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Lotr cinema screenings

Hamfast Gamgee
Grey Havens

Oct 10, 7:19am

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Lotr cinema screenings

Now, one of my local cinemas is going to, hopefully, screen the Lotr movies this christmas. Might be worth going to, I haven't seen them on the big screen for a while. However, these are the theatrical versions. Which got me wondering. Have the extended editions ever been shown on the big screen? Or is there some technical or legal reason as to why they cannot be?


Oct 10, 12:56pm

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I've seen the Extended Editions of FotR and TT in a movie theater

But it was a special showing, called 'Trilogy Tuesday', to introduce the release of RotK, back in the early 2000s.

I guess today, the plague aside, one would only see the LotR films in revival houses, and they might shy away from the longer versions for scheduling reasons.

But I'm sure others here know more than I do about the history of the films in actual theaters. Interesting question, thanks.

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Oct 10, 3:40pm

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The Alamo Drafthouse regularly puts on a marathon screening of all 3 extended editions, if that theater chain is anywhere in your vicinity.

Tol Eressea

Oct 10, 8:37pm

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North Idaho and our local discount theater showed the EEs

Right after they opened from Covid restrictions.

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Oct 15, 7:17pm

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Showings in Utah

Yeah, in Utah most of our theaters showed the extended editions of each film, and had them in the theater for 1-3 weeks each, with multiple daily showings. I saw them all and it was awesome. They did the Hobbit trilogy as well, but that trilogy was only theatrical.

Paulo Gabriel

Oct 17, 4:12am

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Here in Brazil...

I think they showed it about 2 times. One in the early 2000's and the other right before the first Hobbit movie. But even then, only in select theaters/cities. And ROTK's only the second time around.

So yeah, it depends on where you live.