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Looking for poems in Tolkien languages


Jun 24 2020, 2:20am

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Looking for poems in Tolkien languages

Hi there!
I'm starting a musical project soon (I already have started, but will start recording it soon), and I'm looking for poems in Tolkien languages about certain subjects.
They can be Tolkien's own, original ones, short ones, medium ones, long ones, Quenya, Sindarin, Black Speech, Adunaic, whatever you can come up with.

Specifically, I'm looking for these subjects: Gondolin, Melkor, Silmaril, Tinuviel, Numenor, Earendil, Telperion and Laurelin, and generally Silmarillion related.

I know there are elvish poems available, but they don't fit those subjects. At least none I could find.
You'd be a huge help!
It's easier coming up with music when you know what the text is.
Write me a PM maybe.