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Amazon Game Studios job openings


Nov 27 2019, 2:40am

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Amazon Game Studios job openings

Amazon Game Studios in Irvine, California has several open jobs listed:

Game Director - Lord of the Rings

Art Director - Lord of the Rings

Senior Game Artist Lord of the Rings

Narrative Designer - The Lord of the Rings

UX Designer - The Lord of the Rings

Gameplay Engineer - Lord of the Rings

Hl Auriwandil, angil berhtost,
oƀar Middangard mannum gisandid!


Dec 1 2019, 1:29pm

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Wait! So they are just hiring for that new Lotr MMO game right NOW?! Hahah, oh boy, it will take a looong time then, I thought they already started working on the game. I guess 2021 on possible release date is way too optimistic :). Hell, Daedalic Entertainment may actually make their Lotr: Gollum game earlier and we also don't know a thing about it yet :). Well when it comes to games set in Lotr universe, there never was much luck in that, what I always wanted was a true open world RPG set in Middle-earth, something like Elder Scrolls, Gothic, Dragon Age even, something Witcher 3 truly huge and story driven full of exploration and freedom, that is something that is lacking. If CD Projekt Red could do so well adapting fantasy book series into video game medium why not doing similar with Lotr? Well we'll see i'm not much into MMO's I would have rather took a single player game (and preferably much more faithful to source material than Shadow of Mordor/War).