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I need a thread moved, please?


Jan 17, 1:25am

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I need a thread moved, please?

I negligently posted my new Caption Contest entry for The Lord of the Rings in the Hobbit movie thread. I would be much obliged if some kind person please move it and correct the thread subject to: Caption Contest CXXXIX. Also, please remove any reference to the Hobbit thread from the text.

The thread is here:;;page=unread#unread


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Jan 17, 1:41am

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I think I've got it all?

Please check it and let me know if anything still needs fixing.

And I posted in that thread without realising there was a mix-up. Crazy

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Jan 17, 3:03am

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Thanx! All is well.

That was one of my more bone-headed errors. I could have just redone the thread in the LotR forum and asked for the old one to be deleted, but I didn't want to lose the replies that had already been posted. Thanks again!