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The Meg - Kumeu Film Studio Reel


Feb 10, 12:44am

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The Meg - Kumeu Film Studio Reel

Ok, so it appears personel from WETA are active with this studio too?
Or did Barrie Osborn leave and join this studio?
Or, is it just that people are fluid and go where the work is?

Is there any connection to WETA or are these two competing studios?

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Feb 10, 7:02am

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Film studios

Weta Workshop created the puppets for The Meg (see here, under 2018). Warner Bros. was the big Hollywood "film studio" that backed the film. Kumeu Film Studio is just a physical studio facility where sets were built and scenes were filmed. All three entities may be referred to as "studios", but they may serve different functions in the production and distribution of a film.

Other examples:

Star Wars
Lucasflm Ltd.
Industrial Light & Magic
Elstree Studios
20th Century Fox

The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring
Wingnut Films
Weta Workshop / Weta Digital
Stone Street Studios
New Line Cinema

The role of Kumeu Film Studio in The Meg would correspond to the roles of Elstree Studios and Stone Street Studios in Star Wars and The Fellowship of the Ring.

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Feb 10, 5:06pm

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From the other article this studio is being used by Amazon for LOTR Prime series

.....I just wonder if people who have worked at WETA follow the work and move to where the action is. Barrie Osborne of course was not bound to WETA and can work wherever. It seems Amazon wants a clean stamp on the production.

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Feb 16, 4:21am

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Um what?

The Meg was so unbelievably crap in all respects. Please do not use it in any way to promote LotR series.


Feb 16, 4:26am

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See the thread and article about Production Starting

I don't know anything about The Meg.....just that the studio facilities are being used by Amazon for LOTR series.

"A Facebook post by a horse-owner suggests filming will begin this coming Monday, February 10. The poster is the owner of a horse named Ruby, which will be filming in Riverhead (near Auckland) next week, and this is where the Kumeu Film Studios are located. Our investigations suggest that this will be the production headquarters of Lord of the Rings in New Zealand. This also marks the second time we’ve heard of filming beginning in February."

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Feb 20, 5:22pm

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Kumeu Film Studio....there, I said it again.;objectid=12308646

"Elissa Cadwell, an experienced Brisbane-based stunt woman, actor and dancer, who recently doubled for Nicole Kidman in Aquaman, is understood to have been injured during rehearsals at the sprawling Kumeu Film Studio."


Feb 21, 2:19am

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Just so you know, the injured stuntwoman has been discussed in a previous thread.



Feb 21, 2:55am

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I know, that is where I got the link.

My purpose was to confirm the studio and LOTR.


Feb 24, 7:36am

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Riverhead and Kumeu

The poster is the owner of a horse named Ruby, which will be filming in Riverhead (near Auckland) next week

The first spy report was from Riverhead. It would make sense to begin location filming there, since it's just northeast of Kumeu.

Regarding Weta and Amazon, I've heard nothing to indicate that Weta is involved, but it would make a lot of sense if Weta Workshop at least was involved in props and miniatures, given their history, proven expertise, and proximity. Just a reminder, according to the New Zealand Herald, pre-production had been going on for over a year before New Zealand was announced as the base of production:

Production for the Lord of the Rings-based series is expected to take place at a range of sites around the Auckland region. The exact sites are still in development.

However, a senior Auckland film industry insider revealed to the Herald on Sunday in June, that Kumeu Film Studios (KFS) and Auckland Film Studios (AFS) have been working on pre-production for more than a year now, preparing and building studio locations.

American crews had already been in Auckland for some time at that stage.

For anyone who is interested, here's a page with details on Kumeu Film Studios, which is apparently where production of Amazon's series is based:

Kumeu Film Studios

Also check out the PDF prospectus:


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Feb 24, 8:54am

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Re: Kumeu studio,that was interesting, thanks. /