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So...5 years after BOTFA.

Paulo Gabriel
Fantastic Four

Apr 1 2020, 5:01am

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So...5 years after BOTFA.

I just realized we're more than FIVE YEARS in since BOTFA was released in theaters...what a historical event (well, for those who enjoy the trilogy, anyway). What has changed for you in the meantime, regarding your views on the movies, or what else have you done in life on general? Cool

Paulo Gabriel
Fantastic Four

Apr 10 2020, 2:26pm

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Nobody wants to congratulate or celebrate the 5th year anniversay of BOTFA with merely a single post? Is this forum really this dead? Wink

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Chen G.

Apr 10 2020, 7:51pm

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I'll probably wait

untill I see the film again, which will be presently.

I will this for now: The Desolation of Smaug and The Battle of the Five Armies are the closest these films come to David Lean epics, in terms of character and story.

Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Apr 11 2020, 1:03pm

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OK, Iíll play.

I happen to have rewatched TH trilogy a couple of months ago and if anything, love them more now and have a greater appreciation of both their exuberance and their pathos. So congratulations to the film makers on their achievement five years later.

Iím old and five years is not that long to me so itís not surprising that my views havenít changed that much since DOS was released. Nor has my life changed that much Ė I just keep getting older. Wink

Paolo, you said on another thread that as a Hobbit movie lover you sometimes get angry debating with those who dislike TH trilogy. Itís not worth it.

Just remember that many Hobbit movie haters simply didnít get the adaptation of The Hobbit that they wanted to see and thus are disappointed, sometimes bitterly. Itís actually kind of sad because all of us are lovers of Tolkienís books. Others have technical complaints about the films as films, like the use of CGI, and theyíre entitled to that opinion. Some haters are obnoxious about it, sinking to elitism, intellectual snobbery and personal attacks on the film makers, but itís not worth getting angry. After all, despite lukewarm critical reception, the Hobbit movies were massively successful commercially which indicates that a great number of people enjoyed them. We lovers of TH movies are the lucky ones.

The same applies to the LotR movies, but there the haters are up against huge critical as well as popular success and a cultural phenomenon.

Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Apr 11 2020, 1:31pm

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Paulo, sorry I spleed your name wrong//



Apr 11 2020, 3:31pm

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You'd probably have gotten better and more responses four months ago at the time of the actual anniversary. BotFA remains my least favorite of Peter Jackson's Middle-earth films due to the liberties he took with the source material including the more self-indulgent aspects of the movie. There are still many things to like about the movie, but I don't know that I'll ever be able to say that I love it.


Paulo Gabriel
Fantastic Four

Apr 12 2020, 1:06am

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Thanks for playing along. :) //



Apr 12 2020, 9:08pm

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I love it now.

I admit,I really didn't like The Battle Of The Five Armies when I saw it on opening night back in 2014. I still went and saw it a second time though. Still felt a bit letdown by it on that second viewing. Although once I watched the extended edition,I thought it was a great film. Those 20 minutes really help the story.

Paulo Gabriel
Fantastic Four

May 2 2020, 2:28am

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No problem. :) //


Paulo Gabriel
Fantastic Four

May 2 2020, 2:30am

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I haven't much time...

to post here nowadays, so that's why I missed the exact 'anniversary' of the movie. Smile

Nevertheless, your input/opinion is appreciated.

Paulo Gabriel
Fantastic Four

May 3 2020, 3:37am

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I also greatly enjoy...

the extended edition!


Jun 21 2020, 4:28pm

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They Are Very Underrated

AUJ is every bit as good as LOTR IMO and DoS would be too without the love story stuff.

BOFA is the only one I struggle with at times, but there is way more good than bad. That middle section of the film (from when the Elves start sieging Erebor until Thorin's charge up Ravenhill) is REALLY good.

1) FOTR 2) AUJ 3) ROTK 4) TTT 5) DOS 6) BOFA