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News story - Massive production underway for Lord of the Rings in Auckland


Feb 25, 10:22pm

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News story - Massive production underway for Lord of the Rings in Auckland

Most of this information is stuff we know already but I think this is new:

"They'll be shooting a lot in studios, because they need to create these worlds. But they will be shooting a lot in the South Island and around Auckland, as well as down in the Waikato and other places," she says.

Read the full article here:

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Feb 26, 1:38am

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Wonder where the main location-shoots for Númenor will be?

I'm inclined to think a warmer, subtropical clime (at least for the Mittalmar central belt where the capital Armenelos lies) - given the need for the island of the Men of Westernesse to really stun in all its edenic glory.

New Zealand geography is not, by any means, my area of expertise - but I guess the Auckland and Waikato regions are in the upper north of the balmier North Island. Are there any subtropical flora-and-fauna hotspots around there?

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Feb 26, 2:04am

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Appreciate the information. I think we will be limited to stuff like this for some time. I get the feeling that there is going to be much in the way of links or official reveals of the plot or even the characters until we actually see the show unfold.

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Feb 26, 9:03am

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Yes, the North island is much more tropical looking

The Last Samurai was shot in the North Island.


Feb 26, 11:05am

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Locations, locations, locations

It sounds like they'll be doing a lot of filming on studio sets. Of course, that's fine for building interiors, and in particular for Khazad-dûm. However, I do hope they'll have plenty of location shots with natural landscapes.

Although the North Island is more tropical, and could be used for Númenor, it was used for Hobbiton and Rivendell as well.

I wonder what Queenstown and Central Otago are going to be used for. Plenty of mountains on the South Island, although the tallest are a bit north of there.

I recall that the majority of the locations scouted in Scotland (that we know about) were on the coast. Assuming they're not still going to Scotland, these will need to be replaced with coastal locations in New Zealand. The prospectus for Kumeu Film Studios touts west Auckland's "dramatic black-sand surf beaches, rugged coastline and clifftops" (page 4).

Also, for secrecy's sake, Kumeu Film Studios has a small 30-acre forest conveniently located on site. I wouldn't be surprised if they make heavy use of it, though of course they can't film every scene there.

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