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caption contest CCXLVIII

Greenwood Hobbit
Justice League

Jun 28 2020, 12:33pm

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caption contest CCXLVIII

I'm subbing for ElanorTX - what do you think might be going on in this rather tense wizardly moment?


Jun 28 2020, 5:58pm

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“Give me just ten minutes headstart...”


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Guardian of the Galaxy / Moderator

Jun 28 2020, 8:30pm

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Gandalf realises that Saruman's black-on-black design taste should have been his first clue...

Thanks for stepping in, GH! Smile

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Dwarves: "Pretty rings..."
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Fantastic Four

Jun 30 2020, 1:05pm

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Embarrassing moment for Gandalf when his cell phone rings, and...

...the ringtone is Lil' Trollz's version of "Who Let the Balrogs Out?"


Jul 13 2020, 4:00am

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And, Gandalf, anything except

one of those very odd ones with pineapple on top. AND NO ANCHOVIES THIS TIME, THANK YOU!

Greenwood Hobbit
Justice League

Jul 14 2020, 11:09am

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Time to wrap this one up -

it's had a fortnight. Thanks to all for contributing! I do like the black-on-black design idea, but I think the crazy notion of sending Gandalf out for pizza (no anchovies!) just edges ahead. It's all yours Lissuin!


Jul 15 2020, 5:14am

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Cheers, GH!

I'll try to find something that hasn't been captioned yet. This is getting more and more difficult, you know. Laugh
CU soon!


Jul 15 2020, 5:24pm

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You about made me spew strawberry all over my keyboard! Laugh

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