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Pre-production begins; border exemptions granted to international crew


Jul 3, 8:09am

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Pre-production begins; border exemptions granted to international crew

Odd that theoneringnet posted this information on Reddit, but not here or on the front page. From an article in Stuff titled "Revealed: The six productions joining Avatar in getting border exemptions":

International workers for seven overseas productions have now been given permission to get past New Zealand's almost-closed borders.
It meant that 206 film workers, along with 35 family members, had or would come into New Zealand, with all meeting their own quarantine or self-isolation costs, MBIE manager immigration policy Sian Roguski said.
NZ Film Commission said shooting of The Lord of the Rings had not yet resumed but pre-production had begun.

Pre-production was supposed to start this month, so if all that's true, it must have started on July 1st or 2nd.

The number of international crew being permitted in to work on the series is 93, plus an additional 20 family members. That's more than any of the other productions, including Avatar. And a good part of the crew is already (still) in New Zealand.

The Amazon-streaming television series of The Lord of the Rings was already being made when lockdown came. It was shooting at studios across Auckland, as well as filming on site in other parts of New Zealand. Stuff understands many international crew weathered lockdown in New Zealand but a handful have been given border exemptions to get in.

We know the series was being filmed at multiple studios in Auckland, and we know of one on-site filming location in Riverhead near Kumeu Film Studios, but I assume that would still be considered Auckland. I don't know of any other specific filming locations, but I know they were considering locations in Waikato, Central Otago, and other locations near Queenstown. Perhaps they've already filmed footage in some of those places without being noticed?

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Mari D.

Jul 4, 8:12pm

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Thanks for sharing :-)

Thinking how complicated it must be to be in politics. You have to keep in mind all of these different groups of people, people in different jobs, industries (like movie making), stages of life and so on, and then make accomodations for them dep. on situation, time, need ...