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A tale of the unexpected

Na Vedui

Nov 11 2019, 11:54pm

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A tale of the unexpected

My town has a good Polish shop which sells various items not only from Poland but from other eastern European countries too. The other day I bought some biscuits. They looked nice through the cellophane window on the packet, so I didn't pay a great deal of attention to the writing on it. It wasn't until I got them out of the cupboard at home to have one with my coffee and saw the maker's name, that I discovered .... that the eldest son and heir of the Steward of Gondor is the proprietor of a biscuit bakery in Romania!
So I was amusing myself imagining the reactions in the upper circles of Minas Tirith (Yes, my dear, it's quite true. He has gone into Trade. How too awfully dreadful!...) then realised that I had always assumed Boromir to be one of Tolkien's invented names. But perhaps it isn't. It certainly would fit in with Slavonic names of the Vladimir/Slavomir variety - though Romanian of course is a Romance language rather than Slavonic. Has anyone else come across real-world (non-Tolkien-derived) Boromirs? And what about Faramir?

Forum Admin / Moderator

Nov 12 2019, 12:46am

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Ha! We had a similar experience

when we were in Romania last year. We'd gone into a little shop to buy an ice cream, and outside I noticed a box that had held Boromir biscuits. Of course I had to photograph it :)

No Faramir, unfortunately.

Tolkien referred to Boromir's name as from a mixture of Quenya and Sindarin, so presumably its existence in Romanian is either a coincidence or a sign of a Romanian baker who's a Tolkien fan :)

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Nov 12 2019, 8:05pm

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Too bad there's not a big horn as a logo

or one cloven in two. Then we'd know for sure. Do the biscuits try to steal rings off your fingers?

Na Vedui

Nov 12 2019, 8:47pm

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Yes, that's them!

I just poked about on the Internet and found Borimir (with two i's) as a real Bulgarian/Serbian/Croatian name. The bor- bit is from a word for war, battle, struggle etc (boi) and mir means either peace or world. So perhaps Boromir occurs as an alternative spelling too.

Na Vedui

Nov 12 2019, 8:50pm

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Pulling rings off -

... well, the ones I bought had a kind of plum paste in them - very sticky.But I don't wear a ring, so they were thwarted!

Ethel Duath

Nov 13 2019, 4:28am

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This is truly wonderful!

I can now sleep in peace tonight, knowing that not only has he been resurrected, but that he is safe-guarding our confections. Cool