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So the films *are* coming to 4K

Chen G.

Jan 31, 2:00pm

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So the films *are* coming to 4K

The six Middle Earth films are reportedly being worked on in New Zealand for a 4K boxset release slated for October 2020.

After rumours [1] sprung of a 4K release for summer 2020 (no-doubt in light of Amazon's prequel series), The Digital Bits [2] confirmed that rigorous work is being performed on the films in New Zealand, and 4K filme [3] confirmed that they are now slated for October 2020.

No information currently exists as to the nature of the masters used - whether they're 2K upscales or not, what the aspect ratio and frame rate of The Hobbit entries will be (the IMAX version of those films being 2:1 and 48 frames per second) and what versions will be released: the films have a theatrical and extended cut and could stand to have a third, revised version.

Presumably, both the theatrical and extended cuts will be made available in UHD and cropped to a 2.41:1 aspect ratio. The reported "slow but steady pace" of the work (which would explain what Peter Jackson has been up to this last year) is reassuring as to the quality of the release.



Jan 31, 5:56pm

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Iíve held off getting the movies on blu-ray, but have recently been wanting to get them. Now Iíll wait and see if this comes to fruition Smile

I hope we get some new deleted scenes from all the films if this box set is real!

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Paulo Gabriel

Feb 5, 9:18am

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Great news. //



Feb 7, 7:36am

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Yes, deleted scenes and new bonus stuff in general would be great!

Looking forward to more news on this.

Paulo Gabriel

Feb 8, 7:42am

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More stuff?

Isn't the 80 hours of bonus/BTS stuff on the EEs enough?


Feb 8, 9:31am

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No it's not! PJ said that there is much stuff we haven't seen!


Paulo Gabriel

Feb 11, 2:48pm

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You must be one BIG fan then. Laugh


Mar 4, 12:20am

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I really hope they finally give us at least the option of seeing Martin Freeman's Bilbo in FOTR prologue instead of Ian Holme (whom we enjoy even more of him thanks to The Hobbit trilogy)

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Mar 29, 10:48pm

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The more the better.