholm in 2008/2009 I seldom have been unemployed for more than some months.
Thus having lots of money but not much time.
And it was not that easy any more to play the flute since I lived in different flats - some very thin walled.

In 2006 I joined Mithlond, the Gothenburg Tolkien Society and one of the first real pieces I really kind of "composed" was the gift for the ceremony where I was confirmed as a member.
Previously, I, from 2003 onwards, did lots of "take the flute, press record on the computer and let the fingers play what the heart dictates"...
In 2009 I also joined Forodrim, the Tolkien Society of Stockholm. Where I kept my alias and continued the alias-story.

Back in 2005 I slowly created me an alias to be used in Mithlond. I settled on an invented sindarin elf called Lothilwen (Luinelrîn).
Part of her backstory is that she was very very fond of playing her flute by the waters of Beleriand - even before the sun and the moon.
She left Beleriand before its fall and went eastwards and northward - in the siberian plains finding oceans of scilla siberica (a flower I myself love very much).

I did several recordings between the years 2003 and 2006 - despite noise reduction the quality is not that great but still I like them.

Many years later I compiled a CD I usually have given as parting gifts to friends and colleagues.
In addition to some of my most loved tracks I did some collecting and translating of some of my poems over the years - which I thought fitted the music.

Last autumn (2019) I actually recorded some new pieces at the Medeltidsvecka (the Middle Ages week in Visby on Gotland every week 32) - and already then some images formed in my head to them.

While quarantined over the summer due to the virus I finally did put together some kind of "music videos" with lots of my own pictures to some of the tracks and uploaded them to one of my youtube accounts.

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Oct 31 2020, 10:06am

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Some of the included poems

see the attached files.
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Oct 31 2020, 10:11am

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the youtube links That is one of my favorites.
Vemod is melancholy in swedish. This is one where I after the recording in fact did write out the score and gave it to my youngest brother as a Christmas gift. Another Christmas-present-score, to my mother

And finally, this one is one from recordings done by the shore of Visby at the Medeltidsvecka 2019.

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Na Vedui

Nov 2 2020, 9:30pm

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Thank you!

That was delightful - music and pictures.
It must have been lovely playing out in the open air beside the lake.


Jul 17 2022, 3:22pm

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Very nice, I enjoyed your work and the visuals