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Some help please!

Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Jan 31 2020, 2:48pm

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Some help please!

I cannot find any way in my browser (Opera/Windows 10) to switch between Basic and Advanced Editor. And if I can't access Basic and use raw HTML, I can't post media.


Jan 31 2020, 6:58pm

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So my coding class actually paid off?

I'm doing this is in Opera, one of my backup browsers, though I read TORN via Firefox.

I'm inserting a random photo here where Post Style is HTML, so I was able to do it without the Editor options in Firefox.

Guardian of the Galaxy / Moderator

Jan 31 2020, 7:15pm

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I wonder if Opera doesn't support the Basic editor.

Conversely, I use Chrome and only have Basic editor available.

If you don't want to use Chrome, an admin can always edit your post to insert media; just post here with a link to the post you want edited and the code/text you want inserted, and the next admin who comes along will sort it out.

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Jan 31 2020, 7:22pm

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Oh, now that I see your post in the Reading Room...

Here's how it works

your youtube link

You can see the syntax to follow on this page:
example to follow